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  • Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
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Street Fighter Alpha: Generations

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CDN$ 49.86 Only 1 left in stock. Ships from and sold by M and N Media Canada.

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The OVA Alpha Generations serves as a prequel to the popular Street Fighter continuity that includes two movies, a TV series, and another OVA. (There's also a live-action Street Fighter based on the same video game.) Ryu returns to the mountains where he lived as a child to visit the grave of his original martial arts master: Gouken was killed by Gouki, a renegade student who embraced the "dark Hadou." Much of the back story is related by an old monk who helps Ryu in his training and explains the ancient origins of the evil Hadou that turned Gouki into a demon. The monk's wisdom and the gentle presence of his granddaughter prepare Ryu for his inevitable battle with Gouki. The minimal plot unfolds in disjointed fragments, but fans of the Street Fighter series aren't looking for compelling narratives: As four members of Japanese cast say in the special feature, "watch the fighting scenes." (Unrated, suitable for ages 15 and older: violence, grotesque imagery, brief nudity, alcohol and tobacco use) --Charles Solomon

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Can't Believe I waited so long for this!!!!! a complete let down Nov. 1 2005
By Jj Mehmi - Published on
Format: DVD
Having been a street fighter fan for some time collecting comics DVDs and nearly all the games whilst never once complaining - i guess it finally had to happen! this was the most disappointing street fighter of them all. Instead of continuing from street fighter alpha to street fighter alpha 2 we are presented with a 45 minute piece of trash prequel which is obviously not aimed at any street fighter fan. The animation is the worst I have ever seen from Japan and I am disappointed i will have to add it to my manga collection. The story does not also seem to be sticking to the street fighter script with Ryu and Ken switching their personalities around and ken being the calm, concerned angry martial artist and ryu the one mucking around and goofing off. The fight scenes although are ok are brief - especially the intro with Gotesku and where was the fight with Gouken and Akuma?
- what the hell was up with those blue dots coming out when Ryu & Akuma fight
- what was up with fireballs being thrown around like dragonball
- who the heck was the old man? Is it the same dude that was in Street Fighter V for 1 episode when Ken Ryu & Chun Li go Shopping?
- why was ken even in it for all of 3 mins
- why are japan taking a step back with this lame animation that even i can do better than - you look at Ghost in the shell 2 animation and then street fighter alpha generations and you think oh my god!
Believe me when i say rent this rather than buy,

And for the guy giving this 5 stars, you obviously was excited as me before the release date.
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Extremely disappointed Sept. 24 2006
By J.M. - Published on
Format: DVD
Wow, was I disappointed in this movie. I really really wanted to like it, as I am a hardcore Street Fighter fan. This movie had so much potential that it never reaches... I almost feel like the creators made this movie strictly with the thought that it would do well just because of the SF name, and didn't care about the quality.

The artwork and animation is very substandard for an anime, and can't even come close to comparing to SF Alpha the movie. In fact, when I first saw Ryu, I wasn't even sure if it was Ryu that I was looking at. I quickly picked up that it was him based on his actions, but I should be able to tell who Ryu is right away, considering how much I love SF plus he is my favorite character. I don't understand why the animators changed the character design from SF Alpha the movie, especially considering that this is SF ALPHA Generations. SF Alpha the movie had very good character art, and the characters looked nearly identical to their video game counterparts. Akuma* looked much more menacing in Street Fighter Alpha the movie.

Another weakness in this anime is that it revolves nearly exclusively around Ryu and Akuma. The only other Alpha characters that are in this are Sakura and Ken. And even though Ken is a very important character in the SF universe, he has a smaller role than Sakura does... in fact, his role is so small, it might as well just be a glorified cameo appearance.

Not to give away any details, but Ryu is encountered by a mysterious old man who challenges Ryu to a fight. Ryu is defeated rather easily... and only one question comes to mind at this point, "If Ryu can't even defeat this old man, then how in the world is he supposed to take on Akuma, the most powerful character in the SF universe?" Well, Ryu supposedly trains at this old man's house, we get about 1 minute's worth of him training... and I suppose that is supposed to be enough to imply that he got stronger than the old man and can now take on Akuma.

If all else weren't bad enough, the fight between Ryu and Akuma seems mindless. They just seem to blindly throw ki attacks at each other to see who can topple who. There doesn't seem to be any real rationality in why they are doing what they are doing. Did the animators think this would make them appear to be super powerful? If they did, then they failed miserabely. Because at no point in this movie, did either Ryu or Akuma do anything to make me believe they are the two most powerful SF characters, which they are supposed to be.

