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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on October 30, 1999
This book was a gift from a very dear friend. When I got it I didn't truly "get it", or it's purpose, but then I read the author's words in the beginning, and started to enter in it daily, and I realized the true power of saying "thanks." Breathnach accentuates the journal with amazing, often simplistic quotes which both move and inspire you. To those who say that this is merely a blank-paged journal, I must agree. However, how many of us can say that we actually DO write down 5, 6, or even 1 thing a day to which we say thanks? Plain and simple, this is a beautiful, often inspirational way to offer a very simple, yet powerful note to the universe: thank you. Those who follow the course of this journal throughout one year will realize how simplistic, yet amazing giving thanks is. Recounting your journey throughout the past year and seeing how your perceptions and values have molded around gratitude is a truly invaluable way to learn, and grow in life. Get this book - but more importantly, give it to a dear friend or loved one.
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on April 13, 2000
I simply love Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance. And yes, the gratitude journal is a life changing experience. I would recommend it for anyone. This book is also nice if you can sum up your daily gratitude in a few words. I have a few friends who feel 5 lines for 5 daily seeds of gratitude is sufficient.
However, if you are like me and enjoy journaling. If your 5 items that you are grateful for turns in to 7, 10, even 20 items each day (believe me, once you get into the habit of the gratitude journal, you will become grateful for everything) -- then you need to purchase another journal. I would recommend buying this book for the inspiration, but buy a beautiful blank journal later as your gratitude grows!
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on January 3, 2000
The Journal is divided into days and months with five lines provided for each day's review of things to be grateful for. There is a whole page for reflection at each month's end. It is elegantly simple, with quotes from the famous as well as the author that stimulate the process of appreciation for things large and small. Keeping this daily journal has helped me focus on the positive, especially when it felt like there was little to be grateful for.
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on December 3, 1999
searching for 5 DIFFERENT things to be grateful for each day can become something of a challenge after a few months but what a worthwhile challenge it is! the introduction to this book alone resonates with the core of my being and moves me to tears each time i read it - and i do so often. the author is so right - after a few months of writing down 5 different things i'm grateful for each day, my attitude, perspective and overall approach to life has been altered in the most positive way. even in the midst of some challenging and difficult situations, i find myself awakening with a prayer of gratitude on my lips and a feeling of awe at this wonderful thing called life. i've bought 15 copies of this book to give to family and friends as holiday gifts - it was given to me as a gift last christmas - and i am so grateful for that! it has enriched and blessed my life immeasurably, by awakening me to the abundant blessings surrounding me always.
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on January 7, 2002
This lovely book is perfect for recording those small (and large) blessings that truly constitute abundance. Some other reviewers have found fault with what they found to be limited space. But I think they've missed the point. This book never claimed to be a journal in the usual sense. When I write down a phrase or sentence describing something for which I am grateful, it opens the door to a realization of more and yet more things for which I am grateful. When I'm feeling low, I sometimes go back and read earlier entries and find myself smiling and experiencing again the joy of gratitude. Just this morning, I was reading some old entires and this phrase came into my mind: Happiness is a renewable resource. That thought in itself is a blessing to me. I've purchased two of these books in the past and am about to purchase several more, some for myself and some for gifts. It works!
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on April 18, 2000
I really love this beautiful book. It has a simple country-styled design with just a few lines to jot down or sketch your feelings of gratitude, but you know something, I found all the space I needed because for me, even a single word fills my heart with memories of love and that's where I think gratitude really lives. This is a fun book and a neat tool of self-expression and self-awareness. For me, and I imagine for you too, the book gently guides one deep within to our own smiling soul. I love the books soft color and gentle designs and I guess that's one of the reasons why it's fun to carry around in my crazy-quilt purse, ready to be pulled out beneath a lazy willow or on the banks of a bubbling creek. The more I use the book, the more it's magic speaks to me.
Lily of the Valley Carnie, author - Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy, and Natural Magick
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on November 23, 2002
I don't usually like self-help books, as anyone perusing my other reviews will know. But this one is different -- it offers an easy path for personal transformation, and lays out pages attractive so all you have to do -- all! -- is write five things for which you are grateful, one each on five little lines, each day. Author even gives you several pages of hints for when your own "gratitude pump" runs dry. This quote is variously attributed to Meister Eckhart or Mother Theresa, but the words ring true 100% when applied to the use of this Gratitude Journal: "If the only prayer you ever say is 'thank you', that will be sufficient." Give this book a try -- but WARNING -- regular use may change your life.
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on January 17, 2000
My mother-in-law sent me this book for Christmas, this year, and I first thought, oh no, not another self help book. Let me tell you that just reading the first 17 days readings and I am hooked. I review the previous days reading and then read todays, and always read tomorrows. I feel like a different woman already! It has a calming effect on your soul and inner self that is amazing. I highly recommend this book to any woman that feels overwhelmed with balancing family, work and play. It really helps you to focus. What a wonderful thing to possess for this new century.
Mary B.
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on January 23, 1999
A cherished book (a gift from an even more cherished friend), this book gently pries open the corners of one's thoughts; to let ideas, new and old, mingle with ideals. Gives one an approach to life's daily needs that minimizes the mundane chaos. Perfect size for ACTUAL use (easily fits on table corners, or in hands); the margins are wide enough for pencilled thoughts, too.
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on June 4, 1998
Every night before you close your eyes you reflect on all the abundance in your day. Doing this makes you so much more aware of all you have, and as the Author says "All you have is all you need." I have been keeping a gratitude journal for well over a year now and it has had such a centering effect on my life. I recommend this whole heartedly.
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