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28 Days+28 Weeks 2pk Brk Cb Sm (Bilingual)
28 Days+28 Weeks 2pk Brk Cb Sm (Bilingual)
Price: CDN$ 16.98
7 used & new from CDN$ 9.90

3.0 out of 5 stars So so ``Z```fare, Oct. 3 2015
This two DVD box set contains 28 Days Later(released Nov/02) and 28 Weeks Later(released April/07).Both films are set in England and show what it might be like if a viral plague got a hold of a huge population.
28 Days Later stars,among others,Cillian Murphy,Naomie Harris and Brendan Gleeson.The story finds a group of activists gaining access to a laboratory doing experiments on animals.They start to release them,despite the warnings of a lab worker,with fatal results.Once bitten they take the virus outside and it spreads nationally.The film then,28 days later,zeroes in on a man who wakes up in an operating room by himself.The last thing he recalls is being hit by a car(he was a bicycle courier).He cannot find anyone alive inside and going outside results in his being chased by other infected.He is eventually rescued by a woman and a man.The latter gets attacked and has to be killed by the woman.The two find refuge in an apartment occupied by a young girl and her dad.They formulate a plan to drive north to a sanctuary area n/w of Manchester.They arrive at a walled area but no one at first appears to be around.The father accidentally gets infected blood in his eye from a body hanging upside down above,turns and has to be killed.In due course a group of rag tag army types show up and take them to a large mansion where they are hold up.Things soon degenerate as the courier is marched off to be shot and the woman and young girl are to become sex slaves for the soldiers.The courier escapes and goes back and slowly but surely manages to eliminate most of the soldiers,but not without getting shot.The film ends as he is recovering in a remote cottage,with the woman and girl.When a jet flies over the group unfurls a banner on the ground and a rescue helicopter is sent for.
The film starts off well enough and moves along well until they come in contact with the soldiers.The story then becomes a bit helter skelter/all over the map.It slows the pace and the courier`s transformation from a milquetoast leaf tossed in the wind to a major physical threat loses its impact and/or credibility.3 stars.
28 Weeks Later stars,among others,Robert Carlyle,Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner.The story here has a group of survivors in a house in the country,one is a husband and wife.When the house is attacked her hubby panics and abandons his wife.The last she sees of her is her disappearing from an upper floor bedroom window.He runs down to a boat in the river and barely manages to escape.28 weeks later and the virus is apparently gone.Britain is totally decimated population wise,and is under the strict control of the US armed forces.Some Brits who managed to get away during the first outbreak are now arriving back home,and we follow a young girl and her brother as they arrive back and get reunited with their father.The father is none other than the same man who panicked and left his wife to die.After getting settled, the two kids one day go into a restricted zone and grab a motorcycle to ride.They arrive back at their original home and start to collect their things.However, who should also be there but the children's mother,in hiding! Just at this juncture the army arrives and enters the house,taking the mother back with them.It seems through testing that the mother has been infected but is just a carrier.She has the key to a potential cure and it is recommended she be kept alive to harvest one.While the army brass discuss the pros and cons the kids dad sneaks into the holding room to reunite with his presumed-dead wife.They kiss but he becomes infected.He kills her and runs wild killing others in the building.Panic sets in and the army goes into lockdown mode.Fleeing citizens in the building who venture outside are shot by rooftop snipers on sight.In the panic the brother and sister become temporarily parted but are eventually reunited in a locked in room.However when their dad arrives at one door and manages to enter he attacks one person after another who become infected and the virus spreads rapidly.This group too gets shot at as they leave the building but one sniper sees the young boy and cannot shoot him.The boy and his sister seek refuge in a nearby grocery store with others.The sniper soon arrives and volunteers to lead a small group to safety.Along the way one of his military buddies in a helicopter informs him that the area they are now in will soon be fire bombed and that he must make it to a park where he can land and rescue him.After some close calls the group makes it to the landing zone, but the infected are hot on their trail.In fact the pilot cannot take anyone but the solider.The latter refuses and agrees to hook up at another point.The group reenters the zone,post fire bombing and come upon a deserted van.They hop inside just as a group of military personnel come up burning the many dead bodies that litter the street.The soldier gets out to push from behind as the van won't start on its own.The van will soon start, but the soldier will be burned to death by his own people.The children and another adult escape to a subway where the children's father arrives to kill the adult and bite his son.The boy's sister ends up shooting her dad.It seems the virus reacted the same way with the boy as with his mother;he is a carrier.The two manage to make it to the helicopter and he takes them across the Channel.The film ends as we come upon the crashed helicopter and a group of infected emerging out of a subway tunnel and onto the streets of Paris.
