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Sinatra: Nothing But The Best
Sinatra: Nothing But The Best
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 35.95
8 used & new from CDN$ 18.19

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2.0 out of 5 stars Beware of what you think you want,and of what you really get!, Nov. 16 2014
This 2008 remastered CD of some of Sinatra's Reprise years(his own label),is a definite one for newbies new to Franks works.However more seasoned Sinatra fans will know that one has to be careful.More than a few of these songs have been recorded previously during his time at Capitol,and one might be thinking one is getting those more well known versions,than what are on here.Fly me to the Moon,The way you look Tonight,Moonlight Serenade,Bewitched,The Best is yet to Come,Fly me to the Moon,and more,all re-recordings.However that is not to say they are deficient,as Frank more than imbues each song with his own 60s mark;it just may not be the version you recall.To be on the safe side I would suggest you purchase his hits from EMI/Capitol,maybe more expensive but probably more familiar and pleasing than this one.I also have a problem with the remastering here.I have not checked out each track thoroughly,but on New York,New York there is supposed to be a drum roll after his famous À number one line as the song goes into its last turn.It is barely audible.I am afraid at what other faux pauxs I will hear,but should not.The sound is good and lush but I cannot give this CD what it deserves if they are now tinkering with the core of songs
The upshot is it is more than a fair look at Franks days as owner of his own label,but geared more for those familiar with the difference of record labels.Also they seem to have cheated us out of the central core of at least one famous tune,and probably others,because as they say where there is smoke there is fire.Pass.

French Connection 1 / French Connection 2
French Connection 1 / French Connection 2
Price: CDN$ 14.83
4 used & new from CDN$ 9.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars "Have you ever picked your feet in Poughkeepsie?", Nov. 16 2014
This two disc set by MGM packs both French Connection(released Oct/71) and French Connection Two(released May/75) into one set.MGM has released alot of these two and four pack movies in this same style of holder,without giving us the specs of the movies we're watching(see below).This is just plain sloppy and cheap packaging,and puts off those with even a modicum of savvy from buying them;never a good PR strategy.This set is a good buy considering what you get,though.The first film of course is the one you want to have,with FC2 coming in a sorry second.
The French Connection stars,among others,Gene Hackman,Fernando Rey,Roy Scheider,Tony Lo Bianco and Marcel Bozzuffi.The film,directed by William(the Exorcist)Friedkin,finds Hackman as Popeye Doyle,with Scheider as his sidekick,both New York city detectives.The scenario bounces back and forth between Marseilles,France and New York City.In France a drug lord is preparing to ship a huge amount of heroine to New York.In the big apple,stake outs and take downs have revealed that the criminal element there are preparing to receive the shipment.In particular,a couple with a record who run a luncheonette but have far more expensive tastes,are the two Doyle and his partner lean towards receiving it.The Frenchman arrives in New York with his Lincoln Continental in tow.Doyle and his partner,with the help of other cops,tail the Frenchman,whom he calls Frog#1.In the beginning Doyle and his cohorts manage to keep a safe distance but when Doyle plays musical subways with the Frenchman and loses,he knows,they know about the tails and who the tail-er is.Soon after an assassination attempt is made on Doyle,but fails.Doyle tries to apprehend the shooter and a long chase ensues,with Doyle in a car following the EL the man is in.The chase ends when the EL reaches the end of the line and Doyle shoots the man dead on the stairs of the subway entrance.
After this Doyle and company find the Frenchman's Lincoln parked on a street and stake it out.They catch a car full of people,but it turns out they were just car thieves.They impound the car and tear it apart looking for drugs.They find nothing.Scheider asks the weight of the car when it was first brought in.It seems the car is slightly overweight,even in pieces.So they look again and finally find the drugs in the rocker panels.They put the car back together and the guy who drove it originally,and reported it stolen,comes to retrieve it.He takes the car and drives it to Wards Island where the transaction of drugs takes place.The place is suddenly surrounded and a shoot out occurs.The Frenchman runs into an abandoned building where the film ends,as Doyle enters a room out of camera range and fires a shot,presumably killing the Frenchman.
The film doesn't quite have the same punch as it did back in the early 70s,and in fact has a kind of stop and go feel to it.The tough and politically incorrect language will have some newer viewers blanching.However the big thing here is the famous car chase.Not since Harold Lloyd took the ride of his life on a careening horse drawn street car through New York's streets under the EL tracks,has there been such a nail biting chase.More than once Hackman comes close to piling up his ride,but somehow manages to squeak through and get the bad guy.This film is in its original w/s a/r of 1:85:1.It is clear enough,but it certainly needs a new print struck and/or remastering,as it gets quite grainy in spots.There is commentary by the director and Hackman and the trailer.3 1/2-4 stars.
The French Connection Two stars,among others,Gene Hackman and Fernando Rey.The scene is set in Marseilles,where Hackman has been sent to get the Frenchman.It seems he got away in the first one.Doyle and the police force don't quite see eye to eye and tensions mount between the two.Hackman languishes for the longest time,wanting leads which the police won't give him.At one point Hackman is coincidentally spotted by the Frenchman.Hackman is captured and for several weeks is forced to take heroin.When the Frenchman realizes Hackman has nothing on him he lets him go.Back with the police he is dried out,which again takes much time.Finally back on his feet Hackman returns to the hotel he was taken to and burns it down.Next he and the police make a raid on the Frenmchman's hide out but he gets away.A long foot chase ensues as Hackman tries to catch up to his yacht which he is attempting to escape on.He finally is able to get close enough to get a bead on the Frenchman and shoots him dead.Fade to black.
The ending is the real killer here.After all of what we witnessed,the film suddenly cuts to black as the Frenchman unceremoniously falls over dead on his yacht.Another detriment to this film is Hackman's capture and nightmare time on heroin.It is a long and grueling watch and gets quite movie did well at the box office but not near as well as the first one,running on the first one's coat tails.And of course we had a different director at the helm this time around.The film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and this one looks much better than the first.Extras include commentary and trailer.2 1/2-3 stars.
All in all The French Connection is the one you want to see,while the second is a cheap runner up and at times arduous in its pace and watch-ability.

