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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 29, 2002
Quantum-Touch really resonated with me - I have studied many healing modalities from Reiki to Lomi-Lomi and found Quantum-Touch to be the most powerful yet easiest way to understand and practice hands on healing. Quantum-Touch is fun to read, and de-mystifies hands on healing by describing pratical ways to work with life-force energy. The Quantum-Touch video is fantastic as well. I used the techniques on my Dad who had a lung infection for the past 8 years. After a few hours of Quantum-Touch, his infection was 95% clearer and is still clear a month later. I've seen lots of other awesome results as well : "healing" bruised ribs, eliminating sciatica pain, releiving all sorts of pain, bringing down bunions, etc. etc. The fun part about this work is that anyone can learn it; my friends who have learned QT have had great results as well.
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on June 7, 2007
I bought this book 2 years ago when I came across it by accident online and I am forever grateful that I found it. The techniques in this book are so easy to follow and very effective. I have read a lot of books on energy and have been using energy healing for about 7 years. Out of all the modalities I've tried and studied, Quantum Touch is by far the easiest to learn. Results are seen and felt right away. You never have to take a workshop to learn the techniques, as everything is included in the book and is very easy to understand. However if you do get a chance to take the live workshop, it is awesome, besides, it's much more fun to learn and practice with others. I enjoyed the book so much that I went on to taking the workshops and have just recently become a certified Quantum Touch practioner. I've seen a lot of amazing things happen with the techniques. Quantum Touch also has a forum set up where anyone can ask questions about it. There are a lot of wonderful healing stories there as well. If you have any doubts at all about the book, just hang out in the forum for a while. [...]

And when you get the basics down, there is also an advanced book that just came out called "Supercharging Quantum Touch" that is just as amazing. You do however have to have the basics down before you try the advanced techniques.

If I were to rate this book against all the other energy healing books I have read I'd say this book is right at the top.
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I have bought many different energy based books, and used different energy based therapies and exercises with great results.

This book caught my attention because very positive statements were made about it comparing it favorably with reiki and qigong etc.

It is well written, concise and very easy to follow. The exercises are easy to do. If you were to do the visualization, and various simple breathing patterns, you could start moving energy within minutes, and as you practice more and more then your skills will improve dramatically.

With the QT exercises I can feel strong sensations throughout my body particularly in my hands and feet, and I am not an expert in this field.

QT enables you to generate healing energy through your hands to work on yourself and others.

There is a scientific principle called entrainment. If two items are vibrating side by side at different speeds then the item that vibrates at the lower speed will adjust to vibrate at the same frequency as the other object.

Examples of this are swings in a playground that are swinging out of sync and adjust. Also, in a clock store you may notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison.

This principle applied to QT is that when you apply the higher healing vibration to an area of pain or disease (low vibration) it causes that area to reattune itself to the higher vibration, and thereby cure it.

This method I find easier than Qigong for example. I am delighted with the results I am getting. This is the best book of this type I have read so far.

If you wish to explore further I recommend the following books:

The Eft Manual (Everyday Eft: Emotional Freedom Techniques) a simple acupressure technique which can be done in less than two minutes. Imagine easily letting go of emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, forgiveness, sadness, stress, phobias, procrastination, trauma etc.

The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden, which shows energy testing being demonstrated, energy zipups and more advanced techniques, including a five minute daily routine to boost your energy.

Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions: by John Diamond MD, one of the best books I have read on energy medicine, and a complete manual.

The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu: by Alice Burmeister. It's Jin Shin Jitsu, a complete system, very easy to learn and use.

Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness by Bradley Nelson. Another complete system for releasing trapped emotions using magnets discovered by a chiropractor. A very well written book. I have also attended his seminar.

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale. A visually stunning which gives an overview of energy medicine.

