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Call Her Savage [Import]
Call Her Savage [Import]
Price: CDN$ 22.57
13 used & new from CDN$ 17.71

4.0 out of 5 stars A pre code melodrama with the "It" girl., Oct. 29 2014
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This review is from: Call Her Savage [Import] (DVD)
Call Her Savage(released Nov/32)stars,among others,Clara Bow as Nasa Springer,Gilbert Roland as Moonglow,Thelma Todd as Sunny De Lane,Monroe Owsley as Lawrence Crosby,Estelle Taylor as Ruth Springer and Weldon Heyburn as Ronasa.This Clara's second to last film and is a pre code melodrama with lots of surprises, for those use to seeing post code pics from a little later in the 30s.And includes the plot.
The film opens as Clara's grandparents are making their way westward in a wagon train.Her grandfather is a letch and is openly having an affair with another woman a few wagons back.Just then Indians attack.The aftermath leaves a few dead and a dying man blames her grandfathers sins for getting them into their mess.He takes his boot and crushes the mans throat.
A few years pass and Clara's mother is now married to a boy she knew from her wagon train days.He is away more than he is home.As a result she falls in love with a local Indian and they have a love child:Clara.The mother is careful not reveal the real father to her husband or daughter.
Again the years pass and Clara is now grown up.We first see her horse riding furiously.Suddenly the horse rears up and throws her.The cause is a rattlesnake.She takes out her whip and starts pummeling the snake.Just then a burst of laughter rings out and it is from a half Indian friend of hers(Roland).Mad she starts whipping him until his face is bloodied! The two soon make up,as is her way, but her father has witnessed her antics and calls her back home.There she learns he is sending her to Chicago to a finishing school there.Clara is excited to get from out and under her fathers demanding ways.
She manages to pass the course,but not without cleaning the whistle of one of her fellow students.At a dance she meets up with a local playboy(Owsley)who has just broken up with his girlfriend(Todd).On a whim just to make a friend of his mad,he proposes to Clara and she accepts.Clara's wedding night is a bust.Her new hubby comes home drunk at an early hour of the morning,stays for a short time ,then gets a phone call and is dressed and gone again.Explaining just why he married her he throws $400 at her and leaves.
Clara's father shows up later and tells her he wants nothing further to do with her.Clara is despondent.But she thinks about it and then realizes that Owsley has money,so she decides to capitalize on it and goes on a spending spree.Eventually they're divorced. A few months down the line Clara receives a visit from her ex's lawyer,asking her to go to New Orleans to see him in a sanitarium.She arrives, and even though a guard is told not to leave Owsley alone with her he does,after he bribes him with $10.Owsley gets more and more inappropriate and erratic with Clara.Eventually he is trying to rape her,then choke her.She is rescued in the nick of time.Outside she learns his mind has been affected but should be alright if treated properly(probably syphilis) .Clara says that it is not him she is worried about.
A short time later Clara,still in New Orleans,gives birth to a baby herself;the result of that short time with her hubby on their wedding night.She is now destitute living in a hovel in a bad section of town.She cannot even come in her own building without being molested by a creep who lives there.Desperate she resorts to hooking and manages to pick up a trick this one night.She leaves her baby under the supervision of a neighbours young girl.When the girl leaves the apartment briefly, the man who molests Clara leers at the girl and in his drunken state,he drops a match.As a result the building goes up in flames.When Clara arrives home she is devastated to learn her baby has died of asphyxiation.At the same time Roland has being trying to track her down and he does.News arrives via a telegram that her grandmother has passed away,leaving her $100,000 richer.
She leaves for New York where she hires a local male escort to show her the town,who turns out is a local guy with loads of money.He takes her to all the gay night spots and even to a sleazy little club where they have to leave when a fight breaks out.
The guy has fallen for Clara and he approaches his dad to get his approval,which is not forthcoming right away.The father sets up a dinner party and invites Todd and Owsley to attend also! Clara is seething but goes along with the charade.Predictably Todd and Owsley end up on the losing end of Clara's temper,as she storms out.Back home,depressed and drinking ,she receives a telegram telling her her mother is on her death bed.She rushes home and it is then Clara's mother reveals who her real father was.
Later sitting by a pond Roland finds Clara and she quizzes him about the Indian her mother named.It fills in a lot of blanks for Clara,especially knowing why she is the way she is.In the end she says"I'm glad".Fade to black.
The plot here is quite predictable and the acting by some of the participants can be quite stilted at times.Clara however is a pro and she owns the screen.When she cries you want to hold her in your arms.Clara's diction and acting was top notch and this would prove that the "IT" girl still had it where it counted,at the box office.
This being a pre code picture there are a heck of a lot of plot scenarios that you wouldn't see in the post code era,such as Clara as an unwed mother,the philandering grandfather, Clara the hooker and the rape scene.There is even a nightclub scene where two openly gay singers are plying their trade.It all goes to give this picture a gritty and realistic undertone which is actually more interesting than the melodramatic plot.
Technically the film is in full screen mode and is generally clear and crisp.However there are artifacts and defects throughout the picture,common for its age.Unfortunately there are also some tape lines that appear very early on in the film and later near the end.This DVD is an on demand one.Fox has been late getting into the on demand thing but they have outdone their biggest competitor Warners.This film is in very good condition despite its age and has been restored wonderfully,unlike most of Warners product of this era,which they barely do anything to.
All in all while not a great film plot wise(it shows its age),its' grittiness and Clara's wit and charm win you over in the long run.Paramount thought she was washed up.Clara went to Fox and proved them wrong....twice!

