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on February 17, 2003
Most of us know Audie Murphy's story... enlisted underage, became the most decorated soldier in WWII, became an actor still influenced by his military experiences, and died in a tragic plane crash. But Murphy was typical of the men who have fought and died for the salvation of the American way. He wasn't the only hero, nor the "greatest" hero. I'm sure he'd agree with that if he were here with us today. ALL those who've given their lives, their limbs, their hearts, their efforts have all been heros. Just as those who protect us now are heros.
The movie was enjoyable, and undoubtedly modified from the absolute truth in many places. But the underlying message is strong and clear.
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on July 14, 1999
When are you ever going to see a great hero playing himself in his greatest moments? If "Saving Private Ryan" was too gory for you, here's a movie that shows the glory and pain of WWII, but without the gore. If your grade-school kids want to know about the soldiers of WWII without them having nightmares, have them see this film. Audie Murphy is great in this role -- even though it is his story, it becomes the story of ALL the soldiers (although Audie does have the best moments). The fight scenes are gripping, and it really does feel 'real' rather than 'staged'. I would also recommend that you read Audie Murphy's book of the same name to get the whole story. Definitely Audie Murphy was the greatest U.S. soldier in the 20th Century!
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on August 24, 2000
Audie Murphy stars in the movie version of his autobiographydetailing his experiences in the Third Infantry Division in Italy and Southern France during the Second World War. Audie won every American medal awarded for combat as well as a Purple Heart and several French medals for heroism. The cast was excellent and complemented Murphy very well. The combat scenes were extremely realistic and the only movie with rivals it for scenes of fighting in the Italian Campaign is "The Story of GI Joe" which was written by Ernie Pyle. Audie was a member of the "greatest generation" and will always be one of the great heroes of American history. He made up for small stature with a heart and courage of enormous intensity. END
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on December 16, 2000
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on July 12, 2004
Hey its a good movie....but one thing that the movie compresses to the extreme is his act that won him the Medal of Honor. Its EXTREMELY downplayed in the movie. In reality he held off a German advance from 3 directions for over an hour!!! Then just seconds after he jumped off the tank it blew up.
Just wanted to set the record straight on that....
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 4, 2011
Universal Pictures presents "TO HELL AND BACK" (1955 106 min/Color) -- Starring: Audie Murphy, Marshall Thompson, Charles Drake, Jack Kelly & Gregg Palmer

Directed by Jesse Hibbs

Audie Murphy delivers his best screen performance as "himself" in Universal's To Hell and Back. Based on the star's autobiography, this is the story of how Murphy became America's most-decorated soldier during WW II. After dwelling on Murphy's hard-scrabble Texas upbringing, the story moves ahead to 1942, when, at 18, Audie joined the army. Within a year, he was a member of the 7th Army, serving in North Africa, Italy, France and ultimately Germany and Austria. One by one, the members of Murphy's Company B are killed in the war, until only three men from the original company are left.

The bulk of the film is given over to Murphy's conspicuous acts of combat bravery, and is highlighted by excellent battle sequences.

From a script by Gil Doud

* Special footnote: -- Audie Murphy originally declined the opportunity to portray himself in the movie, not wanting people to think that he was attempting to cash in on his role as a war hero. Murphy initially suggested his friend Tony Curtis to play him. They had worked together on three Westerns, Sierra, Kansas Raiders and The Cimarron Kid.

1. Jesse Hibbs Director)
Date of Birth: 11 January 1906 - Normal, Illinois
Date of Death: 4 February 1985 - Ojai, California

2. Audie Murphy [aka: Audie Leon Murphy]
Date of Birth: 20 June 1925 - Kingston, Texas
Date of Death: 28 May 1971 - near Roanoke, Virginia (plane crash)

Mr. Jim's Ratings:
Quality of Picture & Sound: 5 Stars
Performance: 5 Stars
Story & Screenplay: 5 Stars
Overall: 5 Stars [Original Music, Cinematography & Film Editing]

Total Time: 106 min on DVD ~ Universal Pictures ~ (May 25, 2004)
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on July 22, 2000
The single biggest reason to watch this movie is that the star himself was in fact the single most decorated war hero of World War Two, and he is convincing here playing himself with dignity, sincerity, and humility, which, of course, Audie Murphy always had in spades. The movie was adopted from his best-selling autobiography, which my Mom let me read after blackening out all of the four letter slang (as she called it). Perhaps it shows that he was my childhood hero, and I still have a personalized autographed photo somewhere reading "Thanks, Barry, for being my fan" that a friend's mom got for three or four of us ten year olds at the time this movie was released in the mid 1950s. It was the first movie I saw ten times. And I wasn't alone; Murphy was a national icon.
The movie truly is a classic; tightly directed, poignant, honest, accurate, and showing gripping combat without being gory or maudlin. It sometimes decends into travelogue movie-theater type newsreel moments, but these are thankfully rare and forgiveable. On the other hand, this is an interesting and absolutely true story of a common and uneducated boy from rural Texas who wanted more than anything to be a soldier and serve his country, and his subsequent deeds and patriotism above and beyond the call of duty inspired a whole generation of us who wanted to imitate his call to country. Unfortunately we walked into another time and the miasma of Vietnam. But that's another story for another time. Escape back to a time when the moral choices were clearer, and a real live hero was available to act his way memorably through an accurate recounting of his extraordinary if abbreviated military career. He may be gone too soon, the victim of a plane crash in the early 1970s, but his lifetime admirers remain. Enjoy!
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on November 30, 1998
A fantastic war movie, especially for 1955; I expected something more easy on the emotions, something more careful in its war scenes, but there was none of that. The film rivals Saving Private Ryan in its tense, confusing, violent battle sequences, although the gore is not there. The humanness of the soldiers is a nice touch to the movie as well; getting to know the characters and understanding the big heart of Audie Murphy forced me to stand up and cheer when the troops, or should I say friends, accomplished a difficult task. One of the most tense scenes in the movie occured when the 3rd division soldiers attempted to take a farmhouse in Anzio, a scene nothing short of nail-biting. The direction of Jesse Hibbs is tight and keeps you on the ground with the soldiers, and Audie Murphy, having been a great soldier to say the least, is actually rather good as himself, playing well off the other actors and showing feelings through subtle facial expressions. He commands the power of nuance in his performance. A good, patriotic film. Short, tense, impressive. For anyone interested in WWII. One of the best in its genre.
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on September 29, 2003
I have to say that after I saw this movie, I was a little embarassed that I had never heard of Audie Murphy before, especially since I'm 37 years old. This guy epitomizes the term "war hero" and his story needs to be retold. I'd love to see this remade so that more generations of people would know about him. The current version was great, especially because Audie plays himself. A must watch, especially for anyone who doesn't know anything about him.
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on February 26, 2002
This movie was good I dont care what anyone else thinks about this movie.It was a good movie about audie murphy.In socal studies class everyone was mainy sleeping but me and my history teacher were watching it. And we wort about this movie on a worksheet.Anyways I loved the video.I give it 5 stars.
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