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From a Whisper to a Scream / Theatre of Blood [Import]
From a Whisper to a Scream / Theatre of Blood [Import]
Price: CDN$ 9.23
6 used & new from CDN$ 5.73

4.0 out of 5 stars One not so good,and one very good Price film...for a great price!, Nov. 22 2015
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This DVD release by TGG of two Vincent Price offerings,From a Whisper to a Scream(released Sept/87) and Theatre of Blood(released April/73),is the best and most affordable way to get both films on one single sided DVD.The description of the DVD by Amazon says there are two discs,but this in error.
From a Whisper to a Scream finds Price as a librarian in a southern town called Oldfield.As the film opens we see his niece getting executed by lethal injection.A female reporter who witnesses it pays a visit right after to Vincent,who goes on to relate four strange stories that revolve around his house and the town,which he hopes would explain his nieces' dark behaviour.
The first story is indeed"strange".It finds Clu Gallagher as an introverted and warped individual who cares for an invalid wife,but who has a crush on an office associate.He finally gets the nerve to ask her out for dinner.On the way home when he attempts to force himself on her,a struggle ensues and he accidentally kills her,dumping her body on the road.While her body lies in state at the local funeral parlour,he sneaks in and has sex with her.A few months later he ends up,out of frustration,killing his wife.That night a visitor arrives;his "son".Clu,needless to say,ends up dead beside his wife's body.
The second story is set in the early 50s.Terry Kiser is hiding out from a gang,but is outed by his jilted girlfriend.He is subsequently shot and flees into the nearby swamp.A recluse black man rescues him and nurses him back to health.But the black man has a secret.He is about 200 years old.Kiser wants that secret which his saviour won't give up.He drowns him in the swamp,but the black man comes back and knocks him out.When Kiser comes to he is tied up in front of the house.The man tells him that his potion is what saved him and he will live for at least another 70 years or more.He sets Kiser on fire and chops him up.The segment closes as Kiser lies in a hospital bed,and against all the medical odds is alive but destined to live out his days in gross disfiguration.
The third story is set in the 30s where a young girl falls in love with a carnival side show performer(Ron Brooks) who is able to eat anything,including razor blades and glass.Both are madly in love with each other but Brooks is reluctant to carry the romance very far.We soon see his secret.The carnival owner is a black woman who deals in sorcery.She owns not only the carnival but everyone in it,lock,stock,barrel and soul.When Brooks defies her and tries to run away with his love,the woman puts her spell on him and seemingly everything that he ever ingested comes out of his body, as his horrified lover looks on.As the story ends, his lover now takes Brooks place in the carnival sideshow as the woman who eats pins.
The final story finds screen veteran Cameron Mitchell as a tired but sadistic Civil War Union soldier.He is leading three other men who come upon a southern encampment.They end up killing them,but find out afterward that the war has already ended.Mitchell is unfazed.When one of his men goes to leave Mitchell shoots him for desertion.The(now)three soldiers continue walking and come to within four miles of Oldfield.Suddenly they are set upon by explosions.Before they know it they are taken captive by a group of children.One little girl likes Mitchell who reminds her of her father,who is now dead.Mitchell acts as if he likes her but he is soon strangling her to death.He is caught trying to escape by the very soldier he killed for desertion.Before his death,Mitchell gets to meet the "magistrate",who has been referenced many times during his captivity.It is an amalgam of body parts from all the children's parents.His punishment is to be set on fire.
As the entire film comes to a close,the reporter tells Price that his she and his niece became quite close.She describes her as a "sensitive"person.She also tells Vincent she wanted to finally meet the man who poisoned his niece with terrible thoughts and leaves him with a present;a thrown knife to the throat.As Vincent dies he exclaims:"Welcome to Oldfield".
The film overall is not as bad as some would lead you to believe.However it is not nearly as good as Creepshow, which debuted about five years earlier,but from which it definitely got it inspiration.The first story is just,to me,plain creepy.Not scary creepy, but in bad taste creepy,as it deals with Necrophilia.Not something I want to see on the screen,thank you very much.The other stories manage to keep your interest,but the film does wear out its welcome, coming in at about 100 minutes long.2 1/2-3 stars.
The second film is Theatre of Blood and it stars a bevy of long standing British actors,along with Price as the lead.The story finds Price as a well known but less than loved(by the critics) Shakespearean actor.He is passed up for the 1972 Critics Choice awards for a newcomer and goes "off the rails".He confronts them in an after-ceremony get together.When his daughter arrives(Diana Riggs)and asks her father to stop he falls completely apart and walks outside to the balcony and starts quoting the bard right up until he jumps off and into the Thames river.He is later found by a scruffy lot of vagabonds and brought back to health.He now lives in an abandoned theatre giving Shakespearean performances every night.But he also is now plotting his revenge on the circle of critics that drove him to this point,along with the help of his daughter.Between the two they start killing each one,all by the plot of a particular Shakespeare play,such as Titus Andronicus,Richard the Third,King Lear,etc.In the end the police finally catch up to Price and his daughter in the old theatre, which they now have deliberately set on fire.Price and daughter end up falling from the roof into the interior of the flaming building.The last critic,now freed,still thinks Price over acted his final "role".
This film is helped along wonderfully by the great British cast and Riggs is surprisingly good in her role as Price's daughter.And Price is absolutely brilliant as the Shakespeare-quoting actor gone "off".No one could have played this part better than he.4 solid stars.
Technically speaking both films are in their original w/s a/r of 1:85:1 for "Whisper" and 1:66:1 for "Theatre"."Whisper" is crisp but a tad grainy throughout,while "Theatre"is nicely clear and crisp.Let me repeat,there is only one disc for both films and both are w/s,something the blurb for this product is in error of and/or just does not say.
All in all a cheap way to get both films.Theatre of Blood is the best of the two.Price shines.While From a Whisper to a Scream is not as bad as some say,it goes on far too long;they could have easily cut the first story,due to its subject matter,with no harm to the film at all.Price is relegated just to the relater of the stories, but still is a pro and does his job well.