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Signature Series Guide
Borderlands The Pre Sequel Signature Series Guide
by 2K Games 2K Games
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 16.92
22 used & new from CDN$ 14.64

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1.0 out of 5 stars Brady game guides go the way of Prima.....and it ain't pretty!, Oct. 23 2014
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I never thought I would see the day when Brady game guides would start down the same path as Prima,but it has finally come.The one reason I have always preferred a Brady game guide is that they seemed to be more thorough and their walkthroughs made out in a simple,easy to understand and logical manner.That is, no matter where you are in the game they told you where EVERYTHING was in relation to your location,and what the best strategy was to continue.I have both previous Borderlands and the guides have been awesome.
Now they have copied Prima games by putting most of the side/optional adventures to the REAR of the book.For instance, I was about a half dozen maps into the game when just by sheer coincidence I ran into a Vault key.These are symbols on sides of walls,caves,etc on every level whose discoveries all go to the good for your gameplay.I had completely forgot about it because it wasn't anywhere to be found on the page of the walkthrough I was on at that present moment.So I went back to the beginning of the guide to see if I had possibly missed something,a remote reference,anything.....nope.I finally found the Key of the Vaults near the back of the guide!!??? To top this,there was a side mission to deface some posters,which the guide DID mention.But there was no reference as to WHERE they were.Again I had to go looking and I finally found guessed it,in the back!
This means folks,that instead of playing the game,and just leafing through the pages as you go(as was the case in previous Borderlands),you now have to wrestle with two or three EXTRA pages in the back at the same time. Sound fun? It is decidedly NOT.This has been Prima's method for a long time and now it seems Brady has come around to their way of "thinking" OUR expense.
Sorry Brady, but you get one star for providing the info,but your methodology is absolutely horrendous.Copy!