This film is the weakest of the two.While the story is compelling enough to start, it soon degenerates.After the children's father gets infected he is popping up everywhere throughout the rest of the story.Not only does he continue to infect and kill throughout,even one of the few if any that escape the fire bombing unscathed(!),but he manages to follow his kids around like a lost dog.He knows when they leave and he miraculously knows when they return.It stretches ones disbelief to the breaking point.2 1/2 stars.
Both films are in their original w/s a/r's of 1:85:1 and are clear and crisp.Each are in their own snap case.Both have quite the extras included.28 Days includes deleted scenes,3 alternate endings,commentary,featurettes and more.28 Weeks includes commentary,deleted scenes and several featurettes..
28 Days was on the leading edge of the Z wave that hit Hollywood in the 2000s.Pegg`s Shaun of the Dead took alot from this film.However when it is all boiled down,while the first one is the best,both are just average/below average Z fare.There have been alot better,but then again there has been alot worse.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (Bilingual)
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Tom Cruise
Price: CDN$ 9.99
9 used & new from CDN$ 5.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Edge of Tomorrow, Sept. 20 2015
Edge of Tomorrow(released May/14)stars,among others,Tom Cruise,Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson.This film is really a Sci-Fi Groundhog Day,but an enjoyable romp as this type of film goes.
The story opens with a myriad of TV reports about a terrorist siege that has griped the entire continents of Europe and Asia,and which threatens the rest of the world.Many of them refer to the "Angel of Verdun"(Blunt),and show Cruise as a Major/liaison officer/PR man with the US contingent of the United Defense Force.Cruise is summoned to London to talk with the Commander in charge(Gleeson).This is when we learn the "terrorist"threat is really an invasion of aliens called "Mimics".Cruise has,unbeknownst to himself,been put under Gleeson's command.And Cruise's orders state he is to ship out next day with the invading troops on the beaches of France.Cruise balks at the idea and is summarily put under arrest.While trying to run Cruise is knocked out,waking up next morning on top of some kit bags at the airport.Paxton,his(now)commanding sergeant,arrives and personally accompanies Cruise to his barracks telling everyone Cruise,now a private,is a deserter and is to be shot if he tries to run.
Next day,despite the total lack of training on the exo-suit all wear into combat,his squad's flight is shot down as it approaches the French coast.Dazed and confused(no pun intended)Cruise watches as many die around him.His final moment is underneath what turns out to be an Alpha Mimic whose "blood" spills like acid onto Cruises face.Suddenly it is yesterday once more and he is waking up on top of the kit bags.Once again he is thrown into combat but this time he meets Blunt/The Angel of Verdun,and the poster girl/soldier for the recruiting department.Before he dies he tells Blunt of his experiences and she believes him, as it has happened to her,and in fact is the reason her rep got to be as big as it was.She tells him to come see her when he reawakens.
The next cycle Cruise seeks out Blunt and the two hook up with a discredited scientist who was working on a way to defeat the Mimics.It seems the aliens are controlled by an Omega being,who in turn controls pockets through Alpha Mimics.They manipulate time and space as controlling factors in their invasion techniques.If one battle doesn't go well they simply reset time and start again until the desired result is achieved.Cruise's contact with the Alpha"blood" enabled him to act like the aliens reset,as did Blunt until she woke up in a hospital and received a blood transfusion which ended her abilities.From here the three determine they must learn from their mistakes and train hard(especially Cruise),cycle by cycle until they achieve a victory.During this process it is learned that the Omega is under the Louvre,in Paris.Eventually they take their case to Gleeson who hands over a mechanism to them that the disgraced scientist had been working on.However they must flee after he tries to have them arrested.The next day Cruise wakes up in hospital getting a blood transfusion.With his abilities no gone,he and Blunt escape and go back to their base, where they convince Cruise's fellow soldiers to go on a daring mission to take out the Omega alien.
Their ship is shot down over Paris and only a few survivors remain.They must cross the Seine River and use a broken transport to get close to the Louvre.Once inside Blunt acts as a decoy for Cruise,who is badly injured.Blunt is killed while Cruise dives into deep water where the Omega alien is, with explosives.Just as an Alpha alien manages to kill him, he is able to drop grenades into the Omega who explodes,killing all aliens in the world.As a dead Cruise floats, some of the Omega's"blood" rises and surrounds him.
Cruise wakes up now into a new world where he is on his way to his initial meeting with Gleeson.But now the Earth's forces have defeated the aliens,due to a mysterious "surge of energy" in Paris.Cruise re visits his squad at the airport and meets Blunt,neither of whom recognize him.He smiles.
