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4.7 out of 5 stars68
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on May 24, 2003
A Canadian of 23 years old, she packed her bags and headed off to be a nursing missionary in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and her mother sent with her this cookbook. Well, the pages of the Purity Cookbook are torn and stained with dirt from PNG. Then across to Australia she came to settle down with a new husband. How often this cook book was used you would not believe, the pages have notes written on them (some are now almost impossible to read), some pages are torn, others are missing and almost all pages have been impregnated with ingredients!
This is the recipe book that all 3 of us children learnt to cook from, the recipes are so simple and so delicious that I don't think anyone could fail with this cookbook. Yes, I was going to try and retype the whole recipe book to make sure that the recipes would not be lost and I was overjoyed when I discovered that the original Purity Cookbook had been reprinted. I can't wait till my mid year break from studying nursing to cook a feast!
I have so many fond memories of this book from my childhood; making sugar cookies with my mum, licking out bowls from the chiffon cake batter and learning how to make bread from scratch. This, and my mum, are what made me the reasonably good cook I am today. This has to be my most prized recipe book. If you are looking for a reliable and tasty recipe book, then this one if for you. I cannot sing its praises highly enough.
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on February 24, 2011
I recently bought two of these cookbooks--one as a gift and the other for myself. I remember my mother's Purity Cookbook from when I was a child--it was a red hardcover one which she gave to me when I married. It eventually was in tatters and I typed out a couple of my favourites before discarding it (how I wish that I had kept it, tattered and all). Then one day some five years or so later there was another Purity Cookbook for sale in our local IGA which, of course, I bought. It is my favourite and is getting rather grease spotted and flour coated now.
I went online a few years ago to see if I could get another but found that the Purity Flour Company had gone out of business and did not publish another. But then, I was able to get this reissue from Amazon and I love it. I have several cookbooks but it is the first that I look for. I have always liked the format of the recipes in that the ingredients are listed as they are used rather than ingredients separate from directions. Sure, the some of the recipes aren't the same but I love it anyway.
As an aside, my grandmother passed a few years ago and my dad found amongst her possessions three other Purity Cookbooks--two which were obviously my great-grandmother's--one published in 1917! In the back are coupons to send away for other copies--just send $0.20 (as compared to the $1.00 for it in the 1967 copy). Certainly a cookbook for all Canadians through the years--nearly one hundred!
I hope that these cookbooks continue to be published--they are neat and compact in their delivery of some real down-to-earth cooking.
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on December 4, 2009
Most people who bought the Purity Cookbook in the 1960's or '70's treasure it until it falls apart. That's why I failed to locate an old copy in any of the used bookstores I visited.
The new addition is just not the same. First of all, the spiral binding is gone - that was one of the big attractions. Secondly, most of my favourite recipes from the old version are gone - for example, Shepherd's Pie, and Coconut Drop Cookies.
I am very disappointed.
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on February 13, 2003
My father, who was and still is the cook in my childhood home, used this cookbook so much it is now beyond ragged. I bought a used original edition copy on EBay awhile ago for myself, but I was very excited to see that it was reissued and I bought two more copies for my brother and cousin. The recipes in this book are excellent. My husband swears by the pancake batter recipe. My father has made every pie, cookie, roll etc recipe. You will not regret ordering this cookbook.
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on June 19, 2014
This cookbook was used in my high school 'Home Economics' classes in the 1960's and the recipes are just as good as they were back then! I had used the Purity cookbook so much over the years that the pages were stained and torn from overuse. I was so happy to discover that a new edition was available after all these years. This cookbook offers a wide variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, preserves, and even cooking for a crowd. There are basic tips on how to bake bread, pickling, freezing, and so on. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who is new to cooking as well as to people who have been cooking all their lives. And for us old timers, it also brings a little nostalgia into the kitchen.
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on July 6, 2009
I just purchased my second Purity Flour cookbook! My first one was a gift from my sister at my wedding shower, 41 years ago! I have made every recipe in that book many times over. For years it was the only cookbook I owned. In those days there weren't many cookbooks around.
Time has passed, my children are raised. I now have over 300 cookbooks in my collection. I know I will use this new one many more times, making treats for my grandchildren, and great meals for my husband.
Thank you, Amazon, for carrying this wonderful book!
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on March 11, 2010
When we were first married in 1966 I bought a cookbook for my wife in Watson Lake, Y.T. for $1.25 at a ladies Aid fundraiser. When I brought it home I got a lot of meat served to me (hot tongue and cold shoulder) because my wife was an excellent cook and was of the opinion that I didn't need to bring a cookbook into the house. At any rate this "The New PURITY COOK BOOK The complete guide to Canadian Cooking" has been with us since. In the back are some cut-out "Purity Cook Book Order Coupons" and over the years two of them have been clipped out and the Purity Cook Book, Box 52, Toronto 9, Canada appears on the back and you have option of including the address that you wish the book sent to. We are forever getting requests from family and friends for different recipes from my wife. Hitting the internet in search of another few copies for our immediate family and friends I saw the "The ALL new Purity Cook Book" advertised on your site and figured that it would be the same or similar. The original has lots of photographs and about a dozen full page coloured food displays, a great index and set out with different foods listed and excellent recipes that have graced our table over the years. The "All New" book has different layout and a lot of different recipes and no where near the presentation of the original book has. I have been hitting the used book stores in search of another addition for our immediate family because my wife is not about to give up her handy reference cook book. If you are able to locate any copies of "The New PURITY Cook Book, The Complete Guide to Canadian Cooking", I sure would be interested.
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on March 1, 2010
I grew up eating recipes out of the original cookbook my mom always used. She was ecstatic when she found this and bought me a copy for my birthday since I have some scanned pages of the old one, but not my own copy.
I have two things I would like to specifically like to say.

