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Phantasy Star Online, Episode I & II Plus

Platform : GameCube
Rated: Teen

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  • For the GameCube
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Game Information

  • Platform: GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Product Description

Product Description

Phantasy Star Online, Episode I & II Plus [GameCube] For the GameCube

From the Manufacturer

In this version of Sonic Team's award-winning PSO series, you get two games in one. Episode I contains all the hit content from the original PSO and PSO ver.2, while, Episode II brings a brand new full-length adventure. With real-time combat and enemies that are more powerful than ever before, you'll venture deep into lush worlds filled with mystery and intrigue.

For offline gameplay, Episode I & II Plus brings intense split-screen battles for up to four players on the same console. Additionally, you play quests and mini-games from PSO I & II that were previously only available online. Plus also includes three Episode II quests: Seat of the Heart, The East Tower, and The West Tower; five multiplayer Challenge Mode stages; and two downloadable mini-games: NiGHTS - Score Attack and Puyo Pop.

  • Test your endurance with Challenge Mode, or reign as the supreme champion of player vs. player combat in Battle Mode.
  • Explore new dungeons, uncover new rare items and download new quests!
  • Real-time combat against new, more powerful monsters.

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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
Great game Jan. 11 2005
By J. Sheaffer - Published on
If you like to play games for 200+ hours, then this is the game for you. There is millions of different items, weapons, and other stuff to find. If you follow the missions you'll discover a delightful story and characters. Enjoy!
6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Pretty good... repetative... but good Aug. 9 2005
By Douglas C. Sage - Published on
This game is pretty darn good. It's graphics are detailed, the sound is of decent quality and the story line actually makes sense.

We'll start with the storyline. If you don't pay attention to the rambally of the principal at the beginning of the game you won't know why the heck your fighting until the 3rd or 4th level. It turns out you're in a spaceship with a ton of people looking for a new home planet -Your misson: Fight through the alien monsters and see if it's safe. There are no cutscenes which is a definite time saver but you end up forgetting about the story in general through out the game. The end of the game kinda leaves you hanging too...

Next, the gameplay. The game could definitly use a tutorial i got killed like 5 times before i got the rythem of the game. Other than that though it's great. You go around different areas such as forests, caves, mines, runes, temples, spaceships and some others and kill monsters. What's great about the maps of this game is that it has the "maze element" but not so much to the point where you get frusterated and turn the gamecube off. Occansionally you'll turn around and retrace your steps but you always find your way through. You attack in a combo up to 3 hits at a time. You can choose a fast, but weak attack, and slow but strong attack or a very slow but special attack (such as lightning, freezing, steal money, steal health etc.) in a rythmic pattern. As you progress though the game you can find and buy different weapons, powerups and armor. Nintendo pros will even spend much time on this game due to multiple things. #1 you can choose from 3 different classes: hunter (melee) ranger (gun-ranger) or a mage type (range-magic). #2 each class has different attributes such as robot, human male, human female, girl robot etc. #3 There are different difficulty levels, once you beat normal you can try hard, then very hard, then ultimate. And best yet you can play online! (requires and gamecube internet adapter though...)

Lastly, the graphics. If you're looking for a game with realistic, beautiful, colorful backgrounds, i can't say i'd recommend this game. The graphics are nice... but a little cartoony for my taste; the monsters don't have much detail (for instance it took me 3 months to relizes the evil sharks had dark green scails) and although the backgrounds are colorful, not realistic, for example most caves (or at least the ones i've seen) don't have lava waterfalls with a metal bridge going over them...

Anyway over all it's definitly worth buying and playing. (I'm still trying to beat very hard mode with a ranger...)
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Finally purchased for myself... Jan. 18 2007
By Lyndsey Schaubroeck - Published on
I have played PSO with my best friend for a couple years, and when he left for the Fleet in the Marine Corps, I couldn't play anymore because he took it with him :( I broke down and bought a NGC and this game was the first on my list. The game arrived in excellent condition and I've needed to buy another memory card just to keep up with my character list now ^_^
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Long time fun Dec 13 2006
By S. M. Stanislawski - Published on
Sega made a few mistakes. Particularly that you cannot move your characters between memory cards. So be sure your friend brings their own memory card to play, if they ever want to take their character elsewhere!

