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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 10, 2004
I loved this CD, but bought it with totally different expectations. Half of the CD is absolutely amazing, and the other half is just rap/techno remixes with different artists which I find really annoying. Personally, I prefered the originals, but I love this CD because some of the songs are so unique and different. I hated this CD at first, but it's grown on me so much! My fave remixes are Points of Authority, With You, Crawling (Awesome at 5:40!!) and My December. If you're dissing this CD, remember remixes are always different and always have different beats. You will probably hate this CD if you hate remixes in general. This CD has a more techno and dance beat than the others.
I listen to LP because it's different, and their lyrics are so awesome. If you listen closely, they make a lot of sense. As well as the fact that LP doesn't just fit in one specific category in Alternative (If that makes any sense).
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on July 10, 2004
This album, in my mind, is without a doubt, Linkin Park's best album. They experiment more with a hip-hop/hard rock cross that comes off with a very original style, worthy of recognition. I myself am a hard-core fan of underground hip-hop, not the ridiculous rap you hear more than often on the radio, but the clever, positive messages that intertwine their way through the master wordplay of a talented emcee. Oddly enough, "Reanimation" showcases some of the most talented underground emcees, backed with EXACTLY the potent, emotional production and melodies they need to showcase their talent. This is rap, rock, and music in general at it's very best.
Linkin Park actually doesn't need any help in the production area of things, but even so, just to be absolutely sure they prove that they will not be musically outdone, the sophomore rock group recruits the talented Kutmasta Kurt, Alchemist and Evidence, among others. I suppose this is needed, since this is technically a remix album, though I can see Linkin Park handling this aspect of the album without any help.
Linkin Park's emcee is very talented, all by himself, however, he has one of those voices that needs variety to counter-act him. His lyrics are strong and his flow is fluent, he just needs a different sound to break the monotony of his flow on every track. Linkin Park does a superb job of balancing the chemistry of this album. Track 5, "FRGT/10" is one of the best cuts on the whole CD, the original Linkin Park track being remixed by talented Alchemist. Lyrically, however, Chali2Na stands out like a floodlight in the dark. If only his verse was a little longer! Track 5 is nowhere near the only worthy track on this CD. Track 9, although lyrically very odd (seeing as it focuses largely on X-Men type of superpower), is a genius cut. Linkin Park this time calls in the talented rhyme and production masters of Dilated Peoples, Evidence and DJ Babu. That's not the end of it though. The grand finale is easily Pharoah Monch's magic touch on the track, courtesy of my favorite record label, Rawkus.
Finally, we make our way to the BEST track of the CD. 13.) "PPR:KUT", remixed by Cheapshot and Jubacca, featuring the underground master emcees Rasco and Planet Asia. They blow every other song on this record out of the water, adapting their flow to Linkin Park's cryptic, dark, and emotional sound with lines like "Now it feels/like my back's against the wall/I'm taking the fall/Whenver I call/nobody's responding at all/But I don't know who I can trust/they're screaming my name/I need somebody to help me out of the flame." When written down, these rhymes may not be terribly impressive, but the passionate delivery that accompanies them makes them great.
Overall, I recommend this CD to anyone who admires good musicianship, anybody with versatile tastes in music, and any fans of good rock or hip-hop. A very, very solid showcase of Linkin Park's talent, as well as the overlooked skills buried in the underground hip-hop market.
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on June 16, 2004
Reanimation is the kind of album I wish we saw more of. Linkin Park, probably for both commercial and inspirational reasons, took some time to completely rework their debut, Hybrid Theory. Teaming up with some of the best MCs of underground hip-hop and producers from the harder rock world, LP essentially gives their original songs something of an andrenal stimulant, turbo-charging the tracks into edgier, angrier, more industrial sounds. The drum set is dropped in favor of the drum machine, the Marshall stack for the ProTools...the entire album is an unholy fusion of industrial electronica and rock that works so well it's, well, evil. Forgotten is completely reborn in a bass-heavy, dark hip-hop act. Jay Gordon of Orgy gives Points Of Authority a kinetic digital boost. Mike Shinoda unloads his less mainstream baggage in the standout and absolutely unbelievable remixes of Pushing Me Away and Crawling, the latter gifted with an amazing vocal cameo from Staind's Aaron Lewis and a spine-chilling assortment of strings. LP's resident DJ Joseph Hahn punches up the intensity in the distortedly epic remix of With You, while the Humble Brothers and Jonathan Davis of Korn up the complexity and length of One Step Closer in a jaw-dropping act.
There is one low on this muscular masterpiece. It's the remix of In The End, featuring Motion Man. It's, well, awful. It completely butchers the original, stripping it of it's best assets and adding nothing new. The remix of High Voltage also lacks the kick of the original, though it's not nearly as bad as this disaster.
