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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 9, 2001
I was absolutely delighted to view this tape with my daughter. It is a musical performance that appeals to children as well as adults. You can tell that the Rise and Shine band might be studio musicians who never made it big in spite of their talents, and one of the feel-good payoffs of that is they really stretch their legs musically in a couple of songs, especially Day-Oh. What is particularly tell-tale about the quality of this performance is that, in the last few songs, the adults in the audience are almost totally connected to the music, the beauty of the music having moved me too.
Quick anti-flame: kids in the audience asleep per a previous review... Perhaps four hundred kids between 2 to 6 years old, one or two of them falling asleep isn't exactly unusual. All the rest of the kids were singing and dancing in the aisles.
The performance started with energy, slowed down in tempo, speed up again, then there was some stretching time, and then peaked with the final "we are one" set of songs, the arrangement having artistic appeal in addition to varying so as to successfully keep the children's attention. The encore was superb as well.
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on September 4, 2000
Raffi is REAL. He's got a beautiful singing voice, and he's right there, surrounded by real children doing unscripted things in a truly musical environment. Swift camera operators capture knee-high children dancing and clapping and EensyTeensy Spidering in utter delight.
Transitions between songs are natural and genuine, and Raffi is the quiet master of communicating to the very young.
It's been years since my daughter has seen him (she is in 7th grade now), but believe me, she's a better person for having loved the music of Raffi.
I found myself singing "Knees Up Mother Brown" in the shower the other day, and laughed out loud. Not a typical selection for the shower, believe me.
I'd say Raffi ROCKS, except that would be wrong. Raffi adds music to your whole life with your child.
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on May 20, 2000
In 1991 this video was watched hundreds of times by my daughter. Raffi connects with the children - could immediately quiet my child. Now at 9 she watches with our new daughter who is equally fasinated with every song. The video shots of the audience help keep the child interested along with Raffi's great expressions as he sings. The songs and instrumental background create a magic that makes you want to sing along. This video is a great gift for future parents (I just ordered 6). It is a must for anyone with a infant or child.
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on April 21, 2001
My daughter loves the Young Children's Concert with Raffi. We purchased the Rise and Shine Band video in the hopes that she would enjoy it as well. The accompanying Rise in Shine Band is horrible. It sounds more like a Hee-Haw video than a children's video. Raffi did not engage the audience well in this video. In fact, some footage shows children in the audience asleep because it is a painfully dull performance. He does not invite the children to sing sing along with him. It is just NOT FUN! It is painful o watch.
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on April 2, 2002
Outstanding! This is a magical concert for children. The music is just wonderful. So singable, and the themes are very appropriate and fun for children. So many songs in this concert are Raffi children's classics, like "Baby Beluga," "Like Me and You," "Five Little Ducks," "Rise and Shine," "Everything Grows," "Shake My Sillies Out" and so many more. Raffi is the best songwriter for children.
I recently gave a copy of this as a gift to a three-year old relative, and his mother told me that he also just loves it and always asks to watch it. That's how many kids respond to it. Even older kids and adults like these songs.
This concert is also available on CD (audio). That concert CD was the first Raffi CD my children ever owned, and it is excellent. My children have many fond memories of listening to it in the car on long rides. This concert is sort of the "best of Raffi," except some of his great earlier songs are missing.
I also highly recommened Raffi's other masterpiece concert video "A Young Children's Concert With Raffi." That's Raffi's best concert of all. It's pure magic for toddlers and preschoolers. You can buy three Raffi concerts together on DVD, too. Search Raffi under DVD.
Excellent, quality entertainment for children!
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on March 8, 2002
My sons are 2 1/2 and speech delayed. While they have made some progress in the last 7 months with the speech therapist, our purchase of this video about a month ago has really sparked an interest in words and singing for one of them. It is just wonderful to hear him "singing" with the music. Even the speech therapist was impressed when he almost knew one of the nursery rhymes included on the video. We also have some of the tapes/CD's to play in the car and house and he has started singing with them.
This video, while quite dated in the clothing department and video quality, is probably our favorite because it is lively, has the band, and includes props such as bubbles. The boys love to see the kids in the audience dancing and singing. It has many favorite songs such as "Baby Beluga" but he also includes several nursery rhymes and interactive parts.
We bought this video on a whim when I was buying some of Raffi's readable songs books. We probably listened to it 2-3 times a day in the first 2 weeks. (I recently checked out his other 2 videos at the library and they love those also.) I pop it in when my early riser gets up before the rest of us and he's been less likely to "explore" the counters and cabinets since then. Then another video goes in when I take a shower. Interestingly, he (not the one whose speech has improved so much) will usually be the one to ask for "Raffi, Raffi" many times a day.
We have a few "educational" and nursery rhyme/songs Random House videos, but neither they nor any TV shows really held their attention. I was actually amazed when Raffi was requested the second time. And I'm sure we will be adding his other videos to our permanent collection. I hope he plans a new one soon!
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on July 5, 2014
This concert DVD has been my favourite all my life. The VHS tape was showing wear by the time I was 5.
A few years ago I showed it to my honorary niece (she was about 2 or 3). She was captivated. We sat for the whole thing swaying quietly to the music. I can hardly wait to watch this with my other nieces and nephews!
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on March 2, 2016
Bought for my grandson as my son had really enjoyed. We now have a Raffi addict on our hands. First time he watched at 4 months he was so captivated he drooled so much he was soaked. Can stop most of his crying spells in no time. We adults find ourselves singing these songs too.
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on October 9, 2001
I�m re-buying this video; we gave it away thinking our kids had outgrown it, and then realized they still loved it. Our oldest of five is now 14, the youngest 6; we were given the video in 1990 and just tonight our oldest started singing the songs and asked us where the video was. She still fondly remembers every one of the songs. A true artist reaches the heart of a child, even when the child grows up to be a teenager! We�d recommend it and believe you�ll enjoy it.
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on December 12, 2001
I first heard Raffi In Concert when my 2 year old patient was listening to it. He seemed so mesmerized by it and I saw why. Raffi seem to just have a way with the children in his audience. I fell in love with the video and couldn't wait for my little patient to want to watch it over and over again oppose to his Seasame Street videos. Now I am going to buy my own so I don't
have to wait until I go to work to listen to Raffi In Concert!!
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