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Spot 2 Satellite Gps Messenger - Orange

by Spot

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  • GPS Enabled Yes
  • Floats No
  • Activation Method Manual
  • Operational Life (Hours) NONE
  • Battery Replacement (Years) NONE
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  • Shipping Weight: 227 g
  • Item model number: SPOT-2O
  • ASIN: B00CICM150
  • Date first available at May 16 2012
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  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #540,156 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)
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Product Description

SPOT 2 Satellite GPS MessengerPart #: SPOT-2OIncludes all the same functionality as before - now in a smaller, more feature-rich form factor. 30% Smaller 30% Lighter Faster GPS AquisitionFeatures: Advanced GPS GPS aquisition light Custom message button Enhanced antenna performance Dedicated tracking button Improved tracking performance Safety covers over S.O.S. and Help buttons Replaceable button covers Illuminated buttons Message sent indicator light Includes armband case Recyclable packagingFeatures:SOS: Emergency assistance request sent with your GPS location to GEOS every 5 minutes until batteries die or until cancelledHelp/SPOT Assist: Request help from friends and family every 5 minutes for 1 hour. Up to 10 contacts - phone & emailCheck In: Lets contacts know where you are and that you're okay. Attempts to send three messages to help ensure successful transmission. Up to 10 contacts - phone and email. Contacts will receive only 1 message.Custom Message: Creates custom non-urgent message to send to friends and familyTrack Progress: Acquires your GPS location every 10 minutes for 24 hours. Sends each location one time. Previous 2 track points sent with current track point helping ensure consistent recording of movements.Emergency Response Center: GEOS is operational 7 days/week, 365 days a year, operating out of Houston, TX (2 addl. backup locations)History Review: Review all Check In, Track Alert SOS, and Help locations via using Google maps for up to 30 days.Shared Page: You can share messages and locations with others via a personal shared page

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HASH(0xa898212c) out of 5 stars Could be a 5 Star Product but LOUSY Website and MANUAL !!!! June 7 2010
By N22Tango - Published on
Verified Purchase
I bought a Spot GPS Messenger 2 in May 2010, mainly to use when I travel in my airplane (if you go to my Flickr account, "SouthwestUSA" or Google "Flickr, SouthwestUSA Spot GPS Messenger" you'll see my Spot resting on top of the panel in my airplane over New Mexico where it always managed to send a message) or RV. This product has received more than it's fair-share of less than favorable reviews, and I too had earlier given this product a 1 star review here on Amazon, about 7 days after I received it. I was so frustrated and mad at one point, I was close to cutting the Spot in half on a band-saw and posting a video of the severing on YouTube. I wasn't a "happy camper" the first week I owned this little jewel.

Here is the "meat" of some issues that need to be considered before you order this product.

#1. (Like most people advise) It is not a substitute for a full-fledged ELB.
A "full-fledged Emergency Locator Beacon does not require an annual contract, the Spot Messenger does. So, A ELB might be a cheaper alternative to the Spot if you need such a device for 5 years or longer.
#2. The website, where you must activate the Spot and purchase a service plan is complicated and convoluted. It is difficult to navigate and understand. It took me more than a week to finally get their BIZARRE website figured out in order to get my Spot GPS Messenger 2 set up and working as I need it. The manual that came with my Spot 2 is TERRIBLE. I should cut the manual in half, and post a video of that on YouTube. These folks need to produce a better manual. IT'S TERRIBLE!
#3. If you buy this little jewel, you'll have a boatload of questions once you open the package. Rest assured, if you go to the "Follow Me Spot" website and look at the "FAQs" be advised that 90% of your questions will NOT be addressed on the website's FAQs.
#4. If you call their customer support people, be prepared to wait for up to 20 or 30 minutes for a real human-being who you can actually talk to. I only have a cell phone and it was annoying wasting my "minutes" while on-hold.
#5. Don't even think of sending a question to these people VIA e-mail... You MIGHT be lucky if you get an answer in 7 to 10 days by e-mail.
#6. The tiny buttons on the Spot provide NO TACTILE FEEDBACK (click) and it's somewhat difficult to determine if your button ("I'm OK" or "Send Help") was actually activated and worked... The button you push for the specific message eventually lights-up and blinks when they have been "activated and sent" however when viewing these very tiny buttons in sunlight, they hard to see and determine if the message was indeed "SENT." If you are 6 years old, your little finger can get to the small buttons. If you are a Baby-Boomer like me, your fat, old fingers might have trouble pressing these little buttons in order to send a message. I have to use the fingernail on my "pinky" or a ballpoint pen in order to press the button to make it engage the electronic contacts. I suspect if I fell down a cliff or were injured in some way, I might not be able to get the tiny buttons to work because they are so small and awkward to access with my fat and stubby fingers.