The Wolverine (Bilingual)
The Wolverine (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Hugh Jackman
Price: CDN$ 9.98
18 used & new from CDN$ 5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Another nice piece in the X-Men puzzle., Oct. 19 2014
This review is from: The Wolverine (Bilingual) (DVD)
Wolverine(released July/13)stars,among others, Hugh Jackman, Hiroyuki Sanada,Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Famke Janssen.This,the second incarnation of a film on the Wolverine,which certainly keeps the action at the forefront where it belongs.The only weakness is the plot,which is a been-there,done-that kind of thing;the old rescuing a damsel in distress routine.
The story opens on Aug.9/45 in a Japanese concentration camp just across the river from Nagasaki.The air raid sirens start to blare and the camp is in turmoil.A camp commander is quickly going from one area to the next releasing prisoners of war.The last one to be released is the Wolverine who is being held in a deep hole,covered over with a locked manhole cover.The commander tells him to leave but he retorts that he knows what is coming next and wants to stay put.As the commander walks away the Wolverine is up and outside following him.Just then the second atom bomb drops on the city and the Wolverine barely saves the both of them, by ducking back into the hole(guard in tow) and shielding him underneath the manhole cover.
Fast forward to the present and the Wolverine is living in the wilds of Alaska,as a hermit.When a group of drunk hunters using poison tipped arrows kill a grizzly bear he is very familiar with,he is out for revenge.Four of the five hunters perished at the hands of the bear,but the fifth is in a tavern regaling those who will listen, with his side of the"story".The Wolverine,needless to say,makes sure the story now includes the truth of what they did.But before he can "slam the point home",in steps a Japanese girl who persuades him to let him go.The girl is Yukio,who is an adopted member of the old camp commander's family,and sister/companion to his granddaughter Marika.The old commander,Yashida, now runs the most powerful technology firm in all of Asia.He is dying and has sent Yukio to ask the Wolverine to come back to Japan to see him one last time.He reluctantly agrees.
In Tokyo the Wolverine,after a necessary and forced bath,finally meets Yashida.The conversation goes alright until the old man offers to give the Wolverine a natural death, take away his powers and live normally.He of course declines and leaves.That night Yahida dies, but there is no peace in the Yashida clan's family as Marika tries to commit suicide;being saved by the Wolverine.Next day,during a huge traditional funeral/ceremony Marika is kidnapped by Yakuza gang members.The chase ends on a fast moving bullet train where the Wolverine finally is able to subdue all opposition.They head to a place Marika thinks no one will find her,which is a retreat her grandfather had built on the property of the old concentration camp.
Eventually the Yakuza do come and capture her again.By this time the Wolverine has lost his ability to regenerate from wounds and is just not up to the speed he was before.In other words he is"normal" now.Yukio thankfully shows up at the retreat, and after interrogating a Yakuza member left behind from the kidnapping,Wolverine learns where Marika is being held.He heads directly to the home of Marika's fiance' to learn that he was ordered to kidnap and kill Marika on her fathers orders.From there he travels back to Yashida's home to confront the son,accompanied by Yukio.While there Wolverine learns that a nano device was implanted near his heart which is causing his"normalcy".He extracts it manually,during which time Yuio has to fend off Marika's father from killing the Wolverine.In the end he recovers his powers just in time to duel with the father to the death.
He now learns that Marika is being held in a facility in Yasjida's home town and off he goes.On arrival he is accosted by dozens of Ninja's who end up capturing him and taking him to the aforementioned facility.There he is interrogated by a Dr Green,who is also a mutant.Between her and Yashida they had developed a silver samurai;a huge samurai "android" made out of the same metal in Wolverine's body.Before the SS can chop off Wolverine's extended hand blades,a shot from a ninja arrow deflects the chop.Wolverine is loose and ready to do battle.Dr.Green kills the ninja who's arrow made the deflection and then takes on Yukio, who finally takes her down.
The Wolverine meanwhile has his hands full,so to speak.The SS eventually gets him in a death grip and is drilling into his now blade less knuckles to remove his regenerative powers to transfer to him.You see we have now learned there is a human being inside the SS,and it is Yashida.The SS was made to extend his life.A piece of broken Wolverine blade suddenly finds itself embedded in Yashida's head,thrown by Marika.The Wolverine then delivers the coup de gras.
The film comes to a close as Yukio and Wolverine are aboard a private jet.When she asks him where he wants to go he says"up,for starters".A mid credit scene has him back in the States being met by Magneto who tells of a terrible threat.Fade to black.
Woven in to the rather banal rescue story are sub stories of Dr.Green(a mutant),the ninja who grew up with Marika and Yukio(also a mutant),and his old flame Jean Grey,whom he "converses" with throughout the film and who he finally releases in the end.These plots help elevate the film above the norm.Jackman is of course as "jacked" as usual,and does not disappoint.All others involved ably support him and bring their respective characters to life to fill the film.
Technically speaking the film is in its original a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all and nice sequel to the first Wolverine and another valuable cog in the X-Men "wheel".Recommended.