Still, this album deserves its 5 stars for intent and execution. Though most fans will probably write it off as "commercial cash-in" on the Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory names, it's ironically far from it. Instead, Reanimation is probably more what Linkin Park would sound like if commerical success were not a factor, if they didn't have to worry about appeasing their mainstream fans and just wanted to go all out. It's more creative, more experimental, and more aggressive than you'd believe, and arguably more interesting than both Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
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on June 16, 2004
Overall, I like this CD, but I thought that some of the songs were fine the way they were while some were better.
Opening: 4/5
Good opening, not too long, but not quite the genere of the CD
Pts.of.Athrty: 5/5
I thought LP improved this song a lot. It was great before, but now it's awesome.
Enth E Nd: 3/5
This song is OK. I thought it was better the way it was before because LP threw away the rock and made it completely rap. Rap and rock is good together, but not weak rock and a giant portion of rap.
[Chali]: N/A
Not really a song, just a message for Mike (the rapper).
Frgt/10: 4/5
If LP kept the rock part in, I would love this song, but the sound makes up for it. The rap part sounds really cool. It's a tie between the original and the remix
P5hng Me A*wy: 4/5
They made this song a little better. It was never really a good song in my opinoin, but LP added some things that made the song sound pretty neat.
Plc.4 Mie Haed: 4/5
LP did a good job on remixing this song. They did a good job of keeping the rock and rap combined. It's overall better
X-Ecutioner Style: 1/5
I have no idea why LP even put this in. It's just a little screaming with Black Thought rapping. Sounds horrible, and is probably the worst LP song ever.
H! Vltg3: 2/5
LP didn't really change this song at all. The rap is just stronger.
[Riff-Raff]: N/A
Just another message for Mike.
Wth>You: 4/5
It's a tie bewteen the original and remix. They made the song stronger, but Aceyalone's rapping was terrible.
Ntr\Mssion: N/A
Just a little piano.
Ppr:Kut: 5/5
I think the remix is better than the original. The whole song has a great sound.
Rnw@y: 3/5
The original was better. The chorus is OK, but the verses and the Backyard Bangers aren't OK.
My<Dsmbr: 5/5
Much better than the original. The rock is stronger, and Kelli Ali sounds great.
[Stef]: N/A
Yet another message.
By_Myslf: 5/5
Wow, LP really improved this song. The new chorus sounds fantastic, and the verses are better.
Kyur4 Th Ich: 4/5
Sounds a lot better than the original. The techno sounds great,but it's too short.
1Stp Klosr: 5/5
Who thought LP could possibly improve such a great song? They made it longer, and Jonathan Davis sounds awesome. The ending part where LP and Davis sing is the best part of the song.
Krwlng: 5/5
Another great song. Aaron Lewis really makes the song sound cool.
The above reviews for each song is why i give this CD a 4/5. The first songs aren't that good, but the last ones are great, making up for the horrible ones.
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on June 8, 2004
OK here goes.
I am a Linkin Park fan, most people either love or hate Linkin Park. I find that the people who hate them are generally more narrow minded because ther're usual reason is because,"they are a manufactored band so natrually they are crap", or,"tbey are new and different and so hence they are crap". Most of the haters will tell you to go out and listen to their favourite bands mainly grunge, classic metal bands ie Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, AC/DC etc. and you should because those bands are real masters and I personally am a big fan of a lot of the the bands that these people tell you to listen to instead of Linkin Park but they are very different this is a new sort of stlyle, so they are not really comparable.
Right now I've got that out of the way. Hybrid Theory was the first albumn it was a triumph and was critically acclaimed. The style was very fresh and they did a hell of a good job. Then Reanimation came out and people said OH! It wasn't the expected completely new albumn but a one of those rubbish only for bargain bins remix/rehash albumns. Linkin Park are surrounded by preconceptions and this albumn was another preconception within itself, what chance did it have...None. It was generally overlooked by everyone to the point where people say Linkin Park have released rwo records Hybrid Theory and Meteora. This is a real shame because this albumn is amazing.
It is so unexpected that you have to listen to it many times before you begin to appreciate just how good it is. It is not the same style as the other two albumns, it is very mellow and there is a lot more rap, I am not a big fan of rap but this is just very different. The albumn is very hard to describe the reveiwer is just right when he says that that the songs are like musical landscapes sort of like space very large, forboding, barren. I advide listenening to the albumn from the beggining to the end because it is like a journey almost. This love of the Albumn could just be a personal thing but I think that you will be pleasantly surprised if you listen with an open mind and rid yourself of preconceptions. This, as the reveiwer said, really is an art peice.