This is quite the action film and Cruise is definitely on game with this one.In fact the entire cast does a great job in their respective roles.The SFX are also superb.I can only imagine the headaches this film must have caused the continuity folks on the film.It would be a monster to cut and edit properly.The film opens with NO credits at all.I saw this film in its first week release,but soon after the parent company started advertising it with a new tagline"Live,Repeat,Die".Why, I have never figured out.When I went to rent it when it came onto DVD,none of the clerks knew it under its original name,they just knew the tagline.It does suggest the dumming down of the product though,and why film companies think we are all four year olds when it comes to understanding anything that appears on celluloid.The money spent on advertising alone(around a reportedly a cool $100 million!) could have funded several films.This is shake your head-crazy stuff. That's Hollywood.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.There are two featurettes in the extras department.
All in all Cruise and company turn in a solid performance,which can,at first,seem mighty confusing.The action,once it happens,is as intense as any you will see and the acting is first rate.

Battle of the Damned [Bluray + DVD] [Blu-ray] (Bilingual)
Battle of the Damned [Bluray + DVD] [Blu-ray] (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Dolph Lundgren
Price: CDN$ 19.97
6 used & new from CDN$ 9.90

2.0 out of 5 stars Just another somebody done a Zombie wrong film!, Sept. 12 2015
Battle of the Damned(released July/13)stars,among others Dolph Lundgren,Melanie Zanetti,Matt Doran, and David Field.This film is a very weak and at times a technically inept vehicle for Lundgren.
The story finds Lundgren as a paid retriever.In this case the daughter of the man responsible for the outbreak of a deadly virus in Southeast Asia.The city in which he must find her is to be firebombed at a certain point to wipe out the contagion/infected people.Lundgren puts together a team of sorts, but in short order they are decimated and he is left to do the job alone.
Dolph finds his target(Zanetti) while she is shopping in a local food mart.She takes him back to the place in which she has been residing;a huge hotel in which five others also kip down.The leader of this small group is Field who is older than the rest.He doesn't much like Lundgren being there,and Lundgren is quite tight lipped about his real mission.After Dolph accompanies the group to get petrol,and tries to steal his target away,they catch him and Field leaves him chained to a pole to die.
Back at the hotel Zanetti's boyfriend(Doran) finds out she is preggers and immediately runs to release Lundgren,realizing he is probably their only hope of rescue.He arrives in the nick of time.The two discover a roving band of robots who kill anything in the least Zombie related.They follow and eventually befriend them,with Lundgren giving them new orders and a raison d'etre.They all return to the hotel.It's leave or stay time and all agree to accompany him out.
They first reach a junk yard and stay there to regroup.Suddenly a rogue robot tears into the compound and they all must battle it AND the Zombies.Once the situation settles they leave.Field,who locked himself in an office during the melee is left behind to his own devices.The group arrive at a large parking facility.The robots are left outside to guard against any attacks while the group explores.Soon the Z's are swarming the complex and just as it appears they all might be over run, the firebombing starts in earnest.To escape being cooked alive,Doran,Zanetti and Lundgren dive into flooded sections of the garage.
After the bombing is done the three are up on the roof talking.It is then Dolph reveals he was there not only to rescue Zanetti but to kill the man who whistle blew about the entire virus outbreak;that being Doran.After some contemplation Lundgren stands down and the three,accompanied by the last remaining robot,walk towards freedom.
Dolph turns in a not too bad performance throughout,but the script is ultimately his real enemy here.I also mentioned technical flaws.By that I meant poor editing.Many of the shots of jabs by knives,shootings or punches are held on to for far too long and one can easily tell they are totally faked, as they are no where near the intended victims.A different angle would also have alleviated this problem.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:78:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all while at times kind-of interesting, this is basically a been there,done that Zombie film.The acting is passable but the script is worse.The production crew has to practice working on their fight scenes much more to make them believable.Yet another film shot in Asia(that's where the money speaks the loudest these days-and will continue to get that much louder!),this film flies alright,but its butt is dragging on the ground.

Ex Machina [Import]
Ex Machina [Import]
Offered by importcds__
Price: CDN$ 17.05
23 used & new from CDN$ 16.22

4.0 out of 5 stars The A.I.`s have it!, Sept. 7 2015
This review is from: Ex Machina [Import] (DVD)
Ex Machina(released Jan/15)stars,among others,Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Isaac.This is,for the most part,a spellbinding effort.You want to look away but you can't.
