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Jupiters Darling
Jupiters Darling
Offered by CAinsomniacs
Price: CDN$ 6.00
19 used & new from CDN$ 0.96

5.0 out of 5 stars Hearts Afire, June 22 2004
This review is from: Jupiters Darling (Audio CD)
It has been a long time and it has definitley been worth the wait. Sisters Ann and Nacy Wilson have started the Heart thing back up 2 years or so ago and they promised a new album in 2003(which obviously didn't happen)and a return to their roots with the rock and roll style that made them hits in the first place. Their fantastic live album "Alive In Seattle" released last year was proof that the girls were back with a vengeance and the four new songs on the disc showcased a return to the old fashioned rock and roll of their glory days. This is their first full fledged all new material studio album in 11 years. Since "Desire Walks On" in 1993. It was worth it. The first 2 tracks start things off on the right foot. Both are classic Heart tunes. The first is "Make Me". It is similar to "Crazy On You", with gentle guitar strings starting it off before jumping into a classic rock/Heart riff. The second is even better. It's called "Oldest Story In The World", and it's an unapologetic foray into classic Heart sounding rock. "The Perfect Goodbye" is a lot lighter, but it has a classic sounding radio hook to it and it sounds as if it could be a single. One of the best rockers(and tracks for that matter)is "Move On". While it rocks and is one of the best here, it sounds so much like the classic AC/DC song, "Back In Black". Still great though. So is the unrelenting catch of the track, "Vainglorious" and "Fallen Ones". The short and sweet, but still catchy, "I'm Fine", is nice too. Nancy sings that one. In fact, Nancy sings lead vocals on more tracks than normal. She sings lead on "Things", "I Need The Rain", "Led To One", "I'm Fine", and "Hello Moonglow". It's nice because she does have a great voice. Speaking of voices, Ann is Ann. She is still one of the best vocalists out there and one of the most underrated as well which is a shame. There were a few pitch problems on the live album last year, but it happens to them all. Here, she is simply out of this world. There is more to say about the tracks here, but why not let you be surprised?. Besides the greatness the songs and recording sounds, the CD comes in a pretty nifty, neat looking package. It's not a plastic CD, but it just unfolds with a nice little booklet in it's own pouch. The artwork is colorful and interesting, and so is the design on the CD itself. This latest work is pure Heart. It's the first album they've done that sounds like the 70's rock and roll group and is the best thing they've done since "Dog And Butterfly". Not that I didn't love the 80's and early 90's stuff, but this is so much better. It is definitley a CD that is a treat for the fans and will no doubt become so for newcomers as well. The girls have still got it and we should be thankful to get a nice piece of work in a business where there's hardly any Heart left.

Everwood: The Complete First Season
Everwood: The Complete First Season
DVD ~ Various
Price: CDN$ 33.74
17 used & new from CDN$ 4.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Now Entering Everwood, CO, June 21 2004
Thank God for the WB. It has been a while since there has been a family drama that is so refrshingly honest, sincere, engaging, and brave. Since it's debut in September of 2002, this show has emerged as a crown jewel in the network's arsenal. Filled with fresh stories and new twists on old conventions, the show also boasts an incredible cast who bring to life realistic and engaging characters. Treat Williams stars as famed New York surgeon Dr. Andrew Brown. A workaholic with a wife and 2 kids. When tragedy strikes the family, he makes an about face in his life and moves his kids to the idyllic environs of Everwood, Colorado. There he sets up shop with a practice in the town's old train station right across the street from the town's only other physician, Dr. Harold Abbott(Perfectly played by the fantastic Tom Amandes). Andy's son is 16 year old Ephram(The superb Gregory Smith), a loner type kid with a major chip on his shoulder concerning his father. And then there is 9 year old Delia(Vivian Cardone), a little dynamo with a penchant for baseball caps. Others include Dr. Abbott's daughter Amy(the adorable Emily Van Camp), his son Bright(the entertaining Chris Pratt), Abbott's mother Edna(the great Debra Mooney)who also becomes Andy's nurse, her husband Irv(John Beasley), who is the town bus driver and the show's narrator, and Andy's neighbor Nina(Stephanie Niznik). It had been a long time since I had seen such a stellar debut season. It was perfect. The show manages to be as realistic as possible and tries to go as far as a show can with a certain topic. One of the show strengths is taking overused storylines and giving them a fresh and invigorated new shot at life. The ongoing arc this season between Ephram's love