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Urban Legends Final Cut

Jennifer Morrison , Matthew Davis , John Ottman    R (Restricted)   VHS Tape
2.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (66 customer reviews)

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While Urban Legends: Final Cut is not nearly as terrifying or inventive as some of its predecessors, the film does offer up a fairly suspenseful whodunit that fans of the teen horror genre will likely appreciate. Amy Mayfield, the film's heroine (played by fresh-faced Jennifer Morrison), is the daughter of an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker trying to make a name for herself at Alpine University, "the greatest film school that ever existed." Along with several other students she is competing for the coveted Hitchcock award, which virtually guarantees the winner a successful career in Hollywood. When the film school's resident genius and likely winner of the award is found dead, suspicions arise. As other film students are killed off one by one, everyone becomes a suspect. Would someone kill to win the prestigious award?

While striving to be Hitchcockian in theme (as evidenced by its multiple references to the director himself), the film never quite moves beyond cliché. Many scenes are a little too reminiscent of other popular teen horror flicks like Scream (the anonymous masked killer, though not nearly as frightening), The Blair Witch Project (Amy is chased through desolate woods by her stalker), and Friday the 13th (Amy hides from the killer in a lake setting eerily similar to the one where Jason died so many years ago). These elements seem just a little worn out. Morrison gives a serviceable performance, and Loretta Devine, from the original Urban Legend, adds humor as a Foxy Brown-worshiping security guard. The film manages to keep you guessing until its conclusion, and a sequence set in an abandoned amusement park is truly creepy. But ultimately Urban Legends: Final Cut lacks the originality to make a name for itself among the many films of its genre. --Mindy Ruehmann