The story finds Caleb(Gleeson) working for a high tech company, when one day an idea he has submitted gets picked by the CEO of the company.After all the congrats have stopped, he is whisked away by helicopter to the remote mountain retreat/research facility of said CEO(Isaac).The latter is at first glance quite eccentric and has a tendency to drink way too much.He has an Oriental female(Mizuno) who comes in and out serving food and is an apparent companion to him.Gleeson has been brought there under the pretense of his submitted idea.As it eventually plays, out he was really brought there to test an AI called Ava(Vikander):to test the lengths it would go to to gain its freedom.But the movie plays everything out in bits and pieces,in a process of steps.
The CEO puts into place his plan by having Gleeson administer a Turing test,one designed to measure the abilities and cognitive awareness of an AI.The sessions Glesson spends with AI Ava start out as the observer getting to know the subject.However Ava proves her abilities by soon turning the tables and has Gleeson answering her questions.As the movie winds its way along the two inevitably become close.Isaac is always acting as if he is above the fray and clinically observing Gleeson and Ava's interactions.However there are periodic power outages that Isaac cannot explain.It is when these occur that AVA tells Gleeson not to trust Isaac.We eventually learn it is Ava herself that is causing the power loss.
Gleeson has only a week there.Near the end Gleeson and Ava have hatched a scheme for Ava to accompany him when he leaves,during one of the power outages.The plan is to get Isaac drunk then re program the security system so when the power goes out the doors,instead of being in shutdown,actually become open.Gleeson gets Issac drunk,obtains his key card and accesses not only his personal computer terminals but also looks through his room.In his closet he finds four other AI`s he has created and realizes that his servant/companion is one also.Later that night,the night prior to his leaving, Gleeson gets a thought,enters his bathroom and examines his own skin and cuts himself.Just an idea that HE might have been an AI Isaac created.
The next morning the two are exchanging pleasantries in the kitchen.Gleeson offers him a drink and Isaac refuses,explaining he`s on a detox right now.Isaac then spills it that he knows Gleeson`s plan.He shows him the security footage.Isaac`s camera`s were indeed rolling during the blackouts.Isaac shows Glesson she was just playing him, just to obtain her freedom,which he does not believe.Isaac thinks he has caught him before he was able to put his plan into action,but Gleeson of course has outsmarted him and done the deed the night before.Isaac runs out and finds Ava talking to the servant.Isaac orders her back into her room,which doesn`t work.She then runs to him and pins him on the floor.She isn`t quite strong enough and he ends up on top of her.At that moment the servant AI comes up from behind and stabs Isaac in the back.He wheels around,at which point Ava pulls the knife out.He turns back and she stabs him in the chest.Isaac walks away but eventually falls down,with Ava bent down to him,observing him as he dies.She goes back to find Gleeson in her room waiting.She tells him they must stay,with Gleeson perplexed at the statement.
Ava goes to Issac`s room to discover the other AIs.She takes the exo-skin from one and secures it to her body.She dresses up and heads through the rooms and heads out towards an elevator.Gleeson waiting for her return watches her, but she passes her room without releasing Gleeson.She reaches the front door and freedom .Gleeson is trys to get out but the thick protective glass is seemingly impenetrable and he cannot extricate himself.Ava is walking and observing her surroundings when she sees the helicopter land in the field and goes to it.She boards and is taken back to the city.The film ends as Ava stands looking at her new surroundings,and new life.
The film really starts to purr on all fours when Gleeson reaches Isaac`s house and the interviews start with Ava.The CGI used to make Vikander look like an artificial construct was amazing.There are human like hands,feet and a face but other than that it was all artificial.Isaac plays his role well as this off the wall character,whose verbal signals and body language throw not only Caleb off but us also.Isaac is well layered and has much to hide,showing us only as much as we need to know as the film progresses.Gleeson plays the wide eyed gobsmacked employee well also.He at first goes along with what confronts him,even though things just don`t smell right,but in the end he plays his player,only to get betrayed.The only big negative of the film is near the ending when Ava catches the helicopter back to civilization.One would think the pilot would know he is there to get Gleeson.Common sense would dictate he would question Ava`s appearance.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all a nicely done film with relatively few actors,with an ensemble feel,that manages to capture the viewers attention and not let go.The AI and CEO both have their own agendas, and just as Caleb and we think we have them both figured out, everything goes in another direction.Well done with good CGI.A solid four stars.

