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Far Cry 3: Prima Official Game Guide
Far Cry 3: Prima Official Game Guide
by Thomas Hindmarch
Edition: Paperback
16 used & new from CDN$ 52.17

2.0 out of 5 stars Not one of your better guides!, Sept. 11 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This guide leaves a LOT to be desired.Sure,it gores into great detail about your weapons,your destinations,relics,lost letters,vehicles,animals,et al.All are in their own separate place in the book,and during the actual game playing one is busy hopping back and forth looking at the guide(from one area to the next)trying to make sense of what special items one should be picking up during a certain campaign.For example,let's say we're assaulting a compound of baddies.The guide gives you hints on how to accomplish your task, but rarely or never does it say,oh by the way while you are doing such and such,look for the lost letter behind crate X,or a relic tucked away just to the east.It is only when you look up where Relic# such and such is,you find it is where you have already been.You are then peed off because it would have been nice to have been told while in the area in the first place.Multiply this 120 times for relics,20 times for memory cards and 20 times more for letters.My advice for this game?There is an e-guide that comes with the guide.Go to the site,punch in the accompanying code and print out where the relics,cards,letters and formulas lay.Then as you complete one campaign look at your in-game map and find the collectibles in that area.When you're done,go on to the next campaign and then after do the same again.To try and go back and forth in the guide was/is insanity multiplied.
Then there is the just plain incorrect advice this guide sometimes gives.For example there is a Relic hidden in a cave 3/4 the way up a cliff side.The guide says to use your built in wings to glide into it as that's the only safe way to do it.Nonsense.there is a glider on the same cliff and I used it to glide in and made it first time! Or the guide may say dropping down a hole may kill you.I never died at all but always landed in water.Moral?Don't always trust the advice.A real seasoned gamer doesn't anyways as there are always more than just one way of doing things.
Finally this is something similar to the last criticism.When you finally take down Hoyt, in the guide it tells those with a PC to look up the prompts in order to defeat him(it gives X Box and PS3 codes....go figure...I guess they don't like PC-ers!).Well those codes you look up have nothing to do with the fight prompts you need.The codes they say will defeat Hoyt are combos of jump,interact and crouch.In truth they are mainly your right and left mouse button controls,with the space bar thrown in for good measure!?
In conclusion,while giving one detailed info on the game,it does so in a very unorganized fashion and it is easy to get frustrated and confused as to what you should do,when and where.
If you're just doing campaigns and that is all you care about, then it is great.But for those that want to get a perfect or near perfect completion,done in a logical sucks.

Far Cry 2: Prima Official Game Guide
Far Cry 2: Prima Official Game Guide
by David Knight
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 18.36
18 used & new from CDN$ 7.12

3.0 out of 5 stars The guide that falls short., Aug. 18 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Far Cry 2the guide is,at first glance,the perfect companion to and for the game.However a closer look reveals quite the flaws.Most of them revolve around the hunt for diamond cases.There is a section by section map showing where the diamonds are,but while most are fairly easy to get at,there are some that require a great deal of figuring out.Some are in covered pits but the really hard to get at ones are on inaccessible ledges that you cannot simply climb up to or get at other than by.....glider.There is a passing mention of both the pits and gliders in the book but that is all.It turns out there are a couple of instances where the gilder is in plain sight for your use,but the others are placed in remote areas,far and well hidden from the target diamond cases.I did eventually figure out where the gilders were to access said diamonds,but let me tell you it wasn't easy for this seasoned gamer.The fact is it was damn frustrating,and"frustrating" isn't a word that one should be using in connection with ANY guide.Also isn't this where a GOOD guide should come in and be right on top of things like that? It is supposedly there to let you over come hurtles easily and give you all those secrets you need to know in order to complete 100% of the game.At least that is what other guides have always accomplished for me.
The guide DOES go into extremely great detail on all your weapons,vehicles and buddies.It also tells you details on convoy missions,that is the ones you pick up at radio towers that are "targets of opportunity ".However the amount of detail is overkill, because once you accept it there is a red circle put on your map.You simply go there and catch the convoy or the man on foot and do them in.That is so shamelessly easy though.A novice player could get that in a heartbeat.It is far more detail than one needs to know about such a simplistic mission.They spell that out in detail but do next to nothing where the help is really needed with the diamonds.Go figure.
Over all a disappointment.Overly detailed in a lot of areas but less so where they really needed to step up.

