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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on April 5, 2003
I am sorry to disagree with the other reviewers. As a fan of romance literature, I tried to find something good about this book and managed to come up with this: it makes for an easy read. Other than that, my specific grievances are as follows:
a). Characters: vaguely reminiscent of Austin's "Pride and Prejudice". Augusta is the high-spirited maiden with a penchant for bending social rules. Harry is the overly controlled gentleman with emotions that run amok. The twist, if I may call it so, is that Augusta is also a feminist with a sense for historical justice and Harry is a former spy battling a mysterious enemy. Maybe because the characters are so schematically constructed, I found it hard to sympathize with any of them -- or indeed to care. Most of the time, the book gave me the sensation of watching a puppet show in which the strings were much too obvious.
b). Story line: entirely predictable. In fact, after the first 50 pages or so, one had to wonder whether the author intentionally let the reader guess the answer to all possible questions the book might had posed, just to get them out of the way.
c). Social implications: contrary to what I assume was the author's intention, the contrast between Augusta's constant queasiness with male dominance and Harry's constant insistence in being a controlling male does not make a point. Or, rather, it makes such an obvious point, that one often wishes the author would have gotten over it eventually. Even fictional characters feel the need to evolve.
d). Romance: In case you wonder about the specific romantic emotions of the characters, here's the abridged version. Harry seemed obsessed with lust, in spite of his correct upbringing. Augusta seemed obsessed with love, in spite of her lustful nature. In the end, everything came together nicely and lust turned to love. How's that for a surprise.
The only reason I give this book two stars instead of one is because I assume there could always be something worse.
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on July 19, 2000
Okay, I know that, if you've seen my reviews anywhere else, you're probably tired of hearing about Ransom. So this time, I'm going to do my level best to explain what I like so much about this book without being overduely annoying- after all, not everyone liked Ransom, and everyone should love .R.
Augusta is wonderfully daring, bold and quite reckless, which I like because all too often in Romance books you have heroines who end up being fairly prissy, so Augusta is an interesting variation. Or complete opposite, I suppose. I loved the way she stood up for her brother loyally even when it looked so much like he was the 'Spider'. Unfortunately, I found that Lovejoy was too transparent as a villian to really lend that much credence to the idea that Richard really was 'Spider'. Still, I got absolutely delicious chills when I read 'Spider's Web' and I found that a deft touch to add to the suspense- although, sadly, most Quick novels do seem to be lacking that quality of on-the-edge of your seat entertainment. I also found myself in reluctant agreement with Harry's rather derrogatory opinion that Augusta excused her own behavior far too often with the rather tired line about being a Northumberland Ballinger. However, I really think that Augusta's habit of using her heritage as an excuse was really very human, and added a whole new dimension to her character as well as gave her some shading and color.
Harry was perhaps a little- well, overwhelmingly would be a better description- too straightlaced. And I very much enjoyed watching Augusta rid him of those laces- literally and figuritively! I also enjoyed Harry's character because typical male romance figures are brawny, very un-scientific, unprincipalled types, and ocassionally one likes to read a book where the guy is the prude. And Harry was certainly a prude! . . . . Although I did feel that making 'sweet love' in a carriage was certainly an improvement on his usual bleached and starched behavior, I didn't like the idea that the wedding was suddenly moved up an entire three months- I kind of wanted to see them both struggle with their attraction more.
Meredith was a very nice touch, as, again, all too many books, including quite a few of Lowell's, Small's, Garwood's and Lamb's lack the element of a child to unite the lovers in question. And I very much enjoyed the scene where Harry finds out that Augusta took Meredith to Pompeia's.
On the whole, I would say that Quick's books are written with remarkable humor, a light touch, and although I agree with the complaint that they seem fairly cookie-cutter, it is books like .R. and Wicked Widow that really stand out. And of course, the interim books aren't bad at all. . . .
