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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 10, 2004
I rented this movie from the store and i was shocked by how the outer's sound! Sarah Lafluer can do sailor uranus! but Barbra redecki (neptune) sounds to old and pluto sounds like a 10 year old! And Badianu?? what kind of name is that!. this movie is beautifuly animated. One thing is that they should have changed the attack names for the outers! SPACE SWORD BLASTER! should have been URANUS SABER BLAST! and SUBMARINE REFLECTION should have been NEPTUNE DEEP REFLECTION! I was really mad when pluto uses PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! she sounds insane i liked it better when it was just wispered dead scream. but over all this is a farly good movie.
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on July 19, 2007
If you've never seen this movie before and you are a fan of Sailor Moon, by all means buy. I injoyed it greatly, however I saw a fan subtitled version a while back and this movie did not have the same scenes! They call this uncut but I clearly remember endearing scenes with Luna that have been removed and I have the old movie on my computer to prove it.
I loved the version I first saw when I was younger so I bought this thinking I had close to the same thing. Disappointed in that area. If you've seen the other version, it's up to you to buy it or not.
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on April 10, 2004
This review is for the edited, dubbed version. I have not seen the uncut one.
Hearts in Ice is a beautiful, action-packed, sailor-stuffed movie that will make you cry. For an animated movie, the love story in "Hearts" is as intense as one in any German opera or Russian novel. And, the one struck by Cupid's arrow is not one of our schoolgirls or their chums - it is little Luna.
Every senshi is in this movie, with the exception of Sailor Saturn. We get to see them all work together, ALL their gorgeous transformations, and ALL their attacks. The climatic battle where they all unite is amazing, and had to be saved for a film: it is too cinematic for a thirty-minute TV episode.
The lameness of the villian and her annoying henchmen can be overlooked because of the crisp and gorgeous animation and the skilled voice talents. The winter setting is a refreshing change from the perpetual spring/summer of the series.
I do not feel I have missed out by watching the dubbed, edited version. I own a variety of both sub and dub, cut and uncut SM, so I know what I am saying when I feel nothing has been compromised here. Finally, this movie is not a short one like SM R. It is a full-length feature, so you will get your money's worth, even if you pay list price.
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on April 13, 2003
Okay, I know for a fact that they cut some stuff out of the dub of this series, but there was one thing that they left in, which really was rather important to all of those Haruka/Michiru fans out there.
The outer senshi, who are by far the coolest people on the show, do a lot with slightly obsessiveness and 'We cannout work with you' in the S series, which makes it hard for some to figure why they are in this movie, doing the whole 'I won't let you die, Sailor Moon'.
Frankly, the only one who would care if Sailor Moon lived or died out of the outer senshi would be Pluto, and that's only because she knows what's gunna happen to them ^^.
The dub of this movie was quite bad. But the main reason that I bought it was to see if there really was something going on between Uranus and Neptune. They dubbed it clever, but some of the action you couldn't take out.
Like when Haruka (rather protectively) grabs Michiru and pulls her out of the way of a 'snow faerie'.
So what? The dub was good, so much can be said for the voices, which ... I really did like Pu's voice in the R series, what ever happened to that Voice Actress? But all in All. DVD would be the best way to go.
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on July 12, 2002
There's a lot to say about this series and a few words can't describe how this anime makes me feel. Naoko Takeuchi makes her character so real sometime you forget they are only drawings one t.v. Everything is heartfelt and even though the plot looks the same as any plot in a heroine/hero movie or series it isn't. The earth is attacked by an ice maiden(if you want to call her that) she wants to freeze the earth and to make it a pretty piece of crystal she can put in the rest of her collection. First the enemy has to face the sailor scouts, what makes this series special is that all the scouts are in presence (in exception of saturn) the story is very heartfelt and it will make some cry. Everything has a point every detail makes a difference in it's own self. All I have to say it's wow, the translation has weak points but it still doesn't affect the exellence of this great series. The music as always amazing and pleasing to hear and adds more greatness to the anime. Th great speech given by sailor moon to the ice maiden and all the scouts fighting together including the outer sailor previously not very favorable with the inner scouts. This movie is worth it and takeuchi is at her best. Heartfelt, Funny and Important UNFORGETTABLE!!AMAZING!!HEARTS ON ICE MORE LIKE HEARTS ON FIRE.
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on April 23, 2002
Of the three full length movies, of which I have the subtitled versions, S is my favourite. Why? It has classic sci-fi archetypes, such as strange meteors falling to Earth heralding alien invasion, ancient myths turning out to be fact, and aliens exhibitng powers of extreme cold. There might also be a spin-off the the Japanese Yuki-onna (snow demoness) who lure exhausted travellers having collapsed in blizzard to sleep.
While stargazing, Kakeru, an astronomer, finds a comet, parts of which land. He drives out to where a particle landed, only to find an odd shaped crystal, which turns out to be a weapon that can turn Earth into a giant spherical popsicle for a Snow Queen. Not only that, but over time, it drains him of his life energy.
Before long, the Snow Queen sends her Snow Dancers to hunt down the crystal. In the process, they zap people and cars, turning them into blocks of ice. Once the Sailor Scouts repel the forward party, the ice melts, and things instantly go back to normal, as if nothing has happened. Things settle down after that, but that's the proverbial calm before the storm.
The key character and the most likeable is none of the humans, but Luna the female black cat. A concerned Guardian type who scolds Usagi to study for her entrance exams, she starts the story with a fever, foolishly walks home in her ill state, and is nearly run over by a sports car if not for Kakeru, who throws himself in harm's way and prevents her from being roadkill. So touched is Luna, that she starts to fall in love with the human to the point that she wishes she were human. She keeps thinking "I'm only a cat." Well guess what? There's nothing "only" about being a cat. A funny moment is when Kakeru thinks that whoever named Luna must be elegant. We're then treated to a thought of Luna of Usagi, who is laughing loudly.
If there is a theme here, it is the conflict between cold, scientific logic, and mystical romanticism. Kakeru, despite being having doctorates in physics, biology, medicine, and astronomical engineering, might be better suited as a poet or fantasy writer in contrast to his girlfriend Himeko. A parallel can also be seen between the learned white cat Artemis and the tender-hearted Luna. This struggle is magnified in the struggle between the Snow Queen and the Sailor Scouts. The difference is, the struggle can be reconciled on a human level. Scientists and romantics are perfect opposites for each other.
Maybe this is a goof or intended, but when transforming into their super selves, the sequence shows Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Surely Venus should have come second?
There is also the concept of happiness being a compliment of sadness, a theme also referred to in the Doctor Who story The Happiness Patrol. That's basically what Sailor Moon tells the Snow Queen in the confrontation between them.
Not bad of its type, and the story is long enough to flesh out the plot, and these characters in particular: Luna, Kakeru, and Moon. Enjoy, and from Luna, �Meooooww!�
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on April 17, 2002
I would like to say that this movie was unexceptable in many ways. First of all, Sailor Moon R-Promise of the Rose was my favorite out of all three, and this movie just did not live up to my standards.
Secondly, the voices in the dubbed (especially Trista's {Setsuna's} were off. Also, there were many, how should I say, "sappy" morals in the story, which I don't care for.
Third, the movie was based on Luna and the human Kakuru, and how Luna learns how to truly love.
It's also about a new enemy, but her actual name is never really mentioned. (I suppose that she is Snow Princess Kagua?)
Snow Princess Kagua wants to freeze the Earth to make it part of her "collection."
She uses her snow dancers to turn the city that Sailor Moon is living and continents around the world into a world of death-a peaceful slumber trapped in ice.
Of course Super Sailor Moon uses her Silver Imperium Crystal and the aid of the Sailor Scouts...and you can decide what happens from there.
The story expands from there, if at all. I do not reccomend this movie for any Sailor Moon fan, subtitled, dubbed, or in any form available.
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on September 28, 2001
Well, let me start off saying the sub is far better than the dub. But, then again, do I really need to say that? Most of the voices were really bad. You can barely make out what Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were saying. Sailor Uranus just sorta blurted it out really fast and that was it. The story was ok, although my brother could not make out as to why the Ice Queen sent out those crystals to earth, only to start looking for them again as if they were lost. The animation however was excellent, most of the story is too. I particularly like it when they finally give importance to Luna. She is mostly portrayed really strict. And yet in this one, we finally see the softer side of Sears...err...I mean Luna. In the end their suits turn all white and the sequence is beautiful. I actually gave it more stars than what I thought, mainly because I'm an über moonie. I strongly suggest you buy the sub. Also, Sailor Moon R movie is the best Sailor Moon movie out there. So, I suggest you buy the SMR movie before the SMS one. That one was well made, although some of the dubbing changed the story a little, it remains loyal to the original.
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on September 14, 2001