Once I FINALLY got my account established and my emergency contacts set up, I'm having more confidence in my Spot as a device that can contact my wife when I am in a remote area not having cell service. My iPhone has a couple of WONDERFUL apps where I can press one button and ask for 9-1-1 assistance and another app that I can press, to send my wife (or anyone having an e-mail account) a message showing my GPS location on Google Maps... but the iPhone doesn't work everywhere, and I love going into remote areas to tour ghost towns and old mining camps where there is NO CELL SERVICE FOR MILES. (You'll see on my Flickr account my Spot GPS Messenger in a few Ghost Towns.)

The SPOT GPS MESSENGER can easily beam your pre-determined message to a satellite, when my iPhone can't work. And so far (after learning the pain-in-the @$$ website for SPOT, I now am confident I can go nearly anywhere and be able to get my pre-programed message to my contact list. PLEASE NOTE... You can not create "tailor-made" messages with the spot while out in the boonies. You have to get on-line with your computer, go into your "Follow Me Spot" account in advance and create a pre-determined message. You get a choice of 3 messages with the 3 different buttons on the Spot. Below are examples I programmed into my "Follow Me Spot" account. You will probably want something entirely different.

There are three options for sending messages... #1. (Which goes to my wife) is "I am safe, here is where I am." She is able to then click a link and it takes her to Google Maps and shows her my location. Each time, the accuracy of this seems to be around 150 feet, which is accurate enough for a SAR team.
#2. I need help and this is where I am. (I'll probably modify this message prior to going off on an adventure to tailor the message if I am traveling in my airplane or my RV.) #3. For my emergency message that would be sent to the nearest 9-1-1 responder, I set this up with text to advise the 9-1-1 responder "O-Positive Blood Type. This person is an aircraft pilot and might have had an unplanned, emergency/forced landing in remote area and could possibly be injured as a result of the forced landing. The emergency contacts for this person are ***** ****** ****** (this is where I list three names and cell phone numbers for my wife, sister in-law and brother in-law.)

Some of the criticism about the Spot is when the emergency 9-1-1 button is pressed, some 9-1-1 responders in "less sophisticated regions, a-k-a "Hootersville" have no idea what a latitude/longitude is or what a Spot or ELB emergency might be, thus the reason why I say I am a pilot, and might have had a forced-landing, and advising of my blood-type and general health issues. (You can make up your own message, maybe saying "This person is on a hiking trip and might have fallen. 58 year old male, blood type is ??? and allergic to ????. Next of kin is ???????."

My Spot GPS Messenger 2 does things an ELB can not do, which is to allow my wife to have some peace-of-mind with my "I'm OK message." Additionally, if I do have a forced landing and I DO NOT have a life-threatening emergency, I have confidence I can just send out a simple "need help message" and the local responder will show up, having called my wife first who will advise the color and type of my airplane. I can tell him "Hey, the engine quit in my airplane, and I just need a lift out of here to contact a mechanic." If that is the case, I sure don't want the folks at 9-1-1 calling Army Blackhawk helicopters with Airborne Rangers swooping down from ropes. Although I did purchase the insurance to reimburse the responders, should they show up in a helicopter.

The Spot fits nicely on my arm with the enclosed arm-band that came with the unit. It also fits in my shirt pocket and isn't too heavy. I can Velcro it to the glare-shield (dash) of my airplane where it has a clear shot at a satellite.

It has worked well in sending out my test messages when sitting on the dash of my pick-up and while strapped on my arm. The ability of the unit to send out a "bread-crumb" trail of where I have been isn't a big deal to me, and although I've tried this feature a couple of times, be advised it sends out a message to your contacts about every 10 minutes and it DOES NOT exactly provide a trace of the trail (or route) you have been on. But, it still can be useful for tracking in an emergency. When I tried this "bread crumb trail" feature while driving my pick up on country roads, the device, when sending a "blip" every 10 minutes will show up on a Google Map and will not trace the road you are on, and it will "hodge-podge" across a map making what looks like leaps over hills, rivers and across valleys, instead of tracing an actual road or trail you are on. Not a big deal, but for those of us who are used to high-end GPS units that actually trace every foot of your path on long distant trips (my Garmin 496 does this in my airplane) it can be a bit distracting.

