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  • US Stove King Pellet 48,000 BTU Stove with Igniter and Exhaust Blower #5500
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US Stove King Pellet 48,000 BTU Stove with Igniter and Exhaust Blower #5500

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  • The King Pellet Model 5500 has a hopper capacity of 150 pounds and can heat up to 1,200 square feet. It has 48,000 BTUs/hour with wood pellets
  • Features include: Exhaust blower for negative draft - pulls flue products through and out - no smoke spillage. 200 CFM - automatic circulation blower spreads heat evenly
  • Nine heat settings allow the ability to adjust to your heating needs
  • Auto Ignition

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United States Stove Company is proud to present our new line of King Pellet Heaters. Manufactured by the oldest stove manufacturer in North America, with a proven track record of producing products that are made to last. Manufactured in the United States by our experienced craftsmen. The King Pellet Heater is designed to provide your home with the desired warmth even in the coldest of climates. Just what you have come to expect form the United States Stove Company.

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Re-evaluation of the King/Ashley 5500M Pellet Stove 3 years later Nov. 17 2010
By Jeffrey P. Gaudette - Published on
I purchased this stove 11/04/2010. I was attracted to the stove by its looks, styling, 48,000 btu rating, 120 lb. hopper capacity and price. When I started the stove after the "dry run" to season and burn it in, the stove performed very well. Everything worked flawlessly and it heated very well. I am using this stove as a supplemental source of heating. The next day, my wife and I noticed the room blower fan was getting noisy. It got progressively louder until the fan motor seized and blew the fuse. I replaced the fuse and removed the blower assembly. I got the fan freed up, reinstalled it, and started the stove. The blower was even louder than before and failed again. I have requested another blower assembly from US Stove Company. They were courteous and are sending me a new blower assembly at no cost, including shipping.

Ash accumulation is contained in the combustion/firebox, did not leak out of the door seals, and had the consistency of flour. The stove burns the pellets completely. There is no smoke emission from the chimney. My wife enjoys the stove's warmth and I enjoy the stove's 120 lb wood pellet hopper capacity. 1 bag of pellets will last approximately 18-20 hours with the stove's heating range set to 1. The stove has 5 heat range settings, 1 being lowest and 5 being highest. I fully expect this stove to significantly reduce my heating bills this coming winter. The basement was very cozy with the stove on. I hope the stove keeps functioning well long-term.

Update: 11/30/2010
The new room fan is installed. I received the new room fan 4 days after contacting the company. It appears the new room fan blower assembly has been re-engineered. The new blower works very good, but running noise is still noticeable. The stove is now fully functional and heats well. We have been running the stove on heat range setting 1 and our basement temperature has been staying in the range of 69-70.5 degrees F. On heat range setting 2 the basement temperature is between 71-73 degrees F. Average outside temperatures have been about 28-34 degrees F at night. The stove has been trouble free since I installed the new room fan. The feature I like the most is the large 120 lb hopper capacity. The stove will operate nearly 60 hours before requiring pellet refill. The glass window interior in the door quickly covers with fine ash when the stove is operating but is easily vacuumed & wiped off when cleaning the stove.

Update: 12/2/2013
After 3 winters of running the stove, I've been experiencing an unceasing cascade of stove failures. First, the burn pot began overfilling during operation. I've been using the same pellet brand since 2011. Found the draft fan electric motor was wearing out, not moving the air volume through the stove, slowing down pellet burn rate & heat output, due to reduced draft fan motor rpm/blower speed. I replaced the draft fan & gasket at $290.00 including shipping. Started the stove and the air pressure switch soon failed. I replaced the pressure switch at $110.00 plus shipping. Then the exhaust temperature thermister failed. I replaced the thermister at $46.00 plus shipping. Restarted the stove and soon experienced error code 6: shorted igniter. I replaced the igniter for $56.00 plus shipping. Restarted the stove and still got error code 6. The 5A fuse was still good but was replaced with a new one, indicating a problem with the PCB igniter board. There probably wasn't anything wrong with the ignitor in the first place.

I've already invested over $461.00 into a still non-functional stove. The cost for a new PCB ignitor board is over $415.00 with shipping, according to customer service at US Stove Company. I'd have over $900.00 in parts, including shipping costs, invested into this stove. That's the cost of the original purchase price of the stove, negates all of the fuel savings accrued over the past 3 winters, and works out to an average cost of over $300.00 a year solely for parts! I can't return the new parts I've installed, to recover some of my out of pocket costs, because they've been used. This stove is now destined for the scrap yard.

The King 5500M pellet stove was a good performer but the crippling and unceasing cascade of failures and high cost of frequent part replacements make this stove uneconomical and cost prohibitive to own in the long run. This is disappointing and unacceptable.

