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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2004
I have read every novel written by VC Andrews, and I think that the Casteel series was the best series written by her. I fount that reading Web of Dreams first helped other readers understand the story better.It starts out Leigh Vanveeran has a happy life,then while a way on a magnificent vacation a startling event happens, and it is going to change her life forever. Leigh goes away to live with her mother and very young step father the famous billionaire Tony Tatterton the owner of Tatterton Toys.As she learns to accept the new life which has been thrown upon her Leighs mother starts to forget who she is and starts staying away all the time at charitie events all Leigh has is her younger step brother Troy to hang around on weekends and her upcoming school to keep her mind occupied. While on a return home from school Tony Tatterton starts taking advantage of things and something happens to Leigh that is going to make her mother face reality and ends up forcing her to run away. Leigh ends up meeting charming Luke Casteel and she runs off to the Willies to be with him. Leighs rich life takes a turn where shes lives without even running hot water or a bathroom to use, but the love for Luke Casteel overides all the hardship you have to face living in the Willies. Untill on a dark cold night she doesn't know if his love is strong enough to keep her hanging on.
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on March 2, 2000
Though it's a step up from the plotless let-down that was Gates of Paradise, there's a marked difference between Web Of Dreams and the first 3 books of the Heaven series. This book benefits from an interesting Nabokov-inspired story with a riches-to-rags twist, which works as a direct contrast to Dark Angel. The characters, however, read as 2 dimensional generalities, not as people. Luke, especially, was inadequately drawn considering the multidimensionality of his character hinted at in Heaven and Dark Angel. Unlike the Garden of Shadows prequal to the "Flowers" series, which gave the reader a fresh angle, a protagonist whose originality hasn't been seen since, and detailed background information, this prequal didn't validate itself in terms of enriching the reader's idea of the larger story. You'll find very little in Web of Dreams not told in the other books. But if you're a fan of the rest of the series, you're going to want to get as much of Troy Tatterton as you can.
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on January 24, 2000
I'm a 15-year-old writer and I consider V.C. Andrews to be my idol and inspiration to write books. This is one of the best books I've read in the past month, along with Heaven and Dark Angel. I have not gotten to Fallen Hearts and Gates of Paradise...yet, but plan to within the next month or so. By the way, I think that those people ripping on her about writing about rape, incest, and everything else, should STOP! She's a great writer and if you hate her books so much, then don't read them. Why don't you go and read some baby books that don't deal with the reality you all can not seem to take. It happens and someone needs to write it, don't they? In fact, I sometimes pepper my novels with things like that, and I am fifteen years old! V.C. Andrews is the godess of reality novels and should be praised for her realistic novels that explain the real world, not fantasy worlds that people are too wrapped up in and that don't let people grow to understand that certain things do happen. Have fun reading this wonderful book if you ever get your hands on it. The time you'll spend on reading 'Web of Dreams' is the perfect way to escape into reality. My favorite characters were Leigh and Troy and I thought that Tony should have gotten punished!
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on May 5, 1999
Although I think that there is some talent involved in the writings of V.C. Andrews' series, I find it is not used to the best means and this is unfortunate. The books have a certain writing style that is engaging, but, the plots are spoiled by repetition, for one. The story lines are pretty much always the same, with few real variations and the characters are, as well. This gets to be quite tiresome. I usually know what to expect from the parents and can guess what the "big, dark secrets" are. It seems to me, that if you've read one, you've read them all. My biggest criticism of Web of Dreams and other V.C. Andrews' books is the obsession with incest. Why is every book about incestuous relationships. I find this to be disturbing and cannot quite understand why more people are not put off by this. In Web of Dreams, this is very blatant and it is disgusting. Also, there is usually no redemption for the characters who have been subjected to this abuse. The situation is never corrected and the perpetrators are not held responsible and accountable for their actions. I found the book "Melody" to be a bit easier to take, but, still full of confusion, unhappiness, and again, more incest type relationships. I would love for the writer/s of the V.C. Andrews books to drop the incest theme and give their characters more redeeming qualities and lives. Good triumphing over the evil, not just passing it on from generation to generation. I hope they take the challenge. In the meantime, I've got healthier things to input into my mind and these books are definitely dark and leave a spirit of gloom. I am not interested in feeling gloomy. For those of you who think the way I do, you'll want to pass. That these books are so popular, really makes me wonder about our society. Finally, I feel: input darkness, output darkness; input light, output light.