Million Dreams Ago
Million Dreams Ago
Price: CDN$ 38.03
24 used & new from CDN$ 23.81

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have re-issue that is bound to please!, Nov. 21 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Million Dreams Ago (Audio CD)
This is a 3 CD follow up to 2011's Sepia release"For the First Time".That /59 LP set was supplemented on that set with extra tracks from the two "Limited Edition" Lps in the mid 50s.This new one called "A Million Dreams Ago" has the rest of those "Limited Edition" tracks on it.
Even though the CD was produced using the original LPs as source material,the sound is excellent.They have also used the CEDAR system and 24 bit mastering,which certainly helps tremendously.From the very first track Glenn and the gang come alive once more.If you are not familiar with the original LPs, these are all rare air checks done by the civilian band from /38-/42.On more than a few tracks Glenn solos with that much underrated trombone.He may not have been a Teagarden but he could hold his own with the best,as these tracks prove.The civilian band really comes alive on these tracks with tons of energy to burn and a palpable excitement that is returned in kind by the appreciative audience.This set shows exactly why Glenn and his music is the one everyone remembers more fondly over all others bands of that era.They gave their audience the music they wanted and how they wanted it.Remember that Glenn's band was as much a visual band as an audial one.
While many of these tracks have been subsequently issued on other LPs and CDs since their original release, you are sure to find many that you have not heard before,and sounding better than ever.It comes with a nice 23 page booklet with accurate recording dates.I highly recommend this set and I suggest that you get yours before they are gone.

The Fly Collection (The Fly [1958] / Return of the Fly [1959] / The Curse of the Fly [1965]) (Bilingual)
The Fly Collection (The Fly [1958] / Return of the Fly [1959] / The Curse of the Fly [1965]) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ David Hedison
Price: CDN$ 40.33
8 used & new from CDN$ 28.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An essential 50s-60s Sci-Fi collection., Nov. 11 2015
The 2007 Fly Collection features all of the films in the franchises' history.They pretty much go in order of quality,but are a welcome addition to any Sci-Fi buffs collection.
The first is the classic The Fly(released Aug/58).It starred,among others,Al(David) Hedison,Patricia Owens,Vincent Price and Herbert Marshall.The story finds Hedison as a wise inventor and Price his businessman brother.Hedison gets the idea of matter transference from one position to another.Working out the kinks in an orderly fashion he eventually tries it on himself.A fly inadvertently gets into the works and he re-integrates with the head and one arm of a fly.The fly itself has his head and one arm but escapes the lab.Frustrated Hedison,with the help of his wife,uses one of the presses in his brothers workshop to end his life.At the end of the film Price and Marshall(the investigating policeman) witness the fly yelling for help,stuck on a spiders web,as the spider pounces on it.The policeman ends both their lives with the blow of a rock.
That last scene stands out as the movie's penultimate moment.It is still chilling even today.In fact,the entire movie moves along so well and plays out so beautifully that I still get the chills revisiting it every few months or so.An FYI,Hedison is billed wit the first name Al in this film.About a year later he changed it to his middle name of David.4-4 1/2 stars.
The Return of the Fly(released July/59)starred,among others,Vincent Price and Brett Halsey.Price and Halsey are Uncle and nephew respectively.The film opens as Halsey's mother is laid to rest.Halsey comes upon his fathers papers and vows to reproduce his experiments.Price forbids it but Halsey forces his hand when he reminds him that he holds half of the shares in his business.Price relents and the experiments go on.Things are going fine,but there appears to be something afoot.A helper that quit Price's employ to join Halsey's, has a past criminal record back in England.In fact when a British cop comes to arrest him,he is overpowered by the assistant and is put into the transmigration chamber,which he turns on.The trouble with this is that earlier they had put a gerbil into the machine and were going to make it reappear the next day.When the cop reappears he has the hands of the rodent and the rodent has HIS hands.He kills the rodent and disposes of both bodies.His activity however has raised Halsey's suspicions and when he is confronted Halsey also is overcome and put into the chamber, with a fly.The assistant flees with all the documentation to a front who runs a funeral parlour.Halsey,part man ,part fly gets his revenge on both men and returns to his home.Price,who was shot by the assistant and is weak,helps to re-integrate Halsey back into a human.
This film has an entirely new cast,except for Price.The story does work,just not on the same quality level as the first one.Like the first,and the third film,what French is spoken is all Parisian French,not Quebec French.You'd have to be a Canadian or to have spent some time in Quebec to understand the difference.3 1/2-4 stars.
The Curse of the Fly(released May/65)starred,among others,Brian Donlevy,Carole Gray and George Baker.This film concerns the same family but different members thereof.They still have their home base in Montreal, but also have an office(and transmigration tube)in London,England. Donlvey is the patriarch here.The process of travel from one place to another has been fixed(to a degree)and they are able to transfer from Montreal to London when they want.However the authorities in both London and Montreal are getting a little suspicious of the families activities.One of the sons meanwhile comes home newly wed.However as it turns out, he was already wed.His first wife is one of the two other matter transference experiments gone wrong,who are kept at the back of the house in Montreal behind locked doors.His now current one eventually finds all this out and as the authorities close in Donlevy is put into the matter transference tube to be sent to London.However his son there starts to weep uncontrollably.As the camera pulls back we see he has destroyed all of the equipment.
This film involves nothing of a fly at all.It is all about the matter transference process and how it corrupts and eventually destroys a family.While not as good as the first two it sill manages to have some semblance of interest.3 stars.
Finally there is a fourth disc.This contains a featurette,the A&E Biography show on Vincent Price,all the trailers,still galleries,newsreel footage of the opening day of the Fly and posters.It rounds out the collection nicely.
All the films are in their original a/r of 2:35:1 and are quite clear and crisp.The first film is in colour while the others are in b&w.
All in all.while the films themselves vary in quality,the entire collection when seen as a whole give a more than complete outlook on all that is The Fly franchise.While Price commands the first two films,the third,while the weakest of them all,still has some modicum of merit.Essential 50s Sci-Fi,done up right by 20th Century.

