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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 10, 2004
I loved this CD, but bought it with totally different expectations. Half of the CD is absolutely amazing, and the other half is just rap/techno remixes with different artists which I find really annoying. Personally, I prefered the originals, but I love this CD because some of the songs are so unique and different. I hated this CD at first, but it's grown on me so much! My fave remixes are Points of Authority, With You, Crawling (Awesome at 5:40!!) and My December. If you're dissing this CD, remember remixes are always different and always have different beats. You will probably hate this CD if you hate remixes in general. This CD has a more techno and dance beat than the others.
I listen to LP because it's different, and their lyrics are so awesome. If you listen closely, they make a lot of sense. As well as the fact that LP doesn't just fit in one specific category in Alternative (If that makes any sense).
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on August 11, 2014
Very good surround mix. You can hear different sounds coming from the 5 speakers. It also respects the sonority of the original stereo mix, but make it so much better. I love 5.1 music, and this Linkin Park dvd is a winner!!! The album is very good, if you like the early sound of the band with extra MCs.
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on July 10, 2004
This album, in my mind, is without a doubt, Linkin Park's best album. They experiment more with a hip-hop/hard rock cross that comes off with a very original style, worthy of recognition. I myself am a hard-core fan of underground hip-hop, not the ridiculous rap you hear more than often on the radio, but the clever, positive messages that intertwine their way through the master wordplay of a talented emcee. Oddly enough, "Reanimation" showcases some of the most talented underground emcees, backed with EXACTLY the potent, emotional production and melodies they need to showcase their talent. This is rap, rock, and music in general at it's very best.
Linkin Park actually doesn't need any help in the production area of things, but even so, just to be absolutely sure they prove that they will not be musically outdone, the sophomore rock group recruits the talented Kutmasta Kurt, Alchemist and Evidence, among others. I suppose this is needed, since this is technically a remix album, though I can see Linkin Park handling this aspect of the album without any help.
Linkin Park's emcee is very talented, all by himself, however, he has one of those voices that needs variety to counter-act him. His lyrics are strong and his flow is fluent, he just needs a different sound to break the monotony of his flow on every track. Linkin Park does a superb job of balancing the chemistry of this album. Track 5, "FRGT/10" is one of the best cuts on the whole CD, the original Linkin Park track being remixed by talented Alchemist. Lyrically, however, Chali2Na stands out like a floodlight in the dark. If only his verse was a little longer! Track 5 is nowhere near the only worthy track on this CD. Track 9, although lyrically very odd (seeing as it focuses largely on X-Men type of superpower), is a genius cut. Linkin Park this time calls in the talented rhyme and production masters of Dilated Peoples, Evidence and DJ Babu. That's not the end of it though. The grand finale is easily Pharoah Monch's magic touch on the track, courtesy of my favorite record label, Rawkus.
Finally, we make our way to the BEST track of the CD. 13.) "PPR:KUT", remixed by Cheapshot and Jubacca, featuring the underground master emcees Rasco and Planet Asia. They blow every other song on this record out of the water, adapting their flow to Linkin Park's cryptic, dark, and emotional sound with lines like "Now it feels/like my back's against the wall/I'm taking the fall/Whenver I call/nobody's responding at all/But I don't know who I can trust/they're screaming my name/I need somebody to help me out of the flame." When written down, these rhymes may not be terribly impressive, but the passionate delivery that accompanies them makes them great.
Overall, I recommend this CD to anyone who admires good musicianship, anybody with versatile tastes in music, and any fans of good rock or hip-hop. A very, very solid showcase of Linkin Park's talent, as well as the overlooked skills buried in the underground hip-hop market.
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on October 4, 2003
At first, I was skeptikal about buying this CD - i absolutley love Linkin Park, but I thought that this would be another corny remix CD - the songs sounding pretty much like the originals but just made longer and maybe a few added choruses. Linkin Park (yet again) broke the mold and created an amazing compilation of songs that are not only creative, but innovative and unforgettable. LP was able to compilate some of the best mixers, rappers, and other popular rock artists to make this another excellent musical creation. "Reanimation" is indescribable - an amazing CD that deserves much more credit and recognition than it has been given. The songs still retain the backdrop so you know which song is which, but they are completley reconstructed into stunning mixes which make it worth the purchase. My favorite songs on this album include ....
