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Wind Named Amnesia [Import]

Kazuki Yao , Denica Fairman , Kazuo Yamazaki    Unrated   VHS Tape
3.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (22 customer reviews)

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This sci-fi road journey is set in the near future (1999--six years after the film was initially released). Human civilization has been devastated by a mysterious wind that erased everyone's memories--even the basics of language and self-care that real amnesia doesn't affect. Their minds wiped clean, the survivors haunt the ruined cities, scavenging for food. Wateru ("traveler" in Japanese), whose mind was laboriously restored by a survivor at a government research facility, wanders through America in a jeep, trying to bring knowledge to people. In San Francisco, he meets Sophia, a mysterious woman with unexplained powers; she joins him on a journey to New York that turns into a transcontinental escape from a murderous and seemingly indestructible robot. Along the way, they encounter the members of a cult that worships an enormous wrecking machine, and two puppetlike survivors in an fully mechanized city. Wateru struggles to fulfill his mission to start people on the long journey back to civilization, but he often has to rely on Sophia's extraordinary powers of communication. A Wind Called Amnesia is more thoughtful and less violent than most anime features; unfortunately, it ends on a weak, unsatisfying note. Rating: 16 and older for animated sex and some violence. --Charles Solomon

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1.0 out of 5 stars this sux! July 11 2004
The theme was dull and overdone. Basically, everyone forgets how to be human and act like dogs, and this guy is taught by this other guy and this chick how to be human. The plot is self-riteous: humans need to do this-and-that to be perfect like the aliens who erased their memories. One of the worst anime ever.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Well, the concept is there.... Oct. 28 2003
Needless to say, this anime isn't for everyone. Some may not understand the story, as it tends to jump around and the plot seems mixed up. However, the concept behind the story is fairly interesting. A wind that makes the world forget everything they ever knew, but the show jumps around so much, it seems to take them a while to actually tell you about it. The art style is nice, the animation solid and fluid. I haven't listen to the English Dub, so I won't comment on it.
If you don't mind thinking through your anime, you should be fine. The show may move around a lot, but overall it isn't too bad.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Good But Old July 21 2003
Okay,I have to say this an okay movie.It just talks about a man named Wataru and he meets a girl named Sophia and then they travel around the country trying to pick up people who lost their memories and Wataru is willing to teach them things.Then Wataru finds out who caused the wind of Amnesia and blah blah blah.Most of the movie is about other people they meet then it talks about Wataru and Sophia.There's a lot of nudity though so I dont reccomend it for kids.Also,if this movie was drawna bit better then I would have given it five stars.I dont know why but I cant stand old anime.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Credit where credit is due July 19 2003
You can not argue with an anime that has such beautiful imagination. It reads like an Arthur C. Clarke story, earth's first encounter with alien, and its impact economically, sociologically etc. Like his novels, its a subtle thriller, never revealing too much too soon and always leaving more questions than answers.
To complain about its animation is as shallow as complaining about 2001:space oddysey's special effects. This is an anime that will stimulate the introvert. Those with a vivid imagination will lose themselves in this fantasy. The imagery is is beautiful to me, the sunny blue-green landscapes, cold deserted cities, long stares into the night sky, and the soothing loneliness (an escape from modern chaos)
If you have ever enjoyed any of the following
the imagination of the matrix,
Rendevouz with Rama novel by Arthur C clarke
The world of the Fallout (PC game) series
You will love this anime as much as I did.
Although I wish they had made this into a series, and prevented the abrupt ending that inevitably occurred... squeezing the future of mankind in a 90min screening!
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4.0 out of 5 stars December_me Oct. 25 2002
A truly wonderfull and emotionally deep movie, even if the animation is slightly antiquidated. The ideas and questions it presents can be a bit deep to someone who still thinks Anime are just silly cartoons, but movies like this should quickly dispell that.
It's not one for war and violence buffs, and some of the timeing seemed a little off for some sound-effecets in the movie, but if your looking for something to ponder on a long day, or you have a friend who always complains about not ever having anything interesting to talk about... just watch this wonderfull tale and enjoy.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Good idea, Boring movie. Sept. 11 2002
As many of the other reviews point out, that the concept of everybody losing thier memories is a good one. The sad part is that the story kind of drags on. The only people with memories are the ones that had memories implanted, saved somehow due to cybernetic implants, and one mysterious lady in which she is not all that she appears to be. Although the story kind of slow, it does make you think for a while.
Basically, an alien race was experimenting with Earth. They see how creative we can be with our buildings and machines. The aliens simply took all the memories of man, as our language and knowledge of tools, just to see how we would behave.
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3.0 out of 5 stars how do you rate this over three stars??? May 10 2002
I'm pretty sure people who just started watching Jap. anime are WAAAY too facinated with the subculture and overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of animation that are viewd by those who grow up watching Looney Toons, Mickey Mouse, and Transformers.
For those of you (above), anime like "A Wind Named Amnesia" will BLOW u away (like most of reviewers here). But if you grow up watching Japanese animation, you'll notice this movie is just OK, nothing here that will "BLOW YOU AWAY". Animation quality is sub-par along with matching musical score, but the story is bit original- "like it - didn't love it."
For story info: read the ediorial review.
I'll recommend this DVD for those who are soooooooooooooo facinated by Jap. Anime and think everything from Japan is "WOW.. BEST EVER!!! OMG!! SUPERB!!"
for others, its entertaining, original, and worth a look..
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1.0 out of 5 stars R U SERIOUS! April 21 2002
Format:VHS Tape
this movie is so bad you cant imagine..i dont know how people actually rated it more than 1..it doesnt have a good story...when you read it at first u think hey this is cool..people who lost their memory..but after you watch it you really hate ur self ...i continued watching it cus i paied for it : (...it doesnt have a nice story..it doesnt have an ending..and most of all the charectors are so ugly u cant imagine..spare ur money and buy somethin else
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