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Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

VHS Tape
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1.0 out of 5 stars 1 Star and that's a stretch. Jan. 11 2004
Format:VHS Tape
Okay let me set a few things straight to clear some confusion. 1: Pumpkinhead in this film has no connection to the first film. (which by far was superior to this weak attempt of a sequel.) This is not Ed Harley nor his son come back from the dead as some seem to think in other reviews. And in some ways it is an expansion on the legend. Hence my 1 star rating. The first film was dark and rich in the flavor of the demon being a relentless killer. This should really be dubbed a prequel. It supposedly is the creature Ed Harley digs up but if one crunches those numbers it doesn't exactly add up. Now on to the things that really disappointed me about this film.
I was blown away by Pumpkinhead. Being a long time fan of Mr. Winston's works behind and in front of the camera. Stan Winston's Pumpkinhead was a work of genius that should have been revisted yes but, not by someone of far less caliber of the original creator. Pumpkinhead of the first film seemed so lifelike and down right nasty in manner and appearence was do to Stan's amazing animatronic demon. PH2 is badly noticeble as a man in rubber suit job.
The story was great (the background story not the ill handled plot) it added more to the legend when the research into the myth went on. The story of the myth itself was great but the story placed around it as the outer shell and ultimately lacking movie. It was made to obviously splash gore and sex into the film. The first left these elements out and stuck close to some of the old school formulas of horror. PH2 goes clearly for the 90's and mid 80's belief which still holds true to todays horror films I might add that sex and gore are the big draws to horror. Which in this reviewers mind can actually be a draw back to horror films.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Sequal!!!!!! Nov. 3 2001
By Amaris
Format:VHS Tape
Not to long ago after watching my most favorite horror of all time(PUMPKINHEAD)I heard that there was a seqaul.So I had orderd it from amazon.com(where I had gotten PUMPKINHEAD1)and I must say that it was a great seqaul to the best horror movie of all time PUMPKINHEAD.The plot was great and interesting and it really brings you into the movie.This seqaul though could have been alot better and possibly maby could have been better than the first if they had conciderd the following...First you can tell that they didint put to much effort and work into this one as they did the first.I think that they could have made the pumpkinhead look alot more real like he did on the first but this time they had hired a different suit desighner and you can tell that the one they hired is not as talented as the first desighner.They tried to follow the original desighn as best they could but kinda went off track and made the pumpkinhead kinda rubber lookin.Its not that bad but it still looks kinda fake.The acting could have been inproved especialy by the teens and the black female doctor.They also wanted the pumpkinhead to move alot faster so that when he was chasing somone down he wouldent be taking his time like on part 1 but in the procces of making him move alot faster it also made him move more like a human which also lets it look more fake telling you that theres a person inside wearing a costume.But I think that they was just trying to be realistic because on the first he was chasing them down slowly not caring if he got them or not but just killing them for some one else who wants revenge so on part one pumpkinhead is more of a slave but on here you can tell that he really wants to get the job done and not take his time. Read more ›
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2.0 out of 5 stars Didint realy under stand it Sept. 30 2001
Format:VHS Tape
Ok...What can I say.very different from the first.Alot harder to understand and somewhat of a childish and not well planned plot Id say.Instead of the father of a child asking haggis to summon the pumpkin head for revenge to kill the ones responcible for his sons death,the son himself becomes pumpkin head!!Then starts slaughtering the teens one by one.I hate the pumpkin head.He stinks ,hes not imortal,hes sympathetic and that right there breaks one of the rules on the demons part.First of all he is supposed to be heartless killing demon who only does the bidding for somone whos lost a loved one to some careless peoples.This is not the real pumpkin head.I was so mad to see that he didint kill the girl at the end and just for trying to save her..kill her father as well!!Just to make it even dumber,after he spears there lives he runns like a little coward from a few hunters who catch up to him and completely rip him apart!!Now that realy ticked me off!!seeing a legendary imortal creature from hell be destroyed by a few hunters with rifels!!It wasint scary AND NOT THAT VIOLENT EATHER.The only part i realy liked about it was when he threw the guy on the ground,found a big long spike and drove it right through his chest.So thats my review,If you want my advice,rent it,dont buy it,but you have definetly got to get the first!!!It is awesome!!!!!Ok,bye now.