1. By_Myslf (10/10) - this is one of my top favorite songs of this album. Every aspect about this song has been altered, but it still holds its emotional impact as it did in "Hybrid Theory".
2. Enth E ND (8/10)
3. Rnw@y (9/10) - the lyrics have been slightly altered, but i actually prefer the way that this remix sounds to the original -it has a certain indescribable catch to it that makes it great
4. Pts.of.Athrty (10/10) - this song was remixed by Orgy and sounds absolutley terrific, with an added deeper tone to it (my favorite part of this song are the last 45 seconds of instruments and mixes)
5. Cure for the Itch (8/10)- i loved this lyric free instrumental session from "Hybrid Theory" and was not let down when i heard it remixed here in "Reanimation". Added to this was sections from a song on the soundtrack to the movie "The Beach", which definatley complement the sound styles created by Linkin Park
6. MY-Dsmbr (20/10) - ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! i am a huge fan of LP and this is one of their best songs that i have ever heard - Chester Bennington sings at his best in this song and sounds beautiful with the accompaning tune - while this song was not released in the US, i would recommend this to anyone!
7. A Place For My Head (7/10)- this was remixed with the help of Limp Biskit and Taproot - it has an incredible sound to it - again, its lyrics have been slightly altered, but it still sounds great
8. Pushing Me Away (7/10)- while i prefer the original to this remix, i still think that LP did a great job on this
9. FRGT/10 (9/10)- this has a great rap sound to this song, which was co-preformed with one of the members of Jurassic 5 (another great group - definatley check out some of their music)the beat, bass, and vocals are really different in this and bring this song onto a deeper, darker level
10. With You (10/10)- Linkin Park did a great job on this remix - while it still holds the impact that the original "With You" has, there is an indescribable element in this song which makes it unforgettable. It is great how they mixed together piano, bass, and other mixes to make this on a whole new level
These songs will definaltley engross the listener and make this an amazing listening experience. Linkin Park and the other creative artists did an amazing preformance that is sure to send chills down your spine, enhance your senses and completley overtake you with extreme vocals and sound which make this another unforgettable Linkin Park experience.
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on August 24, 2003
When I heard the the second Linkin Park CD was nothing more than a remix of the first one, I was thinking that it would most likely not be as good as the first one. Boy was I suprised! I nearly jumped out of my chair after listening to it! The only way for me to describe this CD is to rate every song on it :
01 : Opening
Rating - N/A
This is a very smooth, soft opening. It gets you ready for the next [awsome]song...
02 : Pts.Of.Athrty
Rating - 5/5
This song may not be the best (in my opinion) on the CD, but it sure is a great one to put in the begining. If you've heard all of the Hybrid Theory songs and loved them, then you'll find yourself jumping to this one.
03 : Enth E Nd
Rating - 4/5
Unlike the one in Hybrid Theory which is total rockish, this one has been converted to more of a rap-type style. Of course, it still kix, but if you're not a rap fan, you probably won't enjoy the song as much as you did the original version.
05 : Frgt/10
Rating - 3/5
Notice I skip some tracks because they're nothing but talking. This song has been changed to a much softer version than it's original. It keeps a nice beat and is still a good song, but doesn't fully make it to the best of the album.
06 : P5hng Me A*wy
Rating - 4/5
This one is more like it's original than any other on this CD. It keeps the same type of beat, but just has a different taste to it. You'd have to experience it to understand. After this slowish song, we move on to the really good stuff...
07 : Plc. 4 Mie Haed
Rating - 5/5
This one is also one of the best on the CD. It's been changed from rock, to more of a rock/rap one. It really keeps a good hard beat. This one might give you goosebumps!
08 : X-Ecutioner Style
Rating - 4/5
If this were actually a full song, it could have gotten a full 5 rating, but it only lasted for about 2 minutes. It's got VERY NICE DJ-ing going through out the entire song.
09 : H! Vltg3
Rating - 4/5
I personally like this song a lot, but I know many people who don't like it at all. It has a good hitting bass beat to it. It's nothing like it's original though. It's original had more of a rap style to it and now it's been converted to basically even higher forms of rap.
