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  • Rosetta Stone Swedish Level 1-3 Set
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Rosetta Stone Swedish Level 1-3 Set

Platform : Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions in Swedish. Develop the Swedish language skills to enjoy social interactions such as travel and shopping and learn to share your ideas and opinions. Learn Swedish today with Rosetta Stone.
  • Learn to read, write, and speak in Swedish with Rosetta Stone.
  • Build upon a foundation of key Swedish vocabulary, words, and phrases.
  • Rosetta Stone moves forward when you are ready. You drive the pace. You set the schedule.
  • Practice live online with a native Swedish speaking tutor, and have access to the Rosetta Stone online learning community.
  • Take the Rosetta Stone experience with you while on-the-go, free 3 month trial included. Build your Swedish language skills from your tablet and mobile devices.
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System Requirements

Edition: Swedish
  • Platform:   Windows 8 / 7 / XP, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Product Details

Edition: Swedish

Product Description

Edition: Swedish Product Description

Connect with the world. Learn language fundamentals from greetings and introductions to simple questions and answers. Give and get directions, tell time, and dine out. Share your opinions, and talk about everyday life: your interests, your work, current events, and more.


Product Shots

Communicate and connect around the world. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Develop the language skills to enjoy social interactions such as travel and shopping and learn to share ideas and opinions in your new language.

What Will I Learn

This level will help you:
  • Build your vocabulary and language abilities
  • Spell and write accurately
  • Speak without a script
  • Retain what you've learned
  • Read and understand your new language
  • Share ideas and opinions, express feelings and talk about everyday life
Sample topics include:
  • The basics, such as age and family relations
  • Questions, greetings, introductions
  • Times of day, calendar terms, the weather
  • Directions, locations, telling time
  • Present, past and future tense
  • Apologies and polite requests
  • How to order at a restaurant and give and receive directions
  • Emotions, opinions and ideas
  • Political, media, business and religious terms

What Do I Get?

Interactive Software

Our award-wining version, complete with proprietary speech recognition technology.

Audio Companion

For your CD or MP3 player so you can review while on the go.

Headset with Microphone

For use with our state-of- the-art speech-recognition software.

Live Online Lessons NEW

Practice sessions led by native speaking tutors.

Games & Community NEW

Language-enhancing games move you towards real-world proficiency.

Mobile Companion NEW

Learning application for your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

Our Method

Our Method

Recreate the natural way you learned your first language and reveal skills that you already have using Dynamic Immersion. This award-winning method has been adopted by countless organizations, schools and millions of users around the world.

Learn Naturally: Discover how to speak, read, write, and understand--all without translating or memorizing. Our award-winning solution recreates how you learned your first language, unlocking your natural abilities.

Speak Confidently: Perfect your pronunciation with speech-recognition technology. Gain the confidence in your new voice as you practice with other learners in our exclusive online community and participate in online sessions coached by native tutors.

Immerse Yourself: Be surrounded by your new language. From core lessons to online sessions, Rosetta Stone gets you engaged and interacting with others.

Stay Motivated: Experience accomplishment with each moment of achievement; with dedicated success agents you will never lose sight of your language-learning goals.

Your Natural Ability. Awakened.

Natural Discovery

Learning your first language is as natural as smiling. Effortless. Rewarding. Every step in Rosetta Stone feels like that. Clear, compelling images appear precisely, in juxtaposition, conveying meaning. Intuitively, you just know what it means.

  • Our puzzle-like environments--a systematic presentation of sounds, images, and text--help learners absorb meaning intuitively.
Natural Discovery
Rosetta Stone's award-winning software, where you will interact by speaking, clicking, selecting phrases and writing.
Speech Activation
Speech Activation
Rosetta Stone's proprietary speech-recognition technology provides immediate and ongoing feedback.

Build your confidence and polish your pronunciation skills with state-of-the-art speech-recognition technologies and success-filled dialogues.

  • Our software provides immediate and ongoing assessments of your speech through Actionable Feedback, which helps you pronounce syllables, words and sentences correctly and easily.
  • Based on a collection of literally millions of speech samples, our proprietary speech-recognition algorithms and speech models were engineered with a singular purpose--to help you communicate with accuracy, confidence and ease.
Native Socialization
Native Socialization
Language-learning games will keep you motivated along the way.

Practice with native speakers in our live interactive sessions and our online community. Every conversation gives you the confidence to communicate in your new language.

