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on July 31, 2002
Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf's book, A Woman's Best Medicine for Menopause is a timely and profoundly satisfying resolution to the grave concerns raised today about prolonged use of hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Lonsdorf, M.D. contends that menopause can be experienced as a gentle and natural transition to a new fulfilling and healthy stage of life. A highly regarded Ayurvedic physician and medical director of the Raj, one of the premier Ayurvedic health centers in the United States, she has extensive clinic experience in the efficacy of one of the world's original, time-tested, and most complete systems of medicine. Dr. Lonsdorf details a simple, sensible program for the prevention and relief of menopausal symptoms without ever having to take recourse to any potentially life-threatening drugs. Her logic is unassailable and the breadth of understanding she provides the reader can only restore now shaken confidence in our own intelligence and our inherent ability to make wise decisions about our health.
First and foremost, this is a useful book, a highly readable and practical manual for our own best health care. The book is organized progressively giving us a sound basis of understanding at each step. Before we know it the principles and rules of healthful living become internalized and are so consonant with our own intuitive knowledge of how to live rightly, new life-promoting habits spring up in our daily routine spontaneously.
The book awakens a deep appreciation for the glorious intelligence of our bodies and the overarching care nature gives to every part and particle of creation when undisturbed by shortsighted medical intervention. Respect is a most elevating emotion. When we respect ourselves and the important role nature plays in our well-being, the very quality of life is raised to a new level of radiant vitality and enjoyment.
The relevance of A Woman's Best Medicine for Menopause extends beyond the age group suggested by its title. Dr. Lonsdorf advances a compelling and paradigm-shifting argument. The diseases associated with menopause, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease for example, are "primarily due to the cumulative effects of unhealthy lifestyle habits during our entire premenopausal lives and are only partially aggravated by shifting hormones during and after menopause". This cognition begs the question, what are we doing to educate young girls about their health? The habits they cultivate now will determine the quality of their lives 50 years from now and, importantly, the health and happiness of the home environment when they begin to raise a family. Mothers and teachers and indeed everyone who cares about the next generations would do well to acquire this knowledge of balanced living for themselves and to impart it to the young.
This is a most important book that must become a best seller, read and applied in every home, if we are to avert the inevitable consequences of the deplorable habits so prevalent today.
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on July 28, 2002
In light of the recent research findings on negative effects of HRT reported in Newsweek July 22, 2202, i.e., increased risk for breast and other forms of cancer, many of my friends are concerned about how to handle their symptoms. For several years, I have been following the guidelines discussed in Dr. Lonsdorf's book, and I have found this book to be a wonderful source of information on how to handle the symptoms of menopause with using HRT. Dr. Lonsdorf's book discusses natural ways to balance out the changes in the physiology brought on by menopause. I would strongly recommend it to any of my friends. It has a wealth of information that not only helps one through the transition, but also helps to establish good health to carry you through the rest of your life.
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on March 24, 2003
For anyone who doesn't want to take drugs for menopausal systems, or who wants to prepare to have a smooth menopause, PLEASE read this book! Just a few little changes in your life can make all the difference. Dr. Lonsdorf's recommendations are so simple, natural and EFFECTIVE! They have made a huge difference in my life and I can't recommend this book highly enough. Funnily enough, it was recommended to be by a man who utilized the fundamental principles to improve his health!
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on May 27, 2002
This book is heaven-sent for any woman who wants to approach her menopause years in a positive spirit and a natural way. Dr. Lonsdorf clarifies the pitfalls of approaches which often erroneously pass as "natural" and provides deep insight and realistic advice as to what is truly natural. If you want to find out why menopause is a very good thing to have happen to you and how to make a symptom-free transition through perimenopause into postmenopause, read this book.
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