11 : Wth>You
Rating - 4/5
It's original was probably a bit better. It's got almost too much rock in it. It has it's goods and bads. It depends on who you are and what you like. Listen to it!
13 : Ppr:Kut
Rating - 5/5
I'll admit that the original was PROBABLY better, but it is very close! It's got a more rap thing going on in it, but is sure does make you want to bob your head to it.
14 : Rnw@y
Rating - 4/5
This song has basically just more beat to it than the original. It's like Linkin Park has just decided to play the same track, but just add more beat to it. It's really good!
15 : My<Dsmbr
Rating - 4/5
It really depends on if you like a lot of bass or not. The original was so soft ans smooth. This one is about the same, except it's got some HARD bass hitting and a bit of extra rock that doesn't ruin the soft exterior. Again, it depends on what you like.
17 : By_Myslf
Rating - 5/5
This one is by far a GREAT song. The bass is so greatly put on this song. If you have a great car system and you play this song, you'll think at first that it is just going to play some [nothing] beat. You'll find yourself turning your volume and bass up and then find out that your head will be hitting the windshield from the massive amount of bass this song actually gives out about 10 seconds from the intro of it. All-in-all, it's probably the best song on the album, if not 1Stp Klosr. It's a good tie.
18 : Kyur4 Th Ich
Rating - 4/5
It's a remix of a good mix. The original might have been a bit better. I can't really explain this one too well.
19 : 1Stp Klosr
Rating - 5/5
Probably the actual best song on the album. If you liked the original, you're guaranteed to LOVE this one. It will give you an extreme case of goosebumps when Jonathan Davis comes into play. It all starts smooth and shows you how technical LP can get... after about a good few minutes of playing around with high-quality hits, the song breaks out and will leave you with your mouth hanging. Awesome song!
20 : Krwlng
Rating - 3/5
It starts out like the Opening did and slowly gets up into the song. It is slow all the way through, but it doesn't seem to match the perfection of it's original version.
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on August 13, 2003
This CD was a disappointment. I'm not a huge Linkin Park fan, no, but I did like Hybrid Theory and a few songs off of Meteora.
To make a CD composed almost entirely of remixes is a very risky thing to do. Remixes are either a good addition to the original song, or they completely butcher the original song and may even deter people from enjoying that said first song. So, basically, people either love them, hate them, or just think they're "okay."
In this case, the latter was true. Linkin Park is "rap-rock" type of music, but the "rap" part of it is more often than not, harder to hear on their earlier release and their later release. On this CD, the "rap" part of it showed through more clearly than on Hybrid Theory, and it was a butchery of the whole CD. Having rappers on good songs was just a mockery. Some people appreciate rap (I am not among those that embrace all rap; I have a select few rap songs and artists that I like, and perhaps this makes my review biased, but, for those like-minded as I am [that find most rap to be both unappealing and boring] I am trying to be honest.) and that's fine; if you like rap-rock and are willing to embrace the "rap" part tacked onto songs, then yes, you will like this CD. If you do not like rap, and find it often repulsive, then chances are, you won't like this CD much.
CD gets one star for "Krwling."
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on August 11, 2003
To preface, I'm not really a fan of rock music in general. I guess I wanted to try to comment from a hip hop head's point of view since that's what every kid complains about here. I won't compliment on the rock aspect too much b/c that's not my forte.
Pts. Of Athrty - I figure this is a typical sounding LP song. The beats are nicely constructed. The riffs give the rock feel. Chester? the lead vocalist, he has good control of his voice. (BEAT 4/5 SHINODA 3.5/5 CHESTER 4/5)
Enth E Nd - Motion Man is an underground rapper from Europe. Kutmaster Kurt does a great cut job of the original beat. I think the beat is great, but Shinoda outshines Motion Man badly. (BEAT 4.5/5 SHINODA 4/5 MOTION MAN 2.5/5)
Chali - Just Chali2na from Jurassic 5 talking to Shinoda.