DVD ~ Matt Winston Lance Henriksen
Price: CDN$ 14.88
16 used & new from CDN$ 14.88

4.0 out of 5 stars A good old fashioned scare, Nov. 1 2015
This review is from: HARBINGER DOWN (DVD)
Harbinger Down(released Aug/15)stars,among others,Lance Henriksen,Giovonnie Samuels and Matt Winston.This is a surprisingly good movie that stars old Lance, doing what he does best,those moody yet realistic type roles that he is known for.He is the star, but is ably backed by a group of acting up and comers.
The story finds Lance as an ailing captain of a crab trawler out of Dutch Harbour,Alaska.On this trip he is joined by his grand daughter and her professor who are there to study breeding beluga whales.The film opened as a Soviet spaceship from the 80s burned and crashed into the very area of the Bering Sea they are headed for.When she puts a camera down through the ice to see the whales, she spots something glowing in a nearby ice flow.They dredge it up and thaw it.Inside the space capsule is the dead pilot,well preserved and nothing else.They put it into the cargo hold.They start discussing the pros and cons of what to do with it when the professor starts going a little haywire.He eventually runs outside with just his shirt on screaming he is on fire.Back inside his skins starts erupting into different shapes and he soon dies.They quickly realize they have an airborne containment on board and that no one is safe.
Whatever the `virus`is the thawed space pilot is soon missing and their engineer is dead.Before they know it they have a full blown alien-like monster on the loose,who constantly changes and mutates.A Russian crew person they have on board comes to reveal that she was purposely put there to help find and retrieve the space capsule,if ever found.She also has planted explosives throughout the boat.The dead Soviet space pilot was injected with an experimental drug designed to help him adapt to radiation in space,which obviously had unexpected side effects.
At that moment the creature comes a calling and drags her off to oblivion.The crew then has to find the explosives and get rid of them if they can.They find them but the creature by now has overwhelmed all but the captain`s grand daughter.She is the only one who escapes;on to an ice flow as the boat careens into a berg,exploding and sinking into the sea.
The film moves along very well from scene to scene and the claustrophobic atmosphere is maintained throughout the film.This is The Thing(the Carpenter remake,not the original) meets Alien meets The Blob.There is a little bit of all these films in this one,while it retains its own raison d`etre.The creature effects are for the most part old school stuff.Actual made from the ground up plastics,vinyls and other synthetics,which works as well today as it did 20 years ago,and more.As a side bar,I knew that this film had gotten to Kickstarter ,but I must admit I lost track of it.I was glad to see they got it made and did it so well.Most of the money obviously went into the effects and Henriksen`s salary.
Technically speaking the film is clear and crisp in its w/s a/r.There are no extras.
All in all a very good film that is taut and moves along well.Henriksen and company sell it well and the ``old school`effects work wonderfully.Kudos to all involved.It was a film well worth getting made.3 1/2-4 stars.