Mad Max: Fury Road [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)
Mad Max: Fury Road [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Tom Hardy
Price: CDN$ 24.96
6 used & new from CDN$ 18.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A real blast, Sept. 6 2015
Mad Max-Fury Road(released May/15)the single disc edition,stars,among others,Tom Hardy,Charlize Theron,Nicholas Hoult,Hugh Keays-Byrne and Rosie Huntington.I must admit I was a little skeptical before watching this,as it had been about 20 years since the last Mad Max film.Well,I am happy to report that the film overall was an adrenaline pumping delight as director Miller had not lost his touch.
The story finds a huge populace surrounding and living in the Citadel,in the same post apocalyptic world of the previous films.The head of the colony is Immortal Joe(Keays-Byrne) who lives high above the poor populace below,dispensing water to them from huge underground streams,when warranted.Joe has a large coterie of females,a harem if you will, and a huge army of fanatical followers who worship him.Theron is one of his lieutenants(Furiosa) and she is sent on a mission to retrieve gas from Gastown and return.For this she heads up a posse of guards and she herself drives the big rig tanker.
Meanwhile Max has gotten himself captured by Joe's crew,is tortured and is now being used as a blood bank for one of the warriors.When Theron suddenly turns off the main road to run east, it is much a surprise to Joe as it is to Theron's thugs who follow her.Joe has a hunch and checks his harem to find the chamber empty and puts two and two together.Sure enough Theron has stolen his girls and is headed back to the Green Place,from where she was snatched as a youngster,in search of a new life for herself and the others.Joe himself leads the rest of his men in a huge chase after Theron.
When the warrior whom Max is giving blood to volunteers,Max is tied to the front of the vehicle that warrior drives and has ringside seating for the inevitable chase and conflict that will come.Eventually the group catches up to the runaways.A huge skirmish ensues and everyone drives into a huge massive super sandstorm which wreaks havoc on both sides.The vehicle's driver which Max is shackled to spots the rig in the storm and drives after it.Unable to disable the rig he ends up crashing his ride.When the storm clears Max is on the ground but still shackled to the unconscious warrior.He cannot take his restraints off so he ends up carrying the warrior,eventually arriving at the rig.Beside it stands Theron and the women she is carrying.In the distance Joe and his gang are seen on the horizon,so time is running short.Max takes the rig for himself but doesn't get far as Theron has it rigged for just such emergencies.Max at first refuses to let Theron and her women on board but acquiesces when Theron agrees to get the mask/restraint he has been wearing since his capture,off.
Theron heads into a canyon to a pre-arranged rendezvous with another gang.Her original intention was be there alone(the others are hiding),leave them the fuel tanker and in exchange for passage have them blow up a rock formation to block the canyon from any pursuers.Time is too tight and when the leader of the gang gets mad at the sheer numbers of her pursuers, she yells for them to run for it.Just as the rig goes through the canyon the walls reign down and block Joe's passage.However Joe himself commandeers what is essentially a monster truck and traverses the blockage in pursuit of Theron.In due time Joe catches up with the rig and another skirmish starts.In the ensuing melee,one of the woman who happens to be pregnant with Joe's child, is killed when she is pulled over board and Joe himself crashes his ride while trying to avoid her.
Theron,Max and the group reach an old hydro tower with a naked woman atop it.Max smells a trap,but Theron recognizes it from past memories.She walks towards the tower and yells out who she and her mother were.From the sand dunes on either side comes several woman on motorcycles and other vehicles.They surround Theron and greet her with affection.Theron has reached friends from The Green Place, but it no longer exists she is told.Theron is devastated.She devises a plan for all of them to go about 160 miles straight west where she believes there will be salvation.Max lets them leave on their own,but changes his mind and catches up with them.He tells them there is nothing out there but salt flats.Their best bet would be to turn around and go back to the Citadel where there is plenty of water and other resources.They just have to get by Joe and his gang.
With the plan securely in place the group heads back and part way along they pass Joe who realizes they are headed back home,and there is no one guarding it.He races off eventually catching up and trying to wreak his usual havoc.In the fight Theron herself is severely injured and in need of a blood transfusion from Max.However,and more importantly,Immortal Joe is killed outright.They strap his body to one of the vehicles when the fighting is done and head back to the Citadel.Upon arrival they are of course challenged.When they show them Joe's dead corpse the area,seething with poor on lookers,erupts in cheers.Theron and the woman are raised up to the Citadel on a huge platform while Max walks away below,giving Theron a furtive glance over his shoulder.
It is obvious from the very first chase that director George Miller has not lost his touch with the traveling shot nor with his stunt teams and resultant vehicle crashes.They are even more intense,if that's possible,from the last Max films.I do not know any of the production work that was carried out but I can safely assume there were either some nears misses and/or injuries during those chase scenes.Director Miller has now a more advanced slate,technologically speaking, from which to work,and he pulled out the stops with this one.