I think you will find these useful, and if you were to find this review helpful please click.
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on July 16, 2003
J Foxglove, I have always welcomed skeptics and have delighted at showing them something that they "know" can't be true. However before you jump to conclusions, please contact Richard Austin who gave the session to the man with scoliosis in the photos that you criticize. Richard took the pictures and his email and phone number are on the website. He can put you directly in touch with the man in the photos. I can put you in touch with the woman whose leg straightened out during a session, and can find some of the other people who were there to watch it happen. Rebecca (the woman in question) gave me the black and white photos, and that which you see that does look off, is exactly the way the photo came to me. You can also contact Terry Negri, our instructor in WA; he recently worked on a young child whose severely bowed legs straightened out during a five-minute session that was done before a group of people attending his lecture.
Finally, as a simple way to know if I am telling the truth, ask any of our 25 instructors or 90 certified practitioners (all listed on the website) if they have seen bones move with a light touch and if it's a common experience. The other option is to buy the book or video or attend a live workshop and you can have these experiences for yourself.
Foxglove, I'll personally guarantee it!
Best wishes,
Richard Gordon
Author of "Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal"
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on August 11, 2003
I was intrigued by Richard Gordon's book, QUANTUM-TOUCH, since I'm an energy worker with a college degree in physics and the word "quantum" holds particular interest for me. While reading QUANTUM-TOUCH, I discovered that Gordon does not explain why he calls his healing technique "quantum" touch, nor does he provide more than the briefest discussion about scientific research into quantum phenomena.
What Gordon does do, and does very well, is describe how almost anyone with genuine interest and dedication can see amazing healing results by learning some very simple energy techniques. I especially love the illustrations, and Richard Gordon's friendly approach to enjoying the healing experience. Packed with entertaining stories and clear descriptions of how to do a variety of healing exercises, QUANTUM-TOUCH provides the reader with sufficient tools to embark upon a first-rate healing adventure.
QUANTUM-TOUCH provides a thrilling introduction to the world of QiGong, without ever mentioning QiGong. QiGong literally means "breath work," or "energy work," and that's precisely what Quantum-Touch is all about.
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on October 22, 2011
If you are new to Quantum Touch or energy healing this is a great place to start. The information in this book is presented clearly and concisely. When you finish it, you will have useful skills to explore and practice. There are also DVDs and courses available if you want to explore this subject further.
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on May 9, 2004
If you are a healer or want to be healed, these books should help. You may also want to put two of these books in your doctor's hands: The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide, and Hands of Light. I read many books on various forms of healing, and alternative medicine, and I have found wonderful insights and practical how-to in each of these books.
The Healing Touch: A Guide to Healing Prayer for Yourself and Those You Love--- Norma Dearing, Francis MacNutt
The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide - Tapping into the Miracle---Tiffany Snow
Hands of Light: Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field---Barbara Ann Brennan
Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal---Richard Gordon
Healing Light---Agnes Mary White Sanford
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on May 31, 2003
Excellent! This book is well written and easy to follow. The techniques and ideas in this book work and are easy to learn. I definitely recommend this book.
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on July 17, 2003
Quantum-Touch is world-class healing you can learn in a weekend just by reading this book. If you have the opportunity to take a personal hands-on workshop, so much the better. The practical experience is priceless.
There was one reviewer on Amazon who asserts that the photos of healing are fake. Nothing could be further from the truth. I took some of the photos that appear on the Quantum-Touch web site, (the ones showing healing scoliosis), and I can say without reservation that the extraordinary healing brought about by Quantum-Touch is nothing short of phenomenal. I have more photos of healing to share which will appear on the Quantum-Touch website as well as my own web site
Anyone who wants to help others will find the Quantum-Touch method to be awesomely powerful, and will find the book a wonderful source of practical information and inspiration. If anything, at 5 stars it is under-rated. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Richard Gordon did not hold back when writing this book. He gives the complete method, clearly explained, and offers many options for creating a powerhouse of healing in your hands. I regard this book as essential reading for all parents and for practitioners of all the healing arts.
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on March 13, 2000
As a nurse-healer, I am always studying the dynamic and often mysterious process of energy-based healing. When I read Quantum-Touch, I knew I had discovered an important key to the process of accessing and directing the subtle energy which we healers use. I quickly put the information into action and feel as if the quality of my healing work has taken a quantum leap. The book is a true joy to read, never complicated, down to earth. I loved this book and after reading it cover to cover, I went out and bought 4 copies to give to my closest friends. I am now rereading it. Richard Gordon is a deeply developed healer with the ability to communicate the process of energy (life-force) science in a beautiful style. I recommend this book to anyone who has interest in developing the art and science of hands on healing.
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