Six Classic Albums (4CD)
Six Classic Albums (4CD)
Offered by Fulfillment Express CA
Price: CDN$ 16.13
19 used & new from CDN$ 7.04

4.0 out of 5 stars An almost perfect release, Aug. 9 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This 4 CD set of six of some of the Great One's better LPs is just a wonderful release,but with a caveat.These are NOT official releases,that is taken straight from the Capitol master tapes.They are all remastered from records.This I know because on some passages one could briefly hear in the background record scratches,but VERY briefly I must admit.Not to mention the obvious fact that you ain't going to get six Gleason albums for a price like this!
Usually in such cases I give lower marks,but overall the sound performance they have managed to obtain here is top drawer.The mandolins on the Lonesome Echo album are vibrant as all get out.Throughout the brass is just where it should be and the bass is right on.To the untrained ear,you could certainly believe these were officially licensed material from Capitol records,no doubt.Also a dead give away(as to it being a non licensed product)is the lack of liner notes.All you get here are the track names and year of the albums releases.
The CDs are in an approximately 1" thick plastic double holder that holds two discs in each section.Mine all came tight to their holders.
All in all for great sound and for a fabulous price,you cannot beat this set.I do not believe the LP Riff Jazz has been available on any other CD before,so this is a good chance to get it along with some other great ones.And speaking of great ones,this is just one reason why Jackie's music and talent still lives on after all these years.

A Truly Proud Canadian - Deluxe Edition
A Truly Proud Canadian - Deluxe Edition
Price: CDN$ 14.97
18 used & new from CDN$ 14.97

2.0 out of 5 stars .....Why?......., Aug. 8 2014
That's the question....why?
First the Connors estate releases(what the fans had been told shortly after Mr.Connors death) previously unheard tracks.There are a lot to be released,and the first CD was called " Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 1".
A)The title is a total misnomer,as there were almost as many previously released studio tracks on it as there were "unreleased" ones
B)It is blatantly obvious the Connors estate is going to try to milk it,and more importantly US,with as many CD's as they can possibly stretch it out to.
And C)If that is the case,then sales are going to hit rock bottom before the third can get its label fastened to the disc.
Now here we have a......greatest hits CD. Why? Again this two CD set contains as much filler material as there are genuine hits on it,so again it is NOT really a "hits" album by any stretch.I mean c'mon,songs like My British Columbian Home,Gaspe Belle Faye, North of Old Lake Erie and so many others.They are just minor tunes plucked from various albums that most Stompin Tom fans have already had for years.And that goes double or even triple and quadruple for all the real"hits",as they have been available for years on Capitol and on record God knows how many times over.
Just to let you know that I am one of the most avid Stompin Tom fans in the country.I know I will have to fight a lot of others to lay claim to that title.Let's just be gentlemen and ladies about it and go at it one at a time,shall we? Seriously though,I met the man and he was as humble as Canada is wide.I loved him and what he stood for and did my share of crying when he recently passed.Like many others,I just thought Tom would just keep going and going.So when I have to write this kind of a review about a man I admired for so long,it is not something I take any satisfaction in doing.However one cannot let sentiment get in the way when one is so blatantly getting the wallet ripped right out of his hands.This is the LAST "hits" package I will spend another nickel on.And as far as the "unreleased" CDs goes,I can't see why one would have to get a "hits" package at all.Just get the "unreleased" albums, as they are filling them with as many"hits" as unreleased ones anyways.
I respectfully have two suggestions for the Connors estate.
1)If you want to release something special,release the two record LP he did way back when of his medley songs and other American songs.That was a good album which has never seen the light of day on CD.Or how about some alternate tracks,some n/g's,etc.
and 2)Let's bring Mr.Connors releases into the 21st century,and release his CDs with proper accompanying liner notes,which include the recording dates!
As for all you Stompin Tom fans out there,give this CD a royal pass.I doubt if there is anything on this CD you do not have already or anything they will release,studio wise in the future,you won't already have.So why bother?
If there is any plus about this CD it is the sound.Like the first one released by Universal(their new label),which would be the Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 1,the sound seems to be a little fuller somehow.That is compared to the Capitol CDs.But I cannot be sure.You see there are NO LINER NOTES to tell me whether the recordings have been mastered or remastered into 20 or 24 bit sound.*shrugs*