Big Game [Import]
Big Game [Import]
Offered by importcds__
Price: CDN$ 20.25
25 used & new from CDN$ 11.99

3.0 out of 5 stars A surprisingly enjoyable film, Nov. 1 2015
This review is from: Big Game [Import] (DVD)
Big Game(released Sept/14)stars,among others,Samuel L. Jackson,Onni Tommila,Felicity Huffman,Victor Garber,Ted Levine,Ray Stevenson and Jim Broadbent.I found this film to a surprisingly good dramatic romp, and newcomer Tommila acquits himself quite well throughout.
The story finds Jackson as the U.S.Prez.He is on a flight on Air Force 1(flanked by two jets)to Helsinki for a G-8 meeting.Below on the ground Tommila is a 13 year old who,as a rite of passage,is out big game hunting by himself,with just bow and arrow in hand.He is rather shy and awkward, but admires his father and the others who have in the past,overcome the obstacles and brought back an animal to prove their worth.Also on the ground is a terrorist who is setting up his weaponry(a surface to air missile)to bring down Air Force 1.In fact on the plane the Prez`s top security man(Stevenson) is in on the plot.When the threat is detected of the missile`s below the Prez is hurried aboard his escape capsule(looking like an Apollo spacecraft).It is ejected to Earth while the other security team members don parachutes which were sabotaged and will never open.While Stevenson drops safely to Earth,the missiles pass him going upwards to blow their respective targets out of the sky.
Down on the ground Tommila sees a bright light heading his way while walking in the woods.He is soon running for his life to get out of the way as AF1 crashes into the forest,eventually landing in a nearby lake.It is shortly after recovering from that that he comes upon the Prez`s escape pod and frees him.It takes a awhile for the two to come to an understanding,but they eventually do, as the Prez comes to realize this kid is his only hope and better stick to him.
Stevenson is eventually joined by the terrorist,the son of an oil sheik,who definitely has some crews loose.They track the Prez and find him,with his young `guide`,just as THEY had found a freezer Tommila`s father had left him for his kill.The boy bravely stands his ground for a time but eventually is forced to run away,while the Prez is roughed up.He watches from behind some rocks as they stuff the Prez into the freezer and hook it up to a helicopter to air lift him out.However he makes an heroic jump onto the freezer,and in mid air he and the Prez talk about their next move.Before that can happen the crew in the chopper see the boy and drag the freezer down and through the forest to knock him off.Tommila has the presence of mind to cut the straps and the Prez and he land hard on the forest floor. Just as the chopper returns and the men come looking for them,the freezer goes on a downhill ``ski race``,landing in a lake far below;the same lake as AF1.The two hi-tail it and swim towards and into the downed aircraft.They are safe for awhile but the terrorist soon gets in and starts a bomb with a five minute timer.Within that time the Prez manages to kill the terrorist and he and the boy eject themselves from the plane`s cockpit seats.As Stevenson in the chopper comes in for the kill,Tommila fires an arrow at him.It hits his chest.While not penetrating the skin it manages to dislodge an old piece of shrapnel that had been very close to his heart from years before.He falls out of the chopper just as the bomb in AF1 explodes.
Nearby a US Navy Seal team arrives at the camp where Tommila`s father and other members of the hunting party are.While interrogating them the Prez and the boy drift harmlessly down close to their position and emerge from their seats.The boys father runs to his son`and the Prez explains just how brave a man his son actually is.Back in Washington a drama has played out behind the scenes.It seems the VP AND the CIA consultant(Graber and Broadbent)were also in on the plot to get rid of the Prez.In a washroom as the VP asks Broadbent who else knows about the plot,Broadbent replies by breaking the VP`s neck.He then verbalizes that now no one but himself knows.
As the film`s climax comes on us and Jackson explains Tommila`s bravery to his father,I found myself with a little lump in my throat.All played their parts well.The film`s action sequences are strong and it is edited well.There are some quite-not-real moments,like Jackson and Tommila`s ride in the freezer and surviving the fall into the forest, let alone the tumble down the mountainside and into the lake.Then there is the curiously silly dialogue of the Navy Seals as they spot the Prez and the boy floating on the plane cockpit seats towards their position.The one radios to headquarters that they have a UFO incoming in on their position.A UFO...seriously.They couldn`t recognize the parachutes....right.
Technically the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all a nice and enjoyable film with an unlikely pairing of a US President, and a Finnish boy on a ritual deer hunt.Under a lot of dramatic action the whole movie works well and moves well.Just do not look too closely at some of the action/plot sequences,just enjoy the overall ride.3 1/2-4 stars.

Nosferatu: Kino Classics 2-Disc Deluxe Remastered Edition
Nosferatu: Kino Classics 2-Disc Deluxe Remastered Edition
DVD ~ Max Schreck
Price: CDN$ 30.55
14 used & new from CDN$ 25.99