  • For many, traditional language-learning fails because it lacks real conversation. With Rosetta Stone you'll play games and chat with native speakers and other learners in our online language community.
  • Hundreds of native-speaking tutors trained in the Rosetta Stone method are ready to help reinforce the language you're learning through live, online conversations. From Day One you'll be speaking your new language with confidence and ease.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) 12 reviews
28 of 32 people found the following review helpful
Okay for basics, but definitely should not be only means of learning a language July 19 2011
By Ellen - Published on
Edition: Swedish Verified Purchase
I purchased this item to help me with my Swedish in preparation for studying at a Swedish university in the fall. Although the Rosetta Stone software is alright for learning basic vocabulary and how to formulate an extremely simple sentence (pretty sure this only prepared me for a conversation with a first grader), it should not be your only means of learning the language. Apart from only teaching simple vocabulary, I found Rosetta Stone had trouble recognizing when I would speak into the software. It would sometimes not recognize that I was speaking at all, and other times it would simply not recognize that I had finished speaking and sit for 15 seconds or more waiting for me to finish the sentence. This made it very difficult to feel like I was making any progression as I would have to spend 15 minutes trying to get past one sentence. Mind you, this is not due to mispronunciation, but due to the software being incapable of recognizing speaking. I used Rosetta Stone as a basic vocabulary builder, but had to supplement my learning by speaking to (and asking millions of questions) to my Swedish friend. If you are not lucky enough to have a native Swede to talk to for help, I'd suggest purchasing another product as this will not prepare you at all for a real Swedish conversation. I hear Pimsleur is good.
61 of 79 people found the following review helpful
Beware! Can only be installed on one computer. March 3 2011
By DCist - Published on
Edition: Swedish Verified Purchase
I've been a Rosetta Stone user for years and have learned several languages with its assistance. With all previous versions, I have been able to install the software on both my home desktop computer and on the laptop computer I use when I travel (frequently) for business. But, to my shock, that is not the case with this version - version 4/TOTALe: it can only be installed on one computer. I only learned this after a lengthy chat with the company's tech support to try to figure out why installation failed on my desktop computer - the description Rosetta Stone provides on this page fails to mention this small detail. One of the key reasons Rosetta Stone's software has been effective for me in the past is that I have been able to use it while traveling, as well as at home. But no more, apparently. Rosetta Stone claims that it changed its policy with the release of this new version because the new version tracks one's progress online, and having the software installed on two computers would make this impossible. Huh? I can't begin to guess how many websites I've accessed from different computers - including - by simply entering a username and password. Rosetta Stone's new policy is ridiculously restrictive. I recommend finding an older version of the software, with a more reasonable installation policy - or simply boycotting Rosetta Stone and purchasing an alternate product.
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Great learning tool Oct. 13 2014
By K. Ledin - Published on
Edition: Swedish
Ok, I believe my review of 5 stars requires more clarification. Four stars implies "I like it", while five says "I love it". I DO love Rosetta Stone for Swedish, I'm having fun and I think I'm learning a lot as I progress through the course.
That being said--caveat emptor! May the buyer beware of a few things.
I am a former foreign language teacher--I took Latin in high school, and I taught it myself for a few years. I know what it means to learn a foreign language in U.S. schools. I understand the goal behind Rosetta Stone's methods of foreign language learning. I also understand the goals behind a typical classroom in U.S. schools and their methods in teaching a foreign language.
I think nothing can beat immersion and conversing daily in your target language. I wish there was a way for me to take a class through some community education course, or travel abroad for a semester. But I live in a rural area, and foreign language options are limited. So I bought Rosetta Stone to learn Swedish--I am planning a trip in the future, and would like to speak to relatives that live in Sweden in their own language.
People learn languages in different ways--Rosetta Stone is simply one way. If you don't like the way it is set up (immersion, lots of repetition, no grammar learning in your own language), then I recommend finding something else--preferably, a way to take a class with an actual teacher in front of the classroom. If you're self-disciplined enough to stick with it, and practice it daily--and I mean DAILY!!--then buy it. Find some way to play a game, or write up your own flashcards, or review a lesson you've already done. But foreign languages require that you find some way to speak in it as often as possible. If not, this and ANY way you choose to learn a foreign language is going to be a big fat failure.
