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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 18, 2003
The Wiggles have invaded my home again. This time it is The Wiggles-Toot Toot! These young men fascinate my sixteen-month grandchild. We have several videos for him, but he will not watch any unless they are the Wiggles.
I think the thing that impresses me the most about The Wiggles - Toot Toot is it seems the whole video is done in vibrant color. It is very eye catching. The songs are very seems to stay in your head long after the video is over. This is entertainment at its best for a young child. This video has more educational value than others by the Wiggles. My grandson's favorite is the song where you actually can do the movements at his age, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes I believe is the name of the song.
I give up on hoping to expand his interests. The Wiggles are here to stay and this grandmother might as well give up and just buy all the videos. This has to be entertainment at its best if it can captivate the attention of an active sixteen-month every time we play it.
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on May 29, 2003
The Wiggles are absolutely something else and this video is by far their best, I think. The songs are just so well written and it's so refreshing to hear something written for children that isn't just plain stupid like Barney. Three of these guys are teachers and it definitely comes out in what they're doing. Thanks a bunch Wiggles for all the fun. Just wish they'd include the dance steps so the moms out there can learn the dances faster! The song "Captain Feathersword Ahoy" is just amazing. The first time I saw it on the Disney channel I just sat down and couldn't believe it. Never has there been such attention paid to children's programming as what these guys are doing. A fully choreographed dance number, that song just captivates my child each time. Also, the song, Toot, Toot (Chugga Chugga Big Red Car) is an awesome song - just TRY to get that one out of your head. Grab this one for sure if you're not sure on what the Wiggles are all about. You will certainly be impressed.
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on May 8, 2003
my 11 month old son and i love the wiggles and really enjoy the video, "toot toot"; but i realized that he is consistently, very afraid of the the scene when the big red car back fires in the captain face and he comes close up to the screen with black on face! my son starts to get upset and frightened as soon as the part is getting close! and when he sees the captain's face all black, he cries a frightened cry; it really upset him! after it passes, he gets happy again with the next song and dance. he's never afraid of captain feather sword except for then. now, when that scene is coming up, i sit with him and laugh and giggle excitedly, "look, the captain is funny!" i just thought it was very cute and wanted to share this; i'm curious if any other babies are afraid of the same part? i suppose i can see why it is scarey. his face comes real close with black on it, and even the backround music is kinda scarey. very perceptive of my boy! lol i hope it passes; he just can't be scared of the captain because he's my favorite!! lol
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on October 23, 2002
We love to listen to the Wiggles. The songs are great... fun, catchy, imaginative. Their CD's rank highly in our collection. Toot Toot! is no exception. We simply love it!
Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with some aspects of the video. My son, who is two, loves it and wants to watch it over and over. So, obviously, he disagrees with me (but he's not writing this review). As a parent, I'm very careful about what my son watches... and this just makes it past the censor boards. Why? Because some of the special effects are visually irritating (Henry's Underwater Big Band)and I catch myself looking away to avoid that slightly motion-sick feeling. Also, I find the bigger-than-life explanatory style The Wiggles use a little patronizing, but, paradoxically, it is also humourous and endearing.
Now that I've said that, I also have to say that I'm very thankful for the Wiggles and I will continue to let my son watch Toot Toot! when he requests it. Why? Because the music is great, The Wiggles are real people (rather than cartoons or purple replicas of prehistoric beasts), and I love having dancing male human role models for my boy. You gotta hand it to them... the Wiggles really can groove.
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on August 6, 2002
This is a wonderful show, but for reasons completely unintentional ( I'd hope! ) on the part of everyone involved. This show is gut wrenchingly hilarious. The sets are colourful, bizarre, or amusingly trippy, and the songs are fabulous. Everytime I find a Wiggles episode playing on the T.V. I end up sprawled on the floor convulsed in fits of giggles. The characters are nightmarish, garish, and very, very funny. A typical song would have a very tall and very skinny police officer ( gender ambiguous ) hobble around drunkeningly, an octopus with two rubber limbs, something called Dorothy that squeals like Minnie Mouse in Helium Land and looks like the product of nuclear waste, and a pirate, a red car, and a bunch of children that look like they're being paid a thousand dollars a minute to act as happy as they can. In the middle of all this cheerful insanity are the Wiggles themselves. A lot of their antics are just plain bizarre, as I've mentioned earlier, but a few of their skits are actually truly funny, in a late 60's British surreal humour kind of way. It's bad, yes... it's REALLY bad, but it's so extraordinarily campy that people decades from now will look back and think to themselves, "My God... Australia in the 90's must've been a really whacked out place to be!"
