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on June 14, 2004
It is obvious that stock brokers abound on this board and hope you never read this book. No, they would rather have you be subservient to them and think that you are too stupid to do this on your own.
Of course if you were to ask them to fax or email you a list of their trades or portfolio or even the name of one successful client, after hearing a wise crack the next sound you would hear would be CLICK--they just hung up on you.
Wade Cook teaches you self-empowerment. He explains thatyou don't need to listen to those nickel and dime discount brokers who took sales classes from used car salesmen and know next to nothing about how to help you successfully make money in the market.
WADE also gets a lot of flack for recommending full service brokers. Now who do you suppose is making allt he noise there? That's right, discount brokers! Who else would?
Stock Market Miracles picks up where Wall Street Money Machine leaves off. It is a great, powerful way to create a steady income stream via the stock market and from personal experience, I can tell you, it works.
Highly recommended. Great book. Thanks Wade.
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on January 31, 2004
Between the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays I reread several books in my personal library including this one by Wade Cook. I also went over my journals from several years ago and decided to start trading the Wade Cook way...after a hiatus.
I just went back to basics. What worked best for me before was stock splits. Reading IBD and from information I got on the internet, I bought options on three companies doing stocks splits. My net gain on all three after paying commissions to brokers was over $7,000 in about a week.
For a part time semi retired trader, not bad. Learning about stock splits was the easy part. Learning how to play them successfully was the hard part and for that I have to say thank you to Wade Cook. This information isn't available anywhere else and some people even say that stock splits are not profitable! Don't think so!
I highly recommend Stock Market Miracles (now being marketed as Wall Street Money Machine Vol 2)and Wall Street Money Machine Vol 1 (formerly Wall Street Money Machine)
Great books.
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on May 21, 2000
Please, please be very carefull of being suckered into one of Wade's seminars. If you read through any of his books you will notice that at every 2 to 4 pages through out the book he mentions his work shops and how his workshops help people. They cost over $5,5oo and you have to pay another $5,500 for the third day. Then they they try to rope you into getting a yearly service on the internet for about $3,300. And with all of that, you have not even received the advanced training! PLease! Also, although they have a money back policy, it is impossible to get your money back. They do not recomend who the best online broker is, or do they recomend as the best online trading sites and information. Why? Because if you do your homework you can get better information out there for A LOT LESS $! If you are like me, and you have the desire to learn how to trade options and stocks read "Trading Options Online" by George A. Fontanills. It is packed with info! George is a "full time trader, part time information marketer". He will give you the hope you need without taking your start up trading money.
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on March 12, 2000
Wade Cook runs seminars, priced around $3,500, that explain his strategies for investing, with emphasis on writing covered calls. Much of the same information is available in his book, The Wall Street Money Machine.
Don't be fooled by Wade Cook's book. I read it, did some studies of covered calls. Most cheap covered calls are written on stocks that are in the process of declining in price. According to postings in Dejanews, some people admit to having lost a bundle following Wade Cook's trading programs. When I read his book, some of it seemed too good to be true. And, as the old axiom says, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."
I had a conversation with a commodity trader several years ago. He told me that he was continually amazed at people who had demonstrated expertise in their respective fields, and were somewhat successful at their work. Then, they would read a book about commodity trading and think that they could start making a living at it. Basically, the same principle applies to trading stock options. Go slow, crawl before you walk, walk before you run. To use a baseball analogy, go for base hits first. The triples and home runs will come with practice.
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on January 24, 2000
Do NOT waste you time or money investing in this book! I went to the seminars, got gung ho for about 3 hours and then reality set in. The instructor gave me the same schpeil about doing this from the goodness of his heart, but was worried that if I did not sign up for the seminar that same night that he would lose his commision. So much for philanthropy.
He had the audience filled with his fellow shills, hucksters and other 'success stories'--if they are so successful why are they sitting through another boring 4 hour free lecture?
He diseminates the same options and rolling stocks data with the promise of 13 additional strategies if you sign up for the $4000 workshop. The motivational tapes and stock lists and website subscriptions cost another $1000-$1500 if purchased separate from the workshop.
And why cram so much into such a small frame of time? The brain can only absorb so much. And the seminar was on a Friday night--I went straight from work and didn't even have time enough that whole night for a cup of coffee. Cranky, tired and a tad bored, not to mention the market was closed and i had no way to check on any of the claims the instructor made about how much he made that very day.
Every question was answered vaguely, products were pushed on us, and I got the feeling that each book or course would lead into another and another endlessly. The Wade Cook money making machine has landed. This man is not a teacher--he's in it for the money. Wade Cook Inc. He's not giving away ice in winter! How else did he get so rich?
P.S. When I asked for proof for some of these claims no third party evidence was given, only documents provided by the crook himself, Wade Cook. Well I feel so much better having seen those! Not!
Want to lose your shirt? Follow the advice in this book. Approach it with caution--or better yet don't approach it at all. Use your time and money elsewhere.
