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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 27, 2007
Dead Man's Chest is definitely not a bad film, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed a little. It's always tough to create sequels to successful blockbusters and have them live up to originals name. The first "Pirates" film had a rare charm that most other Hollywood pictures would envy. Fantastic characters, a great story, amazing special effects, and an all-around "fun" feel. It's not hard to understand why it became so popular. On paper, nothing really seems wrong with Dead Man's Chest. It has the same elements that made the first film a hit. Yet at the same time, something was missing.

Two of the "main three" characters (Sparrow, Turner, and Swann) seemed to have experienced a personality makeover. Initially, all three characters are likable and you found yourself rooting for them through both good and bad intentions. That's not the case in DMC. A great amount of the storyline felt like filler, as if they were just there to set up the next action scene. This formula works for B-movies and martial arts films, but for a big budget film like this, it feels awkward. The humor is hit-and-miss. It's impossible not to smile Johnny Depp's performance, even at his most outrageous moments. However, it often feels that the writers tried too hard to squeeze in humor at inappropriate places just so they can meet their humor quota. This sort of bad timing is another element that sets it below the "Curse of the Black Peal" in terms of quality.

Davy Jones and "Bootstrap" Bill Turner are two terrific additions to the "Pirates" cast. They both add to a very dark atmosphere that the overall story focuses on. While far-fetched at times, the action/sword-fight scenes are a ton of fun to watch and help make it an all-around solid film. The ending is not 100% satisfying, but that was done intentionally to build up anticipation for the third (and perhaps final) film. I hope that the third film improves on what I didn't like about the story and ties up all the loose ends so it can leave audiences feeling thrilled and satisfied.
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Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest"(released June/06)returns us to the wonderful world of swordplay and swashbuckling that made the first installment such a hit.However something is amiss in this film and things don't hit the mark like they did in the first;not by a country mile.Let's look and see what happened.
The story this time takes us back to the exploits and troubles of Capt.Sparrow.The EIT(East India Trading Company) now holds sway in Jamaica and their number one man Lord Beckett.He controls the British fleet in the area and has sentenced Will and Elizabeth and ex-Commodore Norrington(in absentia)to die.However he will stay his order if Will and Elizabeth hunt for Sparrow and his errant compass.To buy time they agree and set off.
Their search leads them to an island where the Pearl has run aground and Jack and his crew are indentured to local cannibals;with Jack as the head of a tribe.Will and Elizabeth eventually free Jack and his crew and they head for the sea.Jack persuades Will to help him find the key to the chest which contains pirate Davy Jones'(Bill Nighy)heart.Sparrow's time is now up and he must change places with Jones as its captain.Jack will give Will his compass if Will will help,but a dark priestess Tia Dalma(Naomie Harris)tells him the compass won't work unless the person who possess it really knows what he wants.While at sea however Jones in the Flying Dutchman catches up to the Pearl and captures Sparrow.Jack puts off his purgatory by persuading Jones that he can get 100 souls for his crew within three days.Will is left behind as collateral.
Back in Jamaica a grieving Governor frees his daughter Elizabeth and at gunpoint she retrieves a letter from Lord Beckett which originally was to hire Sparrow as a privateer but she now wants for Will.She steals aboard a ship which lands in Tortuga just as Jack is there recruiting crewmen/souls for Jones' ship.After finding Jack he lets Elizabeth in on the compass's secret which he gives to her;and to their amazement it seems to get a bearing.They head off with a now disheveled and disgraced Commodore Norrington aboard also.
They eventually reach an island and all three join up with Will,who with the help of his father,had escaped the Flying Dutchman.They find the chest with Davy Jones heart inside but Will has the key which he stole from Davy Jones.A fight breaks out between the three men but Norrington escapes with the heart and the letters from Lord Beckett.Sparrows crew escape with the(empty)chest and outrun the Dutchman in hot pursuit.Jone's has no choice but to call on the Kraken to kill Sparrow.As everyone abandons ship Jack is finally devoured by the beast and Jones calls the debt settled.However he is less than happy to find the chest empty.
Back in Jamaica Norrington delivers the letter and heart of Davy Jones to Beckett.Tia Dalma meanwhile is host to Elizabeth,Will and the remaining crew of the Pearl.She asks if they have the courage to sail to the ends of the earth to return Sparrow back to the living.All are in agreement and who should agree to Captain the venture.....old Captain Barbossa.
This movie like the first has non-stop action and alot of humour throughout but this time around something has gone awry.The movie seems to have psyched itself out by trying to do TOO much with the plot.There are so many plot twists in this film it is very easy to lose track of who knows what or who is doing what to whom at any given moment.There are also sequences on the Cannibal island and the deserted island where the chest is located which are far less than what they should have been.In the former when the crew is rescued the action goes on interminably long with them dangling over cliffs and their inter action with the natives.On the island where the chest is located again the fight scenes which are supposed to be funny aren't and the silly three way fight scene on the turning wheel falls flat.Some judicious editing should have been done here.However the most important factor in this movies' lackluster performance falls on the one person who made it the success it was in the first place;Johnny Depp.The off beat eccentric character with all his eccentricities are not there as they were in the first one.Here Sparrow is more often than not quite serious and circumspect and the underlying "flakiness" is not to be seen.This totally deflates the impact the movie would otherwise have had and had it been there it would have deflected attention from the shortcomings I listed previously.No matter how talented the actors are if the same qualities that make an original do not make a sequel,then my maties,there be troubles ahead!This "ship" definitely hit the doldrums.
Technically the movie has been transferred well in sight and sound and is presented here in its widescreen version.The only extras available in this one disc DVD are some bloopers and audio commentary.
All in all a big disappointment from the first film.The film tries to do way too much and the plots twists can leave your head spinning.Depps' characterization of Sparrow is NOT what is was in the first film and this especially drags the proceedings down.The fine SFX effects are there as are the solid cast but it can't overcome its own hurtles.Let us see what the third installment does.
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on November 8, 2007
i must say,i quite enjoyed this movie,i think mostly because my
expectations were very low.this is due to the fact that i was
disappointed in the first installment,because my expectations were too ironic.this entry had more action,better action sequences and
more was at times also darker than the original and the
acting had more depth.there were also more characters and various sub
plots,but the movie was still easy to follow.the one thing that
irritated me at first was that they made captain Jack Sparrow's
character even more effeminate than they did in the first one Johnny
Depp does somehow pull it off,though,give him credit for this
was only a temporary annoyance and then the character's quirks,or
foibles,if you will,grew on me.i don't perceive being annoyed by this
in the next installment.this movie also had some more suspense and the
action sequences were at times very intense,in a good way.there was an
abundance of CGI in this movie,which was exceptionally well done,the
best i have seen in a long time,possibly ever.the filmmakers did a
great job of balancing humour suspense,action and some darker material
together.the story also had more depth and i cared more for the
characters this time around.i think most of the characters were better
written,for whatever reason.the only minor complaint i have is that the
movie was a bit too long.i did however like the ending.nothing
fancy,just a low key setup for the third installment.basically,this is
a case of the sequel surpassing the original in every way.i haven't yet
seen the third entry,though i have higher hopes(but i've heard mixed
reviews)and it has a lot to live up to.for me,this second installment
in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga is a 4/5
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on September 3, 2007
I'd seen the awful reviews and been warned that it was nowhere near as good as the first film. Bearing this in mind I often find that going into a film with low expectations can lead to being pleasantly surprised.