It is quite the world we are immersed into.Scenes like the lactating women who are hooked up to machines to retrieve breast milk.While we only briefly see them,there are also people who walk through swamps on stilts,looking like human spiders.
Any weakness comes,I found,in the lead actor Tom Hardy.I thought he was a little too wooden.I immediately thought someone along the lines of Gerard Butler could have handled that with much more panache and range.And hey,where was Mel Gibson? Despite his career troubles of late,I thought he still should have at least had some part in this film.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and looks clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all a well done sequel to the series.Lead Brady as Max was a bit too weak for my tastes, but those famous over the top pursuit,maniacal fighting and crash scenes are there and bigger and better than ever.Four solid stars.Recommended.

Pound of Flesh / Risquer sa peau (Bilingual)
Pound of Flesh / Risquer sa peau (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Jean-Claude Van Damme
Price: CDN$ 11.75
9 used & new from CDN$ 7.76

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars JCVD is back., Aug. 2 2015
Pound of Flesh(released May/15)stars,among others,Jean-Claude Van Damme as Deacon,Darren Shahlavi as Drake,Aki Aleong as Kung and John Ralston as George.I found this to be s step up from JCVD's most recent efforts such as Alien Uprising and Enemies Closer.This film, like Six Bullets and Assassination Games,was directed by E.Barbarash,who is a good director for Van Damme.Unlike Peter Hyams, who was involved with his misfiring's of the aforementioned Enemies Closer and the more recent Universal Soldier films.
The story finds JCVD as a former agent who specialized in K&R(kidnap and recovery).As the story opens he has come to Manilla to see his estranged brother.After a sex romp with a prostitute he rescues from being beaten up by her "handler",he wakes up the next morning in a tub of ice...less a kidney.He calls his local buddy Aleong, who had been involved in Manilla street crime for decades.He has the connections to help JCVD get his organ back.But things have changed since the two last met and Aleong's reach does not extend as far as it once did.This means that things are going to get a little rougher than hoped for.
JCVD meets his brother as he and Aleong are plotting their next moves.The meeting doesn't go as amiably as it should,due to Jean Claude's obvious impairment.However he agrees to reluctantly tag along and help him in any way he can.First they head to the local hospital where George's daughter is awaiting a kidney donation.The kidney we find out is being donated by JCVD....his reason for the visit and why he desperately wants his kidney back.
From here they head back to a bar where JCVD confronts the waitress that served both he and the prostitute the night before.After a fight with bouncers he extracts the info he needs.This then leads him to a local fight arena where he finds the prostitute.She talks to JCVD and regrets what she did,saying the money was just too good.She tells him who it was: Shalavi.And on cue he shows up, and gives JCVD the opportunity to be paid more to just walk away or face the consequences.Of course JCVD isn't going to cave in and a struggle ensues with JCVD getting out with the prostitute.
From this moment on she sticks with the JCVD crew.When Aleong runs short of cash she gives them her share of what she was paid, in atonement.The prostitute,Aleong,George and JCVD decide to regroup and head out to a cottage George has in the country.While there we learn some truths.It seems JCVD has been a naughty boy in the past.He first met George's wife(who has since past away from cancer)while she was at med school in Europe, and they had a thing.She went to the States and JCVD followed and she met up with George,who she eventually married,not JCVD.But about 10 years before this present time George and his wife were having marital difficulties.She and JCVD met up again and she became pregnant with his child.It all came out eventually, but George forgave her.Thus the reason JCVD is the only match to donate a kidney.During the group`s stay a bomb has unknowingly been planted in the fridge.When Aleong opens the door the explosion kills him,thus depriving JCVD of contacts and an old friend.
The three now head to the estate of a local businessman who himself is apparently dying,and whom they believe to be the one who absconded with JCVD's kidney.Through some explosions and alot of firefights JCVD makes his inevitable way to the bedroom of his target,with George at his back.However they discover there are no scars on the man and realize it is a descendant of his that they are looking for.At this moment Shahlavi enters the room and has JCVD at a definite disadvantage...for a time.When it breaks the two battle to the death.Shahlavi dies with a slash to a femoral artery by JCVD.But the latter is also slowly dying,from a deep knife wound to his stomach,but keeps chugging along.
The two do not have to look too far for the real recipient of the kidney.He lies in the next room awaiting JCVD's kidney....the businessman's 11 year old grandson.George wants to shoot the boy, but JCVD talks him out of it.They leave the kidney packed in ice and walk out.