Bottom line:
I've gotten exactly what I payed for. I find this stove, overall, an egregious product and very poor long-term investment. Armed with the knowledge I now have, I would have never purchased this stove. This stove will be replaced next season with a higher quality, better engineered wood pellet/multi-fuel stove. If this review accomplishes anything for new pellet stove shoppers, I highly urge you to avoid purchasing ANY products from US Stove Company. US Stove Company and their products, in my opinion, are the automotive equivalent of YUGO.

Take heed readers; you've been duly forewarned!
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These stoves do not heat!!! Dec 9 2008
By Audrey - Published on
Where do I start with this stove? We bought two, US Stove models 5500 and the 5500XL from Northern Tool Co.
1. Both units are not flush across the front, when placing a straight edge across the front leaves a gap in the middle in the middle of the unit up to a 1/16 of an inch. The cast door is straight, but when closed across the front of the stove unit produces a gap in the middle of the unit that allows a clear view into the firebox onmodel 5500. I called Customer Service at US Stoves they wanted pictures of the installation and a narrative which I provided before they would do anything. I then called Northern Tool and they notified US Stoves who then sent me a new rope gasket. The 5500XL is missing 3 inces of rope gasket along the bottom of the firebox door.
2. Each stove burns a bag a day, but produces little heat no matter what the setting is at. I have experienced other pellet type stoves owned by friends and have noted that they burn at a rate that warms the room to excess. I feel much of the heat is disappearing up the stove pipe. My son placed a wet towel on a chair in front of the stove blower to dry and it eventually did after an extended period. The towel was not hot to the touch. The stove pipe is a double wall vent kit by Simpson Dura-Vent installed in accordance to NFPA 211 and inspected by the County Building and Codes Department.
3. Igniting both stoves are a continual problem. Stove pellets do not ignite readily, causing the operator to empty the pellet tray, and start the ignition process over and over. This can take 10 to 20 minutes, often times we give up in exasperation. Pellets spill over the pellet tray and fall into the combustion chamber. The pellets can only be retrieved by vacuuming them out which results in wasted pellets. A customer service rep at US Stoves, named Christy, says this is nromal!
4. Ash build up is expected and is vacuumed as needed at least several times per week. The area under the pellet box builds up with ash and is inaccessible to routine cleaning.
5. Stove is warranted and an extended warranty was purchased in addition to the factory warranty. But Northern Tools and US Stoves will not back their product without the customer going to great lengths to prove their case. We just want a stove that works and now that winter is here, we are stuck with a stove that DOES NOT!
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Not a fan of the fans Jan. 15 2011
By Grade "A" shopper - Published on
I purchased my king pellet stove at tractor supply. when I first started it I was suprised by the amount of heat it produced. it has been working good in this fridged Connecticut weather and is heating the space adequately and looks good. However, the fans , both the exhaust and the room fan are ridiciously loud. I am an electrical contractor and deal with fans all the time. I plan to suggest to US stove to come out with replacement fans of higher quality ( I would pay to upgrade them ) because other than that this unit is a home run . 1.5 bags a day thats about $7 per day. Good riddens oil company!

Tom Fisher
New Milford Ct
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No major complaints Dec 31 2009
By A. Whitford - Published on
I purchased this unit about 3 years ago to help take the chill off in my big old house. I did not buy a stove to use as my soul source of heat, which is probably why I like mine. I use a forced air oil furnace as my primary heat set at 65ish and use this stove to supplement. It is very loud, I do have to say that. The blower is loud and the auger feed is noisy. Im sure that those noises are not any worse than average for a pellet stove. What is very noisy and annoying is the thing vibrates now and then. It seems to come and go and correlates with blower fan speed. If it did not have that vibration noise, I would like my stove much better. The other complaint I have is the igniters go up like candy. I have replaced 1 a year so far. This year I replaced it and about 3 months later it was burnt up again. My wife called the company and they said they had a bad batch of igniters and sent us a free one. I have to give them props for that, but that does nothing as far as all the other ones I have had to buy. The flame quality that this thing puts out seems much better than a couple of other pellet stoves I have seen in use. I would say the stove puts out the heat I was expecting and maintenance seems pretty easy for me. My next purchase will be a furnace style pellet stove to replace my oil one and it will be through US Stove Company. If this stove didnt vibrate and eat igniters I would give it a 5 star.
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My investment... April 22 2011
By angel - Published on
First I started out buying my stove at Tractor Supply at a steal @ 990.00.King brand. It freed my weekends at holding three bags.That's where I will start.Then I priced around for the pellets.Meijer M-perks 20% + On sale for 20.So I buy 2 skids.The pellets you buy makes the stove not the stove makes the pellets.I had to clean daily with tractor supply,but weekly with meijer.All in all it is the pellets quality.American Wood pellets brand.
Love buying American pellets they last longer.220.00 for five months.Thanks King for my weekends!

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