It seemed to start reasonably well and although, most of the time, it felt like it was just plodding along, filling in time 'till the next film, it at least gave the impression it might be building towards something interesting. Unfortunately the film then descended into a series of the most tediously unexciting CGI/stunt set pieces I've yet to see come out of Hollywood. None of the characters(including Jack Sparrow) retained any of the charm or chemistry they had in the previous picture and you find it impossible to care about what happens to them.

It never ceases to amaze me, when you consider the sums involved, surely by diverting a bit more into the script writing...
It's all so short-sighted since all those people who feel cheated this time will be less likely to trust the hype for the 'next big thing'.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this film is they've finally given us the movie that everyone predicted the first one would be.
As an exercise in accountancy and marketing this is a winner but as entertainment it falls very flat indeed.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 31, 2006
"It's the Bible, you get credit for trying."

Captain Jack Sparrow is back. He has a secret (or two) and a limited time to keep from becoming a permanent fixture of the deep. All are seeking a key however the key means different things to different people. Will jack succeed? We shall see (or not.)

Over the top, every pirate pun available and non-stop. This movie can be fun if you have plenty of patients. It can be complex with overlaying purpose of many of the characters. There are plenty of one liners and sight gags.

My only suggestion is to wait until the next "installment" or movie in the "series" is produced before viewing this one. Hold your breath.
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on October 17, 2012
I purchased all 4 Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs at the same time. "the Curse of the Black Pearl" and " Dead Man's Chest " broke up 3/4 the way through the movie. It resumed playing about 2 minutes later. All other DVDs purchased at Amazon have provided excellent viewing.

The whole series of the Pirates of the Caribbean is enjoyable to watch in a offbeat sort of way.
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on July 10, 2015
Shipped fast! Perfect Hi-Def. I won't post a full review of the movie, as that would be very subjective. Suffice it to say that it is a well-written Disney summer blockbuster. The Davey Jones scenes alone pay the ticket here.
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on November 7, 2006
With the sequel geared more towards action and less towards the little ones, this isn't a good sequel for the younger ones. However, if you are a true fan of the action/adventure genre, this movie will blow you away, especially the exciting character twist at the end. This movie throws you fastballs out of left field that you never see coming, and will leave you with "Whoa" as the only word in your vocabulary.
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on March 3, 2015
C'est la poursuite du Capitaine Jack Sparrow pour retrouver sa perle Noir ... la vie éternelle... Un pirate pas très pirate, il est plutôt attachant. Film avec beaucoup d'humour.
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on January 21, 2014
Bon film d'Action avec un peu de suspense
Drole et cocasse avec un soupson d'aimour ...
je vous conseille de voir la serie en ordre
Déconseillé aux jeune enfants
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