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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 13, 2010
It is amazing how truly this book describes the types of our personalities( Explorer, Builder, Director, Negotiator). While I easily recognized myself in the Negotiator description, it always seemed to me that I had some traits of all the other types. Helen Fisher is right, our brains have something from all the four types, but some characteristics are more prominent than others. As to the partner I am more likely to choose, I think once again Helen Fisher is right, nobody can really understand a Negotiator except for another Negotiator, but they still tend to choose someone who doesn't understand them. I guess Negotiators are some kind of masochists :)) I'm surprised at Helen Fisher's knowledge of a wide variety of literature. She is very creative for an anthropologist too:)
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on January 17, 2014
I found this book exceptional and easy to read and understand as well. Plus it confirmed other well known types of character analysis also, but with far more clarity. It put together a lot of missing pieces of other character type studies I've read but focused on 'relationships' more than just character types. It gave me a better understanding of personal relationships which ultimately is what it's all about. Very well done..................
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on February 17, 2015
I enjoyed this book, as well as Dr. Fisher's discussion of how neurochemistry affects our love lives. However, this book reads mostly as a slightly dumbed-down version of "Please Understand Me II" by David Keirsey (which was a far better book, in my opinion). From the discussion of the 4 basic personality types to the self-administered personality test, to the individual descriptions of the various personalities and their interactions, this was mostly a rehash of other books with a garnishing of neurochemistry (which I enjoyed). So, on the whole, this is not a bad book, but if you are looking for more depth on the subject, I'd recommend Keirsey's book instead.
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on February 27, 2013
Very documented and enlightening book that tells you what kind of personality profile you have (with much subtlety and wiggle room) and how it influences the kind of relationship you have - or might have. I really liked two of Helen Fisher's earlier books ("Anatomy of Love" and "Why we love") and this is not a rehash of her previous works, but the current state of her research. A reading I strongly recommande for all those who are interested in "How our mind works" - and how we mate.
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on November 26, 2011
I'm currently reading this book and I'm blown away by what I'm reading about myself. It is quite a weird sentiment to hold a book that seems to know so much about yourself and your inner world. Things that I often took years to learn and discover about myself. A must read, if you're seeking love or have already found it, because you can never know too much about yourself, nor appreciate too much who you are.
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on May 8, 2014
I first listened to the audio book thinking it might be a bit fluffy but then I had to purchase it because it had good facts and I wanted to refer to it in the future. A useful book for anyone looking to understand people and yourself as well as improve all relationships.
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on July 27, 2013
The book was very interesting and quite easy to understand and it does make sense. There were parts that seemed complicated though. I passed the book on to another person who is liking it also.
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on October 30, 2015
Some good points, but too simplified. Mayers-Briggs profiling does much better job in explaining personality differences and individual preferences.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 23, 2009
Isn't there a line in a song that goes something like "Somewhere in heaven you were fashioned for me?" How simple life might be if that were the case. Just sit back, relax, and wait for a celestial force to send that someone along. No more wondering if he or she is the right one, the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives.

Along comes Helen Fisher to shed some light on this intriguing subject. More than well qualified, she's currently research professor of anthropology at Rutgers, sometimes called the Love Doctor, and formerly a research associate at New York's Museum of Natural History. She's the author of four books, and recognized as an expert on romantic love.

Granted there are some things science cannot explain despite our ever increasing knowledge of the workings of our brains, analyses of personality traits, the effects of testosterone and estrogen, etc. Nonetheless Fisher presents a fascinating concept in Why Him? Why Her?

First of all the author identifies four personality types - the Builder (likes routine and orderliness), the Negotiator ( easily imagines both good and bad things happening), the Director (debates anyone?), and the Explorer (isn't fazed by the unpredictable). Next, the listener is offered 56 questions to help in typing himself or herself.

Now, while the types that are attracted to each other are identified, there's no promise that this is the basis for a lasting relationship. What the book does is offer food for thought re the ever perplexing question of who Mr. Or Miss Right might be.

Ably and authoritatively read by the author.

- Gail Cooke
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on January 30, 2012
This is a really interesting book about which personality types attract. My primary and secondary personality profiles was dead on.
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