for Amy and her comatose boyfriend Colin Hart regaining his self and wanting to be Ephram's friend, is one example. The show is intelligently and creatively written, and it is one of the most beautifully shot shows on TV. Treat Williams has been given one heck of a career resurgence. He is so perfect for the show and this is really his moment. Tom Amandes as Dr. Abbott is right up there. He has made his character a pompous fuss bucket and then turned him into a real human being who isn't all he seems. The banter and wars between him and Andy are priceless and are about as enjoyable as you can get. Episodes here range from the great to the fantastic. Some include the brilliant "Episode 20", about abortion. A teen mother comes to Andy with help about terminating her pregnancy. What happens is an episode that is impeccably written and able to view both sides and different angles of the subject and it's choices. Very well done. And other highlights include "A Thanksgiving Tale", "Is There A Doctor In The House", "The Kissing Bridge", "Colin The Second", and the fantastic finale, "Home". The kids here are all very well represented and Smith is a true find. Give this kid some award nominations now!. His performance as Ephram is one of the most refrshing presentations of a kid who isn't perfect and has issues on TV. Van Camp is equally engaging as Amy, the object of Ephram's affection. Her big doe eyes are nice too!. This is a show that is nothing but honest, tender, funny, realistic and brave. A show that The WB should be proud to call it's own, and a show that any one who loves good TV would be glad to get hooked on. Hoped you liked your visit in Everwood. Please come again

Reno 911! Season 1
Reno 911! Season 1
DVD ~ Cedric Yarbrough
Price: CDN$ 15.99
54 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Pray You Never Need To Call Them, June 20 2004
This review is from: Reno 911! Season 1 (DVD)
Good things do happen. If you wait around long enough, a small little treasure or two can come your way. The hilarious, over the top, "Cops" spoof "Reno 911" is one such treat that the good folks over at Comedy Central have unleashed and given to the world. How can we thank them?. If you wonder what would happen if Christopher Guest, the king of improvised mockumentaries, had given TV a television show, chances are it would be something like this. Only a lot funnier. A few members of the defunct MTV show "The State" are the brains behind this concoction, and also appear in the show. We have the leader of this gang of misfits, Lt. James Dangle(co-creator Thomas Lennon), a feminine man with a fondness of riding police bicycles, dainty facial hair, and the tightest shorts known to man. Next is Dep. James Garcia(Carlos Alazraqui), a stern looking guy with a crew cut who seems to try to be the manliest of the men. Dep. Trudie Wiegel(show co-creator Kerri Kenney), is the oddest duck in the pond. Weak, strange, and the butt of many of her fellow officers' comments. Dep. Clementine Johnson(Wendi McClendon-Covey), is an ex stripper turned cop who seems to be more interested in her looks than catching a bad guy. Dep. S. Jones(Cedric Yarbrough), is the one who seems to keep his cool most of the time. Then we have the remaining two, Dep. Travis Junior(Co-Creator Ben Garant), and Dep. Raineesha Williams(Niecy Nash). Junior is a trailer livin' redneck kind of a guy, and Williams is a brassy woman filled with spunk and attitude. Together they are supposed to be some of Reno's fine..., well, just some of Reno's. The show has a plot and a sense of where it is to go, but the whole thing is improvised. Improvisation remains to be one of the best, strongest, and most interesting chapters in the comedy genre, and the actors here are some of the best at it. The show begins with the usual "Viewer Discretion Is Advised" thing, and it has an opening credit section that also goes after the "Cops" vibe with a mirage of fast cutting scenes. There are a few characters that have become recurring throughout these first episodes of season 1 that you will come to know soon enough. The episodes have a number of things going in each one, so there is no sense(or room) to go into describing them. All I can say is that the cops have a way of ruining evidence, letting crimes be committed, and sometimes actually solving a case. Although in some cases they do so unexpectedly. The show is laugh out loud funny and each character has it's own voice. This means more praise to the already incredible and talented cast. They have taken their characters, without a script, and made them into full fledged, full blooded, three dimensional people. Each their own person. You will have fun catching the "Cops" and other cultural references, and just the insanity and hilarity of the situations the cops, and their cases, find themselves in. The show is produced by Danny DeVito through his company, Jersey Films. So, thank you Danny!. And thanks to Comedy Central for showing us that good comedy is still alive and well on TV.