Opiate d'Amour; Rebound. Jackie Gleason
Opiate d'Amour; Rebound. Jackie Gleason
Price: CDN$ 25.59
18 used & new from CDN$ 16.75

5.0 out of 5 stars What's not to love?, Oct. 16 2014
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This CD contains two of The Great One's LPs from the late 50s "Opiate d'Amour" and"Rebound"."Opiate"'s tracks are all continuous.That is the entire album, from tracks 1-6 and 7-12 play non stop,with a nice bridge between them.It throws you off at first if you were thinking(like me)they were individual tracks.As a result Jackie creates a real mood indigo for lovers here.
When I think back on how times have changed,when there were a plethora of mood music mavens,such as Mantovani,Ray Conniff,Percy Faith,Bert Kaempfert,Henry Mancini,Lawrence Welk even having a go at it,and so many more.Every major and some minor cities had an easy listening radio station that pumped these tunes out 24/7/365.Now, I cannot think of a single easy listening station anywhere in North America, and fine music such as this has virtually become a lost art.
I like all sorts of music but once in a while I just like listening to something that I can relax to,something that doesn't want to force me up to dance and that I can sing along to as I wish.This double album CD from Jackie Gleason is just the ticket.Funny,I loved his albums then and they have not lost one bit of their appeal over the years.In fact I might say, in this day and age, they seem to have improved.They are certainly far better than what plays on most stations these days.
Like all the Vocalion releases of late they appear to be remastered from the original material,with original liner notes to boot.The only difference I can really say is that the American remastering tends to bring more bottom out than these European releases,which seem to go for a more sweeping over all sound.Which is better? I tend to the American releases(Romantic Moods Of and How Sweet It Is! The Jackie Gleason Velvet Brass Collection), but only by a very slim whisker.
Either way you slice it this CD brings back a ton of memories for me,and if you're of the same era you will thoroughly enjoy these remastered LPs like I did.If you are fairly new to Jackie,well all I can say is you are in for a treat.