The voice dubbing is pretty bad... it's not as bad as SF 2 the Animated Movie's was, but it isn't nearly as good as SF Alpha the movie's was. By the way, this anime seems very rush as it is only about 45 minutes long.

All I can say is that this movie and story had so much potential. I almost don't even want to consider it a SF movie... oh by the way, for those of you who have seen SF Alpha the movie, but not this, I want to say that this movie is NOT a continuation of that movie. I bring this up because in SF Alpha the movie, we are left with a seen of Ryu and Akuma meeting face to face, and then they are about to engage in combat before the movie end... this is not where Generations picks up... I wish it were, because anything would be better than this.

So in short: Low quality art/animation, only four Alpha characters, mindless fighting, and bad voice dubbing... and the topper for me, I couldn't even tell you who won the fight between Ryu and Akuma if I wanted to... you'll have to see the movie for yourself to know what I mean about that.

Hopefully the next time a SF anime is made, the creators will actually put in some type of effort to make it a worthwhile purchase.

*In Generations Akuma is called by his Japanese name, "Gouki". I have no idea why the English dubbers kept his Japanese name, instead of changing it to Akuma... you'd think they would since in SF Alpha they called him Akuma. Probably just another piece of evidence that they put absolutely zero thought into this movie.
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By W. Douh - Published on
Format: DVD
what a shame!!!street fighter fans waited for around 3 years for this movie to come out and in the end u get to watch 45 mins of total bull.thats nothing surprising considering the fact that the first street fighter alpha sucked too.don't want to say anything more you watch it yourself and judge.want some darn good street fighter anime??go for street fighter II v instead,u will know the difference between good and crap....
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Waste of money April 23 2006
By KW - Published on
Format: DVD
Since Im' a fan of street fighter, i bought this dvd when i first saw it at a store. It's a waste of money. At least if they had thrown in a poster it would have had some value. You see Ryu and Akuma on the cover and you think" these guys are going to fight!!Finally." That's what i thought,after of course watching the first Alpha movie and them not fighting each other. But this movie was a complete gimmick to rake in some quick dollars at the expense of all the fans who were expecting so much more. The animation itself is pretty bad. The fight scenes are pathetic for this day and age. There is nothing memeroble about this movie. The only thing I can clearly remember is the scene when Sakura and the other girl are in the bath togather, and even then you don't see much. The other thing is Akuma looks terrible. They should draw him the way he looks in Capcom vs Snk 2. And what's even more annoying is they call him by his lesser known name "Gouki" throughout the whole movie. Anyone who is a fan of the franchise will have to see it to believe it, just don't expect much and whatever you do, don't buy it.
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Only good for rental Nov. 19 2005
By Amazon Customer - Published on
Format: DVD
Okay, you can rent it if you want but it's really not worth that much trouble. There is really only one reason to even view this half hearted excuse for a film it's to get some background info on Gouki/Akuma. That's who this film is really about it shows you what happened to Gouki and Gouken in the beginning but that's hardly worth making a film about; in fact, we would have been better served if they had just revealed this information in the next rendition of the video game.

Enough of that here's the review breakdown.

On the animation, it tends to be real inconsistent. Some scenes are very detailed and clear while others have this wobbly bloated appearance to them that makes everyone look like they were being developed by a drunk.

The story is interesting but for those who know the mythos of Street Fighter there are some inconsistencies but those are forgivable to an extent.

The fights, this is street fighter after all that's what were watching if for right? Well sorry but I've been more excited watching a fight in Dragonball Z than this. Akuma is not presented properly and Ryu is given far too much credit. Oh and Ken lovers please don't waste your time. I've come to the conclusion that the Japanese just don't like Americans because each incarnation of Street Fighter makes Ken look worse and worse whereas in the originals he was presented as Ryu's equal.

Well that's my rant it's pretty weak and if you want to save yourself some cash read the following if you still want to watch the movie don't read any further.

The only reason to see this film is that you find out that Akuma/Gouki is actually Ryu's father. Though neither Gouki or Ryu are aware of it. Who's the mother? Gouki's master had a daughter and interestingly enough Gouki was a nice guy but he, Gouken, and Ryu come from a bloodline of fighters that are basically cursed. The danger of using the Dark Hado is that it exposes one's soul to dark chi which attracts demons. If one uses the dark hado for too long you will eventually be overwelmed by those dark forces and become possessed. Turns out Akuma was someone who at heart was good but wanted to be a great fighter so badly he didn't understand the full consequenses. Translation, he was a bit on the dense side.

There, now you know the good stuff you can skip the movie and go back to playing the video game.