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Price: CDN$ 9.87
69 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'Blessed' With Martina, June 20 2004
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
Thank God for Martina McBride. She has been giving great service to country music and to country music radio for well over a decade now. She is a vocalist of immense talent whose range in voice and music is unending. Martina has proven herself to be an artist that is out of the norm for today's country music and can sometimes be hard to put in a single category. With today's fill of soft, generic, country/pop tunes that clutter the airwaves, it is nice to know that Martina is someone who makes music that rises above the others and doesn't get trapped. With the type of music that is out there being sung by other women who have capable voices, it doesn't go anywhere because they don't have the character or passion that Martina does. She sings with such fierce certainty and poignance, that she makes everything she does seem much more important. And a lot of it is. With such light pieces of fluff like 1999's "I Love You", Martina manages to imbue much more charm and irresistability to the song and makes it much more better than if someone else had done it. Same goes with her two earlier hits, the toe tapping country rockers "My Baby Loves Me" and "Life #9", both are the first two songs on the CD, and both from the "The Way I Am" CD. Also from that CD is the non-single cut, "Strangers", a song that Martina says is the best non-single of hers. Martina also became known as an "Issue" singer. And her songs and interpretation of the strong stories in each are some of the best in the biz. The first one, and what is her trademark song, is "Independence Day", a fiercely written triumph that tells the tale of an abused wife getting her revenge. It is a great song and Martina gives it one heck of a performance. One of the 4 new songs on the disc is another great issue song called "Concrete Angel". This one is so delicately written and so beautifully performed, it ranks with one of Martina's best. Hands down. The rest of the CD has everything that has come in between. Her smash hit with pianist Jim Brickman called "Valentine", which has become a hallmark song every year when the holidays rolls around, is here. One of her best hits is "Wrong Again". A great catchy delivery that gets points for having a different chorus every time. "Whatever You Say" is one of those classic Martina performances that blows out the speakers. "There You Are", which is a beautiful song, should of been a bigger hit. "Love's The Only House" is a top notch song wonderfully written with a Bruce Springsteen-like harmonica part. "A Broken Wing" is one of her best triumphs. Great sound and a great delivery. The other 3 new songs(new at the time anyway)were Martina classics. The funky and jammin' "When God Gearing Women Get The Blues", the powerful "Where Would You Be", and the song that Martina says seems written just for her, "Blessed". Martina has gotten the due and respect she deserves. It pains me to see reviews from critics who praise a hardcore honkytonkin' female performer who they say isn't a cookie cutter of people like Faith and Martina. This brings me to believe that people, including some critics, don't quite get or understand Martina. She sings pop-ish country tunes and has a big, big voice. I guess that means it's all the same to them, when in reality it means that they don't know the music and they don't pay good enough attention. With songs missing from her debut album, a few choice cuts and hits that were excluded here, and already a few new hits with her latest release "Martina", it shouldn't be long before this little powerhouse with the most beautiful eyes there is has a second volume.

