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For Your Height Only/Challenge of the Tiger [Import]

Weng Weng , Yehlen Catral , Bruce Le , Eddie Nicart    Unrated   DVD

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Amazon.com: 4.3 out of 5 stars  14 reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Jaw Dropping! Nov. 11 2005
By GialloFan - Published on Amazon.com
A truly incredible piece of exploitation nonsense! For Your Height Only is the most amazing piece of exploitation trash I have ever seen ... Starring the one and only Weng Weng, the three feet high Filipino superstar in the first of three outings as Agent 00, the movies parodies the Bond cliches and then some!

A wonderful midnight movie - get some friends together and watch this film - its an unforgettable experience!
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3.0 out of 5 stars He carries the 00. There wasn't room for anything else... /And one missing "e" can make all the difference! Dec 12 2008
By Craig Edwards - Published on Amazon.com
For Y'ur Height Only (1981) Firstly, that typo is courtesy of the filmmakers, not me. Secondly, it's neat to still be logging firsts in my movie watching after so many years. This was my first martial arts/James Bond knockoff starring a little person! Filipino star Weng Weng is the tiny actor in question, listed in info on the DVD as 2'9'' (?!) He may be short, but he's not short on talent! Well, actually he is. But you gotta give the guy credit as he jumps right into the action as secret agent 00, the best man for the job when Filipino bad guys do...well, villainous things. There was definitely no plot to get in the way of the story here, which basically had the bad guy sending his minions to kill Our Hero, but instead getting their comeuppance most usually through kicks and punches to their crotch, the body part closest to 00's reach. He also has a great trick where he comes sliding on the floor from around a corner, shooting his tiny little pistol at the bad guy lurking there. The movie seems to be pretty clever, spending the first several minutes just letting the audience marvel at what they are seeing as 00 mops up on a few bad guys. Just when the novelty of the little guy kicking tushie is wearing off, he's called into his boss's office to be given a classic dubbed briefing and a pile of gadgets to use. So now we get to watch 00 continue his mission with a poison detecting ring, little machine gun sized for him, and a remote control Oddjob hat (!) Finally, this too starts to get a little old, and they filmmakers play their final trump card: they send 00 back into the office where his boss gives him this adorable little jet pack! Oh my golly, the sight of this tiny little man on a pretty much totally visible cable "flying" about 7 feet off the ground with a little smoke coming out of one of the jet pods on his back had me cackling all over the couch right through the end of the movie. All in all, this one has a lot going for it, including love scenes, gun battles, fist fights, surveillance and sneaking around, all of which is made that much more exciting because the guy doing it is knee high! There's also a climactic little person martial arts free for all, frequently hilarious dubbing, a musical score that will remind you of a certain British spy's theme song without waking up the musical copyright lawyers; and the moment you had to know would be in there: the moment when 00 does something so dangerous the filmmakers have him doubled by a big doll. Now that is cinema!
Challenge of the Tiger (1981) Bruce Le, whose stage name might have been chosen to make viewers think he was someone else, stars in and directs this chopsocky epic. Le and Richard Harrison star as two guys. Someone has a "formula." Other people want it. Some villains attack Le, who fends them off with his kung fu; he then runs over and breaks up Harrison's topless tennis game with several young women to enlist his help. After that they walk around various parts of Hong Kong getting attacked every few minutes. Eventually everyone in the cast kicks someone. And that's pretty much it. Definitely no plot getting in the way of the story here. The dubbing, usually atrocious in these movies is actually somehow worse here, as no one seems to be moving their mouths for the words not to match to. One very fun scene has Le and Harrison following the bad guys to some kind of convention hall, where tons of people stare at the camera as they are forced into being extras, and Le takes a moment to talk to Jack Klugman and Jane Seymour (?!?), and although we can't hear the conversations, it's obvious neither know who Le is or that he is shanghaiing them into his movie. Cinema gold! Another great scene pits Le against a bull for some meaty martial arts. Who wins? Well, at the end of the fight one of the two gets briefly represented by a little graphic of a cartoon that shows the skull cracking into pieces, and that's no bull! Er...well, I mean, yes, it is the bull...oh, you know what I mean! Other than that, this is pretty standard issue kung fu nonsense, but it moves along pretty well, Le and Harrison have some chemistry together despite the dubbing, Le has entertainingly bad hair (a huge mop that makes him look like an angry housewife in some shots), and Harrison really looks like a mustached early 80's Roger Moore in any shot wider than a closeup. For these reasons alone I had a good time with this, if that sounds good to you give this one a try!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Tattoo Versus The Bakery Of Doom! March 2 2007
By Robert I. Hedges - Published on Amazon.com
This is an incredible double feature. The first and more entertaining film is "For Your Height Only," a Bond imitation starring a Filipino midget named Weng Weng as Agent 00. Weng Weng dresses like a cross between Tattoo from "Fantasy Island" and John Travolta from "Saturday Night Fever." He's smooth with the ladies, has lots of ludicrous gadgets (a ring that detects all poisons, a belt buckle that slices steel bars, x-ray glasses allowing him to gawk at shapely secretaries, etc.,) and is a karate impresario.

