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on May 3, 2002
Step on board the world's most famous ship with "The Titanic Collection", a fascinating assemblage of documents that is as valuable for historians as it is for collectors. It goes one step further than any book on the subject by placing in your hands the very things that those who travelled on that fateful maiden voyage in 1912 would themselves have touched, giving you a "Titanic" experience more vivid than anything one could possibly get from staring at lifeless photographs.
The reproductions included in the collection are first-rate: sharp, clear, and alive with colour . . . in short, nothing less than museum-quality. Choose a first-class cabin from detailed deck plans, much as prospective passengers would have done all those years ago. Examine the brochure that the White Star Line gave out to those who were planning to book passage on their newest vessels, "Olympic" and "Titanic". Hand over your boarding card and step aboard, but don't forget to read the passenger list before hobnobbing with the industrialists on first class!
Pick an entree from the first-class lunch menu. Write a note to your friends back home on one of seven different postcards. Then, sit down to a glorious Sunday dinner with such dishes as filets mignons lili and french ice cream for dessert. Finish your day in the D-deck reception room with a relaxing selection from White Star's music booklet.
There's so much more to see: luggage stickers; wireless messages; a White Star Line information booklet for first-class passengers; even an official landing card, issued to one of the survivors for presentation to immigration officials shortly before the "Carpathia"'s arrival in New York (note the haunting words CARPATHIA EX TITANIC). Background information on every item is provided by the excellent supplementary booklet included with the collection, written by Eric Sauder and Hugh Brewster. With a detailed timeline of significant events and a brief list of must-reads for budding "Titanic" buffs, it's far more than an exhibition catalogue. It even discusses how the Titanic Historical Society -- from which most of the original items reproduced in the set were obtained -- was formed and how one might become a member of this renowned organisation.
For less than twenty dollars (a fraction of what these priceless documents would be worth today), one could get a front-row seat to life on board one of the world's greatest maritime wonders.
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on September 26, 1998
This is not actually a book, but rather a collection of 21 reproductions of actual White Star Line and Titanic memontos. It includes such items as reproductions of a boarding pass, ship brochures, a dinner menu, deck plans, postcards, menus, luggage stickers, ice-berg warning telegrams, and landing card (from the Carpathia, marked "Carpathia ex. Titanic") and several other items. It includes a small book that gives history and explanations of each piece. These are direct reproductions of pieces from the Titanic Historical Society archives and are extremely well done. This is well worth the price for Titanic history buffs. These are all kept in a very nice hinged cardboard box with removable drawer, very suitable for display. I very much recommend this and am very pleased with mine.
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on August 22, 2001
I hadn't even finished looking through this wonderful collection before having to quickly sign on and place my review here! What a surprising, impressive, and very authenticated collection. The box itself is a replica of a small steamer trunk. Inside, the treasures are truly wonderous! There is nothing cheap here. The postcards, the booklets, the ship's plans--some of the postcards have original writings and postmarks on them. Notice the water spots on some, indelibly marked and haunting to look at. The materials used to create these momentos are thick and sturdy cardboard-like; nothing flimsy in this little trunk. The "Notes" booklet is fascinating itself...I felt as if I had truly boarded this ill-fated steamer, and wished to rent a rug and deck chair upon arrival to my cabin!
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on October 12, 1998
For those who enjoy reading and collecting White Star Line and Titanic pieces, this is a must. Featured are many perfect reproductions of Titanic and Olympic postcards which sell for over a hundred dollars apiece if they were original.Many things included in this set would be impossible to own if they were true vintage pieces, so the next best thing are these beautiful reproduction postcards,passenger list, passenger sailing brochure,music booklet and so much more. Would make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the Titanic.RECOMMENDED at this price!
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on May 8, 1999
When I first saw this collection at the book store I thought it was priced a little high, but I bought it anyway, and im happy I did. It was worth any penny. It has many things to offer such as: deck plans showing the layout of the first class rooms showing the funiture, it has the menus from the last day on board, it has passanger lists, and has poastcards, pasanger listings and many other things. I hope that you you spend that little bit of money for something so great as I did. You will be very satisfied.
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on December 2, 1998
I seen this collection at the bookstore and was completly astounded! The wide variety of reproductions is great enough, but the price and quality is amazing. A definite must for all TITANIC collectors!
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