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Platform : PlayStation2
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  • For the PlayStation2
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  • Platform:   PlayStation2
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
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Platform for Display: PlayStation2

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Platform for Display: PlayStation2

Time Splitters: Future Perfect [PlayStation2] For the PlayStation2

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Travel to the past to save your future...again! March 24 2005
By Barry Robinson - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: PlayStation2 Fun:   
"EA GAMES!"...that was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the cover art for TimeSplitters Future Perfect a while back. Now, as much as I love EA GAMES, I have to admit I was worried about the TimeSplitters series when I saw it changing publisher. Now all I can say is, "Congratulations Free Radical on another spectacular game!" Eidos, EA, it makes no difference. The boys at Free Rad have done it again. Its been a considerable time since the last installment in the series but the other day I found myself picking up right where I left off in TimeSplitters 2. This made me very happy, to say the least. Some minor and major changes have been made to the series and believe me that their all for the best. The graphics still have some what of a cartoony look to them but have been made to look more realistic. The controls are tighter, as if to say the previous game's weren't, sheesh. Things just don't stop getting better do they? Technically, Future Perfect is the most impressive game I have ever seen. It's framerate is blistering, it sounds fantastic, the animations and effects are wonderful, and best of all the characters actually seem alive. Sure the A.I. in the last game was good, but this time, it is SO much better. The characters take cover, talk to you constantly, never to the point of being annoying, and the look absolutley great. The game's story is also very interesting and captivating, making for a more memorable experience. Where as TimeSplitters 2 dropped you into random time periods to abliterate everything in your way, Future Perfect drops you into random time periods to abliterate everything in your way, for a purpose. I won't give away the story but I assure you it is very awesome. Whether your infiltrating a train yard with 60's super spy, Harry Tipper, or blasting apart zombies in a haunted house, Future Perfect is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. One of the biggest changes I should point out are that TimeSpitters now has blood...tons and tons of blood. It is gory, gratuious and I love it. This truely adds to the hightened realism the series is seeming to strive for. However, never fear fellow TimeSplitters fans, the classic humor from the previous titles is still intact and funnier than ever. Future Perfect is...well, a perfect mix of both seriousness and humor. Just when you begin to get frustrated, an in-game voice well ease your tension. For example, when I was being timed to hack a computer and becoming just a little frustrated, another Cortez yelled "Hey I know it sucks, I've have to do it twice already!" and the two more chime in, "Me too!" Thats right people, I said another Cortez. Future Perfect allows you to meet yourself through time paradoxes, either a future you or a past you. In either case you'll be helping youself out, and will eventually play out the situation through both perspectives. Not only will you meet up with yourself but many memorable characters return to the series, including Captain Ash, Jungle Queen, Kitten Celeist, Khallos, Jo Beth, monkey, and the previously metioned, Harry Tipper. And thats just in the single player game. Dinosaur, Handy Man, Duckman Drake, and many others return to the insane multiplayer portion of Future Perfect that will have you battling it out in various modes across some of the best multiplayer maps ever. Siberia focuses on wide open combat, allowing players to get into vehicles while most of the other maps allow for more classic FPS action. The multiplayer maps are very diverse, from Vietnam to a swinging 60's club, the mayhem will never end. As in TimeSplitters 2, two players can play the whole single player mode cooperativley and all levels can be challenged on different difficulties. Some classic weapons return to the series with a couple modifications such as the minigun, shotgun, and SBP 90. The new weapons are just plain awesome, double MP5k's, a baseball bat, harpoon gun, and trip mines, to name only a few. You can now throw grenades and use a device on your arm to lift object to hurdle at people. This seems very much like a Jedi using the force and is quite useful for reaching things at high locations. The arcade modes and challenges are up to the previous game's standards and are sure to not not dissapoint...I mean come on, who doesn't want to race a wheeled cat around a race track. As in the last game, Future Perfect manages to pay homage to GoldenEye with a similar train mission. Also, Chinese, Mexican Mission, and Training Ground from TimeSplitters 2 have been revamped, unfortunatly, they just dont feel the same. But thats why new maps have been made. TimeSplitter Future Perfect is a game I would honestly and gladly pay much more than 50 dollars for and is truly one of the best games I have ever played. Time to Split!

Thanks for Reading.
10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
By Eddie Vertigo - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: PlayStation2 Fun:   
With so many first-person-shooter games to choose from, it takes something special to make one stand out. This game is very creative & very fun. Most FPS games are stuck in one specific time period, whereas Timesplitters involves time travel, therefore you can play with old weapons in the past, or sci-weapons in the future. Simple solution, but very clever, it pays off due to the variety.