Lost In Space: Season 3, Volume 2
Lost In Space: Season 3, Volume 2
DVD ~ Guy Williams
Price: CDN$ 36.99
28 used & new from CDN$ 20.50

4.0 out of 5 stars LIS comes to its finale., July 31 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The final nine eps of the last season of LIS is here.The final season just gets hokier and hokier;tongue in cheek all the way.That is not to say that it is necessarily a bad thing either.There is alot of fun to be had watching it even today.
The series always had,but by now was reusing old footage a LOT.
From the first ep to the last the entire collection has been remastered quite well.If you are quick you can even spot the tiny wires that hold up the Jupiter Two(or the ones it runs on) and the space pod.The robot is even pulled by guy wires "hidden" in the ground.And speaking of the robot,this last season has seen a monumental change in him.He has gone from just a mechanical servant to a dear member of the family,with all the human emotions that go along with it.It's a hoot to see the robot cry,dress up and act like a woman,or when he takes a part out of himself he turns around so the others can't see;acting coy and shy.The series had really turned into a showcase for three characters:the robot,Will Robinson and Dr.Smith,the ones we always think of the most when we think of this show.The other characters come and go throughout the eps.June Lockhart and Guy Williams will disappear entirely sometimes,or one or the other.Sometimes its Judy or Penny,or Don.And speaking of Judy.Poor Marta Kristen.I really feel/felt sorry for her.She got the least lines of any character by far throughout the series.She never got a fair shake.She was really just the series eye candy/sex interest.I just have never known how good an actress she was because this is the only forum in which I can recall seeing her.
This three disc set,each in a separate slipcase,comes with some very special extras.All three were filmed for the 30th anniversary celebrations in /95.One is a very funny promo slip up,while the other two are interviews with Billi Mumy(pronounced moomy for those who don't know-I didn't until now.I always pronounced it mummy),and one with the lovable Jonathan Harris.A very likable man,who virtually created his character and the "special guest star"credit.
Farewell to one of my favourite shows of the 60s.Fox has done a good job with everything,all things considered.The promos for the next week shows can be a little rough looking and the shows themselves have deficiencies typical of film of this age,but overall they look darn good.Did you know the cast was told before the last ep shot that there might be a 4th season?A script was written(more if you believe other stories) but CBS abruptly cancelled it two months later.Ahh,what might have been....the pain,oh the pain of it all!

Sabotage (Bilingual)
Sabotage (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Price: CDN$ 17.97
3 used & new from CDN$ 11.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars A poor offering from the ex-gov!, July 30 2014
This review is from: Sabotage (Bilingual) (DVD)
Sabotage(released Mar/14)stars,among others, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington,Olivia Williams,Terrence Howard and Joe Manganiello.The film runs on for far too long for my liking and over all it is a been-there,done-that cop drama that even Ah-nold cannot liven up.
The film begins as Ah-nold is watching his wife and son being tortured by members of a drug cartel on a video on a lap top..It seems(in details that come out as the movie progresses)that he and his gang of DEA misfits captured the ringleader of a Mexican drug cartel years before.During the hand over one of the Mexican cops shoots the leader dead.Before they leave Ah-nold is contacted and told the cartel is holding his wife and son.If he wants to see them released unharmed he must turn himself over to them.His fellow DEA members talk him out of it and they high tail it back to the U.S.For months after Ah-nold gets body parts mailed back to him.He becomes obsessed with getting the killer(s)who did his family in.He goes back to Mexico but cannot get the people responsible and members of his DEA team bring him back.
Fast forward to the present and Ah-nold and his DEA gang have intercepted $10 million in drug money.It is their plan to take most of it and blow up the rest.This they do but when they come back to get the stashed bucks,it has disappeared.Slowly members of the team starts being picked off.Also the DEA team is investigated by their superiors,but it eventually goes nowhere.It seems Ah-nold has some inside pull after all these years.
The murders mount to more than half of the eight DEA team and the local cops now get involved much to Ah-nolds chagrin.In the end he plays the local cops like violins and is able to get a jump ahead on the action as a result.The Cartel sends four of its best hit men up, but three are found chest up in a local river,while the other is dead at the scene of one of the DEA members murders.Who has offed the assassins?
As the movie gets down to the nitty gritty we find out that two of the DEA agents have been in on their friends killings all along and want the money for themselves.A final chase(a prerequisite in any cop movie,right?) comes as Ah-nold and one of the local cops,are chasing the two traitors down.The driver gets killed in a crash and his accomplice sits bleeding to death in the back trunk.Ah-nold stands talking to the person and admits it was HE who stole the money.Before he can be shot at,Ah-nold shoots his ex team mate dead.As other local cops arrive on the scene, Ah-nold makes a hasty exit and disappears.The film's finale has Ah-nold back in Mexico bribing an official there to finally get the name and whereabouts of the killer(s)of his family.He enters a bar and shoots everything that moves,including the one who appeared on the video.However Ah-nold gets shot also and the film fades to black as he sits smoking a stogie and having a drink.
While the film could be a little hard to follow from just the dialogue alone,the most important thing to me was that it just never got up enough steam to turn my crank whatsoever.We have seen these types of films ad infinitum over the years,and all with the same traits such as rag tag,adrenaline pumped cops,another drug cartel,betrayal from within,and shoot-em-ups galore with the tag along violence,blood and gore.Now the better ones tend to give them a nice twist or two to shake things up,but in this one I could see the Ah-nold revelation coming not far into the film,even though they edited it so you only gleaned little bits at a time.Even though Ah-nold was the star,he couldn't even get up enough hutz-pah to liven things up or even go so far as to stick out amongst the rest.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras,surprise,surprise.
All in all this oh-so typical cops and bad guys drug film with a weak twist at the end, is certainly not one of Ah-nolds better films.Go watch The Last Stand or Escape Plan for something a little better in his more recent offerings.I'd give this one a pass.2 1/2 stars.

