Top metal of 1981

A Listmania! list by Brady Lessard "Brady" (Pembroke, ON)
Fire Down Under
1.  Fire Down Under by Riot
The list author says:
  "Yes, a seal's head on a man's body. Not sure what the symbolism is supposed to mean exactly but we'll take the great music for what it is."
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Killers (Remastered CD)
2.  Killers (Remastered CD) by Iron Maiden
The list author says:
  "Iron Maiden's popularity continued to rise with this album. But how high could they go?"
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Mob Rules
3.  Mob Rules by Black Sabbath
The list author says:
  "Black Sabbath were back with Dio again and continued to cement the idea that they could succeed without Ozzy."
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Diary Of A Madman
4.  Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy Osbourne
The list author says:
  "And while Sabbath were still at it so was Ozzy."
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Denim and Leather
5.  Denim and Leather by Saxon
The list author says:
  "If you want to make an album look like it will sound metal, include the two biggest factors of the dress code in the title. Saxon did just that and reaped the rewards with Denim and Leather."
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6.  Nightcomers by Holocaust
The list author says:
  "Holocaust eh? Sounds like some pretty dark stuff. This was the debut for the Scottish NWOBHM band."
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7.  Earthshaker by Y-T
The list author says:
  "Y&T were one of the many early Metal bands that began including hot chicks on their covers. We only get half a face here but it's a good start."
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Welcome To Hell
8.  Welcome To Hell by Venom
The list author says:
  "The ultimate underdogs of the metal scene back in the day. Venom took the energy and rawness of Motorhead and made it dark. Influence on Black Metal = unmeasurable."
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High N Dry
9.  High N Dry by Def Leppard
The list author says:
  "Yes I know, it's Def Leppard but they were on that border of Rock and Metal and you have to keep in mind how important gateway albums are for metal."
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10.  Breaker by Accept
The list author says:
  "One of those mind-boggling covers of early metal. Who has punished this beautiful woman by inserting barbed-wire through her head. Accept were like Saxon in a sense that they were second-tier NWOBHM."
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