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on June 5, 2004
Linkin Park's "Reanimation" is a remarkable CD. Many people I know said they wouldn't buy it because they assumed it was just a collection of extended, watered-down versions of their originals. Untrue. Each song is completely unique from it's parent, often times barely resembling it. With each song they took it to the next level, sometimes rerecording/rewriting the entire vocal or rap section to make it different from the original. "Pushing Me Away" comes to mind as a great example of this. So there's the first thing - this is not just a pale reflection of "Hybrid Theory"; it's completely fresh takes on the songs, including some previously unreleased cuts only available to LP fan club members.
Although they used a dozen different producers throughout the CD it has an amazing continuity to it. The same melodic string and piano motifs appear throughout each recording, connecting it in a surreal way. There is only one production that seems out of place to me, and it's on the worst possible song - "In The End." This was their biggest hit from "Hybrid Theory" and fans were expecting more out of it than any other cut on the record (at least I was). They destroyed it. The producers gave the song a shuffle feel and laced it with the "yo-yo-yo" street thing, rather than the more rapcore attitudes that permeate the rest of "Reanimation." Terrible.
Fortunately, though, the rest of the CD shines. This may be the first record, with the exception of "Hybrid Theory," that utilizes the newest technology for the good of music, not for the worse of it. Here's a brief explanation.
Music is done entirely on computers today. There is no more tape. Only hard drives. We can now work with music in a similar way that a writer works with a word processor - just cut and paste. The result has been the demise of music. We now have tools of unbelievable power, undreamt of only ten years ago, yet the quality of music has steadily gotten worse. Why? Because the tools are so powerful and simplified that unqualified musicians can now use them. Performances can always be "fixed later" so a good performance doesn't really matter anymore. The vocals can be tuned, the drums can be put in time - not need to waste precious studio time on perfectionism. That's if you're lucky enough to be in a studio. Most of these systems are in the producer's house, which brings us to the second reason for demise - location. We no longer need 84 channel consoles and racks upon racks of outboard gear. It's all in the computer. Anyway, I'm going off a little too much. The point is, music quality is declining because enormous power is now in the hands of people who aren't qualified to have it.
Linkin Park, however, has used this power for good. They've managed to use it to produce new sounds we've never heard before and to overall improve the quality of their sounds. On "Reanimation" the editing is used as an instrument as much as anything else.
Make sure to stick with every song because they often turn midway through into some new, amazing section. Track 7 comes to mind as a production with a less interesting first half that ends up providing the best moment on the album in the outro. If you liked "Hybrid Theory" I can't imagine you wouldn't love "Reanimation."
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on March 21, 2004
When I first got this albumn I hated it. After listening to Linkin Park's other stuff I found I liked it better. Now, after having owned it for about a year and a half I have come to the conclusion that I love this CD. Certainly Hybrid Theory is great and over all I like it better. However, this is their most creative albumn. This is not a remix no matter what people say. This is a new CD with lyrics that sound similar. It can't be compared to their other work since the goal of it is to reach out and experiment.
If you thought that their other albumns were pretty negative (honestly they're not but some people seem to think they are) than this is down right depressing. This is Hybrid Theory in a dark, hellish, electronic world. The music is there but it leaves you alone with your thoughts and than throws in some electronic styling to remind you what its all about.
Given that some people have been complaining about this I'll just say: the reason for the mech on the cover is that this is a reinterpretation of Hybrid Theory. Look at the mech on this, then look at Hybrid Theory's cover. The mech is an evolution of the soldier picture.
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on March 21, 2004
After listening to Hybrid Theory, I was hooked, so I picked this up hoping it would be something special. Excuse me if I missed the boat and it said "Reanimation", but I thought it was going to be new songs. After listening to track 1 which his depressing (BUT NEW) and has great sound to it I had my hopes up for this album. #2 is a remix of Point of Authority, there i found out what this album was. (Again I'm sorry if I didn't catch it and wasn't paying attention where it said remixs I just picked it up, bought it, listened to it, did not pay attention to it.) That proved to be a mistake. This is a remix album like P. Diddy's and I HATED THAT, so this didn't cut it for me either. This is a Punk ROCK Band get together and remix every original song and add their own taste to it thing. Some song did not sound bad, others did. However, the original songs like "High Voltage feat. PHaroah Monch" and "My december" are great. Other songs like "Ent He End" is just that they add a new guy whoo added a new versse and new beat to the song and left the singing to be acapella, that's basically it for the rest of the remix songs you hear. I never liked remix albums, this definitely did not change my opinion, if you never heard the first album, this might be good, but after hearing their best...just doesn't cut it.
