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Predator (Ultimate Hunter Edition) [Blu-ray]

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Rambo meets Alien in this terrific science-fiction thriller from 1987, directed by John McTiernan just a year before Die Hard made him Hollywood's most sought-after director of action-packed blockbusters. Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite squad of U.S. Army commandos to a remote region of South American jungle, where they've been assigned to search for South American officials who've been kidnapped by terrorists. Instead they find a bunch of skinned corpses hanging from the trees and realize that they're now facing a mysterious and much deadlier threat. As the squad is picked off one by one, Arnold finds himself pitted against a hideous alien creature that's heavily armed and wearing a spacesuit enabling the creature to render itself invisible. The title says it all in describing the relentless, escalating action that follows, maintained by McTiernan with an abundance of visual flair. The film's special effects are still impressive, and stunning locations in the Mexican jungles create a combined atmosphere of verdant beauty and imminent danger. The plot doesn't hold up to much scrutiny, but the movie's so exciting and tightly paced that its weaknesses seem irrelevant. --Jeff Shannon

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A Kid's Review
Not only was this release of Predator billed as an extended version on amazon.ca (which obviously it wasn't); it was also one of my most anticipated Blu-Ray releases. And at first glance, it looked like it might be a winner. But alas--only a few minutes into the feature and it becomes painstakingly obvious that the people responsible for the technical aspects of the encode went *completely* overboard with their desire to apply DNR to the feature in order to artificially 'clean up' image noise and grain, while at the same time severely reducing the amount of detail in each frame and making the overall result look like it has been put through a meat-grinder (to use a phrase from the film itself) ;)

As stated on various forums and in other reviews, this practice is bound to be controversial, as some actually mistake this as being 'sharper' and more 'HD-like' (often when viewing on an 40-50 inch LCD sitting 3-4 meters back). But let me assure you; it *is not*. Compare it to older releases which were done _properly_ (like North By Northwest, Dr. No) and John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China (released around the same time as McTiernan's Predator), and you'll see what I mean.

All evidence that this movie has actually been shot on film is gone. It now resembles more an FPS game with waxy, unrealistic characters (just look at Carl Weathers' mustache!)

