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  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edi
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Tomb Raider Definitive Edi

Platform : PlayStation 4
Rated: Mature

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  • Live the critically acclaimed, cinematic action-adventure, re-built specifically for next gen consoles
  • Survive high-octane combat, customize Lara's weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments to uncover the island's deadly secret
  • See Lara Croft like never before, with every bead of sweat, strand of hair, and article of clothing delivered in obsessive detail
  • Endure a stunningly re-imagined island, fraught with new, unforgiving storms, and alive with motion
  • Own the complete Tomb Raider experience with all of the DLC, including the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, six outfits for Lara, a digital mini art book, and the digital comic "The Beginning
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Game Information

  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

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179 of 201 people found the following review helpful
Great game.. a bit pricey for an "upgraded port" though Jan. 28 2014
By MiRSD - Published on
The PS4/XBox One version of Tomb Raider has caused a bit of drama. Tomb Raider was originally released on the PS3/Xbox 360 a little under a year ago -- when they announced the PS4 port so quick to the actual release date (announced Dec 7th, released late January), combined with the fact that it would retail at full price, it caused a bit of negative press.

Right off the bat, this is for the most part a port of the current version. There have been upgrades to it along the way (lighting, textures, hair effects) but the game was not re-made from scratch for the next-gen versions. The original game did already look really good on the PS3/360, but there is a noticeable difference still. If you're looking for "new stuff" in this version, it's unfortunately not there.

I own the PS3 and PS4 versions and have put about 12-16 hours into the PS4 version as of this review (game completed with 67%).

The PS4 version runs at 1080p, 60fps (it may dip below that a bit, particularly in the very wide-open environments but I don't have any way of confirming the framerate. For me, it seemed to run fine, just not quite as smooth as some of the smaller locations).
The PS4 version also includes all of the DLC from the original release (different costumes, multiplayer extras, etc..) -- this was nice to have included with it (as it would surely upset people if it hadnt been), but the content is still pretty basic.

The PS4 version does make use of the new controller -- you can swipe up on the touchpad to light the torch, down to put it out.. you can use voice controls to bring up map, switch weapons, etc.. The controller LED also seems to change colors at points in the game (unfortunately, playing the game you rarely ever see the LED colors on the front of the controller, so I don't know how useful this feature is :) ). Lastly, some audio does seem to come out of the controllers' speaker (such as radio dialog during cutscenes). My verdict on these: I used the touchpad, didn't use voice controls and didn't really notice the controller speaker as much (unless the TV was on mute). It seems much more noticeable when used in other games such as Resogun. I didn't pay attention to the LED, but did see it changing colors from time to time.

The gameplay itself is great. Probably one of my favorite (single player -- I didn't try Multiplayer) games in years. The story keeps you entertained, the upgrades along the way work very nicely (keeps it from being the same throughout - you actually want to upgrade weapons and find new weapons), the story/gameplay is fairly linear.. hard to get lost (even in wide open areas). There are some things you can do along the way: Hunting to build up experience, optional tombs to explore. My favorite part of the game is that it was constantly moving between types of gameplay.. exploring.. hunting.. puzzles.. shootouts.. quicktime events.. it never felt like I was stuck running around for 2 hours from location to location, the variety always mixed things up and kept the game fresh.

The game itself is worth fullprice to me.

For someone who has already played/owned the PS3/360 versions, this is simply a visual upgrade for the most part. The visual upgrade is VERY NICE, but it's hard to justify buying it again when it could have easily been a "HD VERSION" like we saw last gen. While some stuff is obviously upgraded, other aspects seem to look the same. Lara's model seems to be given the biggest upgrade (obviously), but other characters seem to be mostly the same. I never played the PC version, but imagine this is closer to what that looked like.

So is it worth it?

If you do not own it on another console, Yes. I would buy the PS4 version even though the PS3 version can be had for less than half the price.
If you do own it on another console, it's hard to justify at full price. I bought it because I loved the game and was happy to play through it again and see the changes.. but that's hard to suggest others do when its merely an upgraded version and not a full remake.