Girl 27 [Import]
Girl 27 [Import]
DVD ~ Girl 27
Price: CDN$ 19.95
11 used & new from CDN$ 10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A powerful look back at a scandal, dropped and picked up again, Oct. 6 2014
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This review is from: Girl 27 [Import] (DVD)
If there's anything anyone who has more than a passing interest about Hollywood soon comes to understand,is that beneath that ritzy glitzy exterior,lies a place with a sordid and sometimes ugly past.David Stenn while doing research on his book about Jean Harlow(at the point,coincidentally,about her death)accidentally uncovered a reference to one Patricia Douglas.Patricia was one of thousands of extras then employed in Hollywood.She was just 17,was a quick learner and was competent at her work.In May of /37 came what was thought a casting call for her and many other girls.In reality it was to attend the (Hal)Roach Ranch(where many Roach films had been shot),where she and others would help to entertain a bevy of MGM salesmen brought into Hollywood for a multi day bash.The drinks flowed and the entertainment consisted of,among others,Laurel and Hardy.They were greeted by an exuberant Louis B.Mayer.
David Stenn uncovered a still extant file on Patricia Douglas and actual film footage of the arrival and start of the salesmen fete.It wasn't that long into the party when Patricia Douglas was raped by one of the salesmen.Patricia sued MGM,a bold move for the 30s,and the wagons at MGM immediately circled.Misinformation and behind the scenes manipulation all but crushed any hopes that Patricia would ever succeed with her claim.
Fast forward to the early 2000s and David Stenn enters the picture trying to put what little pieces there are of the puzzle, with what he slowly but surely uncovers,together.He interviews Roach biographer and Laurel and Hardy author Richard Bann as they walk in the area of what was once the Roach Ranch.As the doctor who"examined" Patricia right after the rape was recommended by Roach,one wonders how much did Roach know,or any of the entertainers on the bill,for that matter?(these two questions are never touched upon,and are all but lost in time).He tracks down her assailant who has since passed away.But miracle of miracles occurs when he finds that Patricia is alive and well in Las Vegas! When he is finally able to gain her trust,which took considerable time and patience,Stenn through long talks on the phone,eventually persuades Patricia to go on camera for the record.It is heart wrenching to see this now 85 year old lady talk in stops and starts about the still raw and humiliating experience she suffered those many years before.
The film fills in as many gaps as can be filled,as time has been enemy#1 on this case.He interviews the siblings of the man who found Patricia outside the building and took her to the hospital,another rape victim which occurred a few months after Patricia's and experienced the same thing she had,and an interview with Patricia's daughter.It seems Patricia was certainly naive when she worked at MGM,but her brutal rape obviously shaped the rest of her life in many unforeseen ways.She became a loner and her personal life became a more than dysfunctional one.Mr.Stenn got to Patricia in time, as just a short while after,she passed away.
Technically the film is in its original w/s a/r of 1:66:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include commentary,a photo gallery and a Paramount short of the era about extra girls ,which gives one a nice backgrounder on the whole extra scene back then.I would advise one watch the short first.Btw,the short has a 1:37:1 a/r but is shown in the 1:66:1 a/r ,which essentially chops much of the bottom off.I believe the point was just to convey the background on extras,which it did,and the a/r was secondary,which in this case I did not mind.
All in all a very compelling and sordid mess of a story that will stick with you LONG after you watch it;not only for those questions answered,but all the unanswered ones.

Louis Prima: In Person!
Louis Prima: In Person!
DVD ~ Louis Prima
Price: CDN$ 19.99
21 used & new from CDN$ 14.25

3.0 out of 5 stars A great addition alongside "Louis Prima-The Wildest", Oct. 3 2014
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This review is from: Louis Prima: In Person! (DVD)
Louis Prima was one of New Orleans greatest exports.With a career that spanned 50 years,Prima never lost sight of his roots, while riding the current musical trends of the 30s to the 70s.Prima really hit the big time in the 50s with his revamped band the Witnesses with legendary sax man Sam Butera and his wife Keely Smith.This was Louis at his height in the business.The 1960s saw Keely and Louis part ways professionally and personally and his new singer became Gia Maione.Gia was a talented and lovely lass who could match Louis on just about every level,like Keely had years before.Her delivery on I Want You to be my Baby was fantastic.But it just wasn't the same and the 60s rolled into the 70s and Louis pressed on,always cutting up on stage and putting on the best show he possibly could for his audiences.With Louis' passing in the late 70s we really lost an original who will never be duplicated or replaced.
This DVD is produced in conjunction with and narrated by Louis Prima Jr.(his mother is Gia).It gives highlights of Louis' career with a large dose of rare footage of Louis through the years and the various incarnations of his bands.And the best part is the videos/songs are in most cases complete,instead of the usually tantalizing but frustrating 10-30 second clips.There are some neat extras here like the 1936 RKO 16 minute short "Swing It "with Louis' exceptional band of the time(watch for a young Lucille Ball as Louis' girlfriend),Sing,Sing,Sing from 1943,a coloured clip of "When you're smiling/The Sheik of Araby"(1959),a clip from an early 60s film and the "Story 'bout the Dog" and finally a rendition of "Jump,Jive and Wail" by Louis Prima Jr.and his band.
There are a couple of things I must mention here.The outside jacket says the DVD is two hours long.The main vid on Louis' life is about 1 hour and 2 minutes long.The extras are no longer than 25 minutes.That is barely 1 1/2 hours long.A rather big discrepancy.Secondly near the beginnings of "The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond" in the main vid,and "Swing It"in the extra section,the video becomes blurry for about 3-4 seconds.It seems someone in production didn't catch but SHOULD have caught those glitches and fixed them.
This video skips any hint of Louis' personal life except for the obvious,focusing mainly on the music.That is great,but to get the bigger picture,I would recommend you buy this DVD along with another DVD "Louis Prima-The Wildest":together they are the perfect pair to get a better handle on exactly what this swingin' cat was all about.
Louis I love ya and miss you a bunch.But luckily we still have your great musical legacy to lean on and listen to when we need a Prima fix! 3/12- 4 stars.

