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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 19, 2016
I have two cats. One is smarter than the other but I'm not sure which one is smarter. One cat hits the ball around with great enthusiasm trying to get the treats out. The other just watches and eats the treats. So I'm not sure if the one who pushes the ball around is smarter or the one who lets the other do all the work and just reaps the benefits is smarter. Either way they love this thing. The only problem is that it gets lost sometimes.
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on February 23, 2013
It might take patience to get the best benefit from the SlimCat but it is worth it. When the ball was new, my cat did not want to have to push it around. He would just sit and look at it until I would take his paw and give the ball a knock until kibble would fall out while saying 'push'. (He has since learned the word 'push'). My cat receives a measured daily ration to keep his lovely figure. A small portion he gets as breakfast, a small portion is reserved for bedtime snack and the rest goes in this ball. First thing in the morning I make the holes just big enough that when I shake the ball one or two falls out. By evening if there is still a lot left, I will make the holes bigger (that's probably the best feature of the SlimCat). On the days when he seems like he wants to eat all day, I make sure the holes are small enough that he really has to work to get some kibble. He doesn't always LIKE pushing it around now, but he knows that is how he gets his food through the day and it does serve as an activity for a cat with few mice to catch.
This is a great tool in preventing obesity. It holds about what an adult cat should eat in a day. My veterinarian actually has noticed more muscle mass from Scooter's daily pushing. The only downside is the locking mechanism that adjusts the size of the whole eventually slips, and then it's time for a new SlimCat. But for the price, and how it keeps my cat from obesity and all the related health issues, that's a very minor issue.
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on August 1, 2014
So I originaly bought this food dispenser 3 years ago, after the first 6 months I give up since my cat will always manage to get it stuck under the couch or the bed and making really anoying the process of retriving the ball in order to feed him. Since then I have been trying to free feed him which didnt work since he would eat all his food in one sitting and then complain all day about more, he was never full, he went and eat the other cat food in order to eat more. I had it, he was getting obese (which could result in diabetes) and he just wouldnt stop complaining all night about getting more food. So I decided to bring the ball dispenser again (in a new apartment), and then I put the ball inside his food dish, a steinless steel food plate with 3 inch walls, this was just a great idea, he is unable to move the ball outside the dish, so the food only gets dispensed on the dish and not all over my floor, so then he goes and eats the food slowly. This has worked, he already lost 3lb out of 21lb, also he doesnt complain about food anymore, because the ball is full most of the times, but since takes longer to eat it, he doesnt over feed himself. This is a great purchase and the food dispenser still works like brand new since day 1. I would recommend this to all owners out there with obese, lazy, and overfed cats.
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on June 2, 2016
This may be GREAT, but for whatever reason, my cat lives in fear of it.

The concept of it is really good! It's good sturdy plastic, the ability to change the size of the holes works really well, I do think some of the other reviewers are being too fussy. It's easy to open, it's clever how there are holes to let the smell out on the lid, it seems to be a really good product.

But, my cat won't touch it. I can put her fav crack like treat under it, and she'll work her nose to get the long as she doesn't have to touch the ball. If I put the ball beside her food dish, she won't go near her food. It's CrAzY.

So...this may work really well for some cats, but not for all. My 1-star review is for people looking for critical 1-star reviews and reflects my personal experience of how well the product works, rather than any other aspect of it. Given the low cost, it's not like if you buy this and your cat hates it, (*ahem* Pip, I'm looking at you) you're going to be eating noodles for the rest of the week.
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on July 9, 2016
A cheap and easy purchase for seeing if your cat will play with it or not. Mine is good some days, and then refuses others, but it wasn't that expensive so its still worth while to see.
It is smaller than the size of a tennis ball, in case the picture deceives you. SO it gets stuck easily under the couch.
Works with my Acana and Blue Buffalo kibble for helping my fat cat lose weight while eating.
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on May 20, 2016
Cats could have cared less about chasing a matter what was filled inside. I had bought this for our cat who is an escape artist, hoping it would keep her occupied while I left the house...NOPE
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on May 19, 2016
We use this often with our highly food-motivated kitty. He loves it and always gets very excited when we pull it out of the drawer. Stands up to rough and tumble pouncing and chasing and keeps him busy as long as we need it to. Great product especially for the price.
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on June 2, 2016
This ball helps my cat get the exercise she needs. I started the ball feeding in December and after 5 months I did notice she is slightly slimmer. Before the ball she would run around from time to time. Now, when she isn't using the ball she just lays around all day until she is hungry again which is probably why she is still very over weight. I noticed she is actually less active and only really moves around when she is eating. Other than that she is moderate on how much she eats, i can feed her canned food without her eating it all in one shot and eating my other cat's portion like she used to.
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on April 29, 2016
I have a cat that inhales his food. Even the larger dental formula would be swallowed without chewing. It was very problematic as he would finish so quickly and proceed to my other cat's food dish to eat everything. I purchased this as a replacement as I could no longer find this item in stores. My cat loves it. Only 4 stars as it does require cleaning and after awhile, the locking mechanism to set the size of the openings no longers locks. Great tool for inactive or overweight cats too.
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on August 29, 2015
I was really pleased with the construction of this ball.It will not break easily and the general idea is sound.The reason I only gave it four stars is due to the fact that my cat broke the idea in less than two days.You see my cat is a little chunky and I thought this would be a fun way to help her lose the extra love she carries. Unfortunately she discovered that if she rolls it into a corner of any kind with two hard surfaces she can just continuously smash it hard enough until all the treats fall out no matter what size of treat or what sized opening I set it to.She loves this ball and guards if from our other cat,she plays with it in the corner all day.She is a wonderful cat and I love her with all my heart,but I have to admit,she is no genius,so if she figured it out just so she could continue to be lazy(true couch potato),any pet who is against physical work or play could do this as well LOL.I feel that this ball would work really well for cats (small pets in general)who want to run and play.Though if your pet is overweight partially due to the fact that they do not want to run and chase toys,this may be a disappointment.If you think your pet will enjoy the chase,try it,I really do think it's a great idea,if not,try something else as this is not the answer for you.
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