Note: The PS4 version is offered in 2 options.. Standard case or Artbook. The Artbook version is the one I bought, and included a DVD-Sized artbook with slipcover and a slot in the back of the artbook to hold the game disc. This is a bit disappointing as the case is oversized and doesn't match PS4 cases. The artbook is nice with some cool concept art though.
23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
Excellent Game April 28 2014
By MightyCzar - Published on
Verified Purchase
I wasn't sure what to expect but can honestly say that this was an amazing game. It was much longer and much more creative than I was expecting. I was hoping for a 10 hour Uncharted game with a female lead. It was much much more than that. I am now a Tomb Raider fan and will be purchasing the next addition, whenever that may be.

Note: I did not own or play the PS3 version. I only tried this one because there wasn't much available yet for PS4. Glad I did!
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Find your inner explorer June 3 2014
By Osok. - Published on
Verified Purchase
Excellent game with much to do , if youre into indiana jones, the goonies, etc. Youll really appreciate this game plus did i mention the combat is great a warzone at times,hone your skills and excel,story is well written and the mature rating keeps the franchise fresh and still tasteful considering how a lot of media goes on el rape route, it keeps you on edge when playing something like metal gear solid when it comes to taking out people quietly,cool choice of costumes to change into,and your weapons can be upgraded when you collect salvage and find parts to step it up, cool areas to explore and interaction is fun and depends on your wits,buy this game or your tomb should say never played tomb raider,plus it looks like another title is in the works,2 thumbs way up
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Next gen Lara is a must BUY!!! Jan. 13 2015
By Jon - Published on
This review is going to be longer because I really like this game. I'm also going to compare this to The Last of Us at times as I feel they're similar games.

This game is a must own if you've never played it before. If you owned it on the PS3, then I can't comment on if it's worth the upgrade or not. Currently the game is selling for $29.99 and I think that's a great deal for this game. I purchased a PS4 for Christmas and this is the game I've had the most fun playing so far. The story isn't as prominent in the game as it is in the Last of Us, but the action and controls are much more fun. The Last of Us is a lot slower and much more eerie. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is like being in an Indiana Jones movie.

I'm not sure how much time I've put in the game so far, but the last time I started playing I was barely at 50% and probably in the 60% range when I finished up. When I did hit the halfway point, I was shocked to find out that I had another half of the game to go. I thought I was all done, but nope, many hours more were ahead of me. As another reviewer stated you'll go from quiet running around searching for items/trying to find out where to go, to a shootout with guys firing flaming arrows at you, Molotov cocktails & TNT blowing up around you, arsenals of guys firing away with shotguns and machine guns. The game is slightly gory when using the guns. Not too graphic, just a good splash of blood if you hit the bad guys in the right spot.

I haven't kept up with Tomb Raider from when the series started back on the original Playstation, so I don't know the direction the story has gone over the years, but I will say this one starts out with a much darker tone. It doesn't stay completely dark as you go from a dark rainy forest type area to a very sunlit mountainous area. You'll explore hidden caves, beach fronts, jungles, mountains, radio towers up in the clouds, etc. At times it seemed like I was playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag because of the beach scenes and some of the aerial footage. That's why I'm excited for Uncharted 4 because I've read it's like Indiana Jones too.

The cut-scenes/video sequences are handled a bit different in this game than I've experienced before. Other games might have done this before, but it was new to me. Basically in these action sequences you have limited control of the scene. So lets say Lara Croft falls down a cliff that she's stuck sliding down with tree branches flying by you left and right, the game will allow you to control the character to avoid these obstacles, instead of you just sitting there watching a 30 second action clip to transition you to the next scene. At times you'll have access to your weapons too, which can help get you through one of these sequences. I don't want to say too much, but at times you're on the edge of your seat. I've personally never seen anything like it and I love it.