The Blue Ridge Rangers
The Blue Ridge Rangers
Price: CDN$ 13.55
9 used & new from CDN$ 8.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Oh My Lord, Oh My Lord....", June 12 2004
This review is from: The Blue Ridge Rangers (Audio CD)
John Fogerty, the reigning frontman to one of the best and most influential rock bands of the mid to late '60's, had left the band and had gone solo. No surprise there. When he did leave, one wondered what the next step his career and sound would take. Would the Creedence music and sound(all due to Fogerty)continue?. Yes. But what did Fogerty do when he went solo and released his first solo record in 1973?. He delivered a hardcore country album. This is by no means a real departure for John or from some of the music of CCR. There was a lot of country in their sound and that type of music. It had always been done in the band, but never a full album of it. There are a couple tunes that are straddling the line of traditional country and the country/rock sound of some of CCR's songs. But it's mostly stone cold country. Something Fogerty is a master at, and something most country fans probably wished he did more of since country is filled with generic soft pop/rock. The albums opens with the toe tapping jumbo blaster, "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues", a traditional old number Fogerty makes his. He then covers "Somewhere Listening(For My Name), which was a song done by Archie Branlee of the Mississippi Blind Boys. "You're The Reason" is a classic sounding country tune, originally done by Bobby Edwards, and it fits perfectly to Fogerty's voice. The best track on the album is "Jambalaya(On The Bayou", an old Hank Williams classic. A teriffic song that sounds as if John could of written it himself. Surprisingly, it was a top 20 hit on the Billboard singles chart, and the other hit here was the harder sounding "Hearts Of Stone", which was a top 40 hit at #37. He also covers the classic George Jones hit, "She Thinks I Still Care", yet another song that seems custom made for John. The last song is a song written by Merle Haggard, a real country chestnut called "Today I Started Loving You Again". The traditional "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" is also included. The two best tracks here are the smooth and undeniably groovin' "California Blues(Blue Yodel #4)", a perfect song for Fogerty. One of the best Fogerty songs that's not his. And the traditional "Workin' On A Building". It is surprising to hear how many people were turned off by the country turn of Fogerty, when a lot of his CCR work is rooted in souther/country-ish type tunes. The music is not far off from each other at all. Cover albums are touch and go, but this is one of the best cover albums I've heard. Sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't. It obviously does. The only other cover album that rocked my socks was Paul McCartney's "Run Devil Run", which just rocked harder than anything he's done in years. I hear some people complain when cover albums have songs that go so far back that they have never heard of them and what was the point. A cover album just covers songs that the artists wants and likes. No one said it has to be well known songs. In fact, songs not as well known are better because it brings great work into the light. This album is a little known gem that should of been as equally well known and successful as some of his other albums. It's a little buried treasure that should have a second coming.

Ted Bundy [Import]
Ted Bundy [Import]
DVD ~ Michael Reilly Burke
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 64.38
9 used & new from CDN$ 22.71

2.0 out of 5 stars "Hi, I'm Ted....", June 10 2004
This review is from: Ted Bundy [Import] (DVD)
Serial killers and their actions and motivations can be incredibly intriguing and boggle the mind. I have always been interested in what goes on in these people's heads and what brings them to the point of killing people. One of the worst, if not probably the worst, mass serial killer of all time in America's history, is Ted Bundy. Just the name alone can send chills and bring up horrible stories from years past. For those who aren't in the know or have simply lost some knowledge of him over the years, Ted Bundy murdered at least 28 women, although some say there could very well be more, between 1974 and 1978. Most of his crimes were commited in the areas of Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Florida, and here in Washington. One girl's grave from around here I just found the other day. The movie also shows and deals with Ted's escape from prison and his soon