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4.8 out of 5 stars31
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on February 22, 2010
It was nice to see Richard Earl Thomas again in his role of John Boy Jr.; since the last season his caracter had been replaced by Robert Wightman. He is also a very good actor but once you are used to see a familiar face and that face is no longer there; it is being missed. The Waltons has been an awesome series but yet with a lots of questions unanswered. Well peoples get ready for all of thoses answers in this new Waltons movie collection. Theses movies were even more than I expected; it was sort of a closing for the series of The Waltons. Although it felt like the end of the road, a sad goodbye, a defenetive end. And this time it is the end but a very good end; nothing left unsaid; nothing left undone and noone left unseen; everyone was there at one time or another and it felt like a new begining was going to take place on The Waltons's ground. A must for every fan of the series. As usual they will make you cry, laugh and you will fell complete after one episode or two. Once again Richard Earl Thomas was magnifician in his role of John Boy Jr. They all grew older a bit but were all wonderful actor just like it the whole series. Some sad part when a baby dies; I think you will be very surprise, some adption of new babies. An extraordinary wedding; and believe me a Thanksgiving to remember. Anyone who have followed the series The Waltons have to see "The movie collection" specially if you have still some unanswerd questions about something; the answers are in this box set.
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on May 23, 2010
In 2010 it may not be highly popular to like a show with traditional values like The Waltons, but to this home-spun woman it is a breath of fresh air in a very polluted environment. I can relax and enjoy basic values, common decency and a time when people helped each other out. These movies are post the series and well done. There is a rather different spin in one of the latest movies and that is that Mary Ellen's first son, John Curtis is nowhere to be seen but she has two other children. Did I miss something? Anyway enjoy these movies -- I think I'll put one on now.
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on April 21, 2011
I really am glad that I bought these movies because I enjoyed watching every single movie. It is a great collection of six awesome movies after the show ended. I lent the collection to my parents for them to watch and they are enjoying the movies as well. It is a great deal for six movies. I higly recommend people buy this collection. You will not be disapponted, these movies will be watched for years to come. It is nice to see the real John Boy in the movies as well. There are aome really sad parts in these movies but a lot of great moments as well. I love seeing how the cast have grown up. I love the message that is mentioned in these movies. You can watch these movies with the whole family.
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on February 15, 2010
This is for Walton's completists. This 3 DVD set includes The Walton's TV specials that came after the series. Let me tell you that you won't find a bigger fan than me; but seriously; when Ms. Learned and Ralph Waite followed Richard Thomas; off the series, the series Jumped The Shark.

Thanks to WB for releasing these gems.
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on August 9, 2012
Which closes many of the loose ends of what happens to the kids. The first movie, which is why there is one less star, did not star Richard Thomas, just like the last season. Richard Thomas by far was the better of the two actors for the role! But at least the other 5 movies had him. It was nice to see that they still kept Ellen Corby in the show/ movies. It was a very nice touch to see that they were not afraid to allow a woman with a stroke act, especially since it is part of life, families living with ailing members.
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on April 2, 2014
I love The Waltons, watch the series everyday. The movies were very good. It was surprising to see them all grown up. The parents were so much older as it happens in real life. It's a nice series, a family trying to do their best with what they have.

It seems the movies often go on sale for 9.99 and I had thought that was the cost, however the day I bought them they were 33.00, that is quite a difference. I would have like them even better at 9.99.
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on May 25, 2015
We thoroughly enjoyed this special edition of the Waltons. It consisted of the special days over time and how the Waltons celebrated them.From Easter to Mother's Day there were a lot of stories on the discs. The Waltons have been one of our very favourite series since they first came on tv many years ago. This version has more recent get togethers as a couple of the "kids" get married etc. If you like the Waltons yo'll also like this dvd.
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on August 20, 2013
this DVD did not disappoint my expectations. I was able to complete my story with the Walton family. In the 10 series of the TV show, it ended with a feeling there was more. It was great to catch up on the life of the family. DVD quality was excellent

Recommend to any of my friends.
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on March 8, 2010
All the disks in the collection were good quality and the movies were a nice follow-up to the series. I would recommend it to any Waltons fan!
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on March 11, 2015
Excellent condition. No issues at all. A must have for any true Waltons fan. Keep in mind though, these sets have absolutely no extras -- just the shows.
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