This game is highly repetitive after the first few times through.
But there are a multitude of "side quests" accomplished by taking Missions through the Hunter's Guild in a very specific order. [...]
The main draw of this game is being able to play with all your friends, as the online mode or simply the "all together in one physical room" mode of multiplayer with all four people allowed at once is really quite spectacular. The difficulty increases the more people are in the party. However, the highest difficulty level you can go to in multiplayer is limited by how high everyone in the party has gone. Meaning if one player hasn't passed Hard, but everyone else has, you can only select Hard or below if they are playing too.

Otherwise, the only point to the game is collecting dropped items. Or playing Online, in which even more quests, special event items or special item-grinding can be done.

The second revison has different cover art, and fixes the infamous shop-duplication bug.
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Ramblings about a classic RPG May 5 2010
By Flying_Yoda - Published on
I played this game lots back in the day's of the game cube and I still pick it up from time to time. In some ways I would still argue that this game is better then the current phantasy star universe games. Prettier graphics does not always mean a better game. Though, I do play universe online for the xbox 360 and enjoy it very much.

However, after all these years I don't see many people just picking this up without doing a lot of research or for nostalgia purposes. Your mind is probably already made up and I don't see me saying anything that has not already been said in other reviews on here if I where to truly review the game. Instead, I felt I should let people know about my sad experience with trying to go online with this game.

I think it was about 3 years ago when I moved from my parents home to an apartment and finally was paying for my own internet access. My parents had and still use (god forbid)Dial up internet. Even back then I could not find a dial up modem for game cube. So I physically could not connect the game to the internet back then. In retrospect the cube dial up modem is probably all but useless today anyway and I ended up getting the broadband model.

Anyway, after getting my high speed game cube part. I attempted connecting to the internet with my game cube to get this game online. However, I had issues connecting the game. So I got on my computer and did an internet search. After about 5 minutes on Google I learned that Sega had killed the servers for Phantasy Star online only a few mouths before I tried going online with it.

I also learned of a site called SCHTHACK that offered free servers for this game that was meant to replace the official servers when they want offline. I thought I had my solution. However, part of there confirmation system was to send them an email. They never responded to my mails and I sent them over and over with no response. I have been waiting for over 2 years on this now and have long given up on ever getting a response.

I guess my point is that if you plan to play this game online, I must tell you there is next to no support for this game. If you plan to play online I would highly recommend making your own server if you have the skills. However, if your like myself and do not have these skills, your probably stuck playing offline.

Also, now that the Wii has been out a while. It may be important to state that if you do have the tech skills to make online servers or have a friend that does that the Wii does not offer online hardware for game cube titles. The Wii only offers online support for Wii games. This is because Nintendo saw no point in putting it in. The cube only had 2 online games. This one and its sequel PSO III card revolution. plus 3 other titles like Mario cart double dash that where used threw a LAN connection (cube to cube) only. In all this is only 5 games that supported the cube broadband adapter back when it was around. I guess Nintendo though why bother when they created the Wii. So if you have found a way to play online, you will need a cube with a internet adapter of some kind if that information is helpful to anyone.

Still this is a great game to play offline alone or multilayer with friends and is still plenty playable offline on the Wii (I own both a cube and a wii so I have the right to confirm this for the skeptics out there). I just can't recommend this game if you plan to play online as it now has way to many barriers for most people. Sadly this does heart the game a little as I heard that back in the day that the online content was excellent and helped keep the game fresh with new content. I pretty much have done most everything I can do with this game offline and would have loved doing something new with it.

Well I hope my random rambling about this game is useful to someone.