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Deliver Us from Evil: The True Story of Mexico's Most Famous Kidnapping
Deliver Us from Evil: The True Story of Mexico's Most Famous Kidnapping
by Ernestina Sodi
Edition: Hardcover
11 used & new from CDN$ 1.31

3.0 out of 5 stars Not nearly as exciting as I thought it might be, March 26 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 229 pages but sadly no photos at all.
The quality of the paper and binding is excellent and give this book a look and feel of quality.
The story itself is told by one of the 2 women kidnapped and the one that remains with the kidnappers until the end.
While the story is interesting and incredibly sad it lacks something that would make it exciting.
She recounts her ordeal with the kidnappers but it reads many times like a romance novel...despite her anguish over it.
All in all an interesting story but not what I had hoped for by way of excitement.

Chasing the Title: Fifty Years of Formula 1
Chasing the Title: Fifty Years of Formula 1
by Nigel Roebuck
Edition: Hardcover
25 used & new from CDN$ 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps the FINEST book on racing I have read in 10 years!!, Jan. 9 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 304 pages and 32 photo pages.
Despite it's somewhat inappropriate title Mr Roebuck has written an astounding book.
Never mind the races and the winners, I was delighted to hear him write about his almost...'behind-the-scenes' opinion of certain racers and certain events long-lived and infamous among racing fans.
As a Canadian and a longtime fan of Gilles Villeneuve, having seen him race in Canada, I very much enjoyed his take on the incident with Rene Arnoux and despite the organizers disapproval....THE FANS LOVED IT.....THAT...was racing....and THEN.....IN THOSE was the fans you needed to please....and SOME drivers knew that and played to the fans....God bless them!
Racing then against man...a battle of wits AND GUTS...and machines.
The stupid 'experts' think that fans WANT accidents and fatalities.....what we want is the RISK.....for without the risk WE WOULD BE DOING IT.
We 'experience the thrill....vicariously...through our racers and with the risk comes the reality that yes......bad things can happen...we don't want it but without it what do you have.....what you have is, unfortunately, today's racing...bland...colourless...flavourless...boring....almost predictable. Might as well be watching full contact checkers.
The shameful incident with Peroni, for which NO CANADIAN FAN EVER FORGAVE OR FORGOT and which, in my opinion, led to Gille's death a few weeks later, is realistically and comprehensively dealt with by Mr Roebuck.
Gilles was one of only a VERY FEW true gentlemen in racing and I was absolutely delighted to see that Mr Roebuck recognized that rare and honorable attribute.
Truly one of the most unusual and enlightening books I have ever read about racing.
There were revelations that made my hair stand on end.
THANK YOU MR ROEBUCK for such a fantastic book!

JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation
JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation
by Steve Thomas
Edition: Hardcover
36 used & new from CDN$ 2.54

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting but decidedly long-winded although most likely correct., Jan. 9 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 356 pages and unfortunately NO PHOTOS AT ALL!
What a missed opportunity to SHOW us what was there rather than just TELLING us.
Photos would have made many of the details and information crystal be it.
This book is CLEARLY written and although, perhaps a little 'windy' in parts, there is, ultimately no doubt in the writer's mind and words who was the guilty party.
After hearing of his evidence one could hardly disagree although, as I said, pictures would have greatly bolstered his claims.
There is little point so late in the game of pointing fingers as nothing can now be done to redress the hundreds of mistakes both deliberate and accidental.
Today, the average television viewer is more aware of correct police procedure before, during and after an incident than was exhibited by the Boulder PD at the time.
No question they were out of their depth. UNFORTUNATELY they were also led by donkeys who SHOULD have called in the pros A.S.A.P.
If you want to read of one investigator's experience and opinion, this is certainly a worthy book.
Personally I agree with his conclusions as, in reality, there are too many inconsistencies to point at anyone else....but.....WHO KNOWS?
Recommended but I have removed 1 star for the lack of photos.