I haven't had any problems with the speaking and voice recognition part of it. I have a Mac that seems to have pretty good voice recognition. Sometimes when I do it on my iPad, I can't have any background noise. Even then, sometimes it won't pick up my voice. But that doesn't happen too often. I'll admit, I can't do any speech exercises at all on my laptop, but I'm just going to attribute that to the fact the school I work for has really crappy hand-me-down laptops anyways, and I think I have the worst of them all.
I LOVE the one-on-one sessions with a live tutor. It's still intimidating for me to speak with a native speaker, but it helps SO much!
I'm not a huge fan of the games--I can never seem to play a game with another person, I'm always playing by myself.
I will see, and possibly update my review, if this truly works when I visit Sweden. I frequently have a grammar book nearby, mostly because I AM so curious as to how the grammar is set up--I want to know "WHY" there is a particular ending, or WHY you would use a particular word here, and not in another sentence (the words for "time" and "clock" are my most recent questions). I have pop up screens nearby that have Swedish language lessons in case I want to review or look something up. Rosetta Stone IS quite lacking in that aspect--they spend so much time immersing you in their target language, there's really no room left to teach any grammar.
No product, no class I believe ever prepares you to fully understand, comprehend, and speak fluently as a native speaker does. I took a Swedish Basics class for a month at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Even then, all we learned was some basic vocabulary words. Some people complain that's all you learn with Rosetta, but I think you learn a bit more than that--at least learning pronunciation, and speaking enough to get by in a very basic conversation. And again--DAILY practice!
You need to have a base course with other supplemental materials. I think Rosetta Stone works for me as a base course, supplemented by other web pages and grammar books. And again--immersion eventually will be the ONLY way you could ever dream or hope to speak in another language fluently.
The cost--$400. Sorry, but NO language program is worth $400 plus dollars for me. Wait until there's a sale.
I like that I can take this with me on my iPad wherever I want, but the downside is using it requires an Internet connection. Forget trying to review words on a plane ride for instance (unless you buy wireless during the flight).
Learning a foreign language is quite a skill--it requires learning from a different part of the brain than other courses in a curriculum. Some people get it, some people just won't. I get math, but I will never understand some of the concepts of physical science and physics. I'm just no good at it. Rosetta Stone will work for some, others not. At least try it, customer service has always been pretty nice to me when I've had a complaint.
I will say this much--if you're learning a language that is somewhat similar to your own, then it'll be easy as pie. Swedish vocabulary and grammar seem to be pretty similar to English, for the exception of a few different grammatical rules, which I picked up pretty easily. And I'm pretty positive any of the Romance languages would be easy to learn, as their grammar is similar to Latin.
I tried the Polish demo, because I would like to learn Polish someday--YEESH! I quickly got frustrated with it after just one lesson. The vocabulary and pronunciation is SO different from English.
So like the title says, it's a great learning tool. A learning TOOL, meaning it's a great way to HELP you with your foreign language goals. But don't expect miracles if you're not willing to spend the time and effort it takes in learning another language.
23 of 30 people found the following review helpful
Worst technical support ever Dec 13 2011
By Frustrated with RS - Published on
Edition: Swedish
If you install Rosetta Stone (RS) on more than 2 computers, you have to call the company to get more seats for your activation ID. The first time my computer crashed, I called the company to get another seat (I had it installed on my husband's computer too in case was using my laptop - he has a desktop). They treated me like I had stolen the ID, and it took over an hour to reactivate the ID. We wouldn't have been able to get it back, except that my husband has a nearly photographic memory and remembered his old credit card number that he used to buy the program for me for Christmas. He had to tell the RS support where he bought it exactly, the exact date, and the exact credit card number. That's way too difficult for most people.

I am now unable to install my Swedish Level 3 CD. I have now been on the phone (and on hold) for 52 minutes. The first person I talked to couldn't help me, and transferred me to technical support, which is now transferring me to technical support #2!! I've never had such terrible customer support experiences with any other product.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
understand.... March 21 2012
By Ash - Published on
Edition: Swedish
I recieved this as a gift and i think it's really cool.
I didnt have any down load issues and the mic works fine.
I'm planning a trip to sweden and i don't think my pronunciation is to bad so I'll probably get by.
This program is great way of gaining a basic understanding of the pronunciation and the sentence formation of a language, but you'll never become fluent using rosetta stone alone. I picked up some grammar books to help.
(Sorry TN.....)