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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on July 31, 2006
Billed "the scariest TV show ever" before its release, the show certainly doesn't flinch away from the great visuals and dark mood. I can't confirm if this is the case (having seen plenty of horror movies and therefore largely desensitized), but I wouldn't be surprised--the atmosphere throughout the episodes are decidedly creepy, a little uncomfortable, and there are more than a few moments when you'd like to back up a little in some of the closer shots, and I just don't recall this ever happening before in other television series!

There is an excellent X-Files-y feel to the show, but it manages to be more lighthearted and "cool," due in large part to the convincing and enjoyable fraternal chemistry between stars Padalecki and Ackles, whose acting comes off as natural and comfortable. Centred entirely on supernatural events (lacking thankfully from The X-File's sometimes tiring theme of government conspiracy and aliens) based on actual urban legends, it's satisfying to see some of the stories we've all heard growing up unfold and be addressed on the screen. Of course it's a fictional storyline, but in a sense, this gives it more "credibility," where other shows like Buffy, Angel, and Charmed, while fun, you know plenty of the mythology is made up.

I wish I could give this a 4.5, because the show is lacking little from an enthusiastic 5. My biggest regret is that much of the show's episodes are stand-alone, addressing the main plotline only occasionally. This is partly understandable, as there wouldn't be much if the brothers' goals were so quickly dealt with, and the huge variety of urban legends cannot possibly all relate to their quest. But at times, I still felt myself hoping for a return to the main issue in the middle of a batch of stand-alones, the story arcs, if you will, from other shows such as Lost that keep the pace steady and on track. Fortunately, whenever the main story is explored, they are always outstanding episodes, with heightened tension and action, all culminating to an impressive season finale.

In conclusion, there's very little not to like in Supernatural: it has charm, humour, excitement, chills, and thrills, things you'd think all TV shows by now would have learned to include.
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on September 19, 2009
Combine two brothers, some salt, a lot of artillery, demons, rock and roll, and some chills - what do you get? Well, Supernatural! Not to mention the well-placed humour, interesting ghoul "fun facts", and it's filmed in the coolest place on Earth: Canada! (Vancouver to be specific).


I love it. Last disc has a lot of the "behind-the-scene" stuff like bloopers and a day in the life of Jensen and Jared. Some complain there isn't enough stuff on the DVDs - more episode commentary would be nice, but it's a great package for an underrated show.


I have to admit, the show does start off more gory than I'd like - I am not a horror-flick watcher in any means. But Dean's charm, Sam's puppy eyes, and the intense storyline kept me going. The "blood-and-bones" aspect does tone down for many episodes, and taps into the emotions and spirituality of humans (and demons!), which is the aspect I really enjoy the most.

I highly recommend giving this show a look. It isn't just a "horror/slash" television show. It's a well-written show about the fears and tears of life - with just a pinch of demon.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 25, 2016
Great show!! Meaning to watch it for a while and glad I finally did!! Its a great fantasy show. Two brothers searching for their father. While doing that continue the family business of fighting evil. Good writing. Filmed in Canada! Check it out!
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on June 12, 2007
Well produced, beautifully shot and full of just the right mix of scares and laughs, Supernatural is the first WB series since Buffy went legit (and got boring) worth watching in a long time.

The first season is much more "Horror Movie of the Week" than the second, with only bits and pieces of the overall story arc thrown in to hold it together but in doing so it makes most episodes much more enjoyable to watch as one-offs. Its funny, its tight, its genuinely scary. You can tell that the actors are having fun doing it, and in turn you have fun coming along for the ride. There are very few weak episodes in Season One and as the tension mounts and we start careening toward the season finale it really grabs for your guts and doesn't let go for a second.

The only beef I have with the box set is the special features. They're seriously lacking, and the few commentaries (except for the one for the pilot) feel slapped together and tacked on as an after thought. Start-up websites have better official galleries. The behind the scenes featurettes lack too. Movie Television (CA) shot and aired better, more in depth and amusing stuff than what appears on the DVD set. The DVD-ROM features do make up for it a bit, but you have to take it to your computer to enjoy the really good stuff online.

Hopefully now that the show has found an audience and is guaranteed for a Season Three WB/CW will put more thought and work into the special features of the Season Two box set, but for now we'll just have to wait on that.