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on July 14, 2002
There are some good points to the Wiggles. There are some really neat songs in here and I think that the singing and dancing are entertaining. I especially like the children they put in the video.
The bad points start with some bad camera effects. I particularly dislike the underwater effect and don't think it is appropriate for toddlers who are learning about and trying to make sense of their world.
The worst aspect of the Wiggles is that their animal characters are very bizarre. The Octopus is a person wearing an octopus costume. Four of the legs are the human's two legs and two arms and the other four legs are stuffed and flail about randomly from the human's neck. Dorothy the dinosaur has no bottom jaw and her single row of teeth is on the outside of her upper jaw. Plus, the animal character voices and mannerisms are very annoying.
I bought this video because of all the good reviews on this site but was very disappointed. I don't think it even compares to some of the other kids' videos out there. Sesame Street & Elmo, Barney, Blue's Clues and VeggieTales are much better and are more likely to teach as well as entertain.
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on January 24, 2001
Toot Toot is one amazing show! I loved this video! It is full of fun songs, dancing, and joy. It truly is a rare magical treat. I have the other Wiggles videos and I like them all, but this one stands out above the rest due to the show quality choreography and the movie-like rhythm of each song. The short skits in between are very funny and flow perfectly with the story. It is like watching a really good movie, which makes you feel like a joyful kid again. If you are in a bad mood watching this video will surely cheer you up.
My baby is only 5 months old, but she loves watching The Wiggles. I am 35 and I love it to, and so does my husband. The songs are very good and catchy. The only problem is they will sing in your head while you try to sleep at night. The dancing is spectacular! In fact, I advice you to throw away all your aerobics videos, and dance to The Wiggles moves in this tape instead. It is much better due to the shear fun factor and the variety of steps, most of which are high impact aerobics.
The Wiggles have the formula perfected for childhood imagination, fun, song and dance! This is a wonderful video to sing and dance to and it will make you feel young, happy and carefree too. What could be better then that for a child, or for a child's parent for that matter? No home should be without this video. I hope The Wiggles are aroud for a very long time.
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on April 4, 2001
I'm not sure why we ever brought this video in to the house, but my son (24 months) is absolutely obsessed with it. He requests it by name about 3 seconds in the door home from day care. My husband and I constantly have the catchy songs stuck in our heads. The adults, kids and characters in the video are happy and active, although my son barely blinks during his viewings. Bottom line, he loves it, the songs are positive and teach things like how to cross he street, and luckily there is more than one video by the Wiggles so we can get them and at least have some variety (i hope). The Wiggles are a huge fad right now with the 2-3 year old circuit here in Seattle. They have everything toddlers like:cars, food, animals, kids, singing, dancing, pirates, cowboys, aliens. I recommend this video to anyone with a two year old. I encourage you to try to get them to move around while watching the video. Sure you'll go a little crazy, but who with a toddler isn't?
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on April 15, 2001
The most notable aspect of The Wiggles is their talent for writing songs. The singing is good, the songs are performed well, and the tunes are catchy. Although the songs tend to stick in your head relentlessly, they are actually musically good enough that they aren't going to drive you as insane as say, Barney. Still, be prepared to wake up at three in the morning with the Captain Feathersword theme song going through your head.
The theatrics that go along with the songs are pretty entertaining too. My two-year-old son loves dancing along to the steps they do in the videos, which are pretty easy to follow. The variety of characters (dinosaur, pirates, dog, and various professionals) keeps the show entertaining and somewhat educational.
My two-year-old loves the music and dancing. My six-month-old loves to watch the funny faces and interesting characters in the videos.
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on September 18, 2001
We have a 2-1/2 year old that absolutely adores the Wiggles. She has already learned alot about the world through previous videos (I think her first words were quack quack).
We bought this video based upon other customer recommendations but were disappointed in the quality of the production. Whereas in previous videos (eg WiggleTime) there were plenty of painted sets this video is almost entirely bluescreened. The songs that aren't bluescreened are all in front of the exact same set which is basically a wherehouse painted three shades of green. At least I think it's green, its hard to tell because the colors are alot less vivid. Jeff's shirt looks grey and Anthony's shirt looks green. (and it's not the fault of our TV or VCR)
It also seems like there are alot more songs without words.
After viewing this video, my copy is for sale.
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