Winter time, a special time when family and friends come together to celibrate the birth of Christ, however a wicked snow witch is out to freeze over the Earth using her icy Snow Dancers and her evil life sucking crystal.

Kakeru, a well renowned scientist, is the one to find the crystal, and becomes the main source of the crystals energy. Luna falls in love with the scientist and learns of the female scientist, Himeko Nayotake, the woman who is to go up into space, and Kakeru's girlfriend.

While dealing with love, holidays, and a disappearing cat, will the Sailor Soldiers be able to defeat the Snow Princess, or will the Earth be turned into ice? The only way to find out is to watch the movie!

Review for Dub

I honestly can say that the dub of this okay, however, I can't say that without saying that the dub turns a good movie into a terrible one. Luna's voice, Jill Frappier, sounds a little too old for Luna in this movie. While she does a fabulous job, it just sounds a little bad, so I recommend getting the subtitled version.
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on August 9, 2001
When I was Sailor Moon R (romance) the Movie, I enjoyed it. It was good, and it made me want to see the S movie. Already, Sailor Moon S (super) series was my favorite, and I couldn't wait to see the movie. I got it for last Christmas (how appropriate^_^) and I watched it the entire Christmas vacation! EVERYDAY! The storyline was great and I loved the animation. It was... super!! ^_^
But every good thing has a few bad touches to it. First, I felt the movie had a little too much chit-chat at some sceens. Second, who the hell did the Outer senshi's vioces?? I positively hated Uranus', and Pluto's wasn't anyway near better. Neptune's was the same vioce of Serena's (Usagi's) MOM! And it made her sound older than she was, though I'd gladly listen to it instead of the other two outers vioces. Third, although the ending was GREAT, I really don't think Luna's vioce suited her in that sceen. If you thought Neptune's vioce made her sound older for a teen, you should hear Luna's! In the original, Luna's vioce was of a teen, and that's why Luna (human form) is a teen. But I like the dub vioce for her "cat form".
Other than those reasons, the movie was great! And fans, don't hate DIC for making Chibi Moon's name Mini Moon. "Chibi" in Japanese means "small" or "tiny" so "mini" is just as good I suppose, and it makes sense to little kids. Besides, I think "Mini Moon" is just adorable for her. And if you've heard Mini Moon's vioce in the Sailor Moon S series dub, it fits everything together. (Her vioce is just the sweetest in the S and SuperS dub.) ^_^
The movie was great, it definately deserves 5 stars! Maybe more! ^_^ Hope this helped you. ^_^
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