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StarCraft Field Manual
Rick Barba
Hardcover: CDN$ 46.32
Terry Goodkind
Hardcover: CDN$ 25.00
Kindle Edition: CDN$ 15.99

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The Einstein Prophecy
Robert Masello
Kindle Edition
CDN$ 1.99
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's...
J.K. Rowling, Jim Kay
CDN$ 49.99 CDN$ 40.00
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Rules for a Knight
Ethan Hawke
CDN$ 24.00
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Paperback Picks in Science Fiction & Fantasy

I Am Crying All Inside: And Other...
Clifford D. Simak, David W. Wixon
Paperback: CDN$ 15.52
The Best American Science Fiction and...
Joe Hill, John Joseph Adams
Paperback: CDN$ 14.40

Feel the Burn (Dragonkin Book 8)
G.A. Aiken
Kindle Edition
CDN$ 5.84
Cast in Honor
Michelle Sagara
Kindle Edition
CDN$ 7.99
The Star Cross
Raymond L. Weil
Kindle Edition
CDN$ 5.25

The Heart Goes Last: A Novel
Margaret Atwood
CDN$ 34.00 CDN$ 20.40
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Monster Manual
Wizards RPG Team
CDN$ 58.00 CDN$ 37.81
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Player's Handbook
Wizards RPG Team
CDN$ 58.00 CDN$ 42.34
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