The two head back to George's daughter at the hospital.JCVD walks in and sits opposite George,who cradle's his sleeping daughter in his arms.JCVD is obviously now feeling his wound and is not in good shape.George let's JCVD hold his daughter for the first time.She wakes up and the two have a touching scene/meeting.George sees a pool of blood on the floor and takes his daughter to the washroom.As the brothers talk JCVD tells George to take his kidney for her, as he is dying.And die he does as George runs for a nurse.
Fast forward a year and the film ends as George and his now healthy daughter visit his wife's and JCVD's gravestones...sitting together.
The film I found was able to keep the action/story flowing along at a good pace.The fight scenes were well choreographed and much tighter than previous Van Damme outings...which is a good thing.The acting was good all around and the story was believable.The only negative was the director treating the viewer as if they were a brick too short....two times.The first happens when JCVD discovers an Ace of Spades card at the cottage just before Aleong opens the door to get killed.There is a quick flash back to JCVD the morning he woke up after his kidney kidnapping and discovers an Ace of Spades card sitting on a shelf.The second is as JCVD sits at the hospital dying, there is another quick flash back to the knife stab that caused the fatal wound.If the director and/or editor had been in the room,I would have strangled the both of them.Yes,we know the oh so OBVIOUS connections,don`t treat us like we have zero memory.Bad judgement on their part.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and is clear ad crisp.Extras include the trailer and a featurette.
All in all the best thing JCVD has done since The Expendables Two.The pace was good and I was able to get into the story quite easily.3 1/2-4 stars.

Samsung All Region Free Multi Zone Progressive Scan DVD and CD Player
Samsung All Region Free Multi Zone Progressive Scan DVD and CD Player
Offered by 220-electronics Canada
Price: CDN$ 54.52
11 used & new from CDN$ 44.99

1.0 out of 5 stars A must to avoid!, July 18 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I certainly have to scratch my head at this one.I ordered this and it arrives with Spanish ONLY instructions.From what I could gather it was made for Mexico and countries farther south.While it may function properly for U.S. and Canadian customers,unless you are fluent in Spanish,it is totally useless.Needless to say I have returned it for a refund.

Chaplin's Mutual Comedies [Blu-ray] [Import]
Chaplin's Mutual Comedies [Blu-ray] [Import]
Price: CDN$ 91.49
9 used & new from CDN$ 73.26

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The newest Chaplin benchmarks!, July 9 2015
This release of the newly restored Chaplin Mutual films is a must have for all Chaplin fansand film historians.Years ago I bought the "Charlie Chaplin Short Comedy Classics: The Complete Restored Essanay & Mutual Collection".It was a misnomer if ever there was one.I reviewed it at the time and pointed out more than a few of its flaws in the Mutual film department.A thing like the ending of The Rink, where the crowd chases him out of the rink.The old set ended there, instead of going on to Charlie holding on to the back of a car and the crowd tumbling down together in their fruitless effort to catch him.It and others were inexcusable mistakes/blunders that compiler David Sheppard should have known better to let pass.Apparently there was a re-issue but I wasn't forking out another bundle.
Well fast forward to this set and there is no comparison.What one notices right away when playing them is that each film is letter boxed on all four sides to get the entire original a/r in to view.If you want to see it like you are used to, just press the "zoom" button or equivalent on your remote one notch in,and have full screen with no degradation of film quality! The cover says from the Blackhawk Film Collection but that is misleading.These films have been restored using elements from multiple source world wide;something I have been championing for years.It now seems many are finally coming around to the concept of restoring films to get them to original release length and quality.Thank you Lord.After watching these restored marvels I can say each one has something I have never ever seen before.
The set has two BD's and three DVDs.There is a nice 27 page booklet with liner notes by Jeffrey Vance included.The entire set is in a steel box.
All in all a gem of a release by Flicker Alley which includes production/restoration help by Lobster Films,Blackhawk and Cineteca Bologna.These newly restored Chaplin Mutual's are now the current benchmarks for these films.If like me all you have been use to seeing are poor dupes made from 20s re-releases or worse,these films will blow you away.Sure there are still imperfections in the films visible but considering the sources,it is a wonder they have gotten them this good.One day the technology will be able to clean these to a mint look,just like new.Until then enjoy this set to the fullest.

Sgt. Bilko - The Phil Silvers Show: Season 2 [Import]
Sgt. Bilko - The Phil Silvers Show: Season 2 [Import]
DVD ~ Harvey Lembeck
Price: CDN$ 26.14
20 used & new from CDN$ 25.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Get your Bilko on,but with a price that is just too high!, July 2 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I,like many of you, have learned over many years to be suspicious of companies that produce products that are not consistently of good quality.In the DVD media world, Shout Factory is right near the top of the list.Their products have been hit and miss for years,and this, Season Two of the Phil Silvers Show,is one that is a definite miss.
