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on October 8, 2002
What's the point of golf? What are we trying to achieve while we're out there? Simply put, the point is to get the ball in the cup as quickly as possible and enjoy the process. I played a round early this summer, had an awful time, came off the course stressed and feeling bad about my behavior. I was literally hyperventalating over putts. Turns out I scored well. So something was amiss, right? This book has me enjoying the game again. Zen Golf is not a deep and difficult treatise of the deeper meaning of life and golf. It is closer to an instruction manual on how to play better golf and enjoy the game more. It addresses concepts like trust, confidence and positive thinking. I now enjoy those 3-iron punch shots out of the trees. I'm learning to enjoy those 5-footers. Every shot is an opportunity and there's no need for fear or negativity. My "evil caddie" seldom comes around, and when he does, I know what to do. This is simply the best golf book I've ever read.
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on May 28, 2002
I bought this book because it had a quote from V J Singh on the cover. Singh endorses this book. Singh has been concentrating on the mental side of the golf game. For the amateur golfer, the first thing to do is groove a swing, and develop short-game skills. After that, there are dozens of sports psychology books waiting for you. I have read about 10 of them, and most of them gave me the same feeling, as if I was reading the same thing over and over. This book was a bit different. I felt that the tips were very basic, but a couple of them have really helped me on the course. They have probably helped me more than anything else that I have read. I would say that there were about 6 very good tips/thoughts in this book. And probably 2 of them will stay with me for the rest of my life.
One lesson helps you for when you hit a bad shot. Usually, I would get upset, and my mood probably wouldn't get better until the next time I hit a really nice shot. This book teaches you a very simple method which has helped me to not get upset on the course.
One note: to be honest, I don't think that the book has directly helped me hit the ball closer to the pin, or to play smarter. However, it has helped me enjoy each shot more, and I definitely do not get upset on the course, anymore.
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on June 3, 2002
The one time I had a perfect (for me) round of golf I noticed that the game seemed extremely simple. The rest of the time, I wonder how it can be so complicated to try and reproduce that simplicity. Zen golf gets to the root of this and offers a path there, and the opportunity to have that round at any time.
Joseph Parent's advice applies to all levels of golfers and is a guide to consistent and reproduceable results. It is one of those rare books on golf that doesn't fill your head with things to consider while you play, it does the opposite by showing you how to clear your head and in doing so clear away the obstacles that prevent us and our bodies from naturally performing the way we are capable of. I expect that the short time it took me to read this book will have a long-lasting effect on the way I will play golf from now on, and I am in the process of reading it for a second time.
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on February 16, 2003
not as bad as the title sounds...maybe 4 3/4 stars...trys to get you to focus on what is right and not what will continue to distract you...a guy gave me the book to read that used to throw clubs when he was unhappy...said it changed his whole approach to the game...i havent seen him throw a club in 6 months so i thought I'd try the book too.
I never threw clubs and now I figured out why....same indian shoots all the arrows...why be mad at myself..?
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on August 14, 2002
As an avid, yet struggling golfer I was ready for just about anything that could improve my game, including a lobotomy. Zen Golf was not only straight forward, but incredibly useful. Shortly after reading the book, I went out and "trusting" my swing not only hit a lot of great shots, but actually began having fun again. I enjoyed myself so much that I scheduled a full day lesson with Dr. Parent. Talk about a book brought to life. He was wonderful. Not only was he full of insight and stress relieving approaches, but he was really fun to play with. In the last year or so, I have been shooting a lot of 80's and even some 90's. Employing Dr. Parent's concepts I shot 77 AND had a fun time. I don't dread golf anymore. I highly recommend the book to every golfer looking to play to their full potential and take the hernia out of the game. For those luckier still, I recommend a lesson with Dr. Parent. If you are struggling with your game, either take up tennis or get this book.
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on July 2, 2002
Finally, after reading hundreds of books and attending numerous golf schools, I have found instruction on how to manage my golf game and play with the game I have. Dr. Parents "Zen Golf" is a guide to the meditative aspects of golf, in fact he offers step by step instuction to begin meditation and work it into your golf game. Anyone who has ever meditated and played golf sees golf as "meditation in action": What's Tiger Woods advantage over the field of PGA golfers? Mind control he has gained trough years of meditation practice guided by his mother (from Thailand). Dr. Parents shows us how to "be" on the golf course to increase enjoyment and lower scores, but more importantly to play with honor and dignity regardless of the outcome that day.
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on September 29, 2003
Often I have a 30 minute drive or more to my favorite local daily fee course in the area that I live. As soon as I turn off the cell phone and head to the course I listen to several chapters (and sometimes I skip around) among 4 CDs to prepare my head for the day's round. I arrive at the course focused on golf. And that's where this CD excels. Dr. Parent has been able to pinpoint the various mentals games and thoughts that we serious golfers (even at a 20 handicap) think about and agonize over ever time we play. This books helps me to focus. I highly recommend it on CD.
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on July 23, 2002
Through both this book and personal work with Dr. Parent the variation in my 18 hole scores has dropped significantly. By applying the PAR approach described in the book, I find that I make many fewer 'very interesting' shots and many more 'yes! that's me' shots. These two ways of first distancing oneself from undesirable shots and connecting oneself with desirable shots are examples of the unique approach taught by Dr. Parent. The book is equally accessible as working with him in person. I expect that I will reread this book many times in the years to come.
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on February 19, 2012
A good golf game is a combination of having good golf swing mechanics and a good mental game. This book is an entertaining read on the mental side of golf. Anyone reading this book will surely walk away with a different view of things. The book itself is easy to read, covers many topics and offers many helpful ideas. This is one book you should include in your golf library. From the author of The Golf Swing: It's all in the Hands.
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on June 28, 2002
More than anything else, Zen Golf, showed me how to enjoy the game. My expectations of great outcomes got in my way. Now, by focusing on the process instead of the results and by using the techniques outlined in Dr. Parent's book, its more fun. And, surprise! The results are more pleasing.
The best golfers in the world are emplying golf psychologists. Zen Golf is a great way to learn what the pros are learning.
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