Frgt/10 - This song is great from a hip hop stand point. Alchemist is one of the top producer's in the game and he hooks up nicely here. Shinoda sticks with Chali2na, one of the best mcs in the underground. Chali2na's verse was fire though. (BEAT 5/5 SHINODA 4.5/5 CHALI2NA 5/5)
X-ecutioner Style - The X-Ecutioners are a group of some of the most talented DJs/turntablists in the world. If you know anything about the art of turntabling then you would know them or Invisbl Skratch Piklz (DJ Qbert, or more known -- Mixmaster Mike from Beastie Boys). Black Thought, the mc on the track, is the mc for the hip hop band, The Roots. His verse was raw, it was real dope. Maybe if people took the time to listen to the words, maybe he has to yell them like Chester haha. (BEAT 3/5 BLACK THOUGHT 5/5 SENSELESS YELLING 1/5)
H! Vltg3 - Best song on the record to me. Monch is one of the top MCs alive and maybe ever. Monch really has no flaws as an MC and Shinoda sticks with him bar for bar. This track really showed me Shinoda has real talent. (BEAT 4/5 SHINODA 5/5 MONCH 5/5)
SKIP to PPr:Kut - Planet Asia and Roscoe are alright MCs, Planet Asia being the more talented. Shinoda keeps a good verse, what I've noticed is he really has a great flow. I actually liked the mix of rock/rap in this track. (BEAT 4/5 PLANET ASIA 4/5 ROSCOE 3/5 SHINODA 4/5)
SKIP to My{Dsmbr - Remember I said I wasn't a rock fan, well I liked this track. (MUSIC 5/5 CHESTER 4.5/5)
SKIP to Kyur4 Th Ich - This was pretty cool instrumental piece. I haven't heard the original so I can't compare or complain. (BEAT 4/5)
1stp Klosr - I like the music to this. (MUSIC 4.5/5 VOCALS 4/5)
Krwlng - I really liked this track as well. Although there is no hip hop oriented material, as a fan of music, this is a great song. The music is done nicely and the vocals were mixed in nicely. (MUSIC 5/5 VOCALS 4.5/5)
I would say this is a good first experience. For other hip hop heads, I would just make a mix CD, too much riffs to bare for most. Shinoda is a great MC on his own. His lyrics tend to match LP's subject, which remains consistent. They are always on a self-pity tip. I think Shinoda, if hooked up with the correct producers, could make a nice solo hip hop albulm. This was a nice CD to get for the fan of all music, though. Peace.
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on August 7, 2003
With Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park managed to make an excellent album with a nice mix of rap and rock. It had several hits, including In The End, Papercut, and the huge One Step Closer. With Meteora, they had more of a straight-up rock album with a few exceptions. In-between was Reanimation, a period where Linkin Park embraced their rap side and did remixes of the songs on Hybrid Theory, and a few others like My December. Most are duets with rap stars, and sound like the original song (Frg/10) and some sound nothing like them (the remix of One Step Closer). While this is good is some ways- take In The End- they began with a fairly laid-back beat, cut up the piano part and strung it through the entire song, made up more verses, and some rap beats, making an already excellent song one of Linkin Park's best. However, with some songs, such as the remix of One Step Closer and Pts. Of Athrty, they absolutely destroyed the song and made it sound horrible. Pts. Of Athrty is a mess of jumbled gothic guitar chords and the One Step Closer remix begins with more than an entire minute of electronic sounds. Usually I enjoy how LP takes about 15 seconds or so to 'show off' their music for the song, jumping into the lyrics shortly thereafter. But an entire minute? That's just bad. And the One Step Closer remix isn't that good of a song, anyway. I guess they got tired of working with their huge hit. Well, I wouldn't blame them for changing it to make it about the same, but making sound as bad as that just ruined it. And although Pts. Of Athrty is a horrible mess of chords, once you see the video for it (included on the enhanced CD features of Reanimation), you'll realize why it sounds like that- just watch it. Combine the song and the video and it comes across as pure genius, but without the excellent video, it's a lousy song. It may sound weird, but it's really cool. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for very good casual listening. This is most of the CD- you either love it or it's a piece of trash, such as the Closer remix. And as I said before, LP sounds more rap than rock here with the rap artists singing some of the verses. It doesn't sound like typical Linkin Park, but then again, it's a nice break from the heavy beats of most of their songs. I enjoy the breakdancing/ instrumental songs they have on Hybrid and Meteora, and the Cure For the Itch remix is one of the best. With insanely fast turntableism and a great beat, it's one of the few songs that manages to actually be several times better than the original. The With You remix is another. In short, don't dismiss this album as a 'couple of remixes'- I couldn't identify some of the songs even after listening to them until my friend told me since I was borrowing the CD from him. It's really an entirely new album- new songs, lyrics, and a new direction. It would be a nice change to see Linkin Park return to this style a couple more times. However, don't get this instead of Hybrid Theory- you may like a few of the originals better than the remixes. But overall, it's a spectacular CD that is definitely on-par with Hybrid Theory and, in some respects, surpasses it.