Lost in Space: Season 3, Volume 1
Lost in Space: Season 3, Volume 1
DVD ~ Guy Williams
Price: CDN$ 36.77
24 used & new from CDN$ 18.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Back to drama, mixed with comedy!, July 22 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is the first half of season three and the production was really ramped up.Not only do we have some new costume changes,we have a new theme song to boot(just as good as the first) and a different ending.The first two seasons always ended with a cliff hangar.This season they eliminated the cliff hangar,so when the show ended it ended.They now employed an approximately one minute segment to introduce us to next weeks hi-jinks,and they are all included in this set.
With the new look and sound we have the Robinson's suddenly leaving the planet they were on and are introduced to a totally new piece of equipment which we had never seen before....a piloted rover which would eject from below the main spacecraft.It looked something like a skinny lunar module from the Apollo moon landings.Neither their sudden departure or the new rover come with any explanations,and we are simply just forced to accept what we see before us,matter-of- factly.
Along with these new things Irwin Allen decided to also get back to more of the dramatic,like season one.However the offset is the robot.He continues to get more human like with every ep.He cackles,laughs,gets exhausted,puts his claws over his "ears" so he can't hear things,throws his arms up in the air in frustration,gets Will to hold his "hands" because he is scared,just to name a few.He has become more human than the Robinsons! You will also see many similar plots that appeared here and on Star Trek like the ship traveling back to an early period on earth,some of the crew confronting their evil opposites,encountering a tribe that is run by a computer,meeting up with space hippies,and others.Most of these were shot on LIS before they were shot on Star Trek.Remember, LIS had consistently better ratings than Star Trek ever did.
I must mention that among other well known supporting actors from the 60s,there is a surprise appearance by none other than Robbie the Robot!
Extras include bumpers and music from the show,and a rather long list of about 45 second "specials"/segments with some of the original cast in them.They seem to have been made for the 30th anniversary celebration on TV land for LIS.
The picture quality in this set is generally very good,though some minor deficiencies are present,to be expected for film of this age.
All in all a nice set and a great TV show for the whole family to watch.The so called special effects,costumes and sets may seem a little dated,but the cast and stories more than make up for any weaknesses in that department.Highly recommended.

