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Braun products have inspired some of the most iconic designs of the past century and some even have a permanent place at New York's Museum of Modern Art. In keeping with this tradition, the Braun Series is an expert blend of the functional and the aesthetic.


From the Pulsonic technology of Series 7 to SmartFoil (Series 1), cutting-edge innovation is found at all levels. The team at Braun's central innovation centre works tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of technical capability.


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Braun Series
Braun Series 7-70S Replacement part (Silver)
CDN$ 59.99 CDN$ 37.33
Braun Series
Braun Series 5-51S Replacement part (Silver)
CDN$ 59.99 CDN$ 37.08
Braun M90
Braun M90 Mobile Shave (Black)
CDN$ 24.99 CDN$ 19.33
Braun Series
Braun Series 7-720s Pulsonic Men's Shaver (Black)
CDN$ 219.99 CDN$ 175.17
Braun 30B
Braun 30B Replacement part (Black)
CDN$ 39.99 CDN$ 30.00

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From Max Braun's early prototypes in the 1940's to the latest innovations of the new Series range, Braun has continued to combine first-class expertise with a leading eye for the latest trends.
Braun Series 7 Electric ShaversBraun Series 5 Electric Shavers
Braun Series 7 Electric Shavers Our best shave ever -- Braun's most advanced shaving technology. Braun Series 5 Electric Shavers An incredibly smooth and precise shave, even in problem areas.
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Braun Series 3 Electric ShaversBraun Series 1 Electric Shavers
Braun Series 3 Electric Shavers Tough on beards, smooth on skin. Foil cuts hairs more easily while being smooth to the skin. Braun Series 1 Electric Shavers Smooth and convenient. Ultra thin foil technology for a close, comfortable shave.
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Braun MobileShave ShaversBraun Replacement Parts
Braun MobileShave Shavers MobileShave is a perfect grooming friend outside home, giving you smooth skin anytime, anywhere. Braun Replacement Parts Cutting parts can be subject to wear, so it's important to replace them so your shaver can continue to give you 100% performance.
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Braun BodygroomersBraun Silk-épil Epilators
Braun Bodygroomers The BodyCruzer efficiently trims body hair with a Gillette Fusion blade for smooth, clean shaving results. Braun Silk-épil Epilators Silky smooth legs for 4 weeks. Braun Silk-épil gently removes hair at the root so that the skin stays smooth for weeks, not days.
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