Lyrics: B*
Delivery: B*
Production: D
Overall: C-
*Same as Hybrid theory with different verses added
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on March 10, 2004
Reanimation, the remix album.
I've seen a few reviews complaining that these are the same songs as on Hybrid Theory.
No DUH. Read the title of the CD, what does it say? RE ANIMATION.
It's a remix album. If you didn't want to hear the same songs, you shouldn't have bought it.
Now, the first time I listened to this CD I hated it. I liked maybe, one track, and that would be "Pts. Of Athrty," but then my friend started playing every time we would play Perfect Dark and it really grew on me.
Even though it's been reduced to a lot of hiphop the songs are remixed in an Electronica style, which is my favourite genre.
Pts. Of Athrty is good at first, but just like any song that gets a video, you hear it too many times and it gets old. It's still good though, just not the best. Infact I'm listening to it right now, imagine that.
The best songs on this CD are the remix of Forgotten, the remix of Papercut, the one of Pushing Me Away, the one of Hi Voltage and the one of Cure For The Itch.
Don't get me wrong, I probably could have named the whole CD, but those were the absolute best. Every track is excellent in it's own way, except for, in my opinion, the remix of In The End and the one for My December, sorry, I just couldn't stand those.
Other than those two you have an entire CD of really great remixes.
Now as for the comparison of Linkin Park with other bands, well, I can't say much on that issue. I hate Nu Metal, I think it's total crap, but something about Linkin Park is really grabbing, and the only real problem they've got at the moment is that every song they make sounds the same. Reanimation isn't really an actual album in the way you'd think of one, there are only a few new tracks, but anyway, none of the songs sound the same on it, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.
Anyway, having said that, the album gets 4 stars, if you want to try Linkin Park, get Hybrid Theory first, it's thier best album to date. Meteora is alright, but you should buy the CDs in order.
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on January 23, 2004
here are my track ratings and descriptions
1. Opening- this song is a chielo playing the entire time very nice i must admit a great opening- 10/10
2. Pts. Of. Athrty- I didnt like this song they turned this song into a techno song when it's original was great they also took out the " you live what you learn" part in the chorus, disapointment- 6/10
3.Enth E nd- this makes up for points of authority a great remix they took out the original bridge and put in a whole new one rapped very well by Mike Shinoda also there are plenty of lyric changes and a new verse rapped by Motion man, i dont like this part but everything else is good!!-9/10
4.CHALI- a pretty pointless thing ( not a song) just a answering machine message- -2984312/10
5. Frgt/10- Awesome, they turned this song into an all out rap song now singing just rap they also took out the guitars there is a third verse added that is rapped by Chali 2na plenty of lyric changes- 10/10
6. p5hng Me Aw*y- ok, The singer of taproot ( Stephen Richards) re does the bridge but the chorus was changed which is a big disappointment because i like the old one much betterthere are some congas in the back round its ok- 7.8/10
7.PLC. 4 MIE hEaD- another mediocore song the bridge is very well re-done includes a new second verse rapped by Zion i liked the older second verse othr then that. nothing else was changed except that mexican guitarsolo THEY TOOK IT OUT!!! wow- 7.8/10
8.RIFF RAFF- another stupid answering machine message- -34804/10
9. X-ecutioner Style- this song is just black thought rapping and the SHUT UP WHEN IM TALKING TO U from one step closer and the guitars from forgotten not that bad- 6.5/10
10. H! VLItg3- i nevr heard the original but i like this one just rapping the hold time with a piano- 8/10
11. WTH<YOU- pretty much the same but i still like it alot I LOVE THE RAPPED BRIDGE BY ACEYALONE- 9/10
12.NTR/Mission- just a piano playing very soothing- 10/10
13. PPR. KUt- very good, new guitar riffs in the bridge a new second verse rapped by Planet Asia and Jubacca-10/10
14.RnW@y- this is ok some lyric changes here and ther a new bridge rapped by Phoenix Orion i like the othr bridge though; the originalwas bettr-7/10
15.MY>Dsmbr- pretty good the original was bettr this is a bit faster and some instrument changes- 8/10
16. STEF- anothr answering machine message- -1019321/10
17.By_Myslf- pretty boring more of a techno song now pretty much the same the chorus was changed a bit- 7/10
18.KYUr4 th ICH- i nevr liked the original and this one is no bettr- 6/10
19. 1stpklosr- THIS WAS GREAT its like 6 minuets now Jonathan Davis sings a nice bridge while chester screams shut up a bit more on the techno side but its the most rock song on the album-10/10
20. KRWLING- A great song mostly a ceilo playing while aaron lewis sings along in the chorus with chester no drums and no guitar in this one- 10/10
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