Dave Clark Five & Beyond: Glad All Over [Import]
Dave Clark Five & Beyond: Glad All Over [Import]
Price: CDN$ 27.34
23 used & new from CDN$ 17.36

5.0 out of 5 stars Mr.Clark shoots for a braoder audience to set the record straight, Nov. 16 2014
It has been long over due,but I am glad(all over) that this DVD has finally appeared.History and especially musical history, tends to morph,twist and get re-written in the most fascinating of ways.The British Invasion,and specifically The DC5's place in it,has been so marginalized, they have been almost(and in some quarters) completely forgotten.
Mr.Clark has finally produced this wonderful two disc set and tries to set the record straight.On the first disc we have an approximately two hour documentary,originally shown on PBS in the States,laying out exactly what the group accomplished,highlighted with some wonderful footage from vintage TV shows of the 60s,showing what the group did best....playing.The screams of the fans and the sheer numbers show just what a drawing card this group was in their heyday.While taking us step by step from the beginning of their career through to their eventual break up(strictly voluntary),it is augmented with interviews by the likes of Paul McCartney,Elton John,Sharon Osbourne,Gene Simmons(in full Kiss makeup),Bruce Springsteen and many,many more.We learn,among other things, that Mr.Clark not only personally steered the group (he was very image conscious) but produced them,managed them and obtained a personal plane for them to travel the world in.He also owned their publishing rights and asked for four times the going rate for their music in the beginning,got it and in three years the song masters came back to him.It is amusing to hear folks like McCartney and John say they regret not having done what Dave did,because it would have saved them alot of money in lawsuits,which didn't always yield them satisfactory results.
While some of the material covered might be old hat to the average fan,there are alot of new things that Mr.Clark sheds light on that I was not even aware of.And the videos that you see alone are worth watching it for.They sure brought alot of memories back to me.But as my title says I believe Mr.Clark is trying to cater not only to the old fans,but find a new audience who may not have heard of the group before,or know very little.What better way to get tremendous exposure and reach a new audience,than to have your documentary seen on PBS? Mr.Clark's business savvy comes to the fore once more folks!
The second disc on this set contains many impressive extras,which includes,outtakes,alternate DC5 performances,interviews with participants of the Hold On special,footage from that,the Hits in Action short,their Royal Performance set(singing 19 Days and Georgia-they could REALLY play live and fantastically well!),and a special section on Mr Clarks smash London play success TIME,with interviews with many of the artists involved in the recording of its soundtrack such as Dionne Warwick,Cliff Richards,Stevie Wonder,Julian Lennon,Freddie Mercury,etc,its premier night and an interview with Sir Lawrence Olivier(it played to over a million folks and sold over 12 million records!).
I hope three things come out of this DVD release A)Musical history is rewritten to reflect the way it really was and the DC5s proper place restored B)We get a new CD release.Not a another greatest hits,but either a release of ALL the groups material,or at least a CD with songs that have not been released up until this point in time.As you listen to the documentary you hear some of the groups instrumental-only songs playing in the background.I thought gosh,I'd settle for just an instrumental album.And C)A book.This DVD proves that there is SO much unwritten and not said/known about the group.A well written book about the group is something that is long overdue and this DVD just screams that point.
In conclusion,this two DVD set is as welcome as pay day.The DC5 have always represented the best of what 60s music had to offer.They were a clean cut,drug free, straight ahead group with a different sound than anyone else's.It is probably what got them sidelined in the history books(they didn't fit the sex,drugs,and rock and roll profile),but it is what got them into my heart(and countless others) where they have stayed ever since.Mr.Clark I salute you and the guys for the countless hours of pure joy and excitement you gave(and still give) this old fan of yours.You are gone but not forgotten by any stretch.Let's hope you can gain some NEW fans with this DVD set.