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on January 8, 2000
I have read Wade's book SMM, and just ordered the WSMM, as well as Safety 1st Investing. I have read ALL the reviews and am amazed by the wild swings of comments. I found the book to be informative, and it has helped me with my trades. Obviously I would not base a trading philosophy on one book, nor would I expect to find the holy grail in one book. Wade's book does not claim to be a ONE BOOK wonder that answers all, but it can definitely help one get into the right frame of mind about income from owning stocks. To the nay sayers, please get off your puny podiums of Wade-bashing for advertising. In a fiercely competitive capitalistic country, how else would you know of anything that exists? The whole economy would come to a halt if nobody did any advertising. Think Superbowl; HELLO! If the reader is looking for content, it is definitely there; how much of it you will discern is up to YOU. You will miss the point of stock market profit making philosphy completely if you complain about Wade's promos, like a bovine. Read it and judge for yourself. I have made 5%-40% returns a month consistently from rolling stocks; I know his ideas work. You'll need to blend in your synthesis to his book's content. Define your own market strategy, then determine how Wade's ideas could be utilized to help those strategies. Like a puzzle! The picture will begin to materialize, one puzzle piece at a time. It has, for me. Work one strategy at a time! But please don't sit back on that laz-a-boy and critique his book because you could not make his ideas work, or did not even try. I recommend this book to anyone who is building a library of books that contain good investment ideas, and who has a plan for a financially successful future!
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on November 30, 1999
You will not read more than ten pages of this book without Wade making a pitch for ones of his other products. Every other resource he lists in his book for furthering your investment knowledge is written by him. This book was my first introduction into investing. I knew nothing of the subject before reading it and even I saw right through this trash. I can only imagine what more educated people were thinking as they read it. He constantly strings you along about one of his methods only to tell you you will have to buy another one of his books to get complete understanding. Do the math on returns of 20% a month for two year with a $2000 initial investmest and you will see how his claims are unobtainable. THE MOST SHAMELESS PART OF HIS BOOK IS WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT HIS FAITH AND HOW HE IS ONLY IN THIS TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE. Wade Cook is nothing but a sly salesman. Don't be surprised if you see him on T.V. telling you his book can get rid of that nasty kitchen grease or you could lose 20 lbs by exercising with it.
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on May 26, 1999
I read his other book WSMM when it first came out. I finished this book recently. Both books help my investment to grow at a rate faster than the DJIA. However, I can say the same with many of the books I have read. Wade Cook's book is just another 'cook' book. Of course, cook books will not make you a good cook. The WSMM and SMM are almost identical, except the cover. Just buy the cheaper one.
The book has some good points. Most of the methods are not original; they are unorthodox and risky. The risky methods may help you getting better returns. The book was written exactly like the way he talks. It is entertaining. His positve energy can pick you up when you are down.
There is certainly a lots of negatives in the media about the author. Some, not all, of his methods may be too risky for average investors. He tells you how to start a fire, but you might not know how to control it. Many got burned. Fire is good if you know how to control the use.
I still think this is a good book, but don't expect mircles by just reading it. The only Stock Market Miracles are located 30 miles from Wade Cook's headquarters in Washington--Microsoft and
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on May 14, 1999
Apparently, Mr. Cook has been generating gains of 20% to 40% per month in the stock market using various techniques. He says he has been doing this for years and getting annualized gains of 320%, doubling his capital every two to four months. Not bad, right? And all he is doing is stuff he calls rolling stock and dividend capture, the shortest of short-term strategies to play a stock when it trades in a specified range for a while or jump from stock to stock to stock about to pay a dividend.
This all had me scratching my head, though, as I am not sure that Cook knows what his claims really suggest. With gains of 20% to 40% per month, the compound rate of growth would be absolutely tremendous. Let's assume that Cook has been doing this for the following time periods: five years, ten years and twenty years. Let's also be reasonable and say he only started with $1000. Finally, let's split his claim down the middle and say he does 30% per month. In five years at 30% monthly compounding, $1000 turns into $6.864 billion. In ten years, 30% monthly compounding turns into $47,119.6 billion. In twenty years, 30% monthly compounding turns into $2,220 *SEPT*tillion, which is roughly about 100,000 times the national debt of four trillion.
If Cook has been doing this for any amount of time with any amount of capital, he very quickly would have surpassed Mssrs. Buffett and Gates on the Forbes 500 -- something which he has not done. Quite honestly, he probably would have given up his seminars and hard-sell over the radio long ago with anything near this amount of capital, in order to buy his own island in the Caribbean and retire in style, much like Sir John Templeton. As Cook continues to push his books, I've gotta wonder whether or not his claims are all that they are made out to be. Investors should take exaggerated performance claims with a grain of salt unless they see some sort of supporting evidence, as returns on the order of Cook's would cause anyone with a reasonable amount of capital to become a billionaire in five years -- something that just does not happen that often.
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on April 29, 1999
Unfortunately this book won't work for everybody. If you are not willing to take a small risk (say $1000) and learn and keep learning, then it isn't going to do you any good to spend $24.95 on this book. This book if for people who are a student of learning, who want to constantly expand their knowledge and make them a more educated trader. I agree with some of the people's reviews that he is trying to sell his seminars through these books, but who wants to read a 1000 page book when you can sum it up in 250 pages and then say "If you want to know more, come to the Wall Street Workshop". I think it is funny that alot of the people who wrote negative feedback about this book mention nothing about how much money they tried to incorporate into these formulas, or how many other books they had read. I have read Wall Street Money Machine, Stock Market Miracles and Bear Market Baloney all before I did my first trade. My first trade I took $1812.50 and turned that into about $20,000 in TWO DAYS. My first trade, because I chose to educate myself with the backbone of what Wade Cook teaches. Most people out there writing these negative feedback are the ingnorant portion of society that those of us on a quest for knowledge would like to see wiped off the face of this earth. Anyway I give this book SIX STARS, because it has changed my life forever, I'm rich.
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