There are several features that I'll never use and I can't comment on them, but as a "pseudo" ELB, I think I will be very satisfied. And, as a way for me to communicate with my wife (since I often travel alone) it will give her peace of mind as I check in when in locations where my cell phone can't work.

I plan on making a video showing how this unit works in my airplane, my RV and my pick-up to put on my YouTube account. The videos I've seen on YouTube about the SPOT don't cut to the meat of the subject and the heart of the capabilities of this nice little unit. I'll also show on my YouTube video, what a pain in the @$$ the "Follow Me Spot" website is... Stay tuned, my moniker on YouTube is "tuutuutango" where you can see a video of an airplane I built in my backyard and flew for the first time.

After spending just over $300 for the Spot and all of the features they offer to include RESPONDER REIMBURSEMENT INSURANCE (I bought everything) I feel good about my decision to go with this unit over a full-fledged ELB, because the Spot can do more than an ELB can do... It is lightweight and small but the company website and their manual are almost a joke and a royal pain in the neck.

Remember Steve Fossett, the millionaire pilot who was lost in the Nevada wilderness? Search and rescue teams spent nearly two months looking for this guy ([...]) and they never found him. Maybe, if he had a SPOT GPS MESSENGER (and a survival kit) like I do, he would have been found alive. I just hope if I have an emergency landing somewhere, someone doesn't stumble across my boney-fingers pressed on the 9-1-1 button, years after I crashed. I have to admit, I don't have total confidence in my Spot working, when I need it the most, thus the reason why I will probably also buy a ELB to go in my airplane survival kit as well.

(UPDATE SEPTEMBER 5... I returned home from a 12 day adventure in my airplane. All my "Check-In, I'm OK" messages went to my assigned e-mail contacts while the Spot was sitting on top of the panel (dash) of my airplane. Battery life was OUTSTANDING. HOWEVER, many of the "I'm OK, check in messages" did not show where I was after about 7 days. All they revealed (once "stale" after 7 days) was a gray screen and NO MAP. So, I reduced my "star" rating of this product from my earlier "5" stars to 3 stars due to these issues and the LOUSY manual and TERRIBLE, difficult to understand website. (GOOGLE "GPS Magazine Spot GPS Messenger Review) and you'll see an editor's comment about the poor documentation... )
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HASH(0xb6344f84) out of 5 stars I like it, I'll use it, but there's a couple of problems... Aug. 7 2010
By Rob Nevitt - Published on
I just recently purchased a Spot 2 and have been testing it out.

It's small, light, and easy to operate. In spite of the fact that it's not a "true" emergency locator, it works well enough to let my wife an friends know that I'm OK on my solo trips. I've also read enough reviews to feel confident the odds are it will work as intended if I'm ever in an emergency situation. In spite of a few reports of the unit failing in these circumstances, there are far more reports of it having succeeded.

However, I agree with R. Brooks' review in that the manual is poorly written and the website is no better. One aspect of it's use that is so poorly documented that it caused me enough concern to call customer support (and the tech I talked to tried to tell me that it was my fault that I didn't understand what the manual was saying!). For all of the functions (Check-In, Custom Message, etc.) if you do not wait for a full twenty minutes after receiving the green "Message Sent" light before executing another function or turning the unit off, your message may not be received and relayed! Before testing, I read through the manual carefully. During my testing, the Custom Message function failed twice; once after I started the Tracking function a few minutes after getting the green "Message Sent" light, and once it just didn't go through. I have since read through all of the FAQs online and they also do not make it clear that you need to wait twenty minutes every time. The manual only states: "Let SPOT work until the end of the message cycle when the Check-In/OK or Custom Message light stops blinking."

In the "Message Sending Light" section a couple of pages before this, all that it states is: "Green - The Message Sending light blinks green after SPOT transmits the most recent message. Red - the Message Sending light blinks red if SPOT didn't send the most recent message." It should read: "Green - The Message Sending light blinks green after SPOT begins transmitting the most recent message. It will attempt to do so three times during the next twenty minutes. Green is not an indication that the message was received. If you execute another function during this time, your previous function will be canceled. The unit will not indicate when the twenty minute cycle has been completed. Red - The Message Sending light blinks red if SPOT didn't send the most recent message. It will only do so because the unit has malfunctioned and needs to be repaired or replaced." (This is according to the information I was able to eventually discern from my discussion with the customer service rep.)

