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Panic Room

VHS Tape
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Consacré enfant prodige du cinéma américain depuis Seven et, surtout, Fight Club, David Fincher savait sa Chambre forte (Panic Room en version originale), censée explorer les névroses paranoïaques des bourgeois américains, plus qu’attendue.

Meg, une femme récemment divorcée, et Sarah, son adolescente rebelle, cherchent une nouvelle demeure dans les quartiers huppés de New York. Elles arrêtent leur choix sur un appartement dernier cri en matière de sécurité, muni d’une chambre forte. Mais à quoi faut-il s’attendre quand le butin d’un trio de cambrioleurs se trouve précisément dans cette chambre ?

Avec ce thriller tendu, Fincher signe un film visuellement très original, en forme de poursuite où Forest Whitaker, en brute au cœur tendre, sera le chat et Jodie Foster, parfaite en femme forte un peu perdue, la souris. Chaque scène, et ce, dès l’inventif générique, cache une nouvelle trouvaille de ce formaliste génial qu’est Fincher. Une mise en scène précise et soignée – notamment au début, lorsque la grande maison silencieuse aux murs blancs est, à elle seule, source d’angoisse – un bon rythme (alourdi uniquement par une dernière scène inutile), ainsi que des réparties dynamiques font de cette Panic Room un thriller tout à fait crédible au suspense particulièrement prenant. --Helen Faradji --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Much better than I thought it would be... June 14 2004
*PANIC ROOM (superbit-single disc)*
I thought Panic Room was going to be boring and not worth the time. On the contrary, it was quite entertaining. I couldn't imagine how they would fill an hour and a half of being stuck in a panic room shelter hiding from the bad guys. Turns out the movie is about 20 minutes longer than that. There are a few twists and turns that keep it very interesting. The hook is a clever story line of a criminal and his struggle to do right when he's doing wrong. Also, the strength of a parent when their childs life is in danger. It leaves you with a good feeling and I can appreciate that.
I absolutely loved the camera work. Some of the neatest camera pans you'll ever see in a movie are in Panic Room. A little too much cursing but, it's almost expected with thud criminals to speak at that level, it's understandable but there's a lot of it.
Very well done. Better than I expected.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good thriller May 30 2004
A divorced woman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter (Kristen Stewart) lock themselves into the steel-reinforced "panic room" of their spacious New York brownstone to escape a trio of home invaders (Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakum). This sets the stage for a stalemate that neither side can afford. The object of the intruders' search is hidden within the panic room itself, and daughter has a medical condition which makes escape imperative. This film is a fine cat-and-mouse thriller that doesn't cheat or insult the intelligence of the viewer. Recommended.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Boring, Cliched, Overdone & Unnecessary May 15 2004
By nina
Panic Room is one of those films that start off with great promise because of its title ( like 1992's The Hand that Rocks the Cradle ). Also, like The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Panic Room's promise disappears within minutes and the film turns into a mindless mess. Jodie Foster who's known for masculine, tougher, butch-like roles plays a single mother who's normal boring world goes from ordinary to thrilling in one night. I thought this would be different but once again Hollywood pees on its own leg. We get a bratty, foul-mouthed child ( whose mother allows her to curse right in front of her ), a disillusioned mother and a couple of criminals in the dullest looking house to ever be in a film. The setting is dark and gloomy making the film as boring as watching a corpse rot. Don't be fooled. The title is wonderful but nothing hooks you in. This is nothing different from a million other films where a woman was trapped in a house with criminals. It's been done for centuries and this is the worst version of anything similar.
The supporting actors Jared Leto and Forrest Whitaker out-acted Foster easily though I felt Forrest was wasted. Bottom line, this movie isn't even interesting enough to review. I just felt I should save someone the time and trouble of seeing this crap. It's one of the most boring, draggy films you'll ever experience. It's like being in a time capsule for fifty years. NOTHING seems to ever move and by the time it does...you'll be asleep or have stopped watching. Why BUY this when it's on Cinemax every day and night? Save your money and watch it on cable. Being drunk or terribly bored may enable you to sit through this, which I consider one of the most horrible films of 2001, 2002 or whatever.
The biggest question isn't if Foster and the girl will get out alive. It's why the heck this dumb film was made in the first place.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Fight Club & Seven it aint! May 10 2004
Using many of the same techniques he found so successful in his earlier films, David Fincher try's to weave another exciting thriller. But this time whats missing is a truly great story and script. We have seen this basic story before," Home Alone", to "Die Hard". Two very different films, but both with the same premise. Our protagonist is trapped in a building with loved ones at stake by a group of theives.
