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Red Dwarf 6: Byte 1

 Unrated   VHS Tape
4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (5 customer reviews)

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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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5.0 out of 5 stars More great episodes. June 10 2002
Format:VHS Tape
Series 6 continues the hot streak of the past few seasons and adds a few twists. One of the twists is that Lister has misplaced the Red Dwarf, and the gang now is out on the Starbug trying to find the Dwarf and head home. Although I really loved the episodes that took place on Red Dwarf, I think if you continue to watch the next 2 series' you will see why this change was necessary.
"Psirens" - An alien species that lures space-travelers to their deaths is after the Starbug gang! They almost succeed.
"Legion" - A classic episode that includes telekinetic chopsticks and some great gags. The crew lands on a space station inhabited by a gestalt entity that takes on the characteristics of the people around it. Neat idea, really. The being attempts to take the guys captive, but Kryten cleverly outwits him.
"Gunmen of the Apocalypse" - Many people hali this as the best episode of all time. i don't think it is THAT great, but it is very funny. The crew has to rescue Kryten from a deadly virus by followinghim into a fantasy wild west.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The last great season of Red Dwarf Nov. 23 2001
Format:VHS Tape
I've loved Red Dwarf ever since it first began here in late 86. In my opinion seasons 1, 2 and 3 were the best. I thought season 4 was a little weak, although it had some great moments. 5 and 6 were a step up, with some side-splitting episodes, though I never liked the fact that they'd lost Red Dwarf and were living on Starbug. Anyway, my favourite episode here in season 6 has got to be Legion. I defy anyone to watch that dinner scene and not bust a gut! Whoever thought up the idea of 'Mamosian Antimatter Chopsticks' is a genius. And when Lister tries to drink that telepathic wine - God almighty I thought I was gonna need major surgery to set my internal organs straight. Personally though I tuned out after this season because they changed it completely. They totally betrayed the essence of what Red Dwarf had always been about in an attempt to appeal to a larger mainstream audience. No offence to any ladies here, but Kochanski has no place in Red Dwarf other than in Lister's dreams. One of the funny things about RD had always been that they were just guys, trapped together in deep space, 3 million miles from earth, and all desperate for a shag. That scene in Holoship summed it up beautifully, when Rimmer's new girlfriend asked him if going without sex for so long had stressed him out, and he replied - 'I've got to admit, it's got worse this last 10 years or so'. Or when that Psiren in the form of one of Lister's old lusts mocked him for going millions of years without sex and he replied - 'I prefer to think of it in Ice Ages, then it's only 4!'
Basically the producers just put Kochanski in to appeal more to a female audience. I miss the Golden days of Red Dwarf. God it was great while it lasted!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Superb Nov. 19 2001
Format:VHS Tape
Series VI? Well, it doesn't have ANY of the sparkling character interaction of series 1, 11, 111 and VII, - in fact it tends to be a bit TOO gag friendly. However, what it does have is some fantastic action, survival episodes in the same vein as series IV and V. Here's how the first half of the series fares:
Psirens- This is basically a solid, if not spectacular start to the series. The episode uses the basic 'looks can be decieving' plot to good effect. Not as good as the other 'monster episode' - 'Polymorph' - but still a very funny, enjoyable episode. Standard fare. 2.5/4
Legion- Now things really start to hot up. Legion is possibly one of the funniest episodes in Red Dwarf history. It also has the classic 'light bulb' joke which is worth the price of admission alone. The dinner scene is likewise hilarious. Really inventive plot. Typical of the genius of Grant Naylor. Great. 4/4
Gunmen Of The Apocalypse- The classic episode of the series. Deservedly winner of the Emmy award, this episode is easily one of the top five Red Dwarf episodes ever. It deserves it's four star rating merely for the writers nerve to do a western. The episode is hilarious and simply delightful. This is one of the episodes, along with 'Back To Reality' that proves that Red Dwarf is a work of genius. Classic. 4/4
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By A Customer
Format:VHS Tape
Elizabeth is not wrong. If Red Dwarf is a religion then Series 6 is the Holy Smeg! Wisely moving the posse into Starbug means high peril at all times. Hold on to your wage packets...
"Gunmen of the Apocalypse" has oft been touted the best ep EVER; A cowboy bonanza with knock out SFX, cyber sex and "The Vindiloomian Empire"! And it is perfection, pulling out every stop imaginable.
This series begins and ends so perfectly, from the whacked-out "Psirens" to the sublime brilliance of "Out of Time". Another gem on this particualar video is "Legion"- a real showcase for the sharp writing genius of Grant Naylor. If you listen to the language, every other word buzz's and the one liners sparkle with wit and timing. There's also the ultimate Red Dwarf sequel ep "Emohawk" which heralds the return of Ace, the Polymorph and Duane Dibbly: The Duke of Dork! And Lister marries a gelf aswell.
The only critism reviewers have thrown at series 6 is that it has too many running gags. Personally I found each time I heard Kryten offering to commit suicide in more surreal ways on the crews behalf, my laugher got louder! What does one say. A sci-fi comic masterpiece if ever there was- you wont find anything more smegtastic anywhere in the entire cosmos!
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