Brown Eyed Girls - Sound-G - CD
Brown Eyed Girls - Sound-G - CD
Offered by samurai_media_JPN4CA
Price: CDN$ 32.76
21 used & new from CDN$ 14.62

4.0 out of 5 stars Another hit by the BEG's!, July 14 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Well,it seems the BEG's have yet another hit on their hands.This CD spans quite a few genre's with rap,dance,electronic and others all wrapped up in some mighty catchy hooks.There are two or three slow dancers such as the beautiful" I won't let you go" and Jea's Wedding.The sound is wonderful and spacious.The best tracks here are the first nine.The rest are some remixes,which includes a re purposing of their hit L.O.V.E.(nothing like the original),How come,You and more.
Before I go any farther,there is some mix up as to the tracks on this CD.This is NOT a two CD set,that another reviewer has posted.It is just ONE CD(as Amazon posts) with 15 tracks.This one is made for the Japanese market, while the two CD set(I assume)was the original South Korean version.The tracks on THIS ONE CD SET are:Glam Girl,Abracadabra,Addicted,Candy Man,Moody Night,So Strange,I won't let you go,Even if your someone Else's,Jea's Wedding,L.O.V.E.(remix),Second(remix),You(remix),Hitchhiker/How come?(remix),Hold the Line(remix) and Abracadabra,the Japanese version.Just so you know what you are buying.
There are also two booklets.One with the lyrics and lots of pics of the BEG's and just a lyric book.
All in all, the BEG's are in fine form on this 15 track CD.The first nine tracks are the best of the bunch and the ones you will probably play again and again.The rest had little interest to me except for the last one,the Japanese version of Abracadabra.

Lost in Space: Season 2, Volume 2
Lost in Space: Season 2, Volume 2
DVD ~ Guy Williams
Price: CDN$ 29.03
27 used & new from CDN$ 22.83

4.0 out of 5 stars From the sublime to the ridiculous and back!, July 10 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Lost In Space continues on with the second half of season two in this four disc set,all in separate snap cases.Each ep has a scene selection option.The picture is very good for the dates it was filmed in(1967) and has the usual"defects" associated with film of that era,but nothing untoward.
In this part of the season we go from the sublime to the silly.There is an ep early on that is so oddly out of place it hits you like a rock.Will is exposed to some alien knowledge and becomes very disillusioned and cynical with the way the adults around him behave. There is a very touching moment where Doctor Smith tells Will(as he walks away) to not grow up too quickly.It is a heart felt moment and one you do not see very often on LIS.On the ridiculous side we have plots that involve a silly knight and a talking dragon,a ghost,a pirate,space vikings and a toymaker.We see the visits of actors Hans Conried, and in the last ep John Carradine.We also see the robot becoming more and more human,with his over acting,cat calls and jabs,usually at the expense of Dr.Smith.
Jonathan Harris by now has become the star of the show.There isn't an ep he isn't in.The audience ate his performances up then and he still is absolutely hilarious with his sneakiness combined with his extreme cowardice.Even though you could hate him,you still couldn't/can't get enough of him.He made it look all too easy,and it shows just what a consummate actor he was.
Included with this set are two audio interviews with cast members Williams and Lockhart together,and one with Harris alone.I especially recommend the latter,as you get a nice glimpse into the mind of Harris the actor.Lastly this is the last season with the same theme song and the "same time,same station" credits at the end of each ep.The last ep here gives us a glimpse at"next week's" upcoming hijinks.Of course,as I previously mentioned in another LIS review, next week refers really to next season.But they re-ran selected eps and the last ep of season two was run a week before season three was about to start.
All in all I highly recommend this show,one the whole family can watch together.The show was getting less serious as the season rolled to an end(more tongue in cheek),but it was/is still enjoyable.

Vol. 5-Black Box-Normal Edition
Vol. 5-Black Box-Normal Edition
Price: CDN$ 22.15
6 used & new from CDN$ 22.15

4.0 out of 5 stars An impressive 5th album from the South Korean sensations!, July 8 2014
Black Box is the Brown Eyed Girls 5th album and I like what I hear.Of course Kill Bill is the star track here,but there are some good dance grooves in After Club,Satisfaction,Recipe and Track 7(sorry it's in Korean!).The girls have even made a nice slow number with a lot of soul,with Good Fellas.
The BEG's producer has really made a CD with lots and lots of headroom,so the sound is going to impress.I must also mention the package itself.The entire case is about 5 1/2" X 7 1/2" in size! It comes with a handsome 15 page colour booklet, so you get a lot of eye candy along with a lot of ear candy.There is a mixture of Korean and English throughout,but when it comes right down to it,it is the sound that matters,right? Put this CD on when company comes.It's bound to liven the party up considerably.
By the way,why are the BEG's not more well known?Their sound and talent rival the best of anything out there today. C'mon world,get with it!

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