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Steven Seagal , Christine Adams , Anthony Hickox    VHS Tape
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3.0 out of 5 stars
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2.0 out of 5 stars Could have been much better May 3 2012
By M. Bailin TOP 1000 REVIEWER
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
This one must have represented nearly the bottom of Seagal's career slump ... the story-line is a far cry from most of his better known (and better) stuff, and reads more like it's from a Tom Clancy techno-thriller, centred around high-tech "brainwashing" by the baddies, and Seagal and his fellow mercenaries' mission to rescue hostages and destroy the terrorists' lab. Add in the government conspiracy to block the team from succeeding, and it's straight outta Clancy, not even particularly well done.

Everyone's got their own idea of Steven Seagal favorites, but I'll stick with "Hard to Kill", "Fire Down Below", and "Glimmer Man" as much better than this one.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Seagal Movies June 22 2009
Movie really surprised me it was a good I usually don't watch military related movies but this one was not bad at all.
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Amazon.com: 2.4 out of 5 stars  54 reviews
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1.0 out of 5 stars Very very bad June 20 2005
By The Bus - Published on Amazon.com
I won't go into a summary of the plot. I admit I rented this without even reading what it was about, just because it was a Seagal movie.

I didn't have high expectations. Even so...

After about 30 minutes I gave up.

First off, for those of you who actually watch it, what's up with the super-dooper fakey spy plane in the beginning? The planes in "Team America" looked more realistic than this garbage.

Also, they can afford to have a helicopter to shoot scenes in, but the background is so obviously computer generated? What a joke.

And once again I wondered what the heck was going on when every scene that required a voice over dub by seagal was done by somebody who sounded NOTHING like seagal.

Fighting? Not in this movie. Lots and lots of shooting though. For so called best-of-the-best professional soldiers, they couldn't hit the walls of a barn if they were standing inside the barn. There's one scene in which 200+ of the baddies with automatic weapons and a TANK are being held off by like 4 or 5 goodies with automatic machine-pistols. They're in a tunnel, like 100 feet from each other, firing hundreds if not thousands of rounds and like nobody gets hit? What a joke. One of the boring-ist scenes I've ever had to sit through. That's about when I called it quits.

This movie is garbage. It's pure poop. It's too bad also, because even though everything since "Exit Wounds" in my opinion was poop, "Into The Sun" I thought was actually pretty good.

I'll keep renting his movies just in the hopes that someday I'll actually enjoy one of his movies once again. So I suppose they'll keep churning out this poop because people like me will keep renting them. I'd imagine that they'll rent good, but I can't imagine any of his newer movies are being actually purchased. I guess his career is over, and I should get over it. But I'll keep up hope for now that someday, somebody will actually put this over-the-hill out-of-shape former-bad-a** into a decent movie.

Until then, we'll always have "out for justice" :) Anybody here seen richie?
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1.0 out of 5 stars Total Excrement! Dec 2 2005
By Living in Budapest - Published on Amazon.com
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
As a Seagal fan I have to say that this direct-to-toilet DVD ranks high on my all-time worst film list. Seagal started getting pretty bad when he released The Patriot. Between that horrible film and Submerged Seagal has released a few decent direct-to-video films. Submerged is not one of them. The sound quality on Submerged was awful. It's bad enough trying to understand what Seagal says with his mumbling (or the dubbing), but my wife and I found ourselves turning the volume up and down depending on the scene. While you don't really buy these films for the plot, you expect at least a minimal storyline...not with Submerged! We gave up on Submerged less than 15 minutes into the film. Unless your a Seagal fan and feel the overwhelming compulsion to add to your collection, do not buy this DVD!!! If you're not a fan, don't even bother renting (or borrowing from a friend)!
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1.0 out of 5 stars "We're Submerged." "So Am I!" Terreible Action from Steven Seagal Feb. 26 2006
By Tsuyoshi - Published on Amazon.com
These days no one would expect much from direct-to-video films starring Steven Seagal. It was only five years ago (in 2001) when his `Exit Wounds' hit No. 1 in the US box office chart, and thanks to DMX that was a decent action film. It was a long time ago.

`Submerged' is yet another B-film from Millennium Films directed by Anthony Hichox, known for B-horror/action films like `Waxwork' and `Jill Rips.' If you have seen the latter one featuring another direct-to-video star Dolph Lundgren (remember?), you know what you will see in `Submerged.' I can write it with one word - TERRIBLE.

[BAD ACTIONS] `Submerged' has a wide assortment of terrible actions and vapid shoot-outs, plus incomprehensible story no one can understand, and as if they are not enough, very bad acting too. The last one could be forgiven if only Steven Seagal had listened to the advice of the people who know filmmaking better, and tried to lose some weight to look more like `action star' as he did before shooting `Exit Wounds.' Apparently he is too busy to do that, making as many as three or four films in a year.

[BAD STORY] Now `Submerged' seems to be about the conspiracy in South America, where some terrible plot is going on, It looks like someone is using the high tech called "mind control" for no other reason than making some money. And this is yet to be confirmed, but someone is giving a help to the scientist to do a profitable business or something.

