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LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count Queen...

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CDN$ 479.99 CDN$ 189.95
LUXURIOUS 1500 Thread Count King Size...

Bedding Warehouse
CDN$ 499.99 CDN$ 219.95

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Amazon's Bedding and Bath Store features hundreds of styles for your bedroom and bathroom. From linens and decoration to furniture and organization, we will make sure you are clean, dry, and get a good night of sleep. Find your favorite bed covers, be it comforter, quilt, duvet, comforter or just a sheet, plus pillows and mattress pads to ensure a night of uninterrupted slumber. For the bathroom we have shower curtains, bath mats, towels, as well as towel racks warmers and any other kind of bath accessory. Rest in comfort, shower in style, and bathe yourself in the finer comforts of our Bedding & Bath Store.