to be recapture. He is portrayed here by Michael Reilly Burke. There is no other Ted Bundy than Mark Harmon(from 1986's "The Deliberate Stranger"), but Burke becomes the character and for the hour and a half that you are watching him, I found myself to believe that he is this guy and that he is able to do the things that he does in the film. The best and most interesting part of this film belongs to Burke. His opening scene in the mirror was downright creepy and his subsequent "episodes" are blood chilling and sick. Burke has the right handsome looks and sweet charm to him that made Bundy able to pick up the women he did. But those ah schucks looks and cool presence swiftly turn deadly and sadistic and Burke really comes across as the guy you wouldn't expect to turn into a raging loony. But the problem with this film is how it seems to be more of an Afterschool Special version on the Bundy legacy than a real docu type film that digs up all the dirt and lets everyone in on this guy's psyche. Not that it is easily watchable, because there are hardcore moments here that don't shy away from the brutalness, but I meant that it seems to opnly scratch the surface of the man instead of going in deeper into who he was and where he came from. The mentioning of his mixed up family upbringing was something to of fully explore, but the movie never goes there. It jumps from one gruesome scene to the next, and even though it is realistically shot and Burke pulls it off, the whole project and story comes off as feeling a bit hollow and empty. It felt to me like a cliff's notes version of the real story. "The Deliberate Stranger" was 4 hours, and this one clicks in at around 90 minutes when the credits start to roll. There isn't much of a cast except Botti Ann Bliss as his girlfriend. She looks like she's from the '70's and is pleasant to look at, but many of her scenes feature how lacking she is in the acting department. Some of the most interesting moments of the film are when real pictures or real film from the news about Ted and his eventual execution in 1989 are shown. That was a fantastic touch to put in the film. And the moments leading to Ted's ultimate death by electric chair are shown and given the audience a first time look at what goes on beforehand. It was a first. These moments with the swelling of music in the background and Ted breaking down make it seem like he was a wronged man and we should feel sorry for him. Obviously, we don't, but that's just the way it felt when the scene was playing. The movie wasn't all bad at all, but it could of been so much more. It's not a film with a subject matter to be viewed as an evening's entertainment, but as a film showing how horrible a person was without the meat.

Scary Movie 3 [Import]
Scary Movie 3 [Import]
DVD ~ Anna Faris
Price: CDN$ 25.68
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Who's Gay?, May 18 2004
This review is from: Scary Movie 3 [Import] (DVD)
Sometimes you just need to laugh. Let it all out and have a good time with a silly, disposable piece of fluff like Scary Movie 3. I was never really a huge fan of the series, although I enjoyed the original and pretty much had no feeling whatsoever for the misguided Part 2. So, what's on target this time?. What's the plot?. Our young heroine Cindy Campbell(the returning, and lovely, Anna Faris from SM 1 and 2), is now a reporter for the local news. She stumbles onto a hot story about crop circles and alien invasions, after this phenomena lands on the farm of a man and his brother(Charlie Sheen and Simon Rex), in a hysterical spoof of "Signs". There is also a weird videotape going around that after you watch it, you get a phone call saying "seven days" and you die in that amount of time. Cindy believes that the two things are somehow connected. Besides "Signs", the big movie parodied here is "The Ring", and the filmmakers manage to really hit spot on with the spoof of that film. Blonde Playboy bombshells Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson appear in the film's opening minutes mimicking the opening minutes of "The Ring". Others who appear in the film include a dreadlocked Anthony Anderson, Camryn Manheim, Jeremy Piven, Ja Rule, Macy Gray, George Carlin, Eddie Griffin, Queen Latifah, and D.L. Hughley, among others. Sheen's real life wife Denise Richards has a cameo, and in a bit of inspired casting, Leslie Nielsen as the president. Nielsen is always a pleasure, but he does look like he has aged a bit. The only other holdover from the previous SM films is Regina Hall as Brenda. No matter what happens to her in other SM films, Brenda always manages to find