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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on May 25, 2004
Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. 2 is a great dvd package. Included are some very entertaining shorts and featurettes, many of which I had forgotten until I just viewed them again. In my opinion, I prefer the shorts on Vol.1, but it is nice to finally have the whole collection to enjoy forever.
A lot of people have complained here that Leonard Maltin's introductions to some of the shorts are annoying and unnecessary. I agree to an extent, that they can get repetitive. But Maltin was a major player in getting this great material released to the public in all of its uncensored glory. It does seem rediculous that we need to put shorts like "Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip" into perspective when Mickey dresses like an indian, because it was all done in fun and not meant to offend. Personally, I think that anyone who gets offended by a cartoon has bigger issues to deal with in their lives. We live in such a politically correct world though, that if he did not do this we may not be able to see the original versions. So you should thank Maltin for working so hard to get these to us.
Okay, as far as the content goes, it is great and each has its own charm. Highlights for me were "Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip", "The Little Whirlwind", "Orphan's Benefit"(Donald steals the show again), "Mickey and the Seal", and "Mickey's Christmas Carol(my new holiday favorite. Of course that only is the tip of the iceberg. Others are included that were already available, like "Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "Mickey and the Beanstalk" that are nice to have in a complete set. Extras are plenty on this volume as well.Included are the following:
"Mickey's Cartoon Comeback"
"The Voice Behind the Mouse"---The evolution of Mickey's voice
Mickey Mouse Club Titles in Color---5 original openings to the show.(This will be a Treasure in the next wave by the way)
"Mickey Meets the Maestro"
Mouse Mania-- A very strange stop motion short that you gotta see
Mickey Cartoon Physics from "Plausible Impossible"
Mickey on the Camera Stand from "Tricks of Our Trade"
"The Making of Mickey's Christmas Carol"--My favorite extra
Publicity and Memorabilia Gallery
Story and Background Art Gallery
In my area this and the Donald treasure have been the biggest sellers. This has a lot of entertaining content between the shorts, featurettes and the extras, which include great behind the scenes looks at how a lot of this material was brought to the screen. The picture never has looked better and probably never will. Children and adults alike will enjoy what this set has to offer, so get your copy now before they are gone. So far I have viewed this, Donald and Tomorrowland and I would rank this #3 behind Donald(1) and Tomorrowland(2) and I am about to go through On The Front Lines. But I say I rank it third and that is not a bad thing, fans of Mickey and animation in general should appreciate this set. It is definately worthy of bearing the Walt Disney Treasures name.
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on June 23, 2004
Growing up as a kid in the 80s, my only real exposure to Mickey Mouse in animated form was in Mickey's Christmas Carol, and it soon became a personal favorite of mine.
This DVD set finishes off the theatrical releases of Mickey Mouse, right up to his most recent film "Runaway Brain." This DVD is great as it includes scenes from Feature length films that Mickey Appeared in, such as "Sorcerer's Apprentice," from "Fantasia," and "Mickey and the Beanstalk" from "Fun and Fancy Free."
Truthfully most of the shorts on this set are when Mickey was no longer the most popular animated star at Disney. In some of these cartoons he takes a supporting role to Donald and Pluto, but the full charm of these cartoons is still there.
Leonard Maltin, an expert on animation and movie history, is on the disc with special features. He also appears more often then not to preface certain cartoons to let us know that they are not "Politically Correct." While other reviewers found this annoying, I would rather have the preface then have Disney keep these treasures locked in a vault. Think "Song of the South" as an example.
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on May 23, 2004
Once again, Disney has put together an impressive collection of cartoons; in this case, a wonderful assortment of Mickey Mouse cartoons. (Plus a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and a few easter eggs.)
But Leonard Maltin's commentary hits an all time low on this DVD set. To begin with, he explains to us how these shorts aren't really as good as Mickey's earlier work,(leaving us to wonder why we've just invested our money in them!), but, some of them are kind of cute, so we may actually enjoy them.
