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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on January 21, 2004
This wonderful cookbook is perfect for the single vegan. For each week, the book contains a shopping list of all ingredients needed for that week's recipes. No running to the supermarket to pick up additional food and no waste! I really like no longer having to divide the ingredients in recipes by four or six -- these recipes are made for one person. The shopping list is a great idea -- I appreciate not being left at the end of the week with 1/2 can of beans, for example.
I have cooked every single recipe in the book, with the exception of some of the desserts. The recipes are varied, both in type of food and in ingredients used. I have rarely come across a cookbook with as high a proportion of the recipes ones I would definitely cook again. As with any cookbook, there are a few nits:
(1) For a very few weeks, ingredients are missing on the shopping list. (Usually, it's only a carrot or an extra onion.)
(2) Only one recipe did not seem to work at all -- the dumpling recipe. This may be due more to my technique than the recipe.
(3) There are very few ingredients that can't be found in a typical supermarket -- I have been able to find everything at my local natural foods grocer.
This book has become the backbone of my food plan. I look forward to coming home to varied, easy-to-prepare meals -- often with enough left over for breakfast!
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on July 6, 2003
Great Vegan resource. Compared to many other cookbook, this one uses a very efficient system: gives a shopping list that will cover your cooking needs (recipes listed) for that whole week, and also customizes the shopping lists for specific seasons (Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter).
Some things to keep in mind before buying the book:
a) Make sure you have/buy most if not all the Staples listed at the beginning of the book
b) There are some ingredients listed that may not be available in your regular grocery stores (and you will have to look for them in a health food store)
c) The recipes DO NOT call for a ton of oil/vegan-margarine (one tablespoon is the most I have seen).
d) Some recipes are super-yummy, others would work a little better with different spices, and others I would not make again.
SIDE NOTE: Since the Vegan diet contain No animal-based fats (and thus Zero cholesterol) it is important to keep in mind and consume cold-pressed essential oils (Essential Fatty Acids like omega-3 and omega-6 from flax, olives, sesame, etc.) on a regular and moderate basis.
Nevertheless, by following a daily diet using this book one will get sufficient essential nutrients, a variety of seasonal legumes and grains, and many times larger dishes than they can finish.
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on July 10, 2002
I have just recently deceided to go vegan and have found this a useful book. It is divided into 2 sections, spring/summer and winter/fall. Each section contains a nine week rotation divided by weeks and each week starts with a grocery list. The recipes aren't too flashy, but they are easy to cook and not to scary for the newbie vegan.
The only caution I would give people is that she uses ALOT of oil to cook, as much as 4 or 5 tablespoons in some dishes, so unless you still want to ingest the fat equivalent of roughly 2 big macs you'll want to substitute with veggie broth or a spray.
If your a busy, single, vegan person I think you will find this book very helpful.
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on August 17, 2002
I have recently become vegan and this is the first cookbook I bought. It has incredible recipies that are so easy to follow, and incredibly delicious. To counter the previous review, I either use a non-stick pan or use cooking spray when oil is asked for. What I don't like about other cookbooks is that it is hard to reduce servings from 4-6 servings to 1 or 2, rather, it is much easier to double or triple one when you have company. I also love that the author has a no waste attitude, meaning what you buy on the shopping list each week is used up THAT week. I hate that normal cookbooks will ask for a teaspoon of something you will end up throwing away when it goes bad in the fridge. My boyfriend loves this cookbook so much, he claims that what I cook is above restaurant quality, and there is such variety in the book of tastes and styles of cooking. I recommend this cookbook to any vegan, whether newly vegan or someone who wants a little more variety. Try the indonesian noodles with peanut sauce or the tofu with cashews and vegetables to start, you will be hooked.
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on May 21, 2009
I have to admit that I was very disappointed in this book. I purchased it based on the reviews I read, and perhaps it would be good for someone starting out as a vegan.
If you do not like mushrooms, or zucchini, be warned, they are in most of the recipes. Or, they use soy yogurt, or vegan margarine, or vegan cheese, or vegan 'meat', or soya milk....all products I do not use.
If you are looking for a book that uses 'real' food, and a variety of vegetables, this is not it.
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on April 22, 2013
This book is full of flavourless, awkward recipies and horrible writing. Many recipes reference ingredients that are not listed in the Mise en place, are lacking in spices and are generally just awful. If you have a newly-vegan family member, do them a favour and buy a book by Isa Chandra Moskowitz instead. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
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on May 15, 2014
My daughter is going off to University in the Fall and I bought this for her as a gift. We are both pleased with the recipes inside. They are easy but tasty and practical.
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on February 3, 2016
I'm alone and this deliciously fits the bill!
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