her way back into each installment, and it is nice to have Hall back. Even though she gets a pretty short role this time out, she is always fun to watch. Other films getting the spoof treatment here include "8 Mile", "The Others", and "The Matrix" films. It's funny that the one thing that got the series back into some kind of shape and made it better than the original was no longer having the original creators, The Wayans clan, on board. The maestro of spoof, David Zucker, is the one on board this time. The genius behind the "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" films, is calling the shots, with Pat Proft, he of "Hot Shots" fame and others, on script duty. That alone is enough to give this film a look. The film, while still coming across as a hodepodge, slapped together kind of film, is more solidly backed up and filmed than the second one. The cast is a lot better, and there's just a better vibe here. The jokes and gags come fast and furious, and some completely fall flat. Like most others have said, this isn't a problem since there will be a handful more in the coming seconds and minutes and they usually hit the target. There's nothing wrong with harmless pieces of transparent fluff like this. The chance of letting one's self relax and just get silly is always a welcomed pleasure. Scary Movie 3 was intended as nothing more than escapism and it achieves that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Friends: The Series Finale (Exclusive Limited Edition) [Import]
Friends: The Series Finale (Exclusive Limited Edition) [Import]
DVD ~ Jennifer Aniston
Offered by Permaculture Solutions
Price: CDN$ 25.00
49 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars "Didn't Think It Would Be This Hard....", May 7 2004
1994. Episode 1. You knew. You just knew. There was a feeling that there was something here. You didn't know what it was going to be, or how it would turn out, but it was there. 10 years later, as the curtain falls for the final time, you are not surprised that it has lasted this long, gained this much success and respect. It was there in the beginning. (...). The finale, coming off of much hype and publicity, is what series finales should be. I am being careful what to say as to not spoil anything for anyone. Of course, the whole world watched, so it might not ruin anything. The adventures of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, are wrapped up in a satisfying send off that showcased the best of the show. It was truly vintage. Being a spoiler junkie, I knew what was to come, but most of it could of been figured out in advance. Loose ends were tied up and everything was wrapped up in a big red bow. Would we want it any other way?. The writing was superb and it handled the festivities as a classic episode, and not like other finales who try so hard to be something special and come off as feeling out of place and out of character. Not this one. It was vintage "Friends" through and through. With great little touches like Gunther's confrontation with Rachel, to the chick and duck homage between Joey and Chandler, the writers knew how to give it a little something here and there to touch upon the show's long and celebrated history. The foosball table scenario, disliked by some, was symbolic and overlooked and misunderstood by a lot of people. The same people who probably go after the show for no reason and never actually think beforehand. There was a surprise here and there, but quite frankly, big twists and turns isn't necessary. It would only seem forced and trite, when all you need for the big send off are the characters. The people and the story. That's all. The final moments were sad, and the leaving of the keys was symbolic, touching, and a nice little touch. The actors, some say over-paid and talentless, are, of course, very talented. No one else could be these people. Each with their own quirk and character. They do some great work in the finale. The new beginnings with the babies and the move were brilliantly downplayed by the writers, who knew that while these were special moments, the main focus were on the people themselves. The show could sometimes go for an easy joke, but is that a problem?. No. Like the show itself, the finale was funny, sweet, heartwarming, touching, smart, and comfortable. The show and these characters served the TV viewing audience in a way that the detractors cannot understand. All finales will be reviewed and ripped apart to analyze everything, and it will never satisy everyone, but for me, this one did. They served us well for 10 years, and they gave us a finale that we, and they, all deserved.