I debated whether to give it three or four stars. I don't intend to return the unit. I plan to use it and I expect it to function well for my purposes. But due to the lack of clear instructions concerning the cycle waiting period and the potential problems it could cause, I am deducting one star. At best it's poor communication on SPOT's part; at worst they are concealing a significant drawback to its use. And I'm deducting another star because of the poor manual and website documentation, and the customer service rep's poor attitude.
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HASH(0xa8b1f09c) out of 5 stars Spot 2 battery problem Dec 4 2009
By Perry W. Chamberlain - Published on
this unit is about half the size and weight of the first model.
the unit has an enhanced gps receiver and added messaging features.
the unit works as promised, and would have gotten 5 stars, but the unit I received, had manufacturing defects that were easily fixed.
the spot 2 now uses three AAA batt. instead of the double AA the originals used.
Mine was DOA out of the box.
Well removing the batteries I noticed the positive battery terminal springs were not making contact with any of the three bateries.
After a close look, I used a micro screwdriver to stretch the springs, and the result was perfect.
so check your new spot 2 for compressed springs, on the positive battery springs.

hope this info helped.
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HASH(0xa8c9def4) out of 5 stars BEWARE! UNETHICAL AUTO-BILLING! RIP OFF! Sept. 7 2010
By WB Greger - Published on
DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! YOU'LL BE SORRY! It works marginally at best and not at all in typical mountaineering areas. (Long review, but make sure to read the last paragraph)

BUT THE WORST PART IS THE AUTO-BILLING POLICY! Spot forces you to have an auto-renewal subscription of $160 every year. And if you want to cancel it, you better be ready a year later to remember the exact date to do it. They renew on your renewal date, but they charge your credit card on the last day of the 1st week of the NEXT MONTH. Then you get your credit card statement, and then you call to cancel, and forget it you are outside the 45 day window from the renewal date not the credit card billing date.

For Example:
Your renewal date is 7/1/10
Credit Card billed 8/6/10
You only have 45 days since the 7/1/10 date, i.e. 8/15/10, to cancel NOT 45 days since the credit card billing date. Once you notice the charge on your credit card, you are way too late to cancel.

THIS IS UNETHICAL. Spot figured out that if they delay the billing to the next month instead of billing you at the same time as your renewal date (which all other auto renewal services do in order to get their money ASAP), you will not enough time within their 45 day window to get your credit card statement and call to cancel.

AND when you call to cancel, they will not refund the amount if you are outside the 45 day window, but they will allow you to deactivate immediately in which case you pay the $160 but you can't use the service, AND you can't tell them to schedule the deactivation for a year later. So you have to remember next year at the exact right date when to call and deactivate, OR ELSE you will be caught off guard again with the auto-renew. THIS IS A RIP OFF SCAM!

ALSO, Customer service won't help you at all! If you decide to contest the charge with your credit card company, Spot's customer service will promptly tell you that they will forward you to their collections department. They got all angles covered to RIP YOU OFF!

ONE LAST THING: I asked why they don't send out an email letting you know about your auto-renewal (They already send you lots of other emails). WELL, they do send out emails in states that require it by law, but in states that don't require it forget it.

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HASH(0xa92dd2b8) out of 5 stars Faulty device, poor support. Nov. 28 2011
By Foo Bar - Published on
I was reluctant to try one of these because so many people had reported problems.
Someone convinced me that even if it only had a 50% chance of working that it would be worth it in an emergency, so I went ahead and tried it.

I found the web interface quite easy and the device worked great for a few days and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and the tracking feature.
Then suddenly one day it just stopped working mid-day. After this point it could no longer locate a satellite signal.
I tried all sorts of things including new batteries, different messages, resetting it, different locations. It basically just died.

Unfortunately, now all my family *did* have reason to worry and I was in the middle of nowhere in baja and several days from an internet connection.
So now I had the big chore of finding a way to contact everyone to tell everyone not to worry. As I discovered it would have been much better after all to have nothing at all than a half-working device that people rely on.

When I got to a location with internet I typed up a long message on my phone to their support team, and received an immediate response saying they would be in touch within 72 hours (seriously?) and that if I did no hear from them I should email just in case they didn't receive my inquiry. Seriously? Why would you send me a confirmation email that you got my inquiry and then ask me to email in case you didn't get my inquiry.

Sure enough I never heard back from them so I pinged them 4 days later when I got to the next place with internet and they responded "Thanks you for contacting Spot customer care. I apologize but I am unable to locate your request. Please reply with the question you have and we would respond as soon as possible."

Sigh... at this point I just gave up as my trip was almost over.
2-star product, 1-star support.

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