My one gripe about a lot of games "today" along with Tomb Raider, is that the puzzles are extremely easy to figure out. I don't even know if I'd call them puzzles. I understand it's probably to minimize the frustration of these games, but it almost zaps a lot of the fun out of the game. I remember some games I played as a kid and they'd take me forever to finish the puzzle. In this particular game, if you hit the L1 button, it basically highlights the elements you need/can interact with. Basically a giant neon sign saying "use these things". I'm playing on "normal" difficulty and I wish I would have started with "hard" if it would increase the puzzle difficulty. Even if you avoid the L1 button, the puzzles are very straight forward. Basically everything you need is right in front of you. Part of older games was that you'd have to search around for the different parts or pieces to solve a puzzle. Then you'd have to figure out how those pieces fit together. With these new games, it feels like you're riding along with training wheels.

The character development is fun too. As the game progresses you'll earn what I'll call "experience" points. As you get more points you unlock different abilities for your character which makes dealing with the bad guys a little easier. Same thing with your weapons. You'll start with a bow and eventually you'll pick up other heavy duty weapons along the way. Each weapon will be upgraded as you progress. My one complaint is that you don't have any bombs or things like that that you can throw. In The Last of Us, there are multiple items that you can throw, Molotov cocktails, bombs, bricks, bottles, etc. I think that would have been a nice touch because it's always nice to lob bombs/fire over enemy barricades.

I'm curious how this game will end, but so far I haven't been disappointed once. The landscapes are gorgeous, the lighting is a first of its kind, the controls are excellent, the gameplay keeps you very entertained, there's enough story to carry you along. I highly recommend this game.

****Update 1/19/2015: So I finished the game and I originally gave this a 5 star review, but I'm going to scale it back a star because it was a very fun and "good" game, but not top notch. I'm newly returning to the gaming world so I'm just getting a feel for what is out there at the moment. My gripes with this game are the lack of puzzles that many of the early games relied on. Everything is basically handed to you. The final boss was slightly challenging, but quite a disappointment after you realize that it's the end of the game. I was hoping it was going to continue on at a new location, nope. As far as the "action sequences" they're awesome to people that have never seen them, but after you have you get over them pretty quick. This is why I'm going to hold off on The Order: 1886 because it looks like there's a lot of on command button pushing which happened quite a few times in Tomb Raider. This overall is an outstanding game, but don't pay more than $30 for it.

Also the %completed basically means how much of the stuff you've found, not how far along you are in the game. After I beat the game I started going back to complete the other "lost items" "challenges". Most of them are ridiculous. I finished the 1st two main locations, but gave up. Just like I didn't finish the Last of Us side story. Right now I'm playing Far Cry 4 and having a blast. The open world is something to be marveled. Having seen the 2 different types of games, I'll say I lean towards the open world type game as opposed to the linear story based games. Both can be fun though.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I think I'm in love with Lara Dec 22 2014
By DeAnda - Published on
Verified Purchase
Amazing game, I'm in love. I played the PS3 version twice. And enjoyed it immensely. I then upgraded and bought the ps4 version during a sale. Worth every dollar. The visual upgrades are great, so much in fact that I can confidently say that this is the best looking ps4 game so far(seriously I've played brought most by now). I find myself gawking at the obsessively detailed world far too often. I was very familiar with the world to where I got bored with it in the last game on my second run. I've found the magic I initially felt with this remastered version. Seriously, the forest areas now have fog and there is more wildlife. The deer look like something out of a dream when walk out of the fog. I'm an avid screenshot taker with the ps4s new feature. And some of the shots of Lara's face look absolutely stunning. Her face looks so lifelike. Her pores are visible, hair lifelike, bruises and scabs visible. Oh and her eyes they have tears now. Yeah I know. My college roommates literally stop everything they're doing when I start playing and just watch. Eyes glued to the screen "watch". The story is amazing, the gameplay smooth, it's quite a cinematic experience. Lara is a heroine to behold, I wrote a feminist article on her at the University of Washington. 10/10 Buy Now. No ragretz

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