5.0 out of 5 stars THE one to own!, Nov. 1 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a review for the new 2015 re-release of Kino`s Nosferatu(released March/22)starring,among others, Max Schreck,Gustav von Wangenheim,Greta Schröder and Alexander Granach.This is Murnau's film piece that he is most remembered for today.This film would be closer to Stoker's book than the Hollywood remake starring Lugosi(but still not right on,because Murnau and company didn`t even ask permission from the Stoker estate!).
The story starts in a fictional German town called Wisborg.A real estate agent called Knock calls on one of his employees,Thomas.He wants him to go to Transylvania to seal a deal with a Count Orlock to buy a home right across the way from Thomas's.It's an old,creepy and run down looking place,but a sale is a sale.His wife Eillen is filled with fear upon hearing the news.Assuaging her feelings as best he can,he is soon off.
It is a long trek to Transylvania and he is forced to stay overnight at a local inn before continuing his journey the next day.While there he comes across a small tome on Vampires,which explains their habits and what one must watch out for.Thomas thinks nothing of it and next day he is off to the castle in a coach.The coach only goes part way as its' drivers will not go any farther.Thomas is forced to hoof it to the Count's castle,but a strange coach soon arrives at break neck speed to pick him up and get him to the castle toute suite.He arrives just before midnight.After supper the mysterious Count pleads with Thomas to stay up with him until morning.
The camera fades out and when it fades back in Thomas awakes the next morning in his chair,with his head tilted to one side.He soon discovers two small punctures in his throat,which in a letter later to his wife he explains as two mosquito bites.Thomas has to spend another day and night at the castle,during which time the Count signs the deal for the old house in Wisborg.However later that night,much to Thomas's horror,the Count pays an unwelcome visit to Thomas' room.Later,upon awakening from a strange sleep,he makes a makeshift rope out of bed sheets and climbs down the castle tower.But the sheets only go so far and he is forced to jump,injuring himself.The following day the Count is up early and fills a wagon with several coffins,which he drives to the docks to be shipped to Wisborg.
Thomas is taken to a local hospital to recover.He is delirious for a time, but eventually regains enough self control to head back home as quick as he can get there,sensing a terrible unknown danger.The Count meanwhile has had his coffins loaded aboard ship and is already sailing to Wisborg.Along the way mysterious "plagues" erupt at various ports wherever the ship docks.On the last leg of the journey the ship itself becomes the Count's "playground", and the crew dies one by one,until he is the only one"alive".Thomas arrives home on the same morning as the Count reaches Wisborg,in the early morning hours carrying his own coffin to his new home.It is not too long after that the town starts experiencing a "plague" of its own.People start falling like flies.Thomas' wife reads parts of the small book he had picked up at the inn.One passage states that only an innocent's blood that keeps a vampire from resisting the call of the morning crow, will be able to kill it.One night Thomas's wife awakens from a sound sleep,while the Count across the way beckons to her.She manages to awaken Thomas to go get the local doctor.She falls back down on the bed and the Count comes a-calling,gorging himself on her blood.However the call of the crow echoes later through the town and the Count is caught out in the sunlight with no place to go.As the rays surround him he disappears into a puff of smoke.Thomas arrives with the doctor just as Eillen dies in his arms,but knowing she has freed the world from the Counts spell.
I have seen many,MANY versions of this film over the years.All truncated forms of what I saw on this disc.This is the most complete,comprehensive and very best print of this film I have ever seen.In fact it looks better than Kino`s recently re-released Phantom of the Opera,filmed three years later.The orchestral score is the original 1922 score from its premiere and it is spectacular.
Technically the film is in its fulls screen version and it`s clear and crisp.It has many artifacts of its age but it has been cleaned up beautifully.Disc one has the English title version,along with the extras which include a featurette on the film and its making,an image gallery and excerpts from many of Murnau`s early 20`s films.
All in all a wonderful addition to any film buff`s collection.Remastered in Hi-Def,this print is arguably the best ever presented for this film.The story is much fuller,thus creepier and scarier.Fully tinted,this is the one to own.Highly recommended.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines (Bilingual)
Tremors 5: Bloodlines (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Jamie Kennedy
Price: CDN$ 7.97
3 used & new from CDN$ 7.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great additoon to the Tremors franchise!, Oct. 30 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Tremors5-Bloodlines,stars,among others, Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy.This is a fast paced and wonderful addition to the Tremors franchise.
The story starts out as paranoid,government hating,gun loving(and toting)Burt Gummer is making a vid about survival in the wild.It seems Graboid hunting is a little slow in Perfection.His videographer quits, as his replacement arrives on the scene via a dirt bike.The newby is quick on the draw,especially with the verbal comebacks.Just as they are discussing Gummer's new "branding",a bloke shows up from South Africa,apparently from a governmental agency there.It seems there have been new deaths reported from the same creatures that stalked the Nevada desert years before.At first skeptical, Gummer eventually agrees to go and also let the newby tag along with his camera, as they head to a game reserve in Africa.
Upon arrival the newb becomes fast friends with the female attendant there,while Burt gets right to work.It doesn't take long, as an ass-blaster arrives on the scene,killing one of the reserve employees.Burt is flummoxed by the South African government's confiscation of his weaponry.What he is given are relative pea shooters to what he is used to carrying.But he makes due and he and the G-man,go a-hunting.They soon find and have a stand off with an ass-blaster.They kill it but find something inside-an egg.At that moment the G-man turns his weapon on Burt and absconds with the egg,after locking him in a cage they brought to capture one of the creatures.It seems he was a poacher,not a G-man.Burt did NOT see that one coming.Burt sits in the cage going from raging mad to delerious.After almost a day in it, the newb finally comes to the rescue.Getting a graboid reading on his sensor at that exact moment,the newb drags Burt in the cage along behind the truck he came in.The chain breaks and Burt goes tumbling out of control.The truck also has broken a fuel line and is out of gas.The two are forced to route march it back to the reserve.Along the way they run into the poacher who is running,bloodied,from a graboid,with the egg in a metal box.A tentacle comes out and grabs the box,while soon after a graboid eats the man whole and travels to a nearby cave.They have now discovered three new things:1)the graboids nesting grounds, 2)the tentacles can now detach from the graboid body and 3) the graboids here are leaner and longer than their North American counterparts.
While the newb and Burt stand on rocks,Burt radios for a local pilot to come and rescue them.He shows up in a helicopter but both he and a helper get swallowed up by a graboid.Burt and the newb manage to get into the chopper which bristles with fire power.They send multiple rockets into the cave and blow it up.Just then the helicopter pilot resurfaces explaining that the graboid didn't like him shooting his stomach,and spit him out.The three head back to the reserve ,where they have also been under attack by graboids and have fled to a nearby village.Finding the reserve empty when they arrive, they too head for the village.Upon arrival they see that most of the villagers are up on roofs and fences.The reserve attendants daughter has inadvertently been carrying a graboid egg around with her and she is now stranded in the village circle,surrounded by two self propelled tentacles.Burt and the newb devise a plan:the newb will distract the graboid while the villagers set a trap to coincide with an electrical storm which hits daily around that time.They put out every metallic object they can find,and when the time is right,the graboid is led back to the village by the newb who sweeps up the girl,while the egg is put on top of the metal,and the graboid is killed as the lightning strikes.
While all this plot has been played out, sly references by the newb have been thrown out to Burt regarding a certain gun show he attended in the 70s in Florida,the same state the newb is from.Turns out Burt had a one night stand with his mother and the newb was produced!
The film ends in the credits as they are making a new vid about "The Survivalists".The vid explains this new father and son team will tackle any nightmare problem(monsters,things that go bump in the night,etc)that one may encounter.
Do I sense a new spin off franchise here? If done right,it could work well.However,to the film at hand.Michael Gross is fully back in character as the paranoic but lovable Burt Gummer.The film is really his,and the rest revolves around his exploits throughout.However ,he is ably assisted by the entire cast,especially his new found son,the newb,aka Jamie Kennedy.Kennedy's character has a wise cracking,more modern sense of comportment,as opposed to Burt who is definitely old school.The news of his new found son doesn't bring him down as much as I thought it might.But just don't call him"pops".
The film moves along at a great pace and is well edited.We learn a lot about this new graboid menace now half way around the world in South Africa.It isn't just a rehash of the older tremors films,which is refreshing.
Technically the film is clear and crisp in its original w/s a/r of 1:78:1.There is commentary,a featurette,deleted scenes and outtakes.
All in all a very nice and new addition to the Tremors franchise.Mr.Gross is bang on and back in perfect character as Burt Gummer.Highly recommended.4-4- 1/2 stars.