Then, he jumps back on the old political correctness bandwagon and feels obligated to explain to us (very often!) how these cartoons are not PC by modern standards, but that, rather than 'putting them on the shelf' (lest someone be ... gasp! ... offended) we should watch them and appreciate how times have changed, and how much more sensitive and understanding we are today. (Yeah ... like contemporary movies NEVER contain stereogypes ...) The commentary before "Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip" (in which he explains that Disney didn't MEAN to be bigoted and prejudiced when he had Mickey disguise himself as an Indian and say "How!") is bad enough -- but when he came on before "The Nifty Nineties" to tell us all that the scene where Minnie and Mickey attend a vaudville show is not PC by modern standards (because it contains comic references to drinking -- and we all know that drunkeness is not funny), but we should just try and accept it in the spirit in which it was intended --I was ready to throw something at the screen.
Maltin occassionally has some interesting things to say, but I'm far more offended by his belief that viewers are too stupid to understand that humor changes with the times and that life was different 60+ years ago than I could ever be by the fact that a cartoon might contain a bit of ethnic/racial stereotyping.
Buy the set, but when Maltin comes on the screen, take a bathroom break.
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on May 21, 2004
Everything on this set looks and sounds great. Technically this is wonderful, but its still a major disappointment when compared to every other Disney Treasure collection released (except Disneyland). The problem is that about half or a little more is repeated on many other DVDs from Disney. I figure there is actually only one DVD's worth of new material here. If you are a Disney fan and have everything, or only somewhat interested in Disney stuff, odds are you're going to have a good chunk of the extras contained here. Yes, the cartoons here are not repeated, but much of the rest of it is. How many times are they going to include the stuff from Fantasia? There is also the many times repeated Plausible Impossible clips, while Mickey and the Beanstalk is half Fun and Fancy Free. Yes, it is nice to have it all in one place but there is a such a thing as too many trips to the well.
I can't understand why there is so little new material, especially since Mickey is the icon for the company, I can't believe they used it all up in the first two Mickey sets.
The content is quite good and had it been a single disc or not one of the limited tins this would be a great set.But the fact that this set is called a Disney Treasure demands this be something special, which it is not, especially when compared to the high standards set by most of the other collections in the series.
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on April 14, 2004
This second set in the Mickey in living Color presents several more classic Mickey cartoons along with a host of extra features. While the toons are not as strong as those found in volume one they are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Once again film historian and animation fan Leonard Maltin provides an introduction.
"Tugboat Mickey" Tugboat captain Mickey is cleaning his boat when he receives an SOS! Only Mickey, Donald and Goofy can save the day
"Mr. Mouse takes a trip" No dogs are allowed on Pete's train, so Mickey tries to smuggle Pluto aboard with a variety of disguises
"Orphan's Benefit" An ensemble performance emceed by Mickey includes piano playing, an adagio dance, an operatic number, and numerous attempts by Donald Duck to recite "Little Boy Blue.
"Pluto's Christmas Tree" The fir tree that Mickey and Pluto chop down to bring home for Christmas is the home of Chip 'n' Dale. After the tree has been trimmed, the chipmunks delightfully explore their newly decorated surroundings, much to the chagrin of Pluto, the only one who knows that the tree contains the pair. Chip 'n' Dale soon drive Pluto crazy as they explore their new Christmassy surroundings. When Mickey finds out, he chuckles naively and thinks that they're cute.
In addititon to these shorts you get several longer Mickey features including, "Mickey's Christmas Carol, Prince and the Pauper, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Mickey and the Beanstalk.
There are also a number of great extra featurettes that make this a must have set.
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on April 3, 2004
How many of you out there have been waiting for this title and other titles in the Treasures series since before the holidays? I actually placed this order on November 3 and I am still, patiently waiting, as these titles are very rare an truly worth waiting for. The problem, of course, is not so much in the waiting but the reason (s) we are waiting.
Truth is, these titles are known to be sitting in a warehouse ready to ship. But there they sit allegedly because Michael Eisner wanted to be sure and (#1) remove Roy Disney's printed signature from all the packaging before they shipped (as he had done at around the same time by recalled the completely printed company annual report magazine to strike any reference to Roy Disney that wasn't absolutely essential) and (#2) to wait to ship these DVDs filled with vintage material (which the current management feels has little sales potential), in a up quarter of the year so that lagging sales of the "stale old material" won't be an added burden to an already bad quarter.