In Die Hard all the bases are covered in a fairly believable context. With Home Alone we are talking about a comedy, and kid so we have alot of room to play with what could be believable. But here we have a very intelligent adult in Jody Foster a reasonably intelligent teenage girl, and three bad guys. Two of whom aint the brightest bulbs in the box, and one who's got brains, and a decent heart. We know almost from the get go that(as the decent bad guy says) "Everythings going to be alright."
Kinda kills the suspense.
The acting is good from Forest Whitiker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakem. The teenage daughter of Fosters character played by Kristen Stewart is dead on. And as always Jody Foster is terrific.(Baring very ample and distracting cleavage this goround)
The camara moves we've come to expect from Fincher are all here on constant display, and the CGI inhancing is flawless.
The story and script are the problem. In a thriller our protaganist must do the same things we would reasonably do in order to extricate themselves from the situation. That is until the antagonists leave them no option except the extreme. Never happens here.
This DVD is excellent in quality, and quantity. Three discs woth of "how we did it" info. You will see that this was a big, expensive project. Just a shame they didnt spend more money on the script.
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Format:VHS Tape
Panic Room by David Fincher, I have seen it a couple of times, it's basically another movie involving a heist that goes awry with Foster (Meg Altman) and her daughter Sarah Altman (Kristin Stewart) thwarting the effort of three would thieves into her house.
Of course Fincher doesn't make this a typical heist movie. He adds a bit of paranoid messages into the film making it pretty interesting till the end. For instance, the heist
in question involving the three thieves Burnham (Forest Whitaker), Raul (Dwight Yoakam), and Junior (Jared Leno) breaking into an unbreakable house which has a ''panic room'' (an unbreakable room for emergency). The ''panic room'' is like the 1990's version of the 1950 version of a panic room which paranoid people in that time used because of the so called threat of nuclear war. lol
The dilemna here is that Meg and her daughter are at the house at the same time the thieves are coming in. So Meg and Sarah hide in the ''panic room'' which yes hides the fortune the thieves are after. So while the thieves are trying to break into the panic room, the Altman's are trying to break out of the room (because the room is cutting of oxygen) and to contact the police for help.
Fincher does managed to established a great clautrosphobic ( I think I spelled it right) atmosphere enabling to gasp for our breathes while Meg and Sarah try to conserve their last ones. The lighting of the movie also a certain atmosphere as well, as most of the shots in the movie look dark and gloomy giving us more chills and spills.
The acting is great Jodie Foster does another fine performance in her career, which
I have admired for a long time. Here she pulls of the single mother fighting for
the life of her daughter routine very well.
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Most recent customer reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Published 9 days ago by Guillaume Tell
5.0 out of 5 stars Très bon film
Un excellent suspense
Published 1 month ago by Daniel Mérineau
3.0 out of 5 stars Bon Suspence
Bon Suspence, juste assez pour vous rester captivé tout le long du film
Un peu viollant
Déconseillé aux jeune enfants
Published 9 months ago by pat shir
3.0 out of 5 stars Not Fincher's best...
After the very powerful Fight Club (1999), much was anticipated from Fincher's next... the concept was interesting, very Hitchcockian in style and narration, but it turned out a... Read more
Published 9 months ago by Simon Bergeron
1.0 out of 5 stars Spoiler Warning!
The concept was interesting and yet as soon as mother and daughter are locked in the Panic Room I was wondering how we were going to stretch this movie out. Read more
Published on Jan. 30 2006
4.0 out of 5 stars Excelent Thriller
Drama at it's finest. You'll be close to a heart attack by the end of the movie. A very smart drama. It's very well written. A somewhat original idea for a movie.
Published on July 16 2004 by Antonio Canas
2.0 out of 5 stars Lame....
Man, this was dissapointing. My feelings can't be described using words. This is definitely one of the most dissapointing movies I've ever seen(and I've seen a lot of crap). Read more
Published on June 21 2004 by Henning
3.0 out of 5 stars Ghost Dog Meets Clarice Starling...
...I wanted something a little more provocative seeing that Director Finscher just came off the triumph of Fight Club to do this. This is a stylish, moody movie in its own right. Read more
Published on May 20 2004 by yygsgsdrassil
4.0 out of 5 stars solid thriller with great performances all around
I agree it doesn't hold up with Seven and Fight Club but it's way better then The Game and Aliens 3, not that I dont like them movies but this one is good old time. Read more
Published on May 17 2004 by Michael Bolts
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