Phantom of the Opera [Import]
Phantom of the Opera [Import]
Price: CDN$ 25.20
14 used & new from CDN$ 21.41

5.0 out of 5 stars The new benchmark in the Phantom of the Opera(original version), Oct. 18 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is for the new(2015) Kino two disc edition of the Phantom of the Opera.Kino of course issues nothing but quality releases and should be commended for another fine job here with the Phantom.
The story is by now a well known one.The Paris Opera House sits over the multi-layered catacombs of passages long closed,but with their own sinister histories.The House itself is being sold to new owners who,after sale,hear of its' possible association with a phantom ghost that frequents its floors.The opera's main contralto has received lettered threats from this phantom not to sing in its upcoming show,but to let a new up and comer do so,Christine Daee'. She does so, to much acclaim and rebukes her boyfriends pleas to marry him,telling him she must stay true to her art.However what he does not realize is that she has been getting help from a mysterious cloaked figure behind the scenes,and it is he that has propelled her career to the heights it is now.
The Phantom one day decides it is time that Christine meet him in person,and he does so by telling her to walk into her dressing room mirror.Once through she finds herself in the catacombs and facing a cloaked but masked figure.She is repelled by his visage but he pleads with her not to judge her by his appearance but by his love for her and her career.He takes her far below the Opera House to his lair.There he keeps her, warning her not to touch his mask.When she wakes the next day she finds him playing the organ.She listens but cannot control her urge to see what is under the mask.When she lifts it he stands and turns.She is horrified,falls to the floor and can barely speak.After much pleading the Phantom eventually relents and allows her to return to the Opera House above.But he warns that she must never see her boyfriend again.
Once back above Christine sends for her boyfriend and asks him to rescue her from the Phantom's grip.During a grand ball at the Opera House the Phantom appears dressed in a bright red cape and wearing the mask of death.He spies the two together and leaves.Later on the Opera roof the two talk and agree to leave after that night's performance.However the Phantom is above listening and will kibosh the plan.
Acting proactively,he snatches her during the performance after people's attention are focused on the huge chandelier which has fallen into the stunned crowd below(his doing of course).He takes her back down to his lair and fends off attempts by would be rescuers.One of them is her boyfriend,whom she saves by agreeing to stay with the Phantom forever.However a frenzied mob also in pursuit of the girl and her captor rush his lair and he is forced to flee with Christine in a carriage above.During his getaway Christine is thrown free and the carriage goes but a little further until a wheel comes loose and the Phantom is at the mercy of the crowd.He at first keeps them at bay with a clutched hand,feigning that he has an explosive in it.When he reveals an empty hand,laughing madly,the crowd pounces on him,works him over and throws his apparently lifeless body into the Seine river.
It is certainly a compelling story.The acting however can appear to be a bit too melodramatic at times and tends to interfere with the mood.Chaney,as always,is the center the movie pivots on and he is marvelous to behold.His costume changes and facial effects are astonishing even today,as was his acting.Just simple hand gestures signified so much when Chaney was in control.
This new two disc set includes really THREE versions of the Phantom.The 1929 re-release in a 20-fps or 24 fps,format.For me the 20 fps mimicked a more natural movement by all concerned ,so I found it the more pleasing of the two.It also includes the original 1925 version which really is the ONE to watch, as the re-release was edited slightly differently than the original, with the original much more explanatory with its characters and their relationship to each other.Remember though , the famous Technicolour sequence can only be found in the 1929 release.
All the prints can at times be"rough"looking,so one must consider their ages when viewing these films.
Extras include excerpts from the 1930 Sound Version(sound on disc,with only part of the film extant),the original trailer,the original screenplay,an interview with the composer of the new music track and two travelogue films from 1925 Paris.
All in all a wonderful re-release by Kino of the original Phantom of the Opera.As the market stands right now,THIS is the version to own.There just are not any better versions of this film anywhere,and there probably will not be for years to come.Highly recommended.

