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If there were any justice in this world, the Queers would sell as many records as Green Day or Blink 182, or any other of the "pop-punk" bands that have hit the major label lottery. Fear not though, they'll remain a seminal underground band that we can hold dear to our hearts. "Punk Rock Confidential" is a great album featuring Joe's famous mix of Ramones-meets-Beach Boys style songs. It's refreshing to know that a seasoned punk rocker like Joe Queer realizes that melody and good lyrics are essential components to a good, timeless song. Some of these songs spew sarcastic venom, and some are sappier than sap, and that's what makes it great. Who says a cynic can't be a hopeless romantic? I hear Joe's recording a solo album and I hope he embraces his influences whole-heartedly (a la Mike Ness) and records his definitive work. In the meantime, have a few beers, listen to "Punk Rock Confidential" or "Don't Back Down," and enjoy your life. Cheers.
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on July 29, 2002
I love The Beach Boys, I love the Ramones, I love catchy hooks, and I love origionality. Which gives me a very good reason to love the queers. It's just plain and simply GOOD MUSIC. It's the most fun, laid back, good-to-be-alive music you'll ever find. My favorite songs were "Punk Rock Confidential", "Mrs. Brown, You've Got an ugly daughter", "Today I fell in Love", "Like a Parasite", and "Tamara's a Punk", but all the songs are REALLY-REALLY catchy. It's a good thing their not famous, because I want to be selfish and keep them "my" band, because their so great. Also, they have a good sense of humor, and it looks good in my CD case along with other great bands like Rancid, Propagandhi, Bracket, The Movielife, Green Day, Less Than Jake, and The Bouncing Souls. Buy it, Wonderful.
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on January 30, 2002
Punk Rock Confidential is no doubt the unofficial sequel (in terms of songwriting talent) to previous Lookout! breakthrough "Don't Back Down". PRC is just amazing. As with any album, it may take some time to get used to, but sooner or later, fans and non-fans alike will build a love for this 15+ track collection of love, attitude, and carefree songs. This excellent lineup consists of frontman Joe Queer, guitarist Dangerous Dave, bassist Chris Almighty (of John Cougar Concentration Camp fame) and Steve Stress beatin' the skins. Songs that really stick out are "Tamara's a Punk", "Everything's OK", "Like a Parasite", and the title track, but every song is awesome in its own way. A must-buy, especially if you like Don't Back Down.
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on August 7, 2001
I don't understand how anyone could give this cd 5 stars. I would admit that there are a few songs on this album that are good. I like Tamara is a punk, Today I fell in love, and the sappy the Sun always shines around you. Ok, so that's not the only sappy song here. But most of these songs are throwaways. It used to be the short songs that seemed like Queers throwaways would end up being the songs you listened to years later. That's not the case anymore. But hey, this is loads better than their next album...
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on April 6, 2001
I bought the vinyl of this album (which makes it even cooler) and I gotta say that every song on this CD is awsome. They are really into loving things, which is a bit of change from their earlier work (check out their other album "Day Late and a Dollar Short"). I was surprised by the depth of the vocals and harmonies, very cool. One warning, you probably don't want to blast this CD with your parents in the same room Cheers
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on October 29, 1999
I know my opinion is unpopular, and that, to some, nothing will ever touch "Love Songs," but it is my opinion that this is the Queers' best album yet. Relying a lot more heavily on 60s-style pop, Joe knocks out hit after hit after hit on this record. This honestly cannot be missed by any Queers fan, or fan of pop music in general.
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on February 1, 2001
If you love the Ramones, Beach Boys and if you love music then this one is for you. From the greatest band in the world comes one of the worlds greatest albums. This album will melt in your heart. Oh and dont forget to pick there other masterpiece "Dont Back Down".
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on October 21, 1998
Great album. I only wish that B-Face and Joe King were on the album. What happened to them? I also don't know why this album is on Hopeless instead of Lookout. Oh well. It's as good as Don't Back Down which is a heck of an album too. Buy it, you won't be dissapointed!
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on April 16, 1999
Great stuff. You just can't be dissapointed with these sorts of catchy love/hate/punk/life dittys. The Queers rock. Better than Keel, even. Hey, wasn't that one guy in Dahmer's Diner? DAHMER'S DINER!! WOO HOO!
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on February 8, 2004
I love these guys, they all grew up and made it from my hometown which kicks ass! They are the epitome of old school, ass kickin punk rock.
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