DVD ~ Jean-Claude Van Damme
Price: CDN$ 13.37
21 used & new from CDN$ 12.64

3.0 out of 5 stars JVCD in a supporting role, Nov. 16 2014
This review is from: Swelter (DVD)
Swelter(released April/14)stars,among others, Jean-Claude Van Damme,Josh Henderson, Brad Carter, Alfred Molina and Lennie James.Swelter is not too bad of a film about crime,its consequences and ultimate redemption.JVCD may be the bigger name,but he is merely a cog in a much larger wheel.
The story finds a group of heist men relieving the RIO hotel in Vegas of a LOT of its takings,10 years before the current date;$10 million worth.During the escape James is shot in the head, while their leader Bowler is captured and sent to prison.The money goes missing.The Vegas police never found Bowler, as he was befriended by Molina,a doctor and spirited away.He took Bowler to Baker,a dusty old town in the the middle of Death Valley.Bowler eventually became town sheriff,with no memory of his past.
Fast forward and as the film begins Bowler is getting busted out during a ride in a prison bus,by the rest of the gang which includes JCVD.JCVD's character has had enough of the criminal life and wants out,once the missing money is found.There is a lot of interplay/bickering between gang members and Bowler has to take a tight reign on his posse.Through the grapevine the group has learned that Baker might be their target town.They drive there and find James,who has no memory of any of them.Bowler also finds that his ex girlfriend is currently shacking up with James,and is not pleased.
The group slowly but surely start to make trouble by starting fights and eventually murders one of the sheriff's deputies and the doctor.One day,with the sheriff as hostage,the group tell the whole town what the back story of the group is and Jame's involvement.They tell the people to either find their $10million dollars by the next morning or the sheriff will die and the town will burn to the ground.Immediately the scared townsfolk figure the money is in the Church and burn it down.
Jame's girlfriend,knowing that he never carries a gun,digs under some floorboards to find the gun he used in the original RIO heist.She has known of his past all along.James uses it to confront Bowler and Bowler lies dead on the ground,in a High Noon-ish style shoot out.Bowler is ready to head out,knowing the townspeople now know of his past.However they rally around him and will dispose of all the bodies in an old abandoned silver mine out of town.As the film ends the camera pulls back and up to reveal the hidden location of the lost the long dry wooden water tower.
The film is a smartly done film where a lot of the film's plot is told progressively in back story.The film is also shot in a sepia tone to give the town of Baker an even more desolate look and feel.As I mentioned JCVD is just another cog in the big wheel and he is killed about 3/4 the way through.He plays his character ably but he is outshone,due to a lack of screen time,by his cohorts like Molina,Bowler and James.The latter two especially are the real stars of this one.Speaking of JCVD,he has me worried.In the extra section there is a rare interview with him.I know he is battling bi-polar disease,but whether that and his meds are wearing him down,I do not know.But he looked and acted tired and distracted,and was rambling,not finishing his sentences.He talks of his bad English and pronunciation.Funny enough I have found in his more recent film this HAS become an issue.You really have to strain sometimes to understand him.I never found that to be the case say six or more years ago.He says he just returned from France and was getting used to speaking English again, and that the producers were patient with him.It seems the older he gets the less proficient at it he is.The total opposite of what you would think should be happening.Hmmm.
Technically speaking the film is in its 1:85:1 w/s a/r and is clear and crisp.Extras include interviews with most of the main cast.
All in all a nicely done heist film and the mystery surrounding a missing $10 million.JVCD is the big name but the other cast members are the ones who really shine.3 1/2-4 stars.