[BAD, BAD, BAD] Add to this clichéd story, laconic Steven Seagal as `Cody' our hero released from the prison. As always, Chris Cody is assigned a mission from US Navy to attack the secret laboratory of the doctor. Chris Cody leads his `Dirty-Dozen' team only to find bits of tired actions, like bits of submarine scenes (where cheap version of `Under Siege' can be seen briefly), and another cheap version of Doris Day's `The Man Who Knew Too Much' with confusing editing and meaningless conclusion.

[AND TRIVIA] Usually this kind of action is made with several set-pieces. If they are well-crafted, the numerous plot holes or bad acting can be ignored. In `Submerged' as the title suggests, everything - car crash, explosions (including that of miniatures), and shoot-outs are badly shot and poorly edited. You see distorted, cheesy CGI of `visions' of the brainwashed, or inexplicable fast-forward and slow motions, but they just don't make any sense. The fact that Hichox's mother Anne V. Coates is a respected film editor and four-time Oscar nominee (most recently for `Out of Sight') only makes me very sad about the poorly done editing of `Submerged.'

And as to Steven Seagal, what can I say? His acting is lazy and his action is slack, as if he doesn't want to do anything. Even the film's `Uruguay' is in fact Bulgaria, so no exotic location can be enjoyed. In short, this is a truly terrible film with no redeeming merits. Forget all about it.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Aligatah?! Oct. 9 2005
By T. Young - Published on Amazon.com
"I got a really sh***y feeling about this one..."

Prophetic lines to say the least, uttered by Gary Daniels in the beginning of the movie, almost as if he knew what crap that is Submerged was going to 'surface' from Anthony Hilcox.

I think most of the reviews already got it the high points of the film. The supporting cast (some of them) is the movie's only saving grace of 2 stars.

Heres some hilarious things to look out for if you dare watch this malady:

-Seagal's odd Cajun accent, which he ONLY uses for some reason in the beginning of the film! Its like he forgot to do the Cajun bit or just said to hell with it. Some future classic lines such as, "Where my crew?", "What if he not?", "Who the f--- is this?" and of course, "Theres some...sick sh-- up in here alligatah." Freaking hilarious.

-Seagal's entrance on the ship. Rocking Michael Bay esque music out of nowhere starts and we have a huge Seagal waddling in slow motion. The thuds when he walks are particularly fitting.

-Seagal's prison outfit. He's the only one who would where a blue denim suit (borrowed from DMX maybe?) while everyone else is in regular orange jumpers. Also, note the stat listings on his so called team (a la Out for a Kill).

-Toy planes. Thunderbirds are go!

-Seagal's fight with Daniels in which he starts throwing a cursing tantrem, then nods as if he had just heard some Zen wisdom or something! Easily the funniest part of the movie and worth the watch.

-Seagal always laying in the shadows and mumbling like he's film noir or something.

-Vinnie Jones clocking out an usher.

-Seagal's fight with the unnamed black guy at the end.

-The Mexican member of his team whose special ability is apparently being able to switch gears on a stick shift car while sitting in the passenger seat (look ma, no clutch!). Look close and use the pause button for this one!

-The ambiguous ending (sequel perhaps? I hope not).

Another one for those Seagal fans who have a strange curiosity to watch what the great one has become.
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars It's a very VERY bad movie but I enjoyed it........... June 22 2005
By Ollie - Published on Amazon.com
I've just rented this and it's a hard one to rate. Its a bad film in almost every way except for Vinne Jones who is the only saving grace of the whole thing however having said that, I really enjoyed it and for me it's probably the most enjoyment I've had from a Seagal movie second to Belly Of The Beast since Half Past Dead. I'd also like to say could someone please give Vinne Jones his own action movie. His one liner's were great and the fight scene with the sniper about an hour and 10 minutes into the movie was the movies high point and pure Vinne Jones even topping the car door slamming scene from Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. Jones is at his best playing this type of character. I'd also like to say that Alison King is a babe and deserves better than this and she is another plus for renting this. The direction by Anthony Hickox is terrible, Seagal's dialogue is terrible, as said in another review about 80% of his lines are dubbed, he sits down for most of the movie and we only ever see his fat face in half shadow, he wears massive leather coats regardless of the fact that he is supposedly in some very hot South American country while the locals wear t-shirts and look like they are sweating to death and you could start a drinking game while watching this called spot Seagals body double. Seagal also seems to have developed a bad case of torrets with a hilarious sudden outburst of c*ck sucker motherf**ker during one scene for no apparent reason and the line is delivered with the most energy I've heard Seagal deliver a line since probably Under Siege! It's also quite clear that Seagal is not even in the same room while supposedly delivering his lines to other actors and at times his dialogue doesn't make any sense. The spy plane at the beginning was the first of many laughs I got from the movie. It looked like something out of the Thunderbirds or from cut scene from Team America and for a minute I was wondering if I'd been given the right DVD at the rental store. All these things add up to an enjoyable 90 minutes with a few good laughs to be had at Seagals expense, the cheap special effects and Vinne Jones' character. I would probably recommend this as a rental only but I might pick it up cheap if I came across it in the bargain bin sometime in the future if only for Vinne Jones and that fight with the sniper.
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