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2.0 out of 5 stars Lackluster Sequel May 26 2004
Urban Legends 2 takes place at a film school in which people are being murdered. This film fails on many levels. First, the thing that made the first film unique (having people die according to urban legends) doesn't happen that often in the film. It's done a couple of times but then the film just resorts to standard slasher movie attacks. Second, there are weak plot points that pop up from the unbelievable "twin" of a suicide victim and the fact that no one seems to want to track down people who have vanished. (For example, the heroine sees someone being murdered on a surveillance camera but looses the video tape evidence after being pursued by the killer. One would think that the campus security guard after having lived through some murders before would at least try to track down the person supposedly killed or investigate the scene of the alleged crime. She doesn't do either. She doesn't even deem it necessary to call the police to investigate the heroine's claim of being chased.) There's no way to guess who the killer is since there are no clues dropped along the way. About the only perk is at the very end of the film which I won't reveal, but it hardly makes up for the previous 86 minutes
If you like urban legends or a fairly good horror film, get the first Urban Legends movie and leave this one alone.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Solid slasher, wrong series? Feb. 24 2004
Solid slasher, wrong series?
This film was panned by many, yet for a genre film I think it's a lot better than the original Urban Legend.
A film school class are all competing for the prestigious Hitchcock Award, which is regarded as a golden key to Hollywood for the student who wins it. However, when the cast and crew of a coveted student film begin dying, and someone switches the film on the credits, it's clear that someone wants the award very, very badly.
Admittedly, the final payoff--the identity of the killer and his plan--doesn't make the most sense. (How would the killer honestly expect to get away with it?) However, a few elements made it very entertaining. One is the film within a film setup, and the numerous references to film. This is not the same thread that ran through the Scream series, though. The characters here are less aware of the conventions of the slasher film, and the murders are not always the typical " 'Are you there?' [splat!] " setup.
The only element, strangely enough, that the original Urban Legend has over The Final Cut is the urban legend piece itself. There aren't enough famous urban legends left to use in this one since many--the killer in the backseat, the killer calling from inside the house, the killer in the dark room--were used in the original. The Final Cut does have the 'waking up in a bathtub full of ice cubes to find your kidneys missing' one. That shows up here in a very bloody, demented, and tense scene early on. It was stylish and twisted, and a good slasher kill. Other than that, yes, people die, but not in 'urbgan legend' ways. Which is fine, because the body count is decent, and the killer sports a much snappier gettup than the original film's 'massive parka-clad slasher'.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Legends Never Die Aug. 30 2003
By A Customer
I saw the Urban Legend a couple of years ago, and I only just saw Urban Legends: Final Cut. I thought it was pretty good for a sequel, and you don't NEED to see the first one to get it, just like you don't NEED to see the second one if you've seen the first.
Basic plot line: A girl named Amy has decided to do her College Thesis Film on Urban Legends, after hte idea was planted in her head by security cop Reese, who was one of the survivors from the first, played by Loretta Devine.
After the school's star pupil Travis is found dead, everyone assumes it was suicide. But after Amy and her film crew see soemone else's film, which shows one of the actors in Amy's movie getting horribly stabbed, Amy begins to get a little worried. After seeing her Director of Photography die on CCTV, Amy realises that the movie she had seen was in fact a snuff movie, she and Travis' twin Trevor begin to investigate. Soon, more and more of the crew die and the movie comes to the end, where there is a chilling shot of UL2's killer in a Mental Institution, being pushed in a wheel-chair by the killer from Urban Legend, who of course, was still alive.
The music was excellent, acting average, and some of the dialogue just didn't sound like the language students at a College would use.
Overall, I recommend to see both Urban Legend and Urban Legends: Final Cut, and see which one you like better for yourself.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Dire April 8 2003
Format:VHS Tape
Any attempt to follow up one of the worst of the post-Scream bunch of smirkingly ironic teen horror flicks, Urban Legend, was going to be viewed with a bit of scepticism. Unsurprisingly, when Urban Legend: Final Cut hit the screens it bombed with most everyone that saw it. And for good reason. Why it even carries the title 'Urban Legend' is beyond me, as none of the murders here are based on urban legends. Instead we've got bland lead Amy, a film college student who's in with a shot for the prestigious Hitchcock Award, which virtually guarantees a Hollywood deal. Of course, this is a highly coveted prize and before you can shout 'red herring', there's a whole shoal of them hiding in the shadows or popping out to tell Amy to watch her back.
With a truckload of references to other movies, Ottman's directorial debut (and it shows) pretends to be cleverer than it actually is, mostly by referencing more highbrow sources than others of its kind. Unfortunately that doesn't mean it doesn't succumb to a death of boredom and deja-vu. The deaths are unimaginative and a killer in a fencing mask is only marginally better than the parka in the prequel. The acting is also below par, with the exception of Lorretta Devine as the surviving security guard from the original, who is consistently hilarious. There really is nothing to recommend this movie at all actually. It can't even be recommended as being so bad it's good - it's just plain bad. Thankfully there appears to be returning trend towards genuine horror with the likes of The Others and The Ring, but for now it's just hard to accept that in Scream, one of the most original and influential movies in years, influenced all the wrong directors. Urban Legend: Final Cut may not be as appalling as Valentine, but it comes too close for comfort.
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5.0 out of 5 stars what's so wrong with this movie?
not that much in my opinion.many people have given it a low rating,but i'm gonna buck the trend on this one. Read more
Published on July 24 2007 by falcon
2.0 out of 5 stars legends gone WRONG!
this 1 was nowhere close to being as good and original than the original. it barely even uses any legends what so ever to kill someone. not scary not even funny. Read more
Published on July 8 2004 by "ericswrongturn"
1.0 out of 5 stars What the HELL?
If I had the choice of picking up a hard rock and bashing my head in, I would find the biggest boulder I could and bash away at my skull. Read more
Published on May 15 2004 by LadyLestat
1.0 out of 5 stars Far From a Legendary Movie
Do we really need another teen-slasher flick after dozens of "Scream" copycapts produced in the mid-to-late-nineties?? Read more
Published on April 4 2004 by gonn1000
2.0 out of 5 stars Not good
The first urban legend was pretty good decent horror film but this sequal just sucks. The begining of the film is ok and you think it might be good but then as it gets further into... Read more
Published on March 10 2004 by Amy Lynn
3.0 out of 5 stars not bad....
After watching this for the first time I didn't like it. But after watching it again and paying attention to what's going on, I enjoyed this film. Read more
Published on Dec 7 2003 by camp_kill_myself
3.0 out of 5 stars not bad but not as good as the first
It may be trash but it isn't a rotten one. Score: 65/100
Published on May 17 2003 by edward
5.0 out of 5 stars much better than the reviews make it out to be!
I saw this movie when it first came out, and got the DVD as soon as that came out. The movie is very suspensful and cleverly thought out, and I just love the characters. Read more
Published on Feb. 26 2003
2.0 out of 5 stars "Urban Legends... Better be the Final Cut"
This is an incredible, yet terrible sequel to "Urban Legend." How does the story involve urban legends anyway? Read more
Published on Feb. 20 2003 by Timotee
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