Tammy (Bilingual)
Tammy (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Melissa McCarthy
Price: CDN$ 18.88
7 used & new from CDN$ 9.99

2.0 out of 5 stars McCarthy keeps playing the same-game., Nov. 16 2014
This review is from: Tammy (Bilingual) (DVD)
Tammy(released July/14)stars,among others, Melissa McCarthy,Susan Sarandon,Dan Aykroyd,Kathy Bates,Toni Collette and Sandra Oh.This is an extremely tepid film with a good cast,but well wasted.
McCarthy is the title character here and she finds her hubby has hooked up with a neighbour,Collette.This after coming home from losing her job at a local burger joint.The marriage is over and McCarthy goes home,just a couple of houses down.She wants out of town and her grandmother,Sarandon,offers to allow her to take her car only if McCarthy takes HER along.Reluctantly....they're off.Their first day ends up in a drunken spree and the next morning they awake in a camping area.McCarthy takes a jet ski out for a spin and ends up deep six-ing it.They leave the park,$4,000 down and with a trashed jet ski in tow.
Their destination is Niagara Falls, and at a stop a bar in Louisville,Ky., Sarandon ends up sleeping with a local.Next day the two are arrested because Sarandon is in possession of some Oxycontin pills.During their incarceration Sarandon's less than stellar health comes to the fore(she is diabetic and has not brought along her meds).Worried,and with no money ,Tammy is released and immediately robs a burger place to get the bail money to get her out to get her grandmother medical attention.However by the time she arrives back at the cop shop,Sarandon is out.
The two then head out to meet up with a lesbian friend of Sarandon's,Bates,who lives with her partner Oh.Bates has built a successful empire on selling pet foods and has the resources to get rid of their car and the jet ski.The morning after the night before,which saw a huge party,Sarandon is outside sleeping and is not in good shape.They have to call an ambulance and McCarthy and Sarandon end up getting arrested by the police.Over a month passes and McCarthy gets out of prison,a renewed person.She decides to turn her life around and she and her grandmother finally make it to Niagara Falls.
This is one BORE of a film.The films biggest fault is that the makers try,unsuccessfully,to wring every last ounce of comedy from every scene they possibly can.McCarthy's robbery of the burger joint illustrates the point beautifully.It goes from her sitting in her car,to figuring out a disguise,to going inside(walking into things because her disguise does not allow her to see properly),intimidating the clerks with an "I'm serious but I'm not really a mean person" -schtick.When she finally leaves you are never so grateful to get a scene over with in your life.Then to compound this,she does it all over again in reverse,when Sarandon convinces McCarthy to take the money back.
A scene from her original firing from the burger joint in which she worked at the beginning of the film,has the funniest moment of the film.As she leaves she plops her head into some burgers awaiting sale on a counter.Trouble is it is not particularly funny,and the film goes downhill joke wise from there.McCarthy's wisecracking and swearing persona is again on display for all to see.You could switch this Tammy character for any other she has done up to now and she wouldn't miss a beat.It is way beyond wearisome,and obviously the writers are running on empty.
McCarthy has good actors surrounding her with Sarandon trying her best to keep her head above the top, in this quagmire of a plot.The standout for me was Bates.She was kind of the calm, in this "comedy" maelstrom.Collette unfortunately had little as far as screen time was concerned, but also did a good job.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and is clear and crisp.The only extra is a gag reel,which was far funnier than the film itself.
All in all yet another in a long line of typical McCarthy characterizations.Unfortunately her writers are loosing steam fast,and this film proves that in spades.I am sick of the tough,swearing,mixed up chick-schtick McCarthy has made a fortune off of up until now.This is not the way to sustain a long term career.She needs to let us know whether she is serious about acting,or whether she prefers to be stuck in a constant stream of bad SNL sketches.