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on June 6, 2003
It seems rather simplistic and too much of an understatement to call this a fantastic album. What adjectives would I use instead? How about revolutionary, visionary, ridiculously innovative? Renanimation is a record that blows away genre restrictions, cliches and stereotypes, inventing and reinventing itself all through the 20 tracks on the album. With tracks like P5shing Me A*wy, Enth E ND, FRGT/10, Istp Kloser and Krwling (which is worth the price of the album alone) Linkin Park have set the standards for every other remix album to follow. No longer will I settle for a fast beat on a previous ballad, three-guest vocalists on a song that originally had two, big name producers who put their stamp of popularity on a record. Instead, I will now insist that each song on a remix album is literally reinterpreted, to open my mind to how many more directions a particular song could have taken, adding beats where I least expect it, show me how pointless genres concepts can be when music is done for the simple sake of being creative. Because that is what Linkin Park have delivered with this extraordinary record.
Revolutionary, visionary, ridiculously innovative? Reanimation is all that and more. So you invented the remix did you P.Diddy? Wrong, Linkin Park have made that domain all their own.
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on May 9, 2003
Let me just start by saying that this album was great. I'd give it a thousand stars if I could. Linkin Park has a lot of talent. I love their mixture of rock and rap/hip hop. Usually remix albums aren't all that great but, this one tops all of them. Ilove it.Which, brings me to my point. Linkin Park is not only a rock group they are hip hop and rap ,too. Some of the other reviews really got me enraged. Linkin Park is not just rock . For them to write and say that Reanimation had too much rap, they need to check themselves. If you so-called fans of Linkin Park are really their fans you wouldn't have wrote what you wrote. I don't really care if you don't like hip hop but let me just say that I didn't like how you insulted it. Also if you don't like it then you don't like part of what Linkin Park is.Oh, and besides rock what's the other type of music that is so popular. Um, let me guess, hip hop/rap.Don't get me wrong . I love rock, maybe even a little more.If you think Linkin Park's album Reanimation was too much of hip hop then , you got a problem ,it was alittle bit of both. Linkin Park didn't just get to rap, again, that't's part of what they are. And if you don't like that that's too bad, just don't listen to them because you'll hear a lot of it.I love Linkin Park's Reanimation.My favorite songs off the album are Pushing me A*wy ,H!VLTG3,My<DSMBR, and With You . I do agree that some of the songs such as fRGT/10 and crawling were better on Hybrid Theory . This album was great though and one of their best.Below is how I rate each song from 1- 10.
PTS.OF.ATHRTY 8/10 Much better to me than before.
Enth E ND 7/10 Lost the little sad feeling it had before but is still a great song.
Fgt/10 6/10 Much better the first time. The beat was off the hook before .
P5HNG ME A*WAY 10/10 Wonderful beat and the lyrics added were great.Different but just as good as before.
PLC.4 MIE HAED 8/10 Still good but maybe better before.
X-ECUTIONER STYLE 8/10 Great song. I love the Shut UP part.
H! VLTG 3 10/10 Great rap song and lyrics . It really shows the rap skills of Mike Shinoda and talent of other rappers like Pharoah Monch & DJ Babu. Great lyrics.
With YOU 10/10 Excellent mixture of rock and rap. This song is great and to me maybe even a little better than before.
PPR:KUT 9/10 Excellent and a little bit better now with a little bit of rap.
RNW@Y 9/10 The beginning is excellent and this is better than before.
MY<DSMBR 10/10 Ilove the way it starts out out , it has an awesome beat.
By_ MYSLF 9/10 Awesome and more hardcore to me. Chester Bennington makes this song so great withh his awesome voice.
KYUR4 TH ICH 7/10 Much better to me before. It just had too many beats added to it.
1STP KLOSR 8/10 Great. Different but good.
KRWLNG 7/10 Much better before but good.
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