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By Seifer
Format:VHS Tape
Note:may contain spoilers.
The original Pumpkinhead,although extremely underrated,is truly a ground-breaker in the horror genre and stays true to the genre (check my review).I was very excited about the sequel. I'm a HUGE fan of the original,so I just could not wait to see P2.I finally found a rental copy and P2 is quite disappointing compared to the brilliance and creativity of P1.However,the second time I watched it,it was actually quite enjoyable. The acting is pretty good (especially by Andrew Robinson) and it has a good story that's "refreshing" to P1.A tormented boy who's badly deformed and is killed by bullies,then returns as Pumpkinhead to exact his revenge.Very good. Pumpkinhead is still very scary and looks cool. The photography is very dark and adds plenty of suspense.The music is good and the film is overall quite entertaining.The ending is actually quite heartbreaking.Pumpkinhead is gunned to death just when he becomes good.I hate to admit it,but I actually cried when he died.You actually feel sympathy for him while he's on his rampage. P2 does have some flaws,though.The human characters are quite under-developed and the script is a bit weak (though the story is strong throughout).Some scenes are also very comedic (like when the present teens are together early in the film.)It turned me off,because P1 was very scary and suspenseful and P2,though scary in parts,is also a bit comedic is places,whereas P1 wasn't one bit funny.I sometimes felt myself not liking the film,but giving it a chance,it was fun to watch.Overall,P2 isn't nearly as entertaining as P1,nor scary,but I still liked it.I actually give it 3.5 stars (4 1/2),but I oddly don't have that option.Rent P2 to kill some time.Rated R for some violence and bad language.
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4.0 out of 5 stars GOOD STUFF!
This is not a bad movie at all. Pretty good story to it. Got some descent scares and good acting. I thought it was put together well and is worth checking out.
Published on June 5 2004 by Laurie Strode
3.0 out of 5 stars NOT AS BAD AS IT COULD HAVE BEEN?
I saw the original PUMPKINHEAD years ago, but with the advance of arcus senilis, I can't remember too much about it, other than I thought it was good. Read more
Published on May 12 2004 by Michael Butts
2.0 out of 5 stars If this movie was a bucket.. it would be a leaky one.
A deformed boy some how transforms into an 8 ft. demon. Of course there is a backwoods witch involved, also a revenge plot in which 6 teens in the mid 1950's torture the deformed... Read more
Published on Oct. 18 2003 by Moviebuffer101
2.0 out of 5 stars Yawn!
My advise to all the directers out there is to not make a sequel unless its as good as the 1st!
I will say that this is probably worth at least one watch!
Ok gore! Read more
Published on Oct. 14 2003 by Brett Boles
1.0 out of 5 stars Badbadbad!
This movie is so bad! The only good thing about it was Kane Hodder was in it (Jason Voorhees). The "acting"lol is terrible and the "plot" LWOL is so... Read more
Published on July 18 2003 by Tom Servo
4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but it diden't fit well with the first one
Theres know dout that PH2 is a good movie, but it docen't go well with the first. Both movies have the same monster and the same idea, but they are different. Read more
Published on Feb. 24 2003 by Jonathan Tapley
4.0 out of 5 stars Pumpkinhead 2 blood wings
I think that pimpkinhead 2 blood wings is not as good but it has some good parts in there if yoiu know what i mean ;)
The boold and gore is much better then the first one but... Read more
Published on Nov. 19 2001 by Dark Prince
3.0 out of 5 stars Should have been called "Son of Pumpkinhead"
Pumpkinhead 2 is what you would expect from a horror sequel. Bad story and bad acting. In this one the demon isn't even the real Pumpkinhead,but his son (!? Read more
Published on Sept. 9 2001 by S. Calabro
1.0 out of 5 stars O.K. But Not Pumpkinhead
This film lacks all the nessesary sequel reqierments. First of all the original is not even mentioned. Read more
Published on June 25 2001 by Craig Bard
3.0 out of 5 stars The Legend Continues
I liked this continuation of the legend, though like the original, it has its flaws.
The story is about a crime that took place in the 1950's, and is only now being avenged. Read more
Published on March 27 2001
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