The Raid 2
The Raid 2
DVD ~ Iko Uwais
Price: CDN$ 11.49
13 used & new from CDN$ 9.90

4.0 out of 5 stars In for a penny, in for a!, Oct. 3 2014
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This review is from: The Raid 2 (DVD)
The Raid 2(released Jan/14)stars,among others,Iko Uwais,Arifin Putra,Oka Antara,Tio Pakusadewo and Alex Abbad.While I found this film intense when it needed to be,as intense or even more so than the first film,there was definitely room for a little paring/editing down of some of the fight scenes and sub plots.This film clocks in at about 50 minutes longer than the first and this is a classic case of where more is not necessarily better.
The story opens as the brother of the cop hero from the first film, Rama(Iko Uwais),is being executed by a new gangster on the block,Bejo.Rama meets up with Bunawar,an anti corruption cop,in a remote location,with the corrupt cop from the first film,Lt.Wahyu in tow.Bunawar kills Wahyu telling Rama it is the only way to stop him from talking.He recruits Rama to go undercover in a prison to get cozy with Uco,the son of the local Indonesian boss Bangun.He wants Rama to infiltrate the family and find out through them who the corrupt cops Bangun and the rival Japanese boss Goto are dealing with.
Rama's first day in prison is a tough one and he injures a rival of Uco's.This turns out to be the in he needs.From there a trust is built up and Rama tries to protect Uco as much as he can.Rama ends up coming out of prison over two years later,more time than was originally planned on.Uco is there to greet him and Rama is welcomed into the Bangun family as an assistant to Uco.
As time passes Uco becomes increasingly impatient with his father's style of operating the business and wants to take a more major role.His father refuses.In steps Bejo,who wishes to capitalize on Uco's impatience.The two meet and Bejo gives Uco his assailants from prison to kill.In exchange he wants Uco to go along with his scheme to stir up a war between his father and the Japanese.If the plan works Bejo wants to rule to country opposite Uco.Uco goes along.
Bejo's men go after Prakoso,a long loyal hit man for Bangun and kill him,making it look like the Japanese did it.A meeting ensues with Bangun and Goto,the head of the Japanese syndicate.Bangun wishes to have no war with Goto and apologizes for what has happened.After the meeting Uco phones Bejo to tell him to go ahead with the attack on the Japanese.Bangun confronts his son in a fury,knowing what he did to almost bring the family down.Just then Bejo and his men enter and Uco kills his father.Rama arrives on the scene too late to save Bangun, but saves Bangun's lieutenant Eka.They both flee for their lives,being chased throughout the city.It turns out Eka is also an undercover cop who knows who Rama is.Eka implores Rama to take them all out,after which Rama leaves Eka,dying,in a deserted part of town.
Rama makes his way to a warehouse where upstairs sits Uco,Bejo and the corrupt police commissioner Reza.Reza has been helping Bejo all along and has hoped to cash in on the new gang that emerges from the gang war.Rama's task is Herculean in nature ,as he has to slowly and methodically fight his way through the warehouse and up into the upper floor area.When he finally reaches the restaurant he attacks the three.Bejo fires his shotgun at Rama and injures him.As he hides behind the couch Uco kills the corrupt cop then Bejo.The latter is because just before Rama's entrance,Uco had noticed a tattoo on Bejo's arm that matched one on one of the group Bejo gave up for Uco to kill earlier.Uco realized instantly he had been set up and he acted.Now Uco goes for his final victim Rama,hiding behind the couch.Rama waits then jumps at Uco impaling him with a sharp hook.
Rama,seriously injured, makes his way slowly back down into the warehouse where by the entrance door stands a pack of men from the Japanese gang ..waiting.A verbal exchange takes place between the two parties but all we hear is Rama saying "No....I'm done".Fade to black.
The last sequence is played effectively with the use of music over the Japanese leader and Rama,until we eventually hear Rama's last words.The movie always works better on its strong points...the fight scenes.They are extremely intense and gory,but beautifully choreographed.Some that pop to mind are the two major scenes involving the baseball wielding brother and his hammer wielding sister,the chase/save sequence with Rama and Eka,Rama's fight in the prison toilet and the prison fight scene in the muddy yard.The sub plot involving Prakoso,Bangun's hit man at large,is touching.He is a cold blooded killer yet he has a son he has barely seen,and an ex- wife who hates him for what he does.While as touching as it is,it is a plot that could have been pared down or eliminated altogether.The same goes with the opening scene with the killing of Rama's brother.The movie would have been better with a start at the cabin meeting.The first movie left one breathless and there was little wasted footage,coming in at around 100 minutes.It seems the producers wanted to give us more intensity,more gore and more fights.This they did but at the expense of its flow.As the movie progresses the fights are SO intense and fast moving that when the story that moves the plot is front and center,it seems snail paced in comparison,which of course hurts it.
Technically speaking the film is clear and crisp in its 2:35:1 a/r.Extras include a featurette and commentary.
All in all I found this film not up to the bar the first film had set.Sure the action is just as intense or even more so than The Raid,but after a while it is too much of a good thing and a lot of extra sub plots are added that needn't have entered the film at all.Maybe The Raid 3 will have less gristle and more meat.