Season one of this series saw CBS and Paramount teaming up to produce the end product.The eps were grainy and had just the bare bones remastering.For the second,it seems Paramount has dropped out of the equation and Shout Factory has come in to fill the void.And the reason I am advising against buying this product may be one of the reasons why.On the first disc,second ep,about 10 minutes in where Bilko is talking to the chaplain,a video line appears and disappears.I had to go back to see if I had somehow mistook what I saw.Unfortunately it was all too true.Then later on in Bilkos War on Culture,there is yet another tape line crossing the screen near the end of the ep.The last ep, Bilkos Wedding, also has some tape anomaly.About the worst ep is on disc two,called Where There's a Will.Not only are there tape lines about half way through,but the entire ep has a terrible sound distortion problem.Absolutely pathetic.How many more will I find in this season,not to mention those in the future?On top of Shout Factory taking the reigns, something else has changed.Unlike Season One,Season Two,at the end of each ep,shows the Viacom syndication logo.That means instead of newer prints,we are stuck with the old Viacom syndication tapes for a source of the shows.It wouldn't be so bad if any anomalies were corrected in transferring them to DVD.But no.
I was going to contact Shout for comment but I immediately stopped myself.In a Season of McHales Navy the exact same thing occurs during one of those eps.When I contacted them then they explained that they just used what ever they were given.One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what they would say this time.8
Well I stopped buying any further sets of McHales Navy because of that and I am going to do the same now with this series.How sad that in this day and age that if source anomalies crop up that need correcting,companies like this don't have the guts to say "No" and to ask for other prints.What has happened to quality control?What has happened to a word called"integrity"?
Shout Factory should be utterly ashamed for releasing a show in this condition.The Phil Silver Shows is one of my fave shows of all time(and obviously for many others)and to see it released with no regard for the buying public is a real kick in the pants.Another black mark to Shout Factory and a BIG thumbs down to CBS for releasing these eps via the old Viacom syndication tapes.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 [DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 [DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Jennifer Lawrence
Price: CDN$ 24.88
9 used & new from CDN$ 11.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars The best one yet!, June 28 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 1,stars,among others,Jennifer Lawrence,Josh Hutcherson,Liam Hemsworth,Woody Harrelson,Sam Claflin, Elizabeth Banks,Julianne Moore,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland.This is a great and suspenseful sequel as the franchise runs down to what should be a very exciting climax of a film in the next installment.
The story finds Katniss rescued by the leaders of the rebellion.Peeta,her"love"from the televised Hunger games,has been captured by President Snow's troops.The rebels want her to become the cause's symbol,something everyone can rally around, but since Peeta is not around she has no desire to do so,despite numerous requests.After a visit to District 12,,which has been leveled,and after seeing Peeta broadcasting telling the rebels to lay down their arms,she changes her mind.One of the conditions being Peeta is rescued at the earliest opportunity.
During a visit to District 8,when Katniss visits a makeshift hospital there,it is attacked.They manage to bring down two ships but the hospital is all but destroyed.She gives a rousing speech which is filmed and broadcast to all districts.This causes the movement to begin in earnest as more districts now join in.During yet another Peeta broadcast,he suddenly yells out a warning to the rebels that an attack is imminent.As their headquarters prepares for the worst,they also prepare a retaliatory attack.At the last minute however they realize that the Capitol has no idea exactly where the rebels base is,so they stand down.With this they launch a rescue of Peeta in the Capitol,and it succeeds.When Peta is well enough Katniss joins him in the infirmary but he suddenly attacks her,almost killing her.It seems Peeta was mind washed to act as a weapon.
The film ends as the rebels try to bring Peeta back to normal,and it is announced that their next attack will be at the military stronghold/heart of District 2.
The film engages you right from the start and the excitement ebbs and flows with each step the rebels take against the Capitol.It is certainly a worthy successor to the other films and it portends much of what is to come in the final installment of the franchise.Juliann Moore makes a good rebel leader while all the core group is back once again assisting Lawrence through her journey like Harrelson,Hoffman and Banks.Tucci is also on hand in his great role as the games announcer.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.A digital copy is enclosed but no extras are available,but there are no extras.
All in all the franchise just gets better and better, and the tension is definitely building to the finale of the series.This film is the best of the bunch yet and if this is any indication,the last one is going to be a real bombshell.I cannot wait.4 -4 1/2 stars.

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