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on September 6, 2001
This title by Drs. Jacob and Lawrence is by far the best word on MSM (along with product manufacturers etc).
I, also, prefer the hardback version of this book. It is out of print but I found that it is still available at the distributor ( as mentioned by someone in another review).
I hope that there is a new, updated version of this book on the horizon, because I know that MSM is helping so many people with a variety of problems (e.g. Arthritis, Allergies, Energy, Joint and Muscle & Nerve Pain, Skin Conditions ...). I even give it to my dogs and cats now!
By the way, Dr. Lawrence (on of the authors) is the doctor of the famous actor James Coburn. Mr. Coburn now attributes his recovery from crippling arthritis pain to benefits derived from MSM.
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on June 4, 1999
My husband has been ill since 1982 with debilitating pain that has recently been diagnosed as fibermialsia. He has used glucocsimine sulfate with some success, but was still in pain most of the time. After reading this book, I started on a search to find MSM in the best form. Not only did I find a company who supplies MSM in a wonderfully useable solution, but I found that Dr. Lawrence also uses this company's product. My husband is doing remarkably well. I'm telling everyone I know about MSM, it truely is a miricle. I'm purchasing this copy of the book to loan to others who will benefit from it as much as my family has. After 17 years, it's wonderful to have my husband back 100%.
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on January 3, 2001
MSM is quite possibly one of the most mis-represented nutrients of the last 10 years. There are some miraculous claims being made that MSM can cure anything from acne to cancer. If you go to any commercial web site, you will see ridiculous claims being made for MSM. Bill Rich, one of the head honchos of the MSM revolution has a cassette tape on the topic. If this guy is not a quack, I don't know what one is. He is an old, fat, extremely unhealthy looking man, who makes MSM out to be the missing link in the world today. He claims anyone who takes it will become well.
I understand he wants to sell his product, but you have to be a little less frivolous in his claims, as Stanley Jacob is in this book, The Miracle of MSM. The title might throw you into believing this book is just preaching another supplement, but the evidence is sound and the claims aren't ridiculous.
I have been taking MSM for quite awhile now, and I truly believe it is a beneficial supplement. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a Miracle, but it is a great addition to a diet that is low in fresh fruits and vegetables.
MSM is great for heavy metal detoxification, which is what I have used it for.
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on July 26, 1999
I am a 43 year old female who for 3 1/2 years have been battling with back pain, headaches, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, TOS, tmj and many,many more problems due to many accidents. I throught I was finally to the point of giving up until last week my doctor told me to try MSM. What A Miracle. I started with 1000mg tablets 2 times a day and I am now taking 3, 2 times a day until I get to a level that I can live with. I have been on every medication known to man and I am now cutting all med's in half or not having to take them at all. I would love to get my book signed and after reading it I gave it to my physical therapist to read and all of my friends who also have many of the problems I suffer with. You are a god send for such a wonderful pill. One question after reading the book it keeps telling all about the crystals, is there a difference between the pills, tablets or crystals. The bottle states that it is pure Methylsulfonymethane and nothing else but I would like to no if there is a difference between the three and would like to know who I can ask regarding this. Once again thank you for saving another person who thought all hope was gone.............. Cheryl Thanks-you:)
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on February 12, 1999
More and more health-oriented books are following the model by one of this book's authors, Martin Zucker. He is the successful author of two other health-oriented books. This Book is a blend of testimonials by real people followed by a medical doctor's technical explanation of how the body uses this substance as described in the testimonial.
Authors Jacob and Lawrence, between them, have more than 40 years of clinical experience using MSM with patients. Jacob holds many patents on this substance. There could be no better combination than these three authors to bring this organic sulfur substance to the public's attention.
I have used MSM, personally, for many years, as have many others I know. In some instances pain relief comes within minutes! If this hadn't happened with so many of my friends I could put it down to a fluke. But, MSM is no fluke!
From my own experience there is much more that MSM can do for you than is even written in this Book, but it appears to me that the authors are bending over backwards to avoid claims that are too dramatic.
As the authors point out, MSM is less toxic than water and, when you look for it, you'll find it is also far less expensive than many nutrients which do far less good.
The writing style is good, the data is expert and the subject is important.
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on September 15, 1999
Dr. Jacob and Dr. Lawrence have provided laymen with a resource that is easy to understand and full of information about our body's processes. I am a 55 year old female suffering from severe osteoarthritis pain from a ski-related injury 15 years ago. I was considering having surgery to alleviate the pain, but heard about MSM from a friend, and then found this book which gave me the facts I needed. After only one week of taking the crystals (5 grams per day), my pain was almost eliminated. I have continued taking MSM for two months now, increased to 8 grams per day with 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate daily, and have reduced my use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) to 1 per day from 3. I hope to completely eliminate the NSAID soon. My range of motion has improved so much that I am able to ride my horse in the mountains, climb stairs, jog, etc., all without pain! Thanks for the miracle!
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on May 21, 1999
This book is interesting and easy to read. It is an information-packed resource for anyone with a wide variety of chronic pain and health problems. Based on this book, I have already recommended MSM to many of my animal patients--and to their owners! MSM gave me immediate and thorough relief for my own chronic arthritis pain.
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on June 12, 2003
I've been trying alot of things against my severe allergies since 1982.Tested in 1972 up-down my back.Nurse left for a min.I Turned Super-Red outside Burning up inside.Doc gave me a big shot of adrenaline.
In the 1990's those symtoms started to come back.On 5-11-2003 i went to Rainbow Grocery store.They sell alot of Herb type items there.I told the lady there i needed something really good for my allergies.She took me over to MSM quickly!
She also showed me the little handbook by Dr.Ley "MSM On our way back to Health With Sulfur".I started with 3 grams on 5-11-03 i now average 20 grams of MSM per day.It really helps w/allergies.
I'm 50 years old.When tested allergic to ALL Molds and Pollens.
Mold is hardest to Beat.MSM is helping against it too.
I've ordered 5 of The Miracle of MSM By Dr Jacob and Dr Lawrence.
Thank You for the good prices on those Books!!!!!
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on September 14, 2013
I ordered this book because I am interested in Alternative health methods. The stories in this book is very inspiring and I am a believer and am using the product everyday. Although, initially, I suffered no pain. I recently was diagnosed having heel spur and plantar fasciitis on my right feet. The MSM I took in the form of crystals and cream helped me a lot. Now I am pain free and use it daily at the start of every morning. I take it with a 1/4 tsp of Vitamin C powder.

Anyone suffering from pain and lack of energy should read this book. Its a book I read over and over again and have recommended it to my friends.
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on October 13, 1999
My wife has recently been diagnosed with Lupus with chronic ankle and foot pain and swelling. A friend suggested this book since it had allowed him to continue life without pain from arthritis. This MSM book stated it's case concisely and really motivated my wife to take msm...and there lies the hitch. This natural substance gives her severe stomach pains and diarrhea and the book does not address just how certain sensitive people might vary or otherwise adjust their intake of msm. We know it works for most people...we would just like the Dr. to suggest solutions for people who are more sensitive to msm.
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