DVD ~ Krisanna Loken
Price: CDN$ 16.98
2 used & new from CDN$ 16.98

2.0 out of 5 stars Mercs.....Schmercs!, Nov. 11 2014
This review is from: Mercenaries (DVD)
Mercenaries(released Aug/14)stars,among others, Kristanna Loken,Brigitte Nielsen,Vivica A. Fox,Cynthia Rothrock,Zoë Bell and Nicole Bilderback.This is a disastrously lame and simple film.It is The Expendables,ultra lite,and I may be doing a disservice to that film by even mentioning it in the same breath as this one!.The acting varies from person to person but it is overall far from impressive.
The story finds the daughter of the President on a mission to Kazakhstan to meet and greet the most recent government regime there.On the way she is kidnapped.In steps the CIA and its rep Rothrock.She hires four mercs fresh from the prison blocks to go and rescue her.All have a promise of immunity and pardon when and if they return from this suicide mission.
Once dropped into Kazakhstan,the four amigos ambush a van which carries two ICBM heads and some gold.With that they bargain their way into the "citadel",the fortress where the Prez's daughter is being held.Nielson is the head of this rag tag group of bandits trying to take control of the Kazakhstan government.She and the mercs enter into a "partnership" ,which is just a ruse on the part of the mercs to gain her trust then snatch the prez's daughter when the opportunity presents itself.This they eventually do, but along the way one of the group,Fox,turns on them and joins Nielson and her group,which of course complicates things greatly.
Bell is forced away from the Citadel in their escape attempt, alone and badly wounded.When she finds a girl dumped on the roadside that the group on the way in had befriended,practically dead,this imbues her with the courage to go back and take down the rats nest.She makes her way back and indeed rescues her pals,rescues the P's daughter,and they hoof it to an airfield with an awaiting military transport plane.They take off but Nielsen manages to get on board the open back and fight and shoot up the plane's inhabitants.After a struggle they subdue her and handcuff her to a sled filled with explosives.When Nielsen tries to shoot one of them,unbeknownst to her target,another pushes her and the sled out the back which just coincidentally happens to land on the Citadel! After a very short flight they crash land onto an airstrip and there to greet her is Rothrock and her aid.They take the prez's daughter into custody and the three mercs leave walking arm and arm into the sunset.After all Kazakhstan is just around the corner from L.A.right?
The fact that this is NOT Kazakhstan is brought painfully home in the last scene, where a VERY busy Los Angeles area freeway is seen in the background.And just how does a sled loaded with explosives land on the Citadel that they were supposedly flying away from? The extras/stuntmen they use look and act just like what they are.The best acting job of the bunch?.....surprisingly,Nielsen! Never thought I would ever say that but yes,she was awfully good as the baddy in this otherwise lame opus.She was followed in kind by Fox,Bell and Loken.Rothrock had to be the weakest of the bunch as the CIA rep.Trouble was her character needed to be one of the toughest,but there was no way I was buying her offering what so ever.The next weakest was Bilderback,whose stock in trade was making self deprecating remarks about her race.Sure a lot of blame has to go to the script writers.But a decent actor does the best he can with what he or she has.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:78:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include commentary and a gag reel(far too short).
All in all this female send up of action movies falls flat on its "Kazakhstan" lovin' butt.Nielsen is surprisingly good as the head baddie,but the domino's fall rather quickly,acting wise,after her.With a terribly weak and lame script,this was thing was doomed to failure from the get go.It was obviously a low budget production,which unfortunately couldn't overcome its' weaknesses enough to put something decent onto film.2 - 2 1/2 stars.