1. I love that this book has been finally brought back into print, and even though I didn't realize it didn't have all of the recipes of the original it is still a great cookbook. I like that there are a lot of things there that are very simple to make and are very nutritious and that can be made on a small budget.

2. The only thing that I have a problem with is that this book is not available in a spiral binding. The pages do not want to stay open themselves and I almost have to break the spine to get it to stay open. I would pay a premium to get this in a spiral bound version as I think that it is a great convenience to me (who uses the book multiple times a week).

Overall This is a great book and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a well rounded cookbook.
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on June 1, 2006
I became vegetarian (not vegan, yet) 10 years ago, love food and cooking, and own at least 50 cookbooks. This book has become one of the 6 food-related books that I use the most. They are (not in any particular order):

1. The All New Purity Cookbook

Not vegetarian, but good old-fashioned Canadian comfort-food which I modify to make vegetarian. I use it mostly for baking, but also for a variety of non-desserts such as the great "Savoury Beef Stew" with dumplings(I use firm tofu instead). The pineapple "Upside-Down Cake" is one of my favourites. I give it 4 rather than 5 stars because you get the occasional somewhat dull recipe,such as the "Rice and cheese" recipe #392, only a total of 9 recipes in the "vegetable" section, and a couple of, what look to me like, recipes that were considered risque in the 50s, and just weird, now, such as the "Seafoam Mould" recipe #527. However, most of the recipes are excellent standards, and as I said, I particularly enjoy using this for baking. Both my mother and grandmother used this book, so it's filled with familiarity and tradition for me.

2. Company's Coming Meatless Cooking

(I have the French version, so names and page numbers may differ.)

I wouldn't recommend it for vegans, but very good for a beginning vegetarian or someone looking for old favourites. Lots of good old comfort foods that I missed, such as "Roti Favori (like meatloaf) p. 82, "Boulettes Fantaisie" (Fancy 'meatballs'?) p. 84, "Simili boulettes de Viande" (pork-style 'meatballs') p.86 and the delicious quiche p. 94. I was less enchanted with some of the recipes, such as "Pate au Presque-Poulet" (nearly-chicken pate) p. 76, which I found rather unflavourful, and the "Saucisses au Tofu" (Tofu sausages) p. 74 which wouldn't hold together, but that's ok. Maybe I should have rated it 3 instead of 4, but the recipes I like, I use all the time! Oh, and the "Dessert au Fromage et a l'Ananas" (cheese and pineapple dessert) p. 32, is marvellous!

3. Madhur Jaffrey's "World Vegetarian"

My absolute favourite so far. Though I haven't tried the popular Moosewood or Deborah Madison books, yet, I can hardly imagine anything beating this!

Wonderful, wonderful recipes from all over the world, with lots of bean recipes that I actually can't stop myself from eating to the last bite! I find the Indian/Middle-Eastern recipes the best, here. Very much vegan-friendly. Some of my favourites are Moroccan "Chickpea Stew with 6 Vegetables", Persian "Pilaf with Lime and Green Beans", Chinese-American "Stir-Fried Sweet-and-Sour Potato Shreds"... I've tried over 40 of the recipes, many of which have become all-time favourites, most of which I've enjoyed, a few of which I found to be borderline 'duds', all of which I have learned a lot about cooking from. I'd rate this one 4.8 out of 5.

4. Thai Vegetarian Cooking by Vatcharin Bhumichitr

Yummy! Have tried at least a dozen, and not one 'dud'. Anything made with the "Red Curry Paste" p.105 has made it to my favourites list. Ingredients lists are long, but instructions are short and easy. Definitely recommended. 4.5 out of 5.

5. Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis

Haven't actually tried the recipes at the back, but have found this to be the best reference book I've seen on nutrition. Lots of details and explanations which I crave and which many other books skip over, while remaining very reader-friendly. I would say a must for any vegetarian, and even for non-vegetarians.

6. Prevention Magazine's Nutrition Advisor by Mark Bricklin

Basically a book filled with nutrition labels for over 1000 foods. I just find it very handy because I like to read up on and compare various foods for nutritive value, but this is probably not everyone's 'cup of tea'. It has it's flaws, such as giving information for items such as 'blueberry pie', without giving details on ingredients. It seems to me recipes must vary considerably, no? But, I haven't found any better, yet.
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on November 12, 2014
This is the cookbook that my Grandmother and mother used. There are recipes for everything that would be cosidered "North American" farm cooking or home cooking. It also provides options or instructions for recipe modification. For example, there is a recipe for a basic biscuit and then there are modification options for buttermilk, cheddar etc. The recipes in this book are based on scratch cooking and will not include ingredients that are convenience packaged (like store bought condensed soup or green giant frozen vegetables). Flour, milk, baking soda, sugar, salt, pepper, eggs, cheese, and fresh vegetables are the staples for cooking required by the recipes in this cookbook. The baking and bread sections hold some of my favorite recipes.
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