The film starts with an American scientist being kidnapped for his "N-bomb" formula. Who could be responsible, you may ask? Mr. Giant (of course...) who is contacted via an illuminated two way mirror. There is abundant midget karate sprinkled throughout, and the implausibility factor is very, very high. Weng Weng has some very deft fight moves you probably wouldn't come up with on your own, such as running between opponents legs and hiding out on a moving Ferris wheel during a shootout. Mr. Giant is hiding a drug smuggling operation in a bakery ("there's a lot of dough in this dough.") The clever Weng Weng pits the mobsters against each other in a food fight and gets teamed up with the lovely spy, Irma. Weng Weng, who is described as "petite like a potato" (don't ask me) at one point actually stops in the middle of a fight for love before using his remote control hat for destruction and parachuting via umbrella back to his beloved Irma. (He is even brazen enough to introduce himself by saying "I'm Secret Agent Double Zero," and the women swoon.) Irma gets kidnapped at the disco and has her communication pendant used against her (as previously seen in "The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman") and is threatened by Mr. Giant with death in his shark tank along with the American scientist (remember him?) but fortunately Weng Weng uses his rocket backpack to fly to "Hidden Island," Mr.' Giant's home, which has the ugliest decor ever filmed.

Once on Hidden Island, mayhem reigns and another karate midget challenges Weng Weng's skills. Not to fear: an entirely new group of good guys arrive by helicopter to assist the hostage situation. The ensuing gunplay seems to last years: the only casualty is Irma who dies on the beach in Weng Weng's arms. She salutes him and says "mission accomplished" then croaks in a performance that is totally out of Shatner's league, even at his hammiest.

This film is utterly perfect for a lover of cinematic badness: it is ridiculous and poorly executed in every possible dimension, thus enshrining it in the B-movie hall of fame. Be sure to catch the extra features including "Weng Weng: An Appreciation."

The second film stars Bruce Le (no, not Bruce Lee) in a ludicrous kung fu extravaganza about Le (and fellow CIA operative Richard Harrison) using their fists of fury to defeat both the mob and Viet Cong for possession of a formula for a new spermicide (I am not joking) that terrorists have seized from two scientists in a bloody laboratory coup. This movie is fairly painful and frequently features a lot of karate and kung fu involving multiple parties making it very difficult to figure out what is going on, and even harder to care. The film has subplots that vary all over the map: morally questionable tennis matches; bullfighting; motorcycle duels on a temple's steps (especially silly); and admittance to the communist party for stealing maps: without question my favorite scene in the film is when Le does kung fu on a bull.
You will be pleased to know that there's a special guest appearance by "Miss Spain of 1982," a somewhat chunky and unattractive enemy agent with no acting skills of any sort. In general the film features more padding than a Posturepedic mattress, and is relentless in it's boringness. After a big diversion at a convention celebrating Macau with Sousa marches and horse racing the finale erupts in a three way kung fu battle and car chase, which concludes with the spermicide formula being incinerated in an automotive inferno.

"Challenge of the Tiger" is a vaguely amusing, multifaceted rip-off, but really could use a little Weng Weng.
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5.0 out of 5 stars What else could you ask for? Jan. 26 2007
By Drock_Ur - Published on Amazon.com
If you watch the academy awards...chances are this won't be your cup of tea. If you like watching mini super agents blast their way through any action packed obstacle they face...chances are this film will leave you in a comatose of excitement. I laughed so hard through this that I couldn't move my jaw for a day. Prepare to be rocked!
3.0 out of 5 stars Weng Weng! June 2 2008
By morgoth - Published on Amazon.com

3-foot tall Filipino action star Weng Weng is back as Agent 00. The evil Mr Giant has plans to take over the world, and there's only one man that can stop him.

To be honest, this movie is nothing special, but Weng Weng's fight scenes and the hilarious dubbing make it worth watching. Once you've seen Weng Weng in action, you will have the urge to see more of him. trust me.

Now if you like this, then you have to see The Impossible Kid, which can be found in the martial arts 50-pack. I found it to be much better than For Your Height Only. Long live Weng Weng, my hero.


Picture quality is kinda faded, but still pretty good. Full screen and English dubbed.


Man oh man, this really had the potential to be great. The movie starts off with Richard Harrison playing tennis with topless women. And there's plenty of other nudity scattered throughout the rest of the movie. And for the kung fu fans, there's Hwang Jang Lee, Bolo Yeung, Kong Do and Bruce "Le". So how did this movie fail to achieve greatness? Well, that's an easy question to answer. It all has to do with Bruce Le. I swear that every single one of his fights has the exact same choreography. He is just a terrible kung fu actor. Bad fighting skills, and really bad acting skills. It's not that Le is a bad martial artist, it's that he doesn't look good on screen. I actually like Dragon Lee moer than Bruce Le. A lot more. Luckily, Hwang and Bolo get to show their stuff properly. Bolo gets shorted, but looks good in his limited action, and to me Hwang Jang Lee is the star of the movie. I could watch this guy kick all day.

So all in all, this is a decent movie, but it could have been so much better. Only worth watching for about 3 or 4 fight scenes.


I was amazed at the picture quality. Widescreen and the print is in very good condition. English dubbed.

Special features include excellent biographies on Richard Harrison, Bruce Le and Weng Weng. Sad story Weng Weng. He is greatly missed.

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