by Jane White
Edition: Hardcover
11 used & new from CDN$ 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars ABSOLUTELY one of the FINEST farming biographies I have EVER read!!, Jan. 9 2014
This review is from: SHEEP STELL (Hardcover)
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 218 pages and photos.
I am a lover of smallholding, single-handed survival stories or anything that smacks of initiative.
I have enjoyed and loved only a few other books about this brand of living and surely this one ranks among the best.
This woman has been a survivor her whole life and her love of sheep and their handling comes across clearly in the book.
From her start in the Cheviot hills to her travels and single person operation on an uninhabited island off New Zealand Ms White coaxes us along....gently introducing new words and concepts into our reading experience.
As it happens my best friend of over 50 years is doing much the same thing and it was incredibly heartwarming to hear of the similar experiences in another country.
The trials and problems she endures would kill the spirit of a less hardy and confident person and reading of them might just make us all a little stronger.
All in all an incredible entertaining and enlightening book.....I wish it had been longer......she could have made it twice as long but then again....
VERY highly recommended.
I only wish I could find this woman's address and get her autograph....she is an inspiration to every hardworking farmer in the world!

Norwegian Patrol
Norwegian Patrol
by Gron Edwards
Edition: Hardcover
12 used & new from CDN$ 13.93

4.0 out of 5 stars Warm and human view of dangerous North sea patrols., Jan. 9 2014
This review is from: Norwegian Patrol (Hardcover)
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 8 3/4 X 6 having 176 pages and 16 photo pages.
This is the story of a pilot whose job was mainly patrols over the North Sea in search of shipping or subs.
Inglorious and lonely as well as cold these jobs were incredibly important in keeping down the German sub traffic as well as monitoring and suppressing German battleships.
The author, Gron ( dopey ) Edwards gives an up close and often painfully real look at the thankless job he did.
Not without it's exciting moments it was both tedious and dangerous.
Highly recommended as another of the warmly written personal accounts of wartime flying.

We Flew, We Fell, We Lived: The Remarkable Reminiscences of Second World War Evaders and Prisoners of War
We Flew, We Fell, We Lived: The Remarkable Reminiscences of Second World War Evaders and Prisoners of War
by Philip LaGrandeur
Edition: Hardcover
12 used & new from CDN$ 2.29

4.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely riveting account of Canadian POW experiences., Jan. 9 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 404 pages and absolutely FILLED with photos.
What the title does not reveal is that this account is about CANADIAN prisoners of war only and as such should be of high interest to every Canadian.
The pictures are excellent and the paper quality and binding are a delight to behold, making me proud to possess such a quality will live with me forever.
HOWEVER....there is one note of unhappiness for me that seems to have been overlooked by other reviewers.
The amount of information and the number and depth of research and interviews is incredibly impressive as done by Me Lagrandeur...a Canadian schoolteacher by profession but MY OH MY does this book ever need a professional editor!!
The number of repetitions of the same catch phrase and incident SERIOUSLY detract from the profound message this book contains.
Within the first 50 pages it becomes obvious that the author has transposed his notes/recordings VERBATIM to the book without removing references to the same incident by numerous participants.
It is a serious annoyance to hear of an incident as told and experience by 20 people using almost the same words and phrases.
I rarely critique books for being too long....most often the opposite but in this case this book needs a pruning.....just of duplicate information but make no is an incredible book and I was delighted and pleased to find a copy and enjoyed reading it immensely.
VERY highly recommended with a gently hint to the publishers to edit the next edition.

Pocket Hercules: Captain Morris and the Charge of the Light Brigade
Pocket Hercules: Captain Morris and the Charge of the Light Brigade
by M.J. Trow
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 55.50
13 used & new from CDN$ 13.55

5.0 out of 5 stars Excitingly written account of a fronnt-runner in the Charge of the Light Brigade., Jan. 9 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 170 pages and 8 photo pages.
As I am Canadian I am not as familiar with the charge of the light brigade as most British schoolboys would be but even so I have heard of it and roughly understood the context under which the battle took place.
Mr Trow has written I think, knowingly and affectionately about the officer about which this book is centered...Captain Morris....'possibly' nicknamed 'Pocket Hercules'.
The account of his involvement in the Crimean war is mostly centered around this particular famous battle and it's 'mis-management' by some of the leading officers.
If these criticisms are not new, as they seem not to be, they are, nonetheless very entertainingly covered by the author and by the words and deeds of captain Morris.
At 170 pages this book moves along very quickly and the author's style is brisk and entertaining almost to the point of making this a 'page-turner' style of book.
The paper and binding are of the finest quality and it is encouraging to see publishers like Pen & Sword who actually CARE about the quality of the book does not go un-noticed.
All in all a very exciting and fast moving account of 1 officer's experience at the very front of the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade.
Highly recommended!