The story itself is fun, being funny and interesting, but the real treat is the replay-factor. There are many ways to play with friends or AI opponents, from Deathmatch to Capture the Flag, and even a game of tag where the person who's "it" is on fire.

There are also lots of challenges to complete, and a lot of variety to them. You can make robo-monkeys dance using an electric gun, shoot hoops with steel balls, drive cats around a racetrack, break things with bricks, and even go curling with monkeys. And the better you do at all the challenges, the more characters you unlock, and there are around 150 to play with.

The bottomline is the replayability. When you're broke & cheap like me, you want to get a lot of usage out of your expensive games. This is one of those games you can play again & again without getting bored, simply because there's just so much stuff to try. The customization of various matches is really high, putting you in total control of how you want to play. Plus, the simple joy of just running around and shooting moving targets without actually hurting anyone can't be beat. This is a fun game with a lot of variety to it and some really neat surprises, I am really glad I got this one.
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Comedy and Action At It's Gaming Finest March 29 2006
By Elak Swindell - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: PlayStation2 Fun:   
I read someone hated this game because a character "took God's name in vain" during the first mission. Give me a break. If you are going to be offended by something stupid like that, you shouldn't be playing most action titles these days, which contain a good helping of adult themes and language. "TS:FP" doesn't fall into this catagory, though. Granted, it isn't a kiddy title or contain the expletive language like that found in "GTA: San Andreas". The adult element concerns gun violence and the CG blood when NPCs bite the bullet. I really enjoy a good first person shooter and "TS:FP" is well worth having if you do as well. It has beautifully smooth graphics (which might make some people motion sick), a decent storyline (not spectacular, but good enough), superb voice acting and some laugh-out-loud moments. I'm playing through the single player game again right now on hard and it is just as fun the second time around. The mixture of time periods, locations and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) really spice up the game a lot. As for the humor, it isn't as hilarious as the awesome "Psychonauts" or the great Ratchet & Clank titles, but what there is in the game will definitely give you some good laughs along with all the action. The "Resident Evil"-style mission in and below a haunted mansion is one of my favorite areas. Made me jump a few times when I didn't see a zombie quick enough. Something only the first RES.EVIL game managed to do years ago. In short, this is an awesome title well worth investing your gaming time in for all the action, comedy and graphical adventure it can give. There isn't a negative side to "TS:FP". If you read one, ignore it.
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This great series is finally online, but with some problems May 15 2005
By sporkdude - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: PlayStation2 Fun:   
TimeSplitters has always been the most fun First Person Shooter series around. Smooth graphics, fun characters, really fast action. TimeSplitters 2 has to be my favorite shooter ever. Needless to say that I was looking forward to this finally being online.

Well, the online portion is the reason why this game exists. In terms of how the game looks and plays, it's just like it's predecessor, TimeSplitters 2. This in not a bad thing by any means.

So, the first question is, how is the online? It's a mixed bag. When the games are fun and fair, it's amazing. But those times are increasingly becoming few and far between. First off, technically, there is no lag. Playing online is almost as fast as playing against your friend. You can play up to four players on one console, and up to eight in one game (NOT 16 like the preview says!). The games consist of the normal fair: deathmatch, team deathmatch, assault, capture the bag, and more. You can choose something like 10 different levels or use custom made levels. You can join a game, or you can host a game (so you can choose the setup, kick out players, etc.).

There a few technical problems though. The first and most obvious is that the headsets don't work over PPPoE. Which is strange because it's pretty standard on many DSL connections, I can't see why it is so technically different than other types of connections. Second is the lack of diagnostics. What I mean by that is that if you're behind a firewall without port forwarding, you'll won't be able to host games. However, it'll still let you set up the game. For the longest time I thought I was unpopular because no one joined my game. The server let me set up the game even though I was not set up to handle it. Finally, the game freezes on many custom maps online. The only way to get around is to reset the PS2 and go through the annoying 5 minute process of getting it back up and online.

Now it terms of play, sometimes it's just downright amazing. A properly set up capture the bag in "Training Grounds", or a team deathmatch in "Mexican Mission" is the most amazing game experience around. The kills keep coming. Strategies start developing. You start to recognize tendencies, tend to work in groups, etc. All in all, if those perfect scenarios with the right mix of people are set up correctly, you've got the best gaming experience ever.