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on April 25, 2000
When the last of the bold Northumberland Ballingers and a staid scholar meet, sparks fly and love reigns in this classic by Amanda Quick. Albeit decidedly opposites, Harry and Augusta are the perfect compliment for each other. Each possesses what the other is lacking in personality and thus prove that opposites attract. Though seemingly quite boring, there is a side to Harry lurking under the surface that is wild and dangerous and completely sexy. He is actually something of a walking contradiction, at once pompous and lovable. Augusta comes from a long line of impetuous, hot-tempered, strong minded people and this is quite evident in her personality. Even though Harry is often scandalized by Augusta's behavior, he is still recklessly attracted to her. Both of these people are relatively alone in the world and they find something in each other that fills the void and makes them stronger. Although Harry is skeptical of love and believes that it does not exist, you can tell almost from the first that he does love Augusta -- he's just too blind to realize it. I loved the fact that Harry has a daughter and that she gets on famously with Augusta. I also really liked that Augusta brings father and daughter closer together. The added aspect of the woman's club, Pompeia's, is quite refreshing -- it shouldn't only be the men who have all the fun. The scene near the end when Augusta challenged Harry to a duel had me nearly rolling on the floor! You'll love the unique way in which they fight the duel! As always, there is an added depth to the story in the form of a mystery that needs solving which drives the plot and makes it that much more intriguing. Once again, a winner from Amanda Quick that kept me interested right from the first. A fine example of some of her best work that will please the first-time or long-time reader. Not one to be missed!
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on August 27, 2000
Harry Fleming, Earl of Graystone, was looking for a wife and mother for his daughter now that his spy activities were completed. He was looking for a demure, obedient, virtuous woman. Augusta Ballinger, last of the reckless Northumberland Ballingers, was loyal and virtuous, but definitely not demure or obedient. She went her own way and gave little thought to society's dictates. Therefore, it took London by surprise when Harry requested Augusta's hand in marriage. The couple must learn to accept each other while trying to clear Augusta's dead brother's honor and searching for a dangerous enemy spy.
Lovely tale, but a bit weaker than most Quick novels. Augusta kept going on and on about her family traits for recklessness and stubborness. It got a bit old before long. The ladies club, Pompeia, was a wonderful touch. A good beach book or for a cold winter night in front of a roaring fire.
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on August 17, 2003
rendezvous was ofcourse everything i expected it to be, ive read about 6 Amanda Quick book and loved them all. I loved this book because from the beginning you could see the romance and love Augusta Ballinger and the Earl of Graystone had for each other, no matter how great ther differences were. The mystery plot at the end leaves you wanting more! Even if from the beginning you suspect whos not excatly the best character you have an adventure finding out how it all fits together along with the main plot( and trust me, it all DOES fit together)!!!! And ofcourse the romantic ending keeps you wanting more !:-)
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on November 1, 1998
I really enjoyed Rendezvous. I'd rank it as one of Amanda Quick's best - better than her later books. The action starts almost immediately. The constant bantering is fun. It follows the plot in the majority of Ms. Quick's books - the girl is trying to get him to admit he loves her and he is trying to control her actions which the heroine refused to let him do. Even though the plot is familiar, if you are reading her books for this type of style - you get what you're looking for! I would recommend it. It was very enjoyable.
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on July 9, 2000
I found this book very enjoyable. Augusta is a heroine that succeeds in keeping her determination and spirit throughout the book, and Harry was a very dashing hero, if a bit boring. Amanda Quick writes her characters very well, because they are neither flat or one-dimensional.
"Rendezvous" is a heartwarming read with an element of spy mystery. I'd recommend this book to any fan of Ms. Quick or Historical Romances.
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on April 19, 2000
This was my first Amanda Quick book and I loved it. I found I could not put it down once I started reading about Augusta and Harry.Their romance really sizzled. A.Q. has a way with characters that brings you into their lives. I even liked the secondary characters and can't wait to read some of her other books to see if anyone familiar pops up in any of them. This is definately a keeper.
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on May 19, 2003
First of all....I looove Amanda Quick, but this book just failed to move me..for the life of me I could not understand what Augusta saw in Harry. I was far more interested in Peter and Claudia. Harry was way too domineering. I struggled to finish this book... Not awful, but not great either..medoiocre at best.
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on February 18, 2000
This is great. I love a herione with backbone and not some simpering little twit.... able to bring a strong man to his knees if needs be... but not manipulative. The characters are wonderful and funny. A definite keeper
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