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on September 6, 1997
Continuing the story of Mousse, the blind-as-a-bat master of hidden weapons, whose infatuation with Shampoo causes him to kidnap Akane and have her turned into...a duck? Will Ranma rescue her in time, or will Akane be doomed to spend the rest of her life being hit by cold water at inoppurtune times? (You know that always happens in this series! There's water everywhere!) Also in the collection is the story of Tsubasa, the ill-fated suitor of Ukyo (there are a lot of them it seems) who dresses up as a trash can, a mailbox and drink machine as other things. The only thing is...Tsubasa's a girl! And when she calls girl-type Ranma ugly, well, let's just say that Ranma takes it as a challenge...The last set of stories to wind up this kooky collection, everyone's err, favorite? panty thief Happosai is back. When Ranma invokes his wrath, he uses the dreaded Happo Fire Burst! The only problem is he can't remember the words! Good thing he wrote them down and hid them someplace safe. Of course they're buried on a small island in the middle of a hot spring for WOMEN ONLY! Hmm...who's going to have to get that before Happosai can I wonder? Read this book and find out! It's hilarious, especially the Ukyo and Tsubasa story
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on January 11, 2000
Some may argue that a translation can't capture the true spirit of a Japanese manga (graphic novel) and that is probably more true of this gender-bending tale than any other, but nothing can truly diminish the appeal of Takahashi sensei's most popular series. Ranma 1/2 is the perfect tool of manga conversion. Start someone reading this series and I would almost guarantee that they will beg you for more. Ranma 1/2 is really funny (although I have to say I liked the first several volumes the best). It has an astonishing array of characters that you honestly can keep track of somehow. It has romance and it even has the occasional dramatic moment or two. It has a heaping dose of action that only a mind like Takahashi sensei's could dream up. (Martial arts tea ceremony? ) If that doesn't lure your convert in, the totally confusing conversations about it that you can have and they can't understand will apply serious peer pressure.
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on May 29, 2003
And why does she look so familiar? Yoiko is a perky little girl who introduces herself as Ryoga's little sister. Her story is somewhat plausible, given that he finds her living in his house. As for how he could have not known about her--his whole family has the weird direction disability, and since he's been away so long, he might not have known about her. Or it could be something else.
Everyone knows that Ranma has more fiancees than any five men, but now it is Ukyo's turn to get an admirer--and it is not Ranma. Tsubasa Kurenai likes to play dress-up; a tree, a mailbox, even a one-eyed mushroom!
And how will Ranma react to getting another admirer?
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on April 9, 2003
In the last book, Ranma disguised herself as Ryoga's fiancee--now, she's his little sister Yoiko. Both times she did this to come between Ryoga and Akane. Maybe Ranma has feelings for Akane after all...
And we get to meet a very interesting person who has a connection to Ukyo. Who--or what--is this Tsubasa Kurenai? And what is the connection to the okonomiyaki chef?
I liked this book, but I found the story with Tsubasa hard to understand. I can't explain why I was confused without giving away vital secrets..
But don't let my easily confused tendencies keep you from enjoying anotehr fun installment of the Ranmaverse!
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on February 9, 2003
This is one of the funniest books out of the series, next to #21. In this, we meet a hopeful suitor of Ukyo's from her past, Tsubasa Kurenei, who is different from most people you meet. Lets just say that Tsubasa is quite fickle and has unique taste.
Ranma also goes to Ryoga's house under odd situation and pretends to be Ryoga's kid sister. Don't ask, just read it!
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on May 12, 2004
I loved this book. Even if it's not my favorite one in the series, Its still an awesoime read!! i highly reccommend this to anyone who like action/comedy/romance(a little).... And if you like "Inu-Yasha" too... Well, befroe you read this, you should read volumes 1-7, or you'll be completely lost! LOL! Yours truly, *~*Gen*~*
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on March 27, 1999
This Ranma is pretty good. Just about everything in here is funny, from meeting the cross dressing (oops, i said too much)Tsubasa Kurenai, to seeing Ranma pretending he's Ryoga's *snigger* little sister. Buy this book, cause its a really good Ranma!
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on November 9, 1997
Rumiko Takashi writes the best comic books (manga) around. Most comic books in the US don't even compare. Humor, action (also humorous), and touching scenes you won't find in X-men or Waterworks.
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