Far Cry 3: Prima Official Game Guide
Far Cry 3: Prima Official Game Guide
by Thomas Hindmarch
Edition: Paperback
17 used & new from CDN$ 22.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Not one of your better guides!, Sept. 11 2014
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This guide leaves a LOT to be desired.Sure,it gores into great detail about your weapons,your destinations,relics,lost letters,vehicles,animals,et al.All are in their own separate place in the book,and during the actual game playing one is busy hopping back and forth looking at the guide(from one area to the next)trying to make sense of what special items one should be picking up during a certain campaign.For example,let's say we're assaulting a compound of baddies.The guide gives you hints on how to accomplish your task, but rarely or never does it say,oh by the way while you are doing such and such,look for the lost letter behind crate X,or a relic tucked away just to the east.It is only when you look up where Relic# such and such is,you find it is where you have already been.You are then peed off because it would have been nice to have been told while in the area in the first place.Multiply this 120 times for relics,20 times for memory cards and 20 times more for letters.My advice for this game?There is an e-guide that comes with the guide.Go to the site,punch in the accompanying code and print out where the relics,cards,letters and formulas lay.Then as you complete one campaign look at your in-game map and find the collectibles in that area.When you're done,go on to the next campaign and then after do the same again.To try and go back and forth in the guide was/is insanity multiplied.
Then there is the just plain incorrect advice this guide sometimes gives.For example there is a Relic hidden in a cave 3/4 the way up a cliff side.The guide says to use your built in wings to glide into it as that's the only safe way to do it.Nonsense.there is a glider on the same cliff and I used it to glide in and made it first time! Or the guide may say dropping down a hole may kill you.I never died at all but always landed in water.Moral?Don't always trust the advice.A real seasoned gamer doesn't anyways as there are always more than just one way of doing things.
Finally this is something similar to the last criticism.When you finally take down Hoyt, in the guide it tells those with a PC to look up the prompts in order to defeat him(it gives X Box and PS3 codes....go figure...I guess they don't like PC-ers!).Well those codes you look up have nothing to do with the fight prompts you need.The codes they say will defeat Hoyt are combos of jump,interact and crouch.In truth they are mainly your right and left mouse button controls,with the space bar thrown in for good measure!?
In conclusion,while giving one detailed info on the game,it does so in a very unorganized fashion and it is easy to get frustrated and confused as to what you should do,when and where.
If you're just doing campaigns and that is all you care about, then it is great.But for those that want to get a perfect or near perfect completion,done in a logical sucks.