Snowpiercer / Snowpiercer, le transperceneige (Blu-ray) (Bilingual)
Snowpiercer / Snowpiercer, le transperceneige (Blu-ray) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Chris Evans
Price: CDN$ 19.96
4 used & new from CDN$ 18.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Another somebody done Earth some wrong song,er movie!, Nov. 9 2014
Snowpiercer(released June/14)stars,among others, Chris Evans,Song Kang-ho,Tilda Swinton,Jamie Bell,Octavia Spencer,John Hurt and Ed Harris.This is a so-so filmic adaption of a French novel.It has a deliberate but slow moving premise that does not coax you along, so much as drags you.
The story finds us in the year 2031.17 years earlier with global warming having reached a peak, world governments banded together to spray the atmosphere with a chemical designed to cool down the planet to more manageable levels.It of course didn't work and most of the planet when into a deep freeze.The last remaining inhabitants live on a long,long train which circles the globe as often as Earth circles the sun-once a year.
The train's inhabitants are split into two factions: the haves,which live the high life at the front of the train,and the have-nots,who occupy the back portion of it.It is this latter group that one day starts to slowly rise up against their suppressors from the front.The catalyst for the uprising(one of at least three others that have occurred since the train trip first started)is the taking away of some children for reasons unknown.The leader is Evans and his counsel is Hurt, who once worked up front.With the plan in motion the have-nots start their slow slog to the front,encountering all manner of opposition.The first guards they pass,even though they have weapons,cannot fire them as there are no bullets.They travel through a classroom,a hot house,a disco,encounter a car full of "butchers" and later guards WITH bullets.When they finally reach their destination Evans is greeted by the train master/inventor Harris.He explains why he has had to keep the population"controlled" and Evans almost buys into it, until he finds that the mechanical system that maintains the train is now kept working by putting five year olds and under, down below.
At this same time one of Evans mates blows open a door of the train which has never been opened.Once done the noise starts an avalanche which ends up derailing the train and killing most of the inhabitants.Only a 17 year old and a five year old are left to their own devices walking away in the snow.The film ends with the children staring at a polar bear who is staring right back.Fresh meat...but for who?
The ending of the film is perplexing and pretty much a joke.To think the two young people survived their experiences only to be possibly eaten by a polar bear? It would have served the film better had it shown the children just cautiously walking away from the train,in awe of their surroundings.
Then there are other areas the film does not cover well,.if at all.One of the areas/train cars the have-nots travel through has an aquarium surrounding it in its walls.For the car to have that,it would have to be almost twice the size of a normal car,yet we only see a sleek long train with all cars equal in size....? There is also the matter of a train that circumnavigates the world.They completely avoid the question of how the train travels over to two major oceans.The premise of any film,especially Sc-Fi,is that it must be rooted in some form of logic and reality,and this one,I'm sorry to say(or not), doesn't pass muster what so ever.
The acting is alright.Evans bears more than a passing resemblance to Jim Caviezel in looks and acting style.It is always a pleasure to see pros John Hurt and Ed Harris,but they are sadly wasted in this one.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include commentary only.
All in all a big disappointment with a so-so cast in a so-so story.The big names of Hurt and Harris are wasted,but the big "hurt",so to speak,is the plot holes that one can drive a semi through.2 1/2 -3 stars.

Six Days On The Road
Six Days On The Road
Price: CDN$ 12.91
18 used & new from CDN$ 5.24

3.0 out of 5 stars A Clarification on "Six Days on the Road", Nov. 3 2014
This review is from: Six Days On The Road (Audio CD)
Hi folks and all you DD fans.I just wanted to set the record straight on this release.Dave's penultimate hit"Six days...." is NOT,I repeat NOT the original version.The label says Sun Records and this version's songs were recorded in the early 70s by Shelby Singleton who bought Sun Records from Sam Phillips(the original owner).Shelby had worked at Mercury previously and had guys like Dave under contract when he decided to go it independently and record his guys under the label he owned....Sun.So there you have it.If you want the original look for a CD called" On the Road Again: 20 Great Truck Drivin' Hits " by Gusto Records,then you will have struck pay dirt.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Price: CDN$ 54.99
3 used & new from CDN$ 54.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Welcome to Glitch City folks!, Nov. 2 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The recent release of Borderlands the Pre Sequel shows a change in know-how-locale,i.e Australia,hasn't made for a better game.In fact we have been presented with Glitch-city.I have never run in to a Borderlands game,or any game for that matter, that has had so many glitches.One is bad enough,but I am only about half way through and there are four major faults with this game already.
The first biggie is the fact that they have for the first time made playing with friends the default mode.In games past it has always been the user which has determined whether to connect and play with friends,play solo,or what have you.I prefer solo first,as I always wish to learn a game on my own ,so if I do decide to play with friends,I have somewhat of an idea of how to play without embarrassing myself.
The second one is if you change it to offline(solo) it does NOT remember your selection for the next time you play.That is every game you return to play you have to pick your choice of how to play all over again.C'mon.
Thirdly, as you approach a door to the first boss battle(against Deadlift),it does no open!?? That's right,there is no access or continuance of play beyond that area.The only way to get around it is to play solo(offline) and then it will open.I only found that out by trial and error.
Fourth and finally there is a Vault key symbol in the Titan Robot Production Plant...the only one.You approach it to press"e" to discover it, but it won't let you.You cannot discover the symbol.So there goes your perfect game,if you,like me,are trying to obtain one.
As I say I am not all the way through yet,so who knows what else I will find.
On the good side the game's controls and handling are pretty much the same from previous versions.And they give you an in game "reward" if this game detects any other installed version of Borderlands.
All in all a Borderlands all players of the previous versions will appreciate.However the glitches are something that should NOT be in a game like this and in that many numbers.Somebody screwed up royally in the testing department.It is not what we previous Borderlands players and/or newbies to the game should find when shelling out our hard earned bucks. 2 1/2-3 stars.And don't get me started on the guide(see my review on that)!
Nov.11/14 Update:
Well I have finished the game and of course have found more glitches.There is what they call a "grinder" machine.It works by inputting three items from your back pack into it,and even moonstones that you collect,to make an entirely new weapon.Well,it doesn't work...never has,never will.I have noticed that if you travel back through a boss area you have been through and defeated,they respawn again! I can see its minions respawning but the boss? Also from the "Hyperion Hub of Heroism"level forward,when you come near a Vault symbol to press "e" to discover them,you will find when you do they have already been discovered....but you haven't been there before!Lastly there is a side mission called"To Arms".In it you have to find a box and donate about 52 weapons to it.Well every time you come back to the box,you press"e" to open your back pack(and donate).However despite your back pack being FULL of weapons,it will tell you there are none!???? So of course there goes your donations down the drain AND any hopes of ever completing this side mission.
On this date there was a patch installed through Steam for the PC games.From what little I can see,there is no difference.All the items mentioned above are still extant.
So is this game worth your hard earned bucks on,or your parents dollars? Unless you just HAVE to have this,I would recommend backing off for a year or two.Then you not only save money but will hopefully get a game finally fixed by then.

