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on November 4, 2002
This is the third book of the Alice McKinley series, and it is here that one can see the characters begin to really take shape. Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth, as fun and orginal a trio (!!) as ever, have taken the big step into the world of junior high, but after only the first day Alice can think of 7 things wrong with 7th grade.
Alice, though, tries to look ahead to brighter times (even if she did manage to perform three embarassing acts on the very first day of school, including sitting on a doughnut -- egads!), and sets the very high goal of going through seventh grade being friends with everyone. Easier said then done, especially when Alice attracts the attention of an 8th grade bully. Things aren't made any worse when Alice, who has never been able to carry a tune, has to be rescued by her older brother on SGSD.
On top of her own problems, Alice also decides to tackle the romantic ones of her father and older brother. Ouch. This, too, turns out to be a lot harder than the 7th grade Alice could believe, but you could be surprised once the Messiah sing-along rolls around...
Yet another good addition to the ever-growing Alice McKinely series. Don't miss out...
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on May 20, 2002
Alice comes home on the first day of junior high with a list of seven things about seventh grade that she dislikes. The one good thing is that she is friends with everybody. She wants to make it throgh the entire year with everybodyliking her. Her older brother, Lester, has trouble choosing between his two girlfriends. Her father is also caught in between two women, because Alice's mother died. Alice only has one enemy, Denise Whitlock. But by Christmas, even Alice was friends with the school bully. Life gets tough as she tries to help out her brother and father.
I liked this book very much. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. There was a transition after each chapter that makes you want to keep on reading. These are the type of stories that I enjoy to read where the author focuses on the life of one character in the story but also includes others. It talks about a small family living together without a mother. How we all face good and bad parts of life.
My favorite part of the book was when ALice becomes friends with Denise Whitlock. In Language Arts, they are to interview each other and write a biography. Since none of Denise's friends were in the class, Alice chise her. As they got into the interview, they knew more about each other. Denise began to like Alice and Alice began to like Denise. After all the bad things Denise did to Alice, I don't know why Alice would choose to like her. I would suggest for you to read this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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on November 8, 2001
Reluctantly alice is about a girl named Alice who's Mom died when she was young. Alice is thirteen years old and is in seventh grade. She lives with her father and brother, Lester. Her dad works at a music store and she volunteers there a lot. Lester is seventeen and has a lot of girl problems that Alice helps him get through.
Alice has two best friends and every Friday night they spend the night at one of their houses. Their names are Pamala and Elizabeth, and they both have a crush on Lester. Alice also has a crush, on Patrick and helikes her too. There is a bully named Denise, who likes to pick on Alice.
Alices Dad also has girl problems. A lady that works with him owns a lake house and Alice, Lester, and their dad stay thier for a week. Janise ,the lady that works with him, likes him but he is not aware of it. While at the lake house he meets another lady, Helen, tha lives next door. Janice, gets jelous that he met helen and won't go to a concert with him when he asks her. So, instead hetakes alice and her teacher, Miss Summers who Alice insists on taking.
At school there is SGSD(Seventh Grade Sing Day) Where the eighth grade makes the seventh grade sing. Alice doesn't want to school that day because she can't carry a tune, but her dad makes her. Scince Denise is in eighth grade she know she will have to sing.
At recess Denise demands her to sing but Lester is driving by the school and sees the whole thing so, he gets out of his car andand pretends to tell Alice something so Denise and her friends leave.
Throughout the book whenever Alice is confused, she calls her Aunt Sally for answers. Aunt Sally, used to live with them when Alice was little because she couldn't stay home alone and so she would have a women around the house.
I relly liked this book!
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on July 23, 2000
In this book the bewildered teen as always has a new and strange plan for her life. In another Alice book she stand out more and not be 'the same boring old Alice'. Another book had her planning to stand up to her fear of deep water. Each book has hidden lessons and morals as well as jokes along the way! In this book she plans to have everybody like her and be the most likeable person she can be only to have a run in with a very UNlikeable person-the school bully. Of course Alice finds a way to get out of that with the help of her twenty year old brother, Lester. I have always enjoyed reading these books. They deal with her 'serious' problems of a teenager, (like what to say to a boy if she has to use the restroom during a date) that are laugh-out loud funny if YOU aren't the one having that problem. So if you like humor with a little bit of seriousness and maybe a few lessons these books are for you. This particular book is, in my opinion, one of the best of them.
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on February 4, 2000
This book is FABULOUS! It is about a girl named Alice Mkinley. Her mother died and she lives with her dad and 20-year old brother, Lester. Alice is entering the 7th grade. She has many problems and many knew things that happen to her throught the book. All of these are events that could happen to any girl. Alice wants to be "Alice the Likeable" when starting junior high, but she just so happen to find a person who doesn't like her: Denise "Mack Truck" Whitlock. Alice has many problems with Denise, but they have to do a report on each other and something happens! Alice also figures out that even friends can get in the way of being likeable. I recommend this book to any girl! This SUPER book is a MUST read!
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on August 4, 2003
Pretty yowzing, is all I can see. This is a superb continuation of the Alice saga and the characters that were starting to just peep out of the pages in the previous two stories, really start to jump out and scream in this one. I love this book. I identify with all the charcters, espechially Elizabeth and Pamela and Alice. There is a lot more talk of sex in this book, so only present this book to a child if you know they can handle words like "testicles" and "ejactulation," and "vagina," among a few others. I recomend this extriodanary book to any middle school girl who wants to laugh, giggle, blush, scream in rage, jubilation and disgust...if they can handle it.
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on December 29, 2002
Alice McKinley is now a seventh-grader. Once she has stepped through the halls of junior high, surprises await for her. In Language Arts, she meets Denise Whitlock, who firsts start out by calling her "Widdle Alwice."
Then there's SGSD-Seventh Grade Sing Day. Sort of like Scrub Day from Even Stevens. LOL. So she has to carry a tune, but truthfully she cannot. Like every one of us girls, Alice goes through bad things--bullying, picking on, being brutally sarcastic, etc.
So this is a good book.
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on June 24, 2004
Not one of my favorites, but still a good Alice book. In this installment, Alice begins seventh grade and feels back on the bottom of the ladder. Throughout the year Alice deals with a bully, SGSD, and observes her father and her brother's tumultous love lifes. She grows more and her thankful that she and Patrick are just "special friends." No worries, however as everything works out for Alice in the end. This is not a great Alice book, but it is still good and vital to keep current with the series.
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on August 1, 2000
It's great to see this back in print, it's a good chapter in the life of Alice. As usual, she deals with the issues of growing up with her usual sense of humor, and reminds me how I always thought the world would end on a daily basis but it was never really that bad. Although Reluctantly Alice isn't as insightful as, say, Alice in April, I'm glad to see that it's again available for Alice fans of all ages...
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on March 6, 1999
Phillis Reynolds Naylor has managed to capture the real essence of what it is like to be a teenaged girl wondering about bodies boys and bullies. Alice is a painstakingly real character that jumps out of the book almost as if she were someone in your own life. A warning: the Alice books are NOT for children under 11 or 12. They contain mature subject matter that would not be understood by young ones.
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