The Boris Karloff Collection (Tower of London / The Black Castle / The Climax / The Strange Door / Night Key)
The Boris Karloff Collection (Tower of London / The Black Castle / The Climax / The Strange Door / Night Key)
DVD ~ Basil Rathbone
Price: CDN$ 27.21
33 used & new from CDN$ 12.16

3.0 out of 5 stars Average Karloff films., Oct. 12 2015
The Boris Karloff Collection contains five of Boris' lesser known roles/films.The entire collection rates just three stars,as we see Boris go from leading actor to supporting role player.
The first film is Night Key(released April/37).It also stars Warren Hull,Ward Bond and Jean RogersThis has Boris as a clever inventor.He has invented a device which uses beams of light instead of electricity, for security systems.An old rival,already with a successful alarm business,offers to buy his invention.When he does Karloff,thinking he and his daughter are finally set for life,finds out quickly he bought it just to take it off the market.Eventually crooks try to use the invention for their own uses,but in the end the police intervene and Karloff and his invention are vindicated.This is a nice movie with Karloff playing someone relatively normal.
Tower of London(released Nov/39)also stars Basil Rathbone and Vincent Price.This has Rathbone as a plotting brother to the king.The king has already has taken the throne by force and banished all claimants to France.Rathbone slowly but surely climbs his way up the royal ladder,but he finds he cannot keep what he cherishes, for very long.Karloff plays the role of the royal executioner.If you like royal intrigue/period films this is for you.Karloff dons what looks like one of his Frankenstein monster boots in order to play up his clubbed foot.
The Climax(released Oct/44)also stars Susanna Foster and Turhan Bey.Foster is an aspiring opera singer and Bey her boyfriend.Karloff plays(we soon learn) a demented doctor to the opera company, who long ago loved a singer whom he could not have.He killed her and has kept her body in his house.Along comes Foster whose voice also reminds him of his long lost love, and he tries to prevent her from ever singing.In the end he perishes in a fire, laying fainted atop his dead love.If you like opera you will like this film as there is some beautiful music to be heard.
The Strange Door(released Dec/51)also stars Charles Laughton,Alan Napier and Sally Forrest.The film finds Laughton as a man who is demented and sick with revenge.He has raised his niece and imprisoned her father(unbeknownst to her) for the last 20 years.This was done because her father dared to marry someone he was also in love with.Laughton captures a young man to forcibly marry his niece who he hopes will hope make her life miserable..But the two fall in love and near the film's finale, the daughter,her new love and father are reunited/imprisoned.With Karloff's help the three barely escape Laughton's evil plan.This film relegated Karloff to a very minor role.The film really belongs to Laughton.
Lastly there is The Black Castle(released Dec/52).It also stars Richard Greene,Lon Chaney Jr. and Stephen McNally.This finds Greene trying to get evidence on McNally, to convict him of the murder of his two best friends.It seems years before McNally had passed himself off as a "god' to African natives,and it was Greene and his friends who set them straight.Greene gets himself an invite to McNally's castle and manages to get his evidence,along with McNally's beautiful but tortured wife.This film again has Karloff relegated to a minor role as McNally's in-house doctor,and who is killed off 3/4 the way through the film.The film here belongs to Greene and McNally.
Technically speaking the films are clear and crisp in their full screen a/r.All these films look marvelous and The Climax is in Technicolour.The set unfolds to reveal one disc set in a flat plastic holder,while the other two are nested one over the other.All three are single sided discs.
All in all just an average set of five films with Karloff,but ones you do not usually find.All but the Night Key are period pieces in a melodramatic style.Although his parts got less and less as this set goes on,Karloff's name is still right up there on the screen credits.Whatever he did,Karloff's acting over came even the most mediocre material and parts.The cover proclaims these films are"his most frightening roles".Nothing could be further from the truth,but if you are a Karloff fan(and who is not?),you won't want to miss out having these in your collection.