Divergent / Divergence (Bilingual)
Divergent / Divergence (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Shailene Woodley
Price: CDN$ 13.99
12 used & new from CDN$ 10.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sorry, but I just did't care., Nov. 2 2014
Divergent(released Mar/14)stars,among others, Shailene Woodley,Theo James, Ashley Judd,Jai Courtney,Ray Stevenson,Zoë Kravitz and Kate Winslet.This is a film I found to be totally UN-engaging and without any sense of excitement whatsoever.
The story finds us in a dystopian future Chicago.A good portion of the city is in ruins and it is surrounded by a wall.The citizens are divided into five different factions.When the children come of age they must select which group they will join."Faction before blood" is the motto.
Woodley is the lead character and when her time arrives she chooses the "Dauntless"faction;an ersatz police department which resembles a group of parkours than anything else.She has been tested beforehand and it was found that she was the film title"divergent".That is,she fit in to no particular faction.She was told to keep her mouth shut and tell no one.She enters the Dauntless group and she is put through three separate tests, along with all the other initiates.Tests can involve anything from plain fighting and shooting skills to psychological testing.In fact psychotropic drugs are used in a variety of ways to either test or control.The latter is what eventually brews as Woodley is completing her training into the "Dauntless".It seems the leader of another faction led by Winslet is preparing to take over the city.To do that they have injected each "Dauntless"member with a drug with which they can be controlled.
Winslet and company direct them to go to an area of the city in which Woodley's parents live.There they are forced to start eliminating the population there.Woodley and other different faction members who have rebelled, join her and storm the facility where Winslet is.After a struggle they overpower them and Woodley injects Winslet with the same drug the latter used on the "Dauntless".After a quick wiping of the computer program, the slaughter of the innocents comes to a halt.Woodley boards an El which she and her friends ride to the end of the line;to the wall.They are now factionless, but have each other.
At no time in the film could I get up enough empathy to care about anything I was watching .It was like being injected with the same psychotropic drug used on the screen.I felt like I was sleep walking.Woodley has about as much charisma as a tree.It was like watching an even more sober Katness Averdeen(Hunger Games).Unfortunately the tone/dynamic/vibe we get with her character bleeds into everyone and everything else and it is.........borrrring.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include trailers,commentary and deleted scenes.
All in all an approximately 140 minute yawnfest of monumental proportions.I think they were going for a similar Hunger Games type lead character, but Woodley does not have the acting chops to get there.That coupled with the somnambulistic plot,and we have a film that will engender not one feeling of....anything,one way or another.Forget engagement or excitement of any kind.In fact,forget it altogether.

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