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on December 13, 1997
Web of Dreams Explores the life of Leah (Angel) Tatterton, and her family from well to do, to rich beyond belief.
It goes very in depth with why Leah eventually runs off to the Willies.

One interesting note: In the book Leah discovers that the man (Cleave Van Voreen) she believed to be her father is not her true father at all, that Jillian apparently got pregnant by a man named Charles Godwin (or was it Goodman?).
Any way later in the book this same man works for Cleave Van Voreen, and calls Leah to inform her that her "Father" will be unable to see her.
Does Leah actually talk to her real father, and not know it, or was this just a slight of hand by V.C. Andrews?
I like to think that this was put into the book by V.C. Andrews just to see how many of her readers would catch it!

Web of Dreams is by far the best book I have ever read, and I have read thousands of books!
What I like best about the prequel is that it has absolutely NO discrepancies with the remaining books in the series, unlike other series written by V.C. Andrews.
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on August 2, 2003
My favorite serie of V.c Andrews is Casteel series, i really love Heaven, so i had to know the story of her mother, Leigh.
I almost cried in the end of this book because Leigh was such a great girl, so strong, so corageous and so beautiful!she gave up of everything just to escape from her stupid mother and her terrible stepfather, just to stay with her daughter Heaven.
(she has raped by Toni(the stepfather)and get pregnant.) she sufered, she was an angel in earth, she was a child with dreams that her family destroied. Nobody cared about her feelings, except the sweet Luke Casteel. They really were a wonderful couple. Leigh loved him with a true and pure love. He loved her too and made her feel special. Their love would last forever...
I loved this book because, in reality, it happens to many girls what happened to Leigh. But Leigh show us that we must have faith and hope for the present and future and forget the past.
Splendid book!
Anabela, a portuguese reader
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on July 5, 1999
V.C. Andrews needs some serious help and new ideas for books.I have read several of her books that disgust me.I wonder if V.C.Andrews was sexually mistreated as a child because all of her books seem involve sex and rape and disgusting things like that.It's sad that people read this sort of trash and that our society accepts it.I'm only twelve and I read her book thinking that it might not be as bad as the others and stopped in the middle because I found it sickening.I've also thrown out the books that I bought from her. V.C. Andrews has the potential to be a wonderful writer but she turns you away from her book when she writes novel after novel of this trash. I won't buy another book from her because of this and I hope people agree with me.
As for V.C.:If anything like that happened to you I'm sorry, but it is horrifying at how obsessed you are about this kind of treatment.
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on March 15, 2001
this was the first book i read out of this series unaware that it indeed was a series because i grabbed it out of my moms collection and i was hooked this book shows how even though you may live in a big huge house and have anything your heart desires it isn't all peachy keen and great what leighs stepfather tony did to her and how her mother blamed her for everything that happened just surprised me i never thought jillian could be that curel to her daughter and be so cought up in her self like that was something else like i said this was the first book i read unaware that there was a series but i ran out and bought heaven after i got done reading this. i thnk this book was well written you can feel what leigh was going through and they go into such detail that you can pic the surroundings this bood is worth the money if you like reading v.c andrews books
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on July 25, 2001
This was the 1st V.C. Andrews book I ever read (though I'd seen the FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC movie when I was a kid) and I loved it. It was unlike most of the other novels I'd read & the twists were absolutely wonderful. When I reread this book after I'd read the rest of the Casteel series in order, it was all the more better coz it made me understand the characters and their complexities more. I strongly recommend this novel to anyone looking for an emotionally detailed and realistically frightening read. I admit that I stopped reading V.C. Andrews when I noticed the difference between her works and those of the ghostwriter's, but books like WEB OF DREAMS make me remember how much I loved the works produced under the Andrews name and I just bought 2 new V.C. Andrews books 2day because of the memories.
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on March 18, 2003
This story is a very good eye-opener. Like DARKEST HOUR, it shows what happens when people fail to listen to each other. It was bad enough that the people whom Leigh knew as her parents divorced. Leigh was shocked to know that a man named Chester was her birth father instead of Cleave. It was slimy of Cleave to bail out on Leigh when she needed his help the most. It was beastly of Tony to assault Leigh. What was worse she became pregnant. To top it all off Leigh's mom Jillian refused to listen to her (L)! A CAT'S A BETTER MOTHER THAN JILLIAN! It was noble of Luke to take Leigh in, but Luke should have brought Leigh to the right authorities. That way Leigh would have survived giving birth to Heaven.
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