So we sit and we wait and only time will tell when we get these vintage wonders from when the Disney Studio was truly Disney. I will be anxious to see if it is really true that Michael Eisner is so small and so petty that he would actually stoop so low as to remove Roy Disney's name from the packaging of these items and, if so, if he personally scratched the name off with the same claw he uses to pinch pennies with.
Cheers for vintage Disney and Jeers for Michael Eisner and his rancid Walt Disney Company!
As Bette Midler so eloquently put it recently, "It's a shame that there is no shame".
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on September 30, 2003
According to a mail that Diney Consumer Services sended me, the following are the contents of this set:
"The following information is tentative for MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR 2.
Disc One:
***Leonard Maltin Introduction***
***"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Introduction***
***Deleted Animation from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Introduction***
***"Mickey and the Beanstalk" with Introduction***
Disc Two:
***Leonard Maltin Introduction***
***Mickey's Cartoon Comeback***
***The Voice Behind the Mouse***
***Mouse Mania with Introduction***
***Mickey Cartoon Physics from "The Plausible Impossible" with Introduction***
***Mickey on the Camera Stand from "Tricks of Our Trade" with Introduction***
***Mickey Meets the Maestro with Introduction***
***Color Titles from "The Mickey Mouse Club" with Introduction***
***The Making of "Mickey's Christmas Carol"***
***Publicity & Memorabilia Gallery***
***Story & Background Art Gallery: ***
- The Little Whirlwind
- The Nifty Nineties
- The Pointer
- Symphony Hour
Disc One:
***Society Dog Show***
***The Pointer***
***Tugboat Mickey***
***Pluto's Dream House with Stereotypes Introduction***
***Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip with Stereotypes Introduction***
***The Little Whirlwind***
***The Nifty Nineties with Uncharacteristic Behaviors Introduction***
***Orphan's Benefit***
***Mickey's Birthday Party***
***Symphony Hour with Stereotypes Introduction***
***Mickey's Delayed Date***
***Mickey Down Under***
***Mickey and the Seal***
***Plutopia with Uncharacteristic Behaviors Introduction***
***R'Coon Dawg***
***Pluto's Party***
***Pluto's Christmas Tree***
***The Simple Things***
Disc Two:
***Mickey's Christmas Carol with Introduction***
***The Prince and the Pauper with Introduction***
***Runaway Brain with Introduction***"
In other words... yes!, it will contain "Runaway Brain" (tentatively, of course)
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on May 7, 2004
I love Mickey Mouse cartoons. They might not be as funny as Donald Duck's, Goofy's or the entire Looney Tunes set, but they do posess a certain little magic, not to mention quality, to them that make them more like little artistic masterpieces rather than comic gems. This said, I'm glad we finally get to see "Runaway Brain" released on DVD, along with fellow Oscar-nominated shorts "The Pointer," "Mickey and the Seal" and "Mickey's Christmas Carol." The extras are more than plentiful and the inclusion of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", although already available in both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000, is, as always, welcome, especially in a collection that is supposed to showcase what the mouse is all about...I've been a fan forever and I really couldn't have asked for a better DVD set than this!
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on May 30, 2004
I am very happy with the Disney Treasures Wave 3 collection. It's great to finally have Mickey's Christmas Carol, Runaway Brain, and Prince and the Pauper finally available on DVD along with the other classic Mickey films. Also enjoyed On the Front Lines, Chronological Donald, and Tomorrowland. They did not let me down. It has also been announced (and I've heard from a very reliable source) that the Disney Treasures Wave 4 will most likely be released in December. They are going to be "Mickey Mouse in Black and White Vol.2","Disney's True Life Adventures","A Pluto Collection", and the one I'm excited about, "The Original Mickey Mouse Club, Season One." Anyway, thank you Disney, and keep them coming! They are worth the wait!
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on March 8, 2004
This should be an excellent collection. For the reviewer who stated that "Runaway Brain" has never been released for the public, it's almost true.
It was released on Super 8 color sound movie film just a few years ago by an English company called "Derann films". (You can find them on the internet) Believe it or not, they are still producing new Super 8 film product for people who collect super 8. (surprisingly, it's still going strong.) They have aquired nearly all the animation rights for release of Disney product, with exceptional quality. The other 30 minute long specials starring Mickey from the 80's and 90's are released by them on Super 8 as well.
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