Vet: My Wild and Wonderful Friends
Vet: My Wild and Wonderful Friends
by Luke Gamble
Edition: Hardcover
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.40

4.0 out of 5 stars Not Herriot but very good nonetheless!, Jan. 9 2014
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 239 pages and, sadly, no photos at all.
Although the author is not quite up to the loving and warm quality of James Herriot, he writes very well and many of his anecdotes have a similar tone to them as Mr Herriot.
The book covers his first year as a qualified vet and we are treated to a more worldly experience of vetting than other vets have written of, and it suite the mood very nicely.
Although not quite a page-turner, the book moves along very smoothly and in no time you are finished and looking forward to the second of his books, which I have, but have not read/reviewed yet.
My only 'complaint' about the book is the quality of the book itself. Despite it's somewhat hefty price it has the 'feel' of a cheaply made book. Not very good quality paper and lack of pictures gives it, in my opinion, the look and feel of a second quality product and unfortunately the next one in the series, published by Two Roads, appears to be of the same mediocre quality....OH DEAR!
Notwithstanding that, I will still give the book 4 stars with the caveat to the publishers.....better paper and pictures would earn you 1 more star.

Edition: Hardcover
17 used & new from CDN$ 0.75

5.0 out of 5 stars ANOTHER great read by Mr Cordingly, Dec 16 2013
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/4 having 334 pages and 24 photo pages.
Author Cordingly deals collectively and individually with all of the varieties of women found in and around the world of sailing in the great age of sail.
From the harlots and hookers to the wives and lovers of famous men he lets us see them all.
Female pirates and pirate supporters as well as women dressed as men doing the work of men aboard ship.
Lighthouse keepers and mutineer's mates we see them clearly and in his usual way, Mr Cordingly makes them come alive through his words and their actions.
I can find no fault with this book and although seeming to be a shallow subject, the author shows us the ways and wiles of life aboard ship WITHOUT women and the part they played in the sailor's lives...often as much wife/banker/lover and confident.....both physically and spiritually necessary in the life of a man who might not come back home....after the work is done.
A dangerous age and a dangerous occupation was sailing and the women were often, just as tough as the men.
A great read and lots of new information in this excellent book.
Highly recommended.

The Great Train Robbery
The Great Train Robbery
by Michael Crichton
Edition: Hardcover
5 used & new from CDN$ 40.52

5.0 out of 5 stars Decidedly a page-turner!!!, Dec 16 2013
This review is for the hardcover edition measuring 9 1/2 X 6 1/2 having 352 pages and no photos.
I would have liked to have seen photos of the principals as, in fact they WERE real people and did do these things, albeit perhaps not EXACTLY in the way the author has decided.
Normally I read ONLY nonfiction but accounts of the great train robbery of 1855 are few and far between and I thought that perhaps with his obvious writing skill and sticking as closely as possible to the known facts Mr Crichton might just 'fill out' the story and give it a little life.
This account is absolutely splendid and conflicts in no way with the facts of the case as I know it.
Sure, he has taken the liberty of putting words in their mouths but general knowledge of the principals and the egos involved make these words probably quite appropriate.
Long before their demise as a mode of public transportation in great popularity the railroads were seen as a novelty and somewhat revered for their ability to move people both quickly and cheaply across the country.
This mystery was smashed with the robbery of an astounding 12,000 amount quite large in those days but what piqued the public's interest was not just the amount, but the audacity of thieves to commit such a robbery and successfully evade capture.
Shades of Robin Hood.
For a nearly true true life adventure this book is an excellent read.
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