If you love the show, and enjoy watching the episodes then the box set won't disappoint. Buy it, watch it with your friends and enjoy! If, however, you're a DVD junkie who puts more worth in the special behind the scenes features than the show itself, you may be disappointed.
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on December 3, 2010
À tous ceux qui se demandent pourquoi ils ont resortis les anciennes saisons de Supernatural, ils ont décidés de mettre le doublage en français sur les dvd. Ils ont bien fait, ça faisait un moment qu'on les attendait. Les saisons 1, 2, 3 et 4 qui ont sortis le 19 octobre sont maintenant disponible en français. La jacquette du coffret est en français puisqu'ils ont mis le titre français de la série: "Surnaturel" mais l'intérieur du coffret est en anglais (pour les 3 premiers coffrets). Pour la 4ième saison, le coffret est juste en français, mais il n'y a rien d'écris à l'intérieur concernant les épisodes de la saison 4.
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on July 14, 2007
I've just recently started watching Supernatural and this box set was a great way to get into the show. The commentaries (though sparse) are really interesting and the documentary extras give great insight into the shows production.
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on June 17, 2010
Supernatural takes a lot of creative liberties in it's mythology, normally when this is done it mangles things into something just plain awful.

But I've got to say, Supernatural pulls it off quite well. Loading up shotgun shells full of salt, because spirits are repelled by it? Now that's just inspired.

If you told me that Eric Kripke was an avid player of table top roleplaying games ? I would believe you, because the Winchester Brothers act more like player characters from a roleplaying game than like people in a horror movie.

The fact that there is a Supernatural Tabletop Roleplaying game comes as no shock to me, because it's the perfect setting for this.

Supernatural itself though? Even before I got to the special features that said so, I really got the sense of "This feels like a feature film more than another TV series."

The Brothers do make a couple of bone headed moves on occasion, you'll be saying "NO! DON'T SPLIT UP! I RETRACT EVERYTHING I JUST SAID ABOUT YOU BEING LIKE A PLAYER CHARACTER!"... Well okay maybe not that last part.

Still, you've got to be impressed by what twisted and disturbed situations Erik puts his characters in.

There is a story, and you will want to watch it in order. But this is less true for most of the first season. It's also the weakest. Still it's an excellent series.

I'm not sure if it's Season 1 or 2, but in one city that's supposed to be the United States? If you look really closely you can see the Bank of Montreal in the background. Yeah, anyone who's been there could totally tell it's Vancouver.

Which they make a joke about that in Season 2.

It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is a rare blessing. This works precisely because it is so deadly serious. Humor is used very well in the series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 27, 2015
I stumbled into this show catching the Season 4 premiere and immediately backtracked to season 1 to watch everything. I was really glad I did this because this has become one of my favourite shows and every time I marathon all over again it's like a warm blanket of familiarity.

This season can be summed as easily as one line: Two sons trying to find their father.
That's the easy sum up but it's SO much more, between all the folk lore kind of monsters and spirits that they must hunt, and the relationship the two brothers; Sam and Dead, build is wonderful. It's a full 22 episode season, and these are the hour long tv segments as well so you'll get around 45-47 minutes of episode time each.

I highly recommend this show to most friends I meet, and luckily most have already seen it!
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on April 12, 2007
Seriously underrated, this show is one of the best on television today. A mixture of Route 66 and the X-Files, Supernatural (season 1) focuses on the journey of two brothers trying to find their father while battling the supernatural. The chemistry between the two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester is amazing. Also, Dean Winchester's vehicle, the '67 Chevy Impala used in the show is beyond cool. During their roadtrip, they encounter everything from a woman in white to vampires to shapeshifters and countless pissed of spirits/demons! If you're a fan of the X-files or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this tv show is for you!
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on October 9, 2011
Its Supernatural what else needs to be said. the show is awesome, really mixing the "old west" style gun slinger feel, with the dark and frightful lore, from ghosts to demons. this show delivers.

the only problem with the blu-ray is that because it is in Hi-Def you do see the production value of the first season, example is episode 4 when they first meet a demon, the cloud of smoke is grainy, and seems static-y. this isnt somethign to do with the quality of the blu-ray. just the shows low production value in the first season, but by the time you get up to season 2, everything looks 10x better.
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