28 Days+28 Weeks 2pk Brk Cb Sm (Bilingual)
28 Days+28 Weeks 2pk Brk Cb Sm (Bilingual)
Price: CDN$ 16.98
6 used & new from CDN$ 9.95

3.0 out of 5 stars So so ``Z```fare, Oct. 3 2015
This two DVD box set contains 28 Days Later(released Nov/02) and 28 Weeks Later(released April/07).Both films are set in England and show what it might be like if a viral plague got a hold of a huge population.
28 Days Later stars,among others,Cillian Murphy,Naomie Harris and Brendan Gleeson.The story finds a group of activists gaining access to a laboratory doing experiments on animals.They start to release them,despite the warnings of a lab worker,with fatal results.Once bitten they take the virus outside and it spreads nationally.The film then,28 days later,zeroes in on a man who wakes up in an operating room by himself.The last thing he recalls is being hit by a car(he was a bicycle courier).He cannot find anyone alive inside and going outside results in his being chased by other infected.He is eventually rescued by a woman and a man.The latter gets attacked and has to be killed by the woman.The two find refuge in an apartment occupied by a young girl and her dad.They formulate a plan to drive north to a sanctuary area n/w of Manchester.They arrive at a walled area but no one at first appears to be around.The father accidentally gets infected blood in his eye from a body hanging upside down above,turns and has to be killed.In due course a group of rag tag army types show up and take them to a large mansion where they are hold up.Things soon degenerate as the courier is marched off to be shot and the woman and young girl are to become sex slaves for the soldiers.The courier escapes and goes back and slowly but surely manages to eliminate most of the soldiers,but not without getting shot.The film ends as he is recovering in a remote cottage,with the woman and girl.When a jet flies over the group unfurls a banner on the ground and a rescue helicopter is sent for.
The film starts off well enough and moves along well until they come in contact with the soldiers.The story then becomes a bit helter skelter/all over the map.It slows the pace and the courier`s transformation from a milquetoast leaf tossed in the wind to a major physical threat loses its impact and/or credibility.3 stars.
28 Weeks Later stars,among others,Robert Carlyle,Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner.The story here has a group of survivors in a house in the country,one is a husband and wife.When the house is attacked her hubby panics and abandons his wife.The last she sees of her is her disappearing from an upper floor bedroom window.He runs down to a boat in the river and barely manages to escape.28 weeks later and the virus is apparently gone.Britain is totally decimated population wise,and is under the strict control of the US armed forces.Some Brits who managed to get away during the first outbreak are now arriving back home,and we follow a young girl and her brother as they arrive back and get reunited with their father.The father is none other than the same man who panicked and left his wife to die.After getting settled, the two kids one day go into a restricted zone and grab a motorcycle to ride.They arrive back at their original home and start to collect their things.However, who should also be there but the children's mother,in hiding! Just at this juncture the army arrives and enters the house,taking the mother back with them.It seems through testing that the mother has been infected but is just a carrier.She has the key to a potential cure and it is recommended she be kept alive to harvest one.While the army brass discuss the pros and cons the kids dad sneaks into the holding room to reunite with his presumed-dead wife.They kiss but he becomes infected.He kills her and runs wild killing others in the building.Panic sets in and the army goes into lockdown mode.Fleeing citizens in the building who venture outside are shot by rooftop snipers on sight.In the panic the brother and sister become temporarily parted but are eventually reunited in a locked in room.However when their dad arrives at one door and manages to enter he attacks one person after another who become infected and the virus spreads rapidly.This group too gets shot at as they leave the building but one sniper sees the young boy and cannot shoot him.The boy and his sister seek refuge in a nearby grocery store with others.The sniper soon arrives and volunteers to lead a small group to safety.Along the way one of his military buddies in a helicopter informs him that the area they are now in will soon be fire bombed and that he must make it to a park where he can land and rescue him.After some close calls the group makes it to the landing zone, but the infected are hot on their trail.In fact the pilot cannot take anyone but the solider.The latter refuses and agrees to hook up at another point.The group reenters the zone,post fire bombing and come upon a deserted van.They hop inside just as a group of military personnel come up burning the many dead bodies that litter the street.The soldier gets out to push from behind as the van won't start on its own.The van will soon start, but the soldier will be burned to death by his own people.The children and another adult escape to a subway where the children's father arrives to kill the adult and bite his son.The boy's sister ends up shooting her dad.It seems the virus reacted the same way with the boy as with his mother;he is a carrier.The two manage to make it to the helicopter and he takes them across the Channel.The film ends as we come upon the crashed helicopter and a group of infected emerging out of a subway tunnel and onto the streets of Paris.
This film is the weakest of the two.While the story is compelling enough to start, it soon degenerates.After the children's father gets infected he is popping up everywhere throughout the rest of the story.Not only does he continue to infect and kill throughout,even one of the few if any that escape the fire bombing unscathed(!),but he manages to follow his kids around like a lost dog.He knows when they leave and he miraculously knows when they return.It stretches ones disbelief to the breaking point.2 1/2 stars.
Both films are in their original w/s a/r's of 1:85:1 and are clear and crisp.Each are in their own snap case.Both have quite the extras included.28 Days includes deleted scenes,3 alternate endings,commentary,featurettes and more.28 Weeks includes commentary,deleted scenes and several featurettes..
28 Days was on the leading edge of the Z wave that hit Hollywood in the 2000s.Pegg`s Shaun of the Dead took alot from this film.However when it is all boiled down,while the first one is the best,both are just average/below average Z fare.There have been alot better,but then again there has been alot worse.

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