Far Cry 2: Prima Official Game Guide
Far Cry 2: Prima Official Game Guide
by David Knight
Edition: Paperback
16 used & new from CDN$ 2.04

3.0 out of 5 stars The guide that falls short., Aug. 18 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Far Cry 2the guide is,at first glance,the perfect companion to and for the game.However a closer look reveals quite the flaws.Most of them revolve around the hunt for diamond cases.There is a section by section map showing where the diamonds are,but while most are fairly easy to get at,there are some that require a great deal of figuring out.Some are in covered pits but the really hard to get at ones are on inaccessible ledges that you cannot simply climb up to or get at other than by.....glider.There is a passing mention of both the pits and gliders in the book but that is all.It turns out there are a couple of instances where the gilder is in plain sight for your use,but the others are placed in remote areas,far and well hidden from the target diamond cases.I did eventually figure out where the gilders were to access said diamonds,but let me tell you it wasn't easy for this seasoned gamer.The fact is it was damn frustrating,and"frustrating" isn't a word that one should be using in connection with ANY guide.Also isn't this where a GOOD guide should come in and be right on top of things like that? It is supposedly there to let you over come hurtles easily and give you all those secrets you need to know in order to complete 100% of the game.At least that is what other guides have always accomplished for me.
The guide DOES go into extremely great detail on all your weapons,vehicles and buddies.It also tells you details on convoy missions,that is the ones you pick up at radio towers that are "targets of opportunity ".However the amount of detail is overkill, because once you accept it there is a red circle put on your map.You simply go there and catch the convoy or the man on foot and do them in.That is so shamelessly easy though.A novice player could get that in a heartbeat.It is far more detail than one needs to know about such a simplistic mission.They spell that out in detail but do next to nothing where the help is really needed with the diamonds.Go figure.
Over all a disappointment.Overly detailed in a lot of areas but less so where they really needed to step up.

Six Classic Albums (4CD)
Six Classic Albums (4CD)
Offered by Fulfillment Express CA
Price: CDN$ 15.48
14 used & new from CDN$ 10.21

4.0 out of 5 stars An almost perfect release, Aug. 9 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This 4 CD set of six of some of the Great One's better LPs is just a wonderful release,but with a caveat.These are NOT official releases,that is taken straight from the Capitol master tapes.They are all remastered from records.This I know because on some passages one could briefly hear in the background record scratches,but VERY briefly I must admit.Not to mention the obvious fact that you ain't going to get six Gleason albums for a price like this!
Usually in such cases I give lower marks,but overall the sound performance they have managed to obtain here is top drawer.The mandolins on the Lonesome Echo album are vibrant as all get out.Throughout the brass is just where it should be and the bass is right on.To the untrained ear,you could certainly believe these were officially licensed material from Capitol records,no doubt.Also a dead give away(as to it being a non licensed product)is the lack of liner notes.All you get here are the track names and year of the albums releases.
The CDs are in an approximately 1" thick plastic double holder that holds two discs in each section.Mine all came tight to their holders.
All in all for great sound and for a fabulous price,you cannot beat this set.I do not believe the LP Riff Jazz has been available on any other CD before,so this is a good chance to get it along with some other great ones.And speaking of great ones,this is just one reason why Jackie's music and talent still lives on after all these years.

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