In short, this release is a complete travesty and an affront to the Blu-Ray format. FOX's customers deserve _a lot_ better than this. Liberally applying Digital Noise Reduction is an extremely quick'n'dirty way to 'spruce up' (in some people's eyes) a picture.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Well Done !! Jan. 16 2014
Format:Blu-ray|Verified Purchase
I still watch and love the older movies that I grew up watching with my Dad. A lot f comedies and especially action flicks like Predator. The 3D is not overdone and fits in quite well with this movie, I hope that they remaster more of my favourties in 3D
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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy this Blu-ray! July 6 2010
This release has become infamous. I won't talk about the movie, I am sure you already know about that. This Blu-ray version has been blasted with Digital Noise Reduction which has removed most detail from the picture, leaving it with a detail and texture similar to an early Pixar film. Check out the "Digital Bits" for more on this. We deserve a LOT better than this, and don't buy it until we start getting a lot better.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Arnie at his best Nov. 2 2007
By falcon
Predator is another classic Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie.Basically the
movie is about a group of commandos in the jungle of Central
America,who fall victim to a alien warrior.but this is no ordinary
warrior.One by one the commandos are dispatched,until only Dutch,played
by Arnie,is left.this movie is not for the squeamish.there are some
very gory scenes,as the soldiers are killed in gruesome ways.again
there are some great action sequences,leading to a the ultimate
showdown between Dutch and the Predator.there are also some good one
liners in the film,as with any Arnie movie.a very entertaining film
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5.0 out of 5 stars great Sci Fi film July 18 2004
By Justin
This has got to be one of the coolest monster movies ever made! The cast is great and the creature is THE coolest (technologically advanced) alien ever! Don't listen to the 2 bad reviews. One of those guys can't even spell a simple word like "cigar", I doubt he has much taste in movies if he can't pass high school english. It's ironic that all of the low scores (besides the two drop-outs) are given not because of the movie, but because of the poor DVD treatment Fox has given it so far. I can only hope that the upcoming Alien Vs Predator will be as good as it looks. It's been a long time coming and they had better not screw it up. Anyway, get this movie. Just make sure you wait for the spec. edition coming out July 23rd! Go Yautja!
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4.0 out of 5 stars What a Classic! April 14 2014
Format:Blu-ray|Verified Purchase
This is a great example of an Arnie movie. The script doesn't pretend to be written by Tolstoy, the acting is actually not too bad considering the cast doing it and, of special note are the special effects that were a breakthrough when this film was originally made. It is total escapism, a great popcorn movie. The 3D conversion gives the movie much more depth, from Arnie's bulging muscles to the Predator eye view looking down on Arnie's band of merry men in heat vision. Great. Love it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Predator (Ultimate Hunter Edition) Blu-ray May 14 2012
This is the best framed (aspect ratio d)of the film "Predator" so far seen. It shows all what needs to be seen the way it was meant to be viewed. Previous copies always took too much off the top and bottom thereby unbalancing the picture. A-lot of work went into this title. The use of the Blu-ray features is put together well. Most of the other new Blu-ray titles just do not encode the disc properly or use the format to the best advantage correctly, but this title does not have this problem. It has the sharpest picture I have ever seen with color balance, especially the greens, to the top. (This is if your system is calibrated properly and set-up correctly) All the extras are great. This is a must see title in this Blu-ray format.
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Ahh, Predator. This film really has no right to exist, let alone be as excellent as it is. The plot, where an elite commando force on a "rescue" mission is set upon by a light-bending alien superpredator to their immense regret, is the stuff of C+ Dolph Lundgren fare, yet somehow it all comes together perfectly. Good acting, great action, and downright claustrophobic suspense keep the plot buzzing right along. This movie could be 90 minutes long, it could be 160..I really don't know, it's so easy to get swept up in it. The special effects are as great today as they were when the film first came out, and are sharp and crisp on the DVD. Who would have thought infrared vision would allow for such a range of effects? From the first time we see the predator's huge paw as it picks up the cooling, almost stylized form of a dead scorpion, to the blood-red haze surrounding Arnold as the beast batters him into submission, our own world becomes as alien and terrifying as the creature inhabiting it. The film starts as a buddy flick, turns into "Commando" and then segues neatly into "Alien" without any loss of purpose or momentum. In addition to the innumerable classic one-liners you'll be repeating for the rest of the day ("I ain't got time to bleed," "Here we are again, bro..same kinda moon, same kinda jungle..," "Ol' Painless is waitin'") each character has their due. Mac (played by Bill Duke) does a wonderful turn as the mournful buddy of Jesse "The Governor" Ventura, madly murmuring to himself as he chases the Predator into the jungle the same lyrics to the rock music that so triumphantly accompanies them into the jungle in the first place. Carl Weathers does a good job as a CIA man of mixed loyalties, and of course Arnold is perfectly cast as Dutch, the team leader. This is a guy flick, let's not pretend otherwise, but it is not a dumb guy flick (either the guy, or the flick). Check it out.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 3D
Published 6 months ago by P J
4.0 out of 5 stars Brighter,Cleaner,3 Dimensional
I have read all the bad reviews and the few good ones.I took a chance as I am a Predator fan and have had many of the past releases as well as the previous BluRay version. Read more
Published on Aug. 2 2010 by Mac
1.0 out of 5 stars What was supposed to be the 'Ultimate' Predator release ends up being...
Not only was this release of Predator billed as an extended version on amazon.ca (which obviously it wasn't); it was also one of my most anticipated Blu-Ray releases. Read more
Published on July 9 2010
4.0 out of 5 stars Ultimately clean and sharp
First let me say this. I've seen this film in every damn incarnation possible. From store bought VHS, BetaMax, VHS dubbed from poor quality cable, both DVD releases, 1st Bluray and... Read more
Published on July 6 2010 by Andrew Campbell
5.0 out of 5 stars Arnold Schwarzenegger's best movie
Predator is the Arnold Schwarzeneggers greatest movie ever.A very good sample to sci-fiction in early 80's. Read more
Published on June 29 2004 by Gggg
5.0 out of 5 stars A TRULY SF MASTERPIECE
When I saw this movie for the first time I become like possesed. It is simply beyond emagination. Where did Jim and John Thomas find the inspiration to create something like this?! Read more
Published on June 29 2004 by Dusan Leon-Citic
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