Friends Til the End: The Official Celebration of all Ten Years
Friends Til the End: The Official Celebration of all Ten Years
by David Wild
Edition: Hardcover
10 used & new from CDN$ 88.92

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The One With The Book, May 7 2004
10 years. 10 years is a long time indeed. Plenty of time to get to know smelly cats, ugly naked guys, yettis, and a certain Miss Chanadler Bong. When all is said and done, this show about a group of six friends had just as many little quirks and infamous characters and situations(likes the ones mentioned above)as that other NBC behemoth, "Seinfeld". Looking back at the pictures through the seasons and re-discovering the moments when you first met Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey, is quite special. Remembering and reminiscing why you liked and fell in love with everything about it in the first place. This book, in celebration with the "Friends" finale, is a nice little keepsake to have as a lasting little nod to the sitcom. Very few shows have the success and longevity that the show had. All the media hype, attention, and of course, the hair do's you just gotta have!. I don't know why it says it's just being released now as I have had my copy for almost a month now. There has yet to be a real book on the "Friends" legacy, and this one isn't it. However, I don't think that were it's intentions. Written by David Wild, who I believe is(or was)a music journalist for Rolling Stone, the book goes over the show and seasons in photos. Photos galore. There are interviews with each cast member, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer. They talk about when they first got the show, and the reaction soon afterwards, and the ups and the downs and the struggles and the backlash and now, the ending. It would of been nice to get sections on the people who were in the supporting/recurring cast throughout the show's run. People like Gunther, Janice, The Geller's, and so on. I guess the original Chick and Duck were probably too busy. While this book probably didn't have any aspiration to be the treasure trove companion piece that we still don't have, it satisfies for what it is. That about does it for the written part. The photos are bright and vibrant and they seem to of picked the best of the best. Most of the choices for every season section showcase the best, funniest, saddest, and most important moments. Re-living and remembering some of these events through the pictures are fun and nostalgic. There are a few sections that have some lines from the show about love and friendship and the like. It would be nice to actually get a companion book to the show, but this will most definitley due until it gets here. There's not much else to say except that it's a book for the fans to remember and cherish their best friends.

Big Fish (Bilingual) [Import]
Big Fish (Bilingual) [Import]
DVD ~ Ewan McGregor
Offered by importcds__
Price: CDN$ 11.95
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5.0 out of 5 stars Giants, Witches, And Fishes Oh My!, April 29 2004
Tim Burton is back. The macabe genius has slipped up here lately with his re-make of "Planet Of The Apes", but the man is back and in a big way. Burton has always been able to take his audience on an incredible journey into the minds of oddball characters(Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood) and into the presence of magical worlds and fairy tales. Never has he done so with such brilliance as he has with this latest offering. The movie is about Edward Bloom, a man who is seen young(played by Ewan McGregor), and as his older present day self(played by Albert Finney). Edward is not long for this world, and his estranged son Will(Billy Crudup), comes back home with his expecting wife, to see his father and patch things up before it's too late. Will has always been hearing his father's wild tall tales, and has had enough. He wants the truth. He wants to know the man that his father really is before the man himself is no more. From his bed, Edward Sr. talks with his son and the discussion takes us through the life and journeys he has been in. Young Edward is seen as a young man with ambition and determination with a lot left over to spare. He is seen journeying through the world into haunted woods, enchanting towns, working in a traveling circus, and coming across people such as a giant, witches, werewolves, and other interesting characters. Will tries to get to the bottom of these tall tales that his father has been telling and claiming are as true as they can be. It's a son hoping to reconcile with the man, the father, that he never really knew. This is like "Forrest Gump", but in a way that only Tim Burton could tell it. The story and screenplay is solid and laced with delicate writing, settings, and colorful characterizations. The fact that this wonderful film was so overlooked during 'Awards' time was downright criminal. Burton's girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, appears in the film, as does Burton regular, Danny DeVito, who plays a circus ringleader. Jessica Lange plays Edward's wife in present day, Sandra, and that character is played in the past by Alison Lohman. Jessica is such a fine actress, and it's too bad she wasn't given more to do. They did a fine job of getting the two actresses to play the same character. Crudup is a fine young actor and he does a solid job as the confused son searching for answers. Who wouldn't be in his place?. Who would believe the stories, or some of them, would be true?. Every frame is flawlessly choreographed, and the sets and art direction are magical, clear, colorful, and have a very serene feel. This is definitley Burton's masterpiece. It is a film that seems more human than anything he has done. The acting is sincere. Ewan brings an enthusiasm and down home charm to his role as the younger Edward, and he is enigmatic throughout. You are instantly charmed and even though you already know how he turns out, you root for him and wish him the best on his journey in life. Albert Finney does a fine job as the older, ailing Edward. He comes across as a very likeable old man who just embraces life. That's what the film is. Embrace life. Live it to it's fullest. One other review stated that Finney was unpleasant. I find that so untrue. This is pure gold. I haven't been this enchanted with a film in a long time. Thank you Tim Burton. Can't wait for the next one.

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