Notice that I used the word "if"? Well, that's because many people are cheap online, or many people don't know how to setup a game. It's tough to host a non-deathmatch because no one will wait for eight slots to fill up before the game starts. That often leads you to the mercy of the host of another game. Many times, the game will have short characters (monkeys, a little girl). The short characters, being smaller, have a huge, cheap advantage, and their cheapness annoys and aggravates many people. Often times, in custom maps, weapons will be placed in obscure places where only the mapmaker can find them, giving them another cheap advantage. Also, there's camping. The worst offense imaginable (I was doing it by accident when I first started playing). Basically, a person waits for you to respawn with a weak weapon or waits for you to cross a narrow opening, and then shoots you. There is no real way to defend against it if the host doesn't kick them out. This ruins a lot of games. If you look on EA website, they rank the players. I played against 2 of the top 10, and one was guilty of using a monkey, one was camping. EA is rewarding cheap play. Finally, many hosts don't know how to set up a game (e.g. they set it up for camping or they have really boring scenarios or maps). This just makes the whole hit or miss phenomenon of getting the right game even worse. Only about 1 out of every 5 games I join are enjoyable or playable, which caused me to abandon online play after just a few weeks.

Other than online, it offers the standard offline fair. There is still the ultra fun offline deathmatches against bots. There is nothing greater than having my friend and I use a split screen fighting off many bots. They also included the greatest level of all, Mexican Mission from the TimeSplitters 2. That is a huge plus. There is the standard story mode. Despite the numerous changes in level backgrounds, I found the latter levels to be uninspiring and boring, with stupid little mini games or escort missions. There is also co-op, but it's the exact same missions as the single player, so if you've played single player, co-op is not that great, and vice versa. Also, there are challenges which are just a bunch of little scenarios. Shoot a bunch of zombie monkeys, time yourself as you throw bricks through windows, race a car shaped like a cat around walls to get the best time. Just a whole bunch of things that seemed sort of tacked on. I played a few before I quickly got bored.

All in all, the online flaws prove too frustrating and take away from a really great game. If you're not playing online, you can easily purchase TimeSplitters 2 and have the same great experience for about one-fourth the price.


No lag time online

Best engine around

Mexican Mission!

When it's setup correctly, boy is it fun


Campers and monkeys online

Mostly boring online matches

Technical online problems

Boring, uninspired story missions

Arcade mini-games just seem lame

Time to complete: 7 hours (single player or co-op story mode)

Frustration: Low (on normal)

Difficulty: Low (on normal)
8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
it's time to split! March 23 2005
By Josh Perkins - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: PlayStation2 Fun:   
yeah, that is pretty corny....anyway...

i just beat Timesplitter: Future Perfect on easy difficulty in the story mode in just a shade under 4 hours. which is pretty long in terms of story modes for timesplitters games. i haven't even touched the other 14 or so modes yet, and i heard that there are over a hundred hours of gameplay to be lost in this game, so it should keep me, and you, busy for a while.

to start off with, the major changes i noticed since the last game came out, is that the graphics seem much sharper, the controls are much tighter, and the weapons are much cooler. when i first threw a time grenade (i think that's what it's called) and everything slowed down except me, i almost laughed out loud at how freakin' cool it was. and in this timesplitters, for the first time in the series, there is actually blood! in one level you must decapitate a bunch of zombies, with either a magnum, shotgun, or a baseball bat (oh, and there is a new and quite useful melee attack, for when you want to conserve ammo), and when their melons pop, it makes a cool "head exploding sound" and blood sprays everywhere. but no fear, the game still retains its comic humor and graphics.

their is actually a storyline this time that pulls you in, and pushes you through every wormhole you see. the main character you play as is one Cortez, a Vin Diesel lookalike winner. shortly into the game, you run into yourself, literally. then throughout the game, you keep running into other versions of yourself that help you out in order for you to get further and do that same thing for yourself, so you are actually the version of Cortez that helped you out in the first place. confused? don't be, the game makes it very easy to comprehend. the story follows Cortez as he makes his way through time, trying to stop the Timesplitters (evil alien things that can, well...split time and travel about history at their own free will) from destroying mankind. along the way, Cortez runs into all different kinds of interesting characters, from a British boatman/saver of a damsel in distress, to a punk-esque girl trying to work her way into a club, but first she must photograph zombies and other scary things. about halfway through the game, you meet up with a robot that just doesn't leave your side for very long...but don't worry, he's pretty damn funny. and that's another thing about this game, this time around, the computer controlled allies that fight along side you actually fight and help you out, they don't get stuck on walls and freeze mid-battle for some unknown reason.

like i said, i haven't touched the challenge mode or anything yet, but if it's anything like the series' past challenge mode, then i should be in for quite a treat. i can also create my own story and arcade mode levels using the game's map-maker. there are over 150 characters to unlock in this game, and tons of different ways to unlock them.

so, if you like fast-paced, hilarious, ass-kicking, run and gun action while travelling through time and giving yourself a hand, then pick up Timesplitters: Future Perfect. trust me, you will have a blast. okay, now, i'm off to go delve deep into a sleepless night of timesplitter dispatching. ciao.

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