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on October 31, 2000
I'm generally not one for self help books because I think the majority of them are money making endeavors that offer little real help. I've heard about Chopra for years, perhaps the most known doctor in America besides Dr. Spock. I've picked up his books many times to be greeted by the perfect family shot of him, his wife and handsome son. For some reason I never could bring myself to read him. So finally, I bit the bullet and read The Seven Laws for Parents.
I feel guilty criticizing a book with such noble intentions. I mean, who can criticize a book that espouses spending thoughtful time with your children and family, encourages being thoughtful and considerate, and asks us all to foster our spiritual being and self? For this message, I certainly do not fault Chopra. No one would. But do I think that he has anything unique to say or that by summarizing our lives into seven laws all our parenting woes are gone? Certainly not. These books have a popular appeal because they are simply written, teach good values, and provide some concrete advice for parents. But somewhere along the line, I feel betrayed by the "industry" of Chopra, his institutes, seminars and programs. This book contains many fairly obvious points - I guess I'd call it "parenting 101 light." Nothing bad about it, but nothing special either. Perhaps the word "oversimplification" sums it up best. It's a 20 minute read at best and could just as easily be found in Cosmo Magazine as in book form. It's the reader's digest version or the classic comics of real literature, but at least its message is worthwhile. Don't get me wrong -- parents can benefit from following the practices in this book. The success of this book and his other 7 habit book shows that many are just looking for a quick 7 step solution to solving their problems. This the book will not do.
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on November 1, 2001
I was aware that I wanted some guidance to focus on the spiritual aspects of my child's development. This book offers such a guide. It is not meant to be the concise book on parenting. Parenting, like everything in life, is a continuing journey of discovery, and different books and resources provide for different areas of that development. This book has heaps of ideas for incorporating simple activities in your life to introduce spiritual principles to your family. The information was incredible for developing my own awareness so I'm very excited about sharing it with my child, partner, and extended family - and learning even more myself in the process!
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on October 1, 2009
The book is a treasure, wonderfully written, and details easy steps on how to implement seven spritual laws in lives of our children. I have been practising by telling my daughter every day, one spiritual law - as a lesson of the day.
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on October 13, 1999
This book is wonderful for parents and even mentors who would like to approach instilling discipline in a spirit centered way. Discipline is not a dirty word. It is instruction not destruction.
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on February 14, 2015
I frequently listen to this CD in my car. The positive focus on parenting our children is uplifting!
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on May 22, 2000
This book truly opened up my soul to what it means to give your child the truth gift of life and understanding. It took me years of searching for my true inner peace with the spirit because I walked that road by myself. No longer do the sins of the parent have to rest on the shoulders of the children. Dr. Chopra has helped lifted the